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I make 2k a day with my E-Com store. Who needs crypto? Never have to worry about any stupid portfolio going up or down. Have enough to throw at shitcoins like Kleros.

Lifes good anon

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Fuck dealing with irritating customers when you can put money into a shitcoin and 10x it in a few days

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How long have you been making $700k per year OP?

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Damn nigga I really do not care

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Is that 2k profit or revenue
Also what do you sell

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I don't believe you

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Profit, not revenue. >>22020479
Only a year, first year>>22020683
Idc nigga, my bank account does

I sell dog portraits on facebook

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I don't deal with them

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Post your shopify store stats then anon, you seem like the kind of guy who gets a ecom course youtube ad then larps on /biz/ lol

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u don't have to believe me, but plz find this screenshot on any course I dare u, u cant lel

mind u its not all profit, like i said 2k a day prof, sorry if I sound retarded am very high

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If not a larp drop some knowledge on us. Are you advertising on FB? Are you dropshipping or what

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>I make 2K a day
>Its not all profit
kek every pajeet on alibab has a higer turn out, you are a loser OP gom back to the wage cage

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im not selling a course and its not a larp

To be honest I'm salty I didn't buy link, and doing this to feel better

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just learn FB ads

That's literally it, study FB advertising, create some fucking shopify stores , use upsales to boost order value, if you can break even on facebook ad spend u can turn $1 into $2 ask me anything man im not shilling any course idgaf

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You said your niche is dog portraits, can you explain further? Also why did you have the big jump in orders in May, did you turn up marketing?

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today's stats only 10 am my time, not larp

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What to sell?

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Dog portraits? Lol I believe you gay shit like that is fucking crack to normies. Can you post an image of an example it sounds hilarious.

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I make 3k a day farming shitcoins. Who needs e-commerce? Never have to worry about any stupid customers or FB marketing.

Lifes good anon

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I just focus on viral products, you could use a general store etc, very easy to create engagement on your ads this way, and get low conversion rates, just have to have a decent enough store with good social proof

Could be anything really. marketing did not ramp up, corona virus helped a ton, people staying inside, literally

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Last couple of questions, do you think all courses on this shit are scams? Also you are dropshipping this stuff correct?

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I've done tons of research on Facebook ads and understand the jist of them. I could never pick an item I was confident about though. How did you arrive on dog portraits? There would have to be tons of competition for those right? Also how difficult is it to make a seamless, attractive, and easy to use Shopify website/check out platform?

What were some of the major mistakes you made along the way that would have saved time or money had you been aware prior?

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I was only doing about $500/day with my last store, and am just getting my new one off the ground now (I had lots of problems with what I was selling before even though it was selling, it wasnt worth the headache), but why can't you do both? It's not like you need to be a crypto genius to throw some money at alt coins and leave them alone for a while. Most people fuck themselves because they sell on the first tiny dip, the fomo back in too late. You don't have to be a genius investor to make some gains, or spend all your time doing it

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>good social proof

Elaborate more please. I have plenty of resources(money) and understanding of Facebook revenue to get started but when Corona hit I backed out and put my idea on hold. I was having a reversible mini plush toy designed from China in late January and then everything shut down so I stopped. It was hard to communicate with them and the two prototypes that were sent looked like trash in comparison to what I was envisioning. I'm looking for something better to market.

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Facebook ad program*

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I totally agree you should do both. I am only realizing this now, like a fucking idiot

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IDK honestly, find someone else website that is making a lot of sales, and just redesign fucking everything

I found this dog portrait company making a killing, redesigned everything, that's it.

Don't create new shit, that's for retards. Again I don't have a course, if I did, I wouldn't be advertising on fucking 4chan

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whos doing the portraits?

are you outsourcing your orders?

i tried dropshipping a few times - i failed horrendously.

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good choose sir. it solve game theorie. it utilize game thoery to solve oracels in bery decenterlized maner unkike chainlink which is very good but semi cenerlized

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You said to ask you questions. Lol So how do you procure the dog portraits? How are you buying wholesale and is it dropshipping or do you use FBA etc? How did you find the website that you wanted to basically steal and redesign?

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Were you paying Facebook for ads? If you understand how the tags work and really target your ads appropriately you can at least find customers that will buy. Whether or not your pricing or quality of the item is better or comparable than the competition is in question.

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yes, i ran fb ads a few times - twice my account got blocked with no explanation.

