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Reminder that a lot of dumb Money is coming to PRQ
Crypto youtubers and Reddit are picking it up
it's like Link before going 40x again
Link for 30 cents


10x until end of September, 100x until EOY possible


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to the moon

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It's up 2500% in two weeks.. How stupid do you have to be to jump on this now?

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20 million marketcap

Only reason it was that undervalued was Coinshitro as exchange. It is gaining publicity and when LINK dumps to hell, it will go 10x

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>when LINK dumps to hell

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That's a fair point, it's a matter of, do you believe this is the hot shit or you dont?

I do and been buying more everyday.

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Would add that I code and can see great value in this.

Pitched it to two dev friends and they really liked the idea.

It is what it is. I believe it's worth 200mills mkcap but only time will tell.

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The point is that dumb people will get in and make the price go up, at which point us -who got in early- will dump on them. And then buy back when they panic sell

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