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I hope every anon has 32 of these, don't want to leave you guys on earth when I'm at the moon

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I've got about 370 or so. I hope this pays off in the next few years because I've been dumping money into ETH autistically for like 2-3 years now.

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wtf i only got 68 fuck

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I only have 2. How much eoy? Should i buy more

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$1500 EOY

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even if eth hits 100k, and you gain 5% yearly non-taxable income from a 32 stack, that 160k per year is basically boomer normie tier

you need WAY more than 32 eth for staking to be meaningful in any way

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is 320 enough to make it?

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2017 bull run was shit coins raising eth
2020 bull run is defi hoarding eth
in 2017 there was a reason to drop, this is golden bull territory

it's ok, you got enough for 2 nodes

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Eth 2 is inferior to Polkadot 1.

When Eth 2 comes out, Polkadot 2 will be out as well. Don't get left behind.


"Hierarchical scaling in Polkadot v2, where a relay chain connects to another relay chain, providing infinite scalability."

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>Tfw been buying eth since December 2016 and just barely have 100 now.

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you cant cant hoarde infinite supply

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32 isn't nearly enough.

t. 60 stacklet

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the 32 eth meme is so gay, and so is thinking it's going to moon to $5000 or whatever.

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30 more
depends what your average price is

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Wtf I only have 15

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I mean... put 3.2 ETH into literally any semi legit coin right now and youll have 32 ETH within a week.

No point in even holding ETH on its own right now lol

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You can hoard it faster than it's minted. Supply choke will happen eventually at even the current issuance rate vs locked in rate. Not to mention PoS is coming which will lock in even more.

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hi guys im depressed i have no money no job can someone give me some crypto so i can pay for my rent and try to apply for a job pls i cant do this anymore
erc 20 wallet

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>just keep up with my infinite supply coin's inflation, guys. it's definitely a good investment

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Got two thirds of that. I haven't been picking the winners in this bull market. Started with 1 ETH though.

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little over halfway there rn with another 40~ locked up in various things. seeing if i can cop 70+ and still accumulate 4-5 btc before we shit ourselves. i might be aiming low.

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It's baffling how you idiots can't see that yield farming ponzinomics are just precursor to ETH2.0
yeah the supply is infinite
it also goes only to people who lock tokens
it's just gonna go up (until it doesn't but it's going to ponzi-flate in slow motion so when it blows up we'll be long gone)

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gavin has hurt his credibility, big companies already trust vitalik
issuance rate is about 4%, locked in defi doubled in 3 months, 400% > 4%
miners are increasing their positions

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You have more than I do, pick yourself up friend, apply to multiple jobs do not delay, get money in the interim do not wait for a job, get the ball rolling others will not do it for you

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Lol I have 500k ORN, fuck going to the moon I'm buying my own planet.

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32 ETH is a pretty silly meme threshold. It may become the technical minimum amount to stake on your own, but it's not just like you can't stake even with less than 32 ETH. You just join a staking pool, like you'd join a mining pool now.

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This is slightly unrelated, but I have 3.5 ETH I want to invest in a couple of projects. This seems like not enough to diversify, so should I just go all in on one?

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is 220 ETH enough not to be a wage slave?

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>gavin has hurt his credibility, big companies already trust vitalik

No? Every time Parity has raised money it has been successful, even having groups competing for the chance to pitch in. And yes, this is after the 2017 wallet hack.

Polkadot had another sale in 2019 (?) and about 30 days ago, both sold out to the last penny.

Gavin's credibility is more than fine.

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no, keep it split up
maybe not enough to retire on, but could take a lower paying job you like more?

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give me 1 fuckin good reason to hold ETH when im up 11x since june holding my shitcoin

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People with less capital need to gamble on shitcoins. People with more capital can take the safe route and buy ETH. The risk/reward ratio is unmatched with ETH. You may have gone up 11x but others like you have lost their money.

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How does $2 sound?

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what is your definition of "less capital" and "more capital"?

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Couldn't make it. Only have 20.

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If you consider half a mil to a mil making it, then probably.

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Expected passive income out of 7 nodes ? Will ETH ever hit 5k?

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Seems to really be struggling at 420

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that depends on what you consider a "Making it amount" and how many x you think ETH will go up by. If you don't make it to your goal then you have to gamble on shitcoins. I can make it to my goal with the capital I have and the assumption ETH will hit at least it's prior ATH.

