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my ripples stay super crippled $0.25 end of universe

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Please sirs, stop crippling my dreams

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end of time

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Need 99.7% to give up before we can move.
You'll see

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Oh no no look at that volume.
I guess LINKtards have a hard time understanding numbers and correlations because they are non-STEM. Holy shit.

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Philosophers BTFO'd eternally

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wash trading

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stay delusional and stay mad

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you must have a hole in your brain if you genuinely think that

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IF YOU KNOW (nothing) YOU KNOW (absolutely nothing)

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I forgot from TA class, what does decreasing price and decreasing volume mean? kek

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>LINK goes 100x in 3 years, XRP drops 70%
>heh linker stinkers we have more volume!!!

The absolute state of cripple cope HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA

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Look at messari retard. You'll see your pitiful xrp volume

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good luck on that absolute shitfest of a coin, mr. bagholder

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>45b circulation shitcoins
>12b mcap

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xrp = maga Qtards. Cripple gonna moon and Hillary going to Guantanamo amirite ya fucking cult members?

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Hi there literature majors. Holy fucking kek it's true

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There are literally published articles and STATEMENTS FROM THE TEAM on how that is just test trading from the team you fucking retard. Honestly do you fucks actually exist or is all of this bait???

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What a miserable fucking chart kek.

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Oh tell me how do I profit from all these (You)'s from non-STEM fags? NON-STEM ABSOLUTELY BTFO. Are you all homeless? Is a 16 dollar token all you can afford? Pathetic stinkies hahaha

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You know the volume just shows how bad the inflation is on this turdcoin, right? It's at a larger market cap than when it was $3 and yet its 10x lower in price due to token inflation.

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you know what else it's true? I'm up 20x and you're up 0x

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cripples are fucking idiots. one of the worst investments ive ever seen

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LINKtard = LIBTARD. Amirite? Illiterate art majors shouldn't get the right to vote.

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Fucking KEK

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buy the dip

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i literally have a mathematics degree focused on chaos theory nigger ripple will never go above 40 cents.

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My theory is that newfags like XRP because we hate it in the same that we FUDed LINK. They think we are FUDing XRP so we can accumulate. Little do they fucking know the whole thing is a fucking scam

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Looks like accumulation to me, buddy.

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>Ripple, a common name for the digital token
This is just fucking lies lol

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Xrp is literally for poor newfags second buy. They see btc at a high price and then see xrp at top 3 being really cheap and think it will go up alot.

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it's indians buying and cripple selling lol

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I had a dream i bought the next dip at $00.14... i was abe to get thousands and thousands more... then it rocketed through and past Pluto.

At the end of the day... i believe in the team, and i can feel it in my gut.

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just Ripple Labs staying profitable

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this could be ChainLink chart in 2021

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>and i can feel it in my gut.
That's just the gefilte fish Shlomo.

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>says its wash trading
>sees evidence to the contrary, gets BTFO'D
>"j-just ripple labs staying p-p-profitable"

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