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I agree with this, most people think they need to reinvent the wheel and then wonder why they're $100k in debt without a prototype yet. Also no one who's actually doing $2k/day profit is making courses lol.

I think my problem is I keep trying to sell actually useful items, but the meme/novelty stuff seems like the way I should be going

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True I did say this. LOL.

So, I have 2 artists draw the paintings from overseas, I print them then ship them. I perused FB until I saw an ad with tons of social proof and modeled after it. I got in early though, this space is super crowded now, I would try and find something viral and with low competition maybe 1 or 2 competitors, this way it's a proven concept that will work

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Where do you buy the dog portraits from?

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Courses are actually a lot more profitable than actually selling products lol

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ya, bro, I struggled for years trying to invent one of a kind never seen products which is just so much harder than copying something else that's proven profitable. I mean it can work out, but I would highly advise against it as your idea is probably not that good if it does not exist imo unless you are some super genius

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>dog portraits
Fucking genius if true. Normies who don't want children get a pet as surrogate.

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Well yea selling information has no overhead or start costs really but its a much hard sell imo.

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ya, nice things about courses are you skip shipping and returns are a breeze. It's super saturated though

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Right I wasn't really thinking dog portraits but just trying to figure out your experience was relevant to other niches. So you print them out and then put them in a frame? Would you consider it high quality materials compared to the competition?

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Anything animal related is fucking always hot. Easy to market, appeals to a large audience, and is an emotional trigger.

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The material is the same, but I have an advantage in that my paintings are much better style, much more commercial more pop-art looking than the competition. We're not the biggest in the space at all though, but the fact that our actual paintings are super good looking, a lot of people choose us. Our material is probably worse frankly, but If I were a consumer I would be more interested in my portraits cuz their just a better style.

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lol it's all 25-40-year-old dog moms

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you print them yourself? do you own the printer? how much it had cost you to set up and how long before being in profit? im not looking to invade your niche, i got a product i want to sell and im just curious because i like all the printed wall stuff myself

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lol what

2k in profit 3-5k rev

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Do you draw dog portraits? Or just sell stickers/posters of dogs? This is super niche, I've come across a dog portrait business before

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lol I'm not worried nig
Ya I print them cost me $1200 to set up

I was breaking even initially, and 2 months to profit, by offering upsales. If u can break even, ur golden, however keep in mind, I have a lot of FB ads experience , I do know what I'm doing, taken tons of courses etc

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Where did you buy the website? Most website sellers are scam

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the back-end is much more exciting than the front end, by offering sales, and add ons like socks with your dogs face on it, etc, anything related, or just big discounts, this way you build???? a huge list, which costs nothing to market too, and that's how you actually become really profitable. Front end break even is good, because you're building up a customer base

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I created it. Hired designer. Redesigned another top-performing website while working in my original marketing such as names, logos, etc. Buying websites is nooby

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Theres at leat 50+ businesses that sell dog portaits in my 17M people country. Can't believe this is anywhere near that revenue.

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sorry for all the question marks/typos my dog is jumping all over my keyboard

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ITT: idiots trying to steal OPs niche

imagine being that uncreative

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2016 called, it needs it’s daily shopify larpers back.

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Thanks anon. I thought you said earlier you bought a company website and redesigned it. How long before you broke even and started making consistent profits?

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The market is supersaturated now, 9 months ago, it was hardly saturated. I was probably one of 5, now I am one of 40+. It's fine though because our Facebook pixel is seasoned giving us a huge advantage over newcomers. Our LLA's our dialed in, and we've already made a name in space, but like you said it's supersaturated now and I wouldn't suggest it. If you can't believe the revenue I guess you think I'm a liar? Lol good for you anon, I'm def lying about everything. Caught me

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here's an update on Today

I guess I'm just good at photoshop lel

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i'm 29 and hold a shit load of CRO gaining interest. I just sit around all day playing with my dick.i mean.. the whole e-commerce thing seems like a lot of work.

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Anyone know if there's any future and niche to tap into through clay figurines? Or nobody cares about clay?

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How did you find painters overseas?

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I mean if you view it as work, I view making money as fun. It hardly ever feels like work to me. And I'm a lazy pothead

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I never got facebook ads to work, I would always go under before turning a profit. Can you recommend a good course/book on how to dial in the LLAs?