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Where my ALGO chads at? I have 28.xxxxxxxx ETH for the next bull run, but will HODL ALGO long-term.

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Exactly this. They will just make yEth vaults that automitically stake. You literally never have to sell ETH (or any erc20 for that matter), just keep borrowing against your holdings and recycling them back into yield farms.

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I'm not even going to bother. Literally every single time I try to get in on ETH bull runs, I lose money. I'll just keep staking ALGO.

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uniswap, tether and link are burning a lot of gas

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fuck you making it is 6 million and you aint getting that with 32 eth

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I have 200 but I'm selling. Will buy back at $398.

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So gold can’t be hoarded?

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Everyone is getting hyped about adoption
>OMG if all the banks, etc come in ETH could 10x

>Me sitting in xDAI bZx Swipe and Lamden expecting a 10x end of year as long as economy doesn't shit it's pants

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I'd say 4%, I can see full 2.0 bringing 5k, but that might not be for 2-3 year
I'm more comfortable with 2k, have to see how institutions play out

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>as long as economy doesn't shit it's pants
But it will. It's literally being propped up by by the FED until the election comes.

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Huh. I started with 2 and have 158 now. Been trading shitcoins all year, trying to get 200. Gotta take risks my dude

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Hi frens Im a poorfag and only have 5.5 ETH , I always believed in ETH since march im new to crypto. I hope i can get 32 by EOY Im putting in 5-700$ / Month on my 50K Salary. I have 7k on me and was going to go to vegas while its cheap for my bday , should i just buy ETH ?

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I'm pretty bullish for the next couple months, beacon chain is expected to launch, maybe buy 10 eth and spend the other 2500 in vegas?

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you need 200

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Im not a veteran to crypto but 500$ ETH seems weeks away, I'm going to prob go in hard on the next retrace but its hard when you make only 3500/ Month after taxes.

That 7k is my entire savings not what I can blow btw , My main question to all the rich ETH anons in the thread, do I listen to /biz/ and play the uniswap game Ive been burned twice now with minimal losses.

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Thanks anon Love you too

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not if your planning on buying any retracements

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when (if?) 2.0 goes live with these insane gas prices everyone will jump at just how much APY an eth node is set to earn and it will finally flip btc
>t. defi fagot with only dust eth for gas

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make it stack is 512, poorfags

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>I'm going to prob go in hard on the next retrace
you could have bought for like 120 dollars in march
just shut the fuck up

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200 ETH is make it stack for the average consoomer. Whales start with 1000.
I have around 130. Need 70 more but Im really careful with my bets now. ETH can explode to several thousand in mere weeks. Than you wont be able to buy it with fiat anymore.

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Dont buy into the nex Uniswap Shitcoinmeme. You know how much I was scammed once? 35 ETH! Okay, back then ETH was under 200$ but it still hurt like a motherfucker. Dont buy into Uniswap shitcoins for extremly risky high gains. Remember one fuckup is enough to kill all your previous gains or even ALL your ETH. Do your research before you buy into anything.

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fuck you guys and your shitty make it stacks. I'm going to make it with 100 ETH. I don't need multiple millions to be happy

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best case $400,000 if you sell the absolute top. you will not "make it" unless you're living in some mexican shithole

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>tfw ill have to join a scammy centralized pool

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I bought at 138/197 Nigger

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every anon with more than 32 should give their spair to fellow anons so we all make it together

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All you niggas has like 100 or 300. I have meme minium 32, i just wanna make $30k passive income per year in future, is 32 eth enough for that. I dont wanna work anymore

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Yes you'll easily earn 30k a year staking your 10k investment.

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When eth goes to 1000, 2000, 3000...10k

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this, ETHlets are so fucking delusional. you'll make money on ETH for sure but for big boy bucks you have to invest more than lunch money

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It only costs $1USD to transfer ETH in the next block at these prices. Try some more realistic fud next time.

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Im tempted to take a loan out im tired of being a fucking poorcuck

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400k is a huge amount of money. If someone can't be happy with that then they suck.

