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>The FUD against XRP now is the same FUD that prevented me from buying LINK 3 years ago
Fuck you /biz/

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Don't buy it, it will never ever ever ever ever moon

EOY 2000$ XRP

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The more ppl buy xrp the smarter I feel go ahead anon

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There is no uncertainty or doubt with XRP its already proven to be a shitcoin at least with link you were still early buying XRP now is just buying somones left over bags.

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Yeah 3 cents

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So DYOR and don't care what /biz/ says

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like what the fuck, xrp is useless centralized gay anus play for (maybe some day) banks. do you even know why BTC was invented to begin with? at least not for anus play

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XRP was only $3 for about a week and then it crashed and burned to $1 just a few days later. That was extreme manipulation and you're all going to get wrecked if you try to time the next big rug pull.

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Yeah but this time the FUD is all true.

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>do you even know why BTC was invented to begin with?
Created by the government to introduce us to blockchain so xrp can be more easily implemented

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its not like anyone should have bought link 3 years ago, you wanted to buy 2 years ago.

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Buy buy buy. Xrp most decentralized, secure and fast crypto sir. It will make me the most powerful in my village.buy or miss the ticket to mooooon

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that explains all the money printing

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It's not the same FUD at all, XRP is already 3rd in market share and has a circulating supply of 44 BILLION shitcoins, if you don't understand what this means you need to DYOR before you lose even more money.

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> Created out of thin air
> Top 14 wallets hold 50% of supply.

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How the fuck is XRP centralized? Never understood that FUD

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OK, what's XRP use case? What's groundbreaking about it? What about it is so revolutionary that it opens a whole new world of possibilities for the actual industry or financial markets? Why does it add value? Why do you think it's adoption is inevitable to usher the 4th industrial revolution?

The answers to all these questions is what made me hold link against all the fud during these 3 years. If you can answer these and can be convinced by these answers, then holding will be easy, shit, you'll even create fud threads yourself. Your turn anon, the floor is yours

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Nice digits

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They think because its premined and ripple holding ~60% of the tokens means its centralized. In reality they have been acting as custodians and stewards for the equitable distribution of the wealth to various financial institutions and the validator node distribution insures that it is decentralized.

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it's almost like you should do the opposite of biz
I'm all in xrp and I feel like I have the cheat codes to life.

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While chainlink team holds 65 percent of the supply and whales hold 30 percent lolo

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4 second ledger update, microcent transaction fees, designed by a cryptographic expert who's been working on this problem for 32 years (patented blockchain in 1988...), best foundation for development, connections to many financial institutions, connections to some of the most powerful people in the world, best chance of becoming the global reserve currency, built in DEX

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The only technical answers in all of this is the 4sec thing and low fees. Do you think that is powerful enough to create a shift in the way markets transact at the moment? Will this be essential enough for traditional players to move their systems to using xrp?

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>SWIFT cost $15-45 and settles in 2-5 days
>Bitcoin can't scale, with "high" congestion $55 fees and 3 days
>ethereum can't scale, with "high" congestion $40 fees and 16 hours
>XRP scales, microcent fee's, fee would be $0.01 at $10,000, ledger updates every 4 seconds

None of them can compete with XRPs base layer and they are 2 layers in. XRP is about to add its first layer in the form of flare and take their lunch money.

Ethereum is built on dogshit foundation. With a dogshit foundation you'll never be able to create something great.

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fucking idiots. Validators and nodes run on 0 incentive. That is why it is soo fast. Interledger Protocol will use any crypto that is the fastest and cheapest route. It can use any crypto is someone wants to, but XRP will be teh fastest and cheapest to use most of the time because its not PoS PoW and has 0 fucking incentive to run. NO FRICTION. ILP aka hyperledger Quilt. You fucking idiot anon. Do you fuckers understand now? Now pls, pump my XRP bags by 1 cent so I can sell this shit coin for more Link. (Ps. I hold both Link and XRP because I am a hybrid idiot genius)

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No u are a no brain faggot for ever holding ripple

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checked and dareIsaypilled

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Jed sells 5 million XRP every day

Except he actually does

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XRP Chads get in here

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Except xrp was already dead when link ico'd.
Unironically buying Link now is like buying Link at $.42

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