Also, how can two artists keep up with all the orders? Do they just crank em out?

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Freelancer.com, Upwork.com, 99designs.com ( 99designs is the best for designers, also the most costly for designers) Freelancer is super cheap but works too, Upwork is better for other things like finding a FB ads guy, or writer

>> No.22022332

they crank em out, and its not as time consuming as you would think.

Best FB ads course I've taken is this one and it's free, way better than courses I've spent tons on


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Also, check out Traffic Secrets by Russel Brunson, and all his books are great

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hello chris record

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any untapped bubble to look at?

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answer this pls op. help us make it

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lmao I wish

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U will be crying if ur not reinvesting those gains in assets like crypto, precious metals etc

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can we see your website?

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this is the wrong mind set, it's not like crypto, just find anything that you think is smart and viral, and copy it, I've made money with tons of things that never blew up the way dog portraits did.

I use to sell this mofojang hair wax, I used to sell this crazy iphone holder that was like super strong and could be used in the bathroom liike water proof, it was a case but also like a suction cup crazy product,

Basically, just find a crazy cool product, a viral product, google " viral Products' search and search and search until you find something that is releatively low competition, then boom

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trust me I already am man. I'm planning on investing 50k into Eth, Chain, and other coins, hopefully in the next 1-2 weeks, hoping the market corrects, if not I might just FOMO in, waking up every morning so mad bc I didn't invest and easily could have

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your average costumer drops 70 bucks per order on dogportraits
i didn't know there were such retards out there

do they buy multiple items at once or are you really selling 1 portrait for that much?

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I actually personally know a talented painter of dogs here in Italy, a friend of mine. How expensive is it to outsource the printing of it?

You said you print them yourself, but do you use FBA for the distribution?
Could you give a clear breakdown of the end to end chain (from printing them to delivering to customers) ?

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also, I'm at a level where it takes some experience to be because I'm actually making my own product if I were you, II would just buy an existing product, and try to sell it as your own brand, turn key

If I were you, I would find something viral on Alibaba and order 50-100 units, and try to sell it on FB with $5 a day ads, create a brand around that viral product, something that u know people will share with each other

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No, it's because of the Upsales we get that price. It cost $29.95 for a dog portrait, yet you can also get that same portrait but in different items like Socks, phone cases etc gets average order value to $70

>> No.22023002

Lol no thanks, u clearly want to do the same thing, good luck tho!

>> No.22023064

that is pretty impressive anon

>> No.22023091

Could you explain how it works. A customer goes on your website, uploads a pic of their dog, it goes to the two artists, they paint it, you print it, and then you send it to customers?
How can it be scaling if you only have two painters?

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thanks bud! I just wish I invested in LINK fuck my asshole, do you guys think I should wait for a correction or just go in relatively soon as its moon time now. I just feel so fucking stupid because II bought a 2k stack at $3.50 and then got banned on Coinbase bc I tried to dispute the order since it went down a day later, what a fuckinig chump

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Imagine believing anything anyone says on 4chin

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as if we would be competing ... fuck off then

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Get fucked streetshitter.

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Any experience with Etsy ads? I have a store that gets some buys but I’m curious if it’s worth putting funds into it or just saying screw Etsy all together and make my own Shopify store and running FB ads

>> No.22023312 [DELETED] 

Do you think hand painted vinyl records would be a good market? How much do you pay on fb ads? Especially at the start, how much did you spend on there?

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at this point it could go either way
but you have a very large daily inflow of cash
buy now and it moons, good for you
buy now and it dumps double down during the dip,at most you'd lose an extra month of your cashflow

also an additional question how much of your time is wasted on 'difficult' costumer who barely bring in the money

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You're retarded. You make more than enough to make a respectable portfolio and then forget about it.

>> No.22023464

>60k a moth
>over 6mil a year
sure thing bud

>> No.22023507

How much do you pay on fb ads? Especially at the start, how much did you spend on there?

>> No.22023537

How do you keep an edge on etsy?

>> No.22023547

I know dude, going to make one soon, just hoping for a crash

>> No.22023558

Where is your website hosted? What's your expense breakdown? How much do you pay artists?

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I spend like 2k a day to make 2k a day but that's an average it's always changing at the start I was only spending $500 a day

This is how much I've spent since January Idk if that helps

>> No.22023613

$600 a week each

>> No.22023622

How do you track the effectiveness on ads? Guess FB has a portal for that?
Could you please take a look at all my other questions... Thanks man

>> No.22023640

$600 a week for what exactly?

