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Will this ever run again? Anyone still have faith here?

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Bought in at 6.34/coin. I'm not selling until I make a x2 profit.

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I really don't care.
This is the biggest staking project.
It's a cross between forex and visa.
Fuck you, not selling.

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it will, do some research and you will be comfy holding

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It will, wish I could use it already but unfortunately bitfinex requires verification for tether transfers

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already forgotten about this coin anon

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it will but you have to wait forever...
its been vaporware slow as fuck since the ICO the only thing released was faked partnerships kek..
Expect to keep holding this for years before anything will come off of it.

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How do you stake OMG?

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my strategy: Hold for 3 more years at least

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Love this meme and know this is a larp, but just incase you are indeed a smooth brained faggot, you can easily use the mainnet as we speak.

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What is Paolo getting at?

What integration does the OMG community need to do? Why is he replying to a shill for leverj?


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Holy shit that’s too long
I can’t wait forever. I just want 8$

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And why is he saying he’s going to chain swap USDT to fucking EOS of all places?

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What is wrong with this complete piece of shit

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when are Binance and the other exchanges going to use it?

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It will be 6 today

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People have been saying this for weeks. I just want my money back!

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It's dead jim

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It means that the fucking community should start using it instead of posting worthless memes all day long
1) open a bitfinex account
2) withdraw tether on omg network to try it out
3) start telling all other exchanges that they need to integrate omg too so tokens can be moved between exchanges using omg

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6 by noon.
Then 8 then 12 then 28.

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Switch to STAKE, Vitalik wants to move heavy traffic there

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Pro tip: just buy stake

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aren't they the ones that should be speaking to the fucking exchanges?? who else have they got lined up?

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They’ve indicated they’ve essentially have all the major exchanges signed up but due to NDA can’t name them.

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Every FUD shill saying this is going to 2 dollars yet its holding support at perfect 50% retracement. It is due for another leg up.

Its sitting on top of the EMA12/26 rn on the 1H chart, JUST under the EMA12/26 on the 6H chart, and on top of the 26 on 1D chart.

It will either resume its upward breakout VERY soon, or allow more accumulation between 5 to 5.50 to allow the 26EMA to come from 4 to 5 before take off.

I dont see it going back to 4 because it would need to plummet thru the EMA12 on the 1D chart. I dont see it happen, but if it does, there will be a strong bounce off the 26EMA so def dont sell

Good luck all

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Sounds familiar. Did they indicate that they've got Mcdonalds, Google and Apple under NDA too?

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Lol ta is a meme retards dont know what day it is, and cany wrap thier head around basic psychology

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Lets be honest, if crypto is all just manipulation and companies trying to get rich (spoiler: it is), then it would be very foolish for OMG not to pull in more buyers by pumping this to over 10$ causing mass fomo/hype. This coin should be sitting on at least over a billion market cap which would put it at about 7.2$ per coin, when it could easily reach to 1.5 - 2 billion market cap.

It made a clear breakout just a few hours ago, so imo we should see a slow climb back to 6$, but there is OBVIOUS price suppression happening right now. Someone put up 310k+ OMG at 5.30$ on Coinbase Pro and as it went up closer to that price, someone market sold ~40k OMG.

They may try to force this down to 4$, but that would be pretty foolish as it would get bought right up.

More news is coming too, if you bought it at around 5$, pat yourself on the back. If you bought from 6-7$, just wait it out. If higher, then why the fuck did you fomo?

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