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i sold my 170 eth at $120, when will the actual crash COME WTF BOBROS

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>8 guys
super gay, but if that's your thing go nuts

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a meager 32 ETH will be significantly more expensive in the future

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Normies don't get this.
Also Bitcoin moves with the markets, if Jew stocks crash so will Bitcoin and the other shitcoins will follow.

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>>he doesn't know about arbitrum
you couldn't pay me to hold eth.

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I don't know if normies do or don't get this. I can't figure out what normies think anymore.

Seems to me like the "common sense' thought would be that the stock market doesn't reflect the dire state of the economy at all and that will eventually change

On the other hand there is the argument that the Fed will continue to prop it up indefinitely causing the wealth disparity to grow more and more

I've heard arguments from both sides and I'm not sure which one will happen anymore

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*although from what I've heard, the richest people in the world are moving more heavily into cash recently. Another thing that goes against the "HYPERINFLATION MONEY PRINTING!!!" narrative

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My honest advice. Take whatever you can before election-night. Because shit will hit the fan quick and hard. Doesnt matter who wins. It will escalate dramatically.

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>lost 90% of my portfolio from 280 to 90
>releveraged at 110 and now have more eth than i had when i started

damn i thought i fucked up

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i dont but i have a bunch of omg so i should be okay, ill meet you guys there

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i'm gonna give you a bit of advice, my friend. you should invest in BZRX before it's too late (tomorrow).
take today to DYOR and then get in.

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what do you think might happen, specifically? Are you worried about something related to state power or about people rioting/etc?

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I'm 90% in eth, others are moonshots so I can buy more eth later

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How fucking long can smartway forsage last? I'm waiting for that pyramid to collapse and it's still going strong.

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If you're leveraging on exchanges, just a heads up that's a losing game. Exchanges can see all open positions on their platform and actively liquidate its users for free money, which isn't too difficult when the majority of people are too damn lazy to pull their crypto off the exchange.

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I have around 4000 in anticipation of Ethereum 2.0, but most of my portfolio is in Orion Protocol right now. I bought that at 10 cents, but it's a finished product that just needs to be rolled out so it'll go up a lot. The passive income is where it's at though, best ROIC in the space.

No, I don't give a shit about anyone's opinions lol so if you want proof just keep an eye out for it on coingecko and panic buy at 10 dollars. Even then you're still early.

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Will you stake a few in the new yearn vault?

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I have 0.11
Im not going to make it

>> No.22030720

why would i leverage on exchanges for 100%+ interest when i can leverage for free on mkr dummy

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All these posts about picking the right shitcoin, meanwhile my uniswap LPs keep growing

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Well pretty much everything has at least done 200% this year.

>> No.22031661



I wish my dreams were as loopy as yours

>> No.22031718

Really like ETH and wish I had enough to risk in cryptos to just hold this and wait for the huge probability it goes to 2k+.
I'll have to trade more shitcoins meanwhile until I have at least 50 eth worth of them.

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Pretty skeptical about Ethereum honestly with projects like AVAX and Radix out there that are WAY more scalable than Eth. Once they are full throttle. eth will be biting their dusts

>> No.22032261

Projects more scalable than eth have been out for years, the industry is flooded with them.

>> No.22032298

Even now you can lend out ETH at 7% that's about 15 ETH per year. So if ETH hits 10k, you should be able to stop slaving.

>> No.22032324

Where is the cut off? is it 250k ? or 100k?

>> No.22032420

How long can you keep getting 7% and how is this sustainable long term ? Also, lot of them get "hacked" somehow

>> No.22032478

And where do you get 7% currently? https://defirate.com/eth/

>> No.22032621

I think it's sustainable. If ETH hits 10k that means we have Defi and basically you have de-banks that will give you that yield, since most banks get about 20 -30% on your cash deposits.

>> No.22032652

Logarithmic regression charts say your wrong. The charts are based on math not your little feelings. :)

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god damn you're fucking retarded

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>mfw I have 1700 and you got that many (you)sfor your stack

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how can you hate this man?

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When is this thing going back down? I had a windfall recently and want to buy more, but I feel it's overpriced at the moment.

>> No.22033617

its undervalued

>> No.22033827

>Stacking a coin that needs to be replaced by something that can actually function properly under the slightest bit of demand

Not a great idea long term. It will only moon because of it's popularity and that it's the #2 crypto at the moment. Wait till you see the fees then lmao

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