>> No.22023649

Drop an email address if you need an engineer for it in the future
>t. faang wagie

>> No.22023666

IDK shiit about Etsy desu

I feel like that's shit tier e-commerce no offense, but maybe some people are killing it on Etsy I just have no clue about it

>> No.22023704

40 hrs a week :P

>> No.22023718

So you have an overseas pajeet draw the animal?

>> No.22023738

I don't get it.
Could you please explain in more detail the costs that you have? How % do you pay artists, how much do you pay for shopify, how much for postage etc.
I'm trying to put all the pieces together on what it would mean for a business like yours to scale

>> No.22023756

Say I would invest X amount

I was thinking 40% Chainlink
20% Eth
then splitting the rest between


Smart? Dumb?

>> No.22023777

For stuff like socks and phone cases, who manufactures those? Are you using Amazon FBA for this?

>> No.22023798

Ya I hire someone overseas lol. I don't draw em

>> No.22023809

The whole point of crypto here is to get out of wagecucking. Gtfo with your customer cuck wageslave shit

>> No.22023848

sure no problem anon

Shopify is ilke $79.99 a month
Zipify which is an app add on is like $499.99 a month
Artist are $4800 a month
Postage is roughly $6-8 a package
Cost to produce is $4

Costs are $10 per order to produce and ship,

Cost per customer is around $30

Customer Order Value is $70

>> No.22023876

lol I'm a wagecuck? haha OK

>> No.22023978

How did you come up with this idea? It's so specific. And the hiring process for an artist overseas seems crazy. Do you have an employee that helps you ship orders? Good job though.

>> No.22024018

I didn't come up with it. I saw someone else doing it, and at the time was selling something else, and basically reversed engineered their business, and went for it lol. Thanks, anon, I just saw a good idea and thought I could do it a slight bit different or better

>> No.22024034

Awesome, thanks anon. A few more questions.

- Given the cost of Shopify, any reason not to build the website yourself?
- You said you print yourself, what do you use for distribution?

>> No.22024089

hi sorry I didn't read your question, thanks for the good advice btw I think you're right

Bad customers or refunds is like maybe 10-20 a day, which takes a few hours, and I have someone do it for me, its super easy not a big deal, especially since we refund easily we don't have many angry people

>> No.22024168

totally bro, building your own website unless your super proficient is gonna cost you more, because it will take a lot more hours building things out like upsales and connecting paypal and payment things like stripe etc

Shopify is only $79.99 and makes life a breeze I would pay 299.99 If they made me, it's just amazing because everything is seamless as far as connecting other things like Facebook or your email provider, or upsales, and all the 3rd party apps to boost sales are just fantastic $79.99 is a steal IMO

- I use good old USPS cheapest ( kinda slow with corona now though)

>> No.22024189


You should have signed up for Gemini as well, its the only other easy and safe fiat on ramp if you are US I'm assuming.

>> No.22024233


I don't think you are going to make it. Lmao

>> No.22024234

ya, I am going to soon, thanks for the tip I didn't know Gemini was, I was trying binance and they were being bitches ( when would you guys buy in if you weren't already in? Now? A week?)

>> No.22024238

Thanks so much anon. This is why I come to /biz/

>> No.22024263

haha of course man, you guys made me feel better about my chainlink losses, glad 2 help

>> No.22024266

>I spend like 2k a day to make 2k a day

What? Lol

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Interesting thread OP. I wish I had a magical money ma hine. At the same time, it's kind of depressing, tho I'm not hating on you. It's just inequality in the world generally, how someone can produce so little actual value (again, no offense to you but youve gotwage slave anons posting here abojtbgetting graded 1-5 on their social skills at their job. Like literal suicide shit like that There are worse things. Also im someone that just wants people to be.. the best versions of themselves? And this seems to be somewhat indicative of people themselves.. Are these dog moms just watching tv when they're not working their office jobs? Idk if I'm being cynical. I mean, I'm kind of a piece of shit so I get it but I still dont think it's ok. Anyway very interesting hearing about it, I think you're probably real anyway. glad u escaped the waged cage

>> No.22024376

I spend 2k, revenue 4k, profit 2k

>> No.22024385


SXP could be legit, it has a lot of room to grow in comparison to CRO and should be as successful. It might just take some time its being manipulated.

If you want a fail proof DEFI portfolio I'd do something like


and use stablecoin Curve liquidity pools as well with a percent of your portfolio. Also put about 10-20% of your LINK in the yLINK vault too. Then buy Nexus Mutual smart contract insurance protocol failure for the pools as soon as its possible.

Honestly 10K divided in that portfolio(minus the Curve pool, you just have enough cashflow to do so) right now would make someone a millionaire in the next 3-5 years if not sooner.

>> No.22024471

I agree with life being super unfair, at the same time, there are hella happy dog moms with their portraits so I guess that has some value?They probably love seeing it everyday. Lol

>> No.22024569


We might go up to 18 but it seems like on the longer time frame indicators early September(week in roughly) we will see stronger pull backs and consolidation. Nothing is guaranteed especially with LINK because its heavily manipulated and the bots paint the charts with false buy/sell signals but overall it appears to still be exhausted in the 3week, 2week, 9day, and 1week time frames but neutral to bullish in the lower frames. The best thing you can do is just start dollar cost averaging now since your cash flow is ridiculous it won't matter anyway.

>> No.22024584

the amount of risk you want to have is your own choice
btc, eth and link are must haves at this point
other than that treat the shitcoins as funny money
you have link twice btw, might also want to have a small stake in aave

still tho you have a large cash inflow on regular basis
in the current environment you have to move into hard assets considering money printer goes brrr
have any positions in precious or real estate?

>> No.22024586

Isn't YFI too expensive though. I'm down for the other ones, I was looking at AAVE I'll prob buy a bag of all of em except YFI

damn i'll look into everything you said, thanks bro that sounds awesome

>> No.22024628

ya I was thinking something similar just trying to get started while hoping it drops to buy a lot more, and if it doesn't at least I got ini

>> No.22024698

At the same time, I respect it. Thats how the world is--everything eats everything. it's there, you may as well take it. Why not you? If not, then somebody else. I hope u use your powers for good more or less.

I personallythink that culture should ennoble. There worse things than liking and spending money on that but it's the same as sucking blood, the energy transfer. But u can't save evryone

>> No.22024774

I'm just so butthurt I didn' get link earlier that I keep waiting for it to go back to $10 and it just won't.

I knew I should have gotten in the other day at $13, fuuuck, I don't wanna drop 10k+ on it and iit goes to $14 or lower for a week

>> No.22024780

hey can you share an easy one that will make me like $50 a day? I don't need anything big at the moment, just a little side gig
I know how to code both frontend and backend, I know how to setup payment providers, I know how to do email lists and follow up emails on uncompleted orders etc. I can even produce coding courses on my own but I have absolutely no clue about marketing, thanks!

>> No.22024849


YFI only has a 30K circulating supply and as of right now is just a governance token for the yearn protocol. Technically it doesn't do anything but Andre is incredible at what he does albeit more eccentric than you'd want from a professional. The community has been drafting value capture models to vote on for YFI and it will probably continue to increase in the future. I would do only 10% of your portfolio with it but its honestly hard to ignore.

Its a solid portfolio I mention especially if you just want to buy and hold and not worry about anything but I'm all in LINK myself. 2017 buyer and everytime I think about diversifying I change my mind. I do swing LINK futures though in the mean time and have enough resources to start some kind of ecommerce venture but I always get cold feet more or less. Made 150K profit just from trading LINK separate from my long term holdings I never touch.

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File: 154 KB, 1366x768, OBVLINK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This image is maybe a week old but if we break $12 we are probably going to 10.50 roughly. I was waiting for $11 but started buying heavy at $13 just in case. Anything under at $14 or under is a good entry if you are averaging in slowly.

>> No.22024936

Just keep trying new viral products and stores until something clicks, try to find something that already has some videos on maybe a crazy Iphone case that sticks to the wall or something, I or something viral around trump, gotta be some good trump related products on ali-express that are cheap and could be funny for ads, get low conversion rates

>> No.22024989


Just do like $2-3K a week for the next 8 weeks and then if it hits like 10-12 double your investment right then.

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wtf a real, authentic, genuine /biz/nessweaving post just flew over my house

>> No.22025059

how much would I need to spend on ads daily for some gadget to make me $50 a day and how much time would it take until it gets to this stage?
I understand that if the product is super viral that it just blows up but I would like to hear some numbers from your experienced point of view

Also with your cash flow I would buy $5000 worth of Ampl just for the lulz, it will do a similar run to past one in july if you ask me

>> No.22025093

just make your offer very exciting, buy it cheap from Ali express, gotta be something viral and exciting, relatively cheap, with good upsells, It could be anything, but it's easy to sell things that get a lot of comments and shares

An upsell is just another order page after the person has made an order, so if you've ever ordered something and after checkout it says WAIT, you can get that same product for half off added onto your order, then another page saying WAIT you can add this for a discount too. Just try to create something where when you put in $10, you get $10 back, and a new customer. Then, you can make a profit by offering up sales, and that $10 can turn into $20, and you can also email that person offers for new products later.

>> No.22025117

thats a classic noob mistake in crypto
you are trying to maximize your entrypoint on 10% or 20% like what would be large in boomerstonks or in sales
however in crypto its a blip in the graph
i can garantuee you in a years time you will not give a fuck about getting in at 14 or 16
the important thing is getting in and not waiting around untill it does another moonshot before fomoing in
in your specific case even doubly so, you are not investing years of wageslaving savings, you got a huge inflow of money, like i said earlier if the price tanks hard in september you can always double down with your certain income
if however you miss another moonshot its gonna be hard to make up for it
this differnece is it can crash 50% or moon 10x
so if your initial investment is a round 10k you only need another 5k inserted if dump to get to the same earning potential for a total of 15k
if however it moons and you are not in you need to insert 100k cash to get to the same earning potential you skipped out on because of a 10% different entry point

also congrats on you anon for giving detailed information on your onlike business
we get a lot of larpers so obviously most are suspicious, but giving such details is worthwhile to share with anons

>> No.22025154

lol I'll get a bag of it.

Just start with 5-10, $5 a day ads. But do not place any conversion ads until you first build the ad up with engagement ads, this way, your ad looks fire in the news feed with tons of likes comments and shares

>> No.22025178

>who needs crypto
>have enough to throw at shitcoins
It seems you still need crypto, anon

>> No.22025210

you're probably so right anon. I'm counting pennies, I should just get in now and not look back, as 3-5 dollars won't be anything, I'm just afraid I'll get burned lol

thanks, anon it's been a fun thread, I'm a crypto noob so I like being able to show you guys another way lol also keep prodding you guys for more crypto info heh

>> No.22025273

Anything else to look at apart from the course by chris record & 'Traffic Secrets'? Also, thanks for being so open and helping others out, I hope you grow your business even more, god bless

>> No.22025434

>I'm just so butthurt I didn' get link earlier
with the amount of money your are making you really shouldn't be butthurt anon, you are probably a biz 1%er already
just treat crypto as a funny multiplier to your already nice gains

>I'm a crypto noob so I like being able to show you guys another way lol also keep prodding you guys for more crypto info heh
here's another good advise, learned the hard way in 2017:
whenever a golden bullrun starts assume all discussion in online open places like biz or r crypto to be fully flooded by paid teams of shillers
you gotta run by your own limits and charting at that point
still got nightmares about don't worry its just some cashing out because of Chinese newyear

>> No.22025457

Ya just honestly youtube is great, don't pay for courses, you can find some great content on YT just typing in E-Commerce, Shopify, etc, find videos with the most views lot of good training

>> No.22025515

hahaha damn that's crazy, I have to keep an eye out for the shillers, I bought DUSK yesterday and it went down and I assume I got shilled lol , but it was like $100 idc

So am I full-on retard planning on going big on chainlink at 15+ lol, I keep thinking its the next ETH, or are we full on golden bullrun and I should, def gonna look into your other advice thanks anon

>> No.22025791

The best advice I can give is take as many courses as you can on fb, a lot of tips and tricks in there, and then start testing ads, it shouldn't be too hard to break even if you know how FB works, which few take the time to do, they just place ads with minimal knowledge of the platform, Chris Record alone is a huge head start as he teaches tricks and tips as opposed to basics but learn the basics too.

>> No.22026273

why is the upsell accounting for so much revenue kek

>> No.22026345

the definition of break-even is: profits - losses = 0. how can you scale this way and double your money?

>> No.22026480

break. even front end. Meaning, if u can spend $10, and make $10, all you need to do is build a upsale, and you will be profitable, also you have an email list to build out other offers too

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