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Buy the dips, brothers.



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its pretty much already back up anon, do you expect it to drop further? wouldn't mind getting some discounted rips

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sept / oct it will drop a lot, you can fill your bags even more then.


also, checked, but this is normal in XRP threads.

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ill keep my eye out then, think anything interestings gonna happen at the fed chairman talk or nah?

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i don't think so no, just shit we already kinda know

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whaddup /x/ kek

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xrp sucks it's been the same for 3.5 years bros

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ask me how I know you don't keep up with relevant financial news

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insiders saying switch flip is in Sept. what do you have to back up your claims?

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So you are saying to buy the dips and them you are saying it's going to drop more? Hahahaha absolute state of xrp holders is fucking ridiculous

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There is no news you dumb fuck no one is uses xrp tokens all banks have dropped it

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Insider said sept at first and then said likely it's nov. All points to nov now.

>what is dollar cost averaging, hurr durrrrrr

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Seriously kys if you believe any of this insider crap

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what if you don’t know?

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then you'll stay poor faggot it's pretty obvious

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3 year return on XRP is less than 10%.

If you just invested in the stock market index fund you'd be up 30%. If you invested in tech stocks you'd be up 200%.

Tell me again why you think you are invested in a gold mine when its literally worse returns than the safest investment possible. You only made the ripple team rich you fucking idiot

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shittest coin tbqh senpai

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I mean I've made pretty good gains since I bought in at the signal given to us by the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo but yeah it would be pretty shitty to be a bagholder like the IMF.

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2000$ eoy

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Yeah right $2 would be a miracle

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2k eoy. buy sturdy rope, fatty.

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again, ask me how I know you don't read any relevant financial news
Graphs are cool and shit but don't mean anything compared to world events

$2kEOY iykyk

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Compared to other coins its one of the worst investments in the market on the 1y/3y

Nobody bought this shit pre 2017 so you cant say b-but it was $0.01 in 2016!

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haha, /biz/ is enough of a rabbit hole on its own, being an xrp holder if i started browsing /x/ i probably wouldn't recover

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This is a new asset class you asshole. At the end of all this I will have my 50K+ xrp, do you know what that means? It means I have over 50k of xrp.

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based. this anon knows.

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oberserved and based

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Yeah? 50k is a cute number anon. Oh, what was that? Jed Mcaleb has 4 BILLION? And he has an auto sell of 7 MILLION a day?

The inflation rate on this garbage is massive. You are literally losing money at an accelerated rate even compared to the US dollar buying this fucking trash

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check em boys.

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Bought my first 2K today, feels good man

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Also the RIpple team paid Coil, a 20 person startup 1 billion XRP as a donation.

Lol and you think your 50k stack is going to be worth something. KYS

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good man!

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I wish the best for you guys, but don't go too deep or you will develop some mental problems once nothing happens. Ebin gets are a poor indicator nowadays.

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It's almost like we're speculating. If you can't follow news, teams, and look ahead then you will never get in before things take off. Yes we're taking risks but fuck it I don't care, and to me it isn't even a huge risk because I believe in what ripple is doing. I don't care about your measly 30% over a year, I can do that in a day and I just did 60% a couple days ago. XRP holdrs have big balls because we see what you don't want to and are willing to put our money in despite what all the naysayers say. Time will prove all I don't give a fuck.

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Haha I don't base my investment advice on numbers on 4chan anon, it's just a fun thing ;)

I know for a fact, without a shadow of a doubt, XRP will be 2k eoy. 100% factual information from people in positions much higher than myself have confirmed it in my private life. It's why I buy so much.

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Inflation rate? New xrp cannot be minted, if jed wants to dump all his xrp for other people to buy that is completely fine. And ripple has been buying up a lot of that as well.

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>it won't be worth anything because others have more than me

begone with your loser cuck mindset I am done with you

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ngmi anon
based and saved fellow Ripper

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I’ve got $3k in xrp.
Let’s say I invest in your boomer stocks, I’d now have a grand total of $3900!!!! HOLY FUCK HOW STUPID CAN I BE TO MISS OUT ON 900 WHOLE DOLLARS, FUCKING REKT.

Let’s say I put it in your gen xer tech stocks, I’d now have $9k. A much more healthy return you are correct, however, is it life changing? No. Can I do anything else meaningful with it other than re invest for another x amount of years while I continue to slave away working? No.
The aim of crypto is essentially get rich quick, XRP for me and others is heavily biased towards a gamble (wether they admit it or not) rather than purely an investment.
Look at the facts staring you in the face, xrp is EVERYWHERE in the official circles. Mentioned by multiple banks internal reports, FED reports and even government reports of USA and other country’s (japan for example). Garlichouse has visited the whitehouse more than once, spoke at numerous jew conferences and built a team of people who have the ears of the most influential people in America.
You cannot see all that evidence and NOT conclude that all signs point to xrp being involved in something huge. Yes it’s a gamble, yes it could take ages but any meaningful price rise in xrp WILL CHANGE MY LIFE. I am willing to wait for that and sacrifice earning $9k over 3 years in some stock. Why? Because that $9k in stocks is about all I could hope for, I can earn that working where as XRP holds the potential for a much better life.
Hopium? Maybe. Do I care? No. Are you a faggot? Yes.

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He has less now, and it’s about 4% if supply compared to Chainlink dev holding over 30% kek

>> No.21926614

Also he can’t ‘auto sell’ as he is legally bound to selling in correlation to daily volume. If volume is high he can sell more, if low he has to sell less.

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+ there's about 5% of actual liquid XRP available
+ ripple is buying up Jed's XRP + more.

kek this shit is going to the FUCKING MOON BOYS strap the fuck on tight

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I’m ready arrpee bro

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BoA is using Ripple Mainnet as well and Warren Buffet bought $2 Billion in BoA stock the day it was announced

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yeah, all it takes is a couple of days of objective research and people would come to the same conclusion as us, but nah, people want to be loyal to their coins so be it.

im here to make money and be free from the jew and through the jew it will happen. his tricks will not work on me.

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im starting to lose hope bros, hol me tight

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Sell your bagz limpwrist because iTz gOiNg tO zEr0

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jewing the jews is often the only way to ahead, not even kidding in the slightest.
they control so much it's just gaming the game really

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measly 1.5k bag here, exactly how are the jews connected?

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you're a xrp monkey
one day you'll wake up shameful

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Bought 1.2k yesterday now at 35k

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i genuinely might kill the order book if i market sell my stack

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this anon gets it.

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Yeah for broke bums it makes sense to invest 3 grand into speculative assets. Again, why would you choose the coin that has substantial selloff from early founders who can feasibly sell for 10+ years.

Don't you think it is above 40 IQ to find a coin that doesn't have a history of massive sellofs?

Fucking ripple holders are the biggest dumb fucks on this board.

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>Warren Buffet bought $2 Billion in BoA stock the day it was announced

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yeah wtf is this nov shit. if it doesnt moon within the first 2 weeks of september, i am done scotty posting, ric flair posting and getting mega digits in xrp threads.

fuck you

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All institutional/mutual fund holdings and transactions have be publicly disclosed you stupid faggot
>insert lmgtfy link here

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Post link or larp

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Rolling for $1.00 Xerpees EOY

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Not the guy you are replying to but:


Literally two seconds of Google, dude. You should feel bad for making me spoonfeed you like a toddler.

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i think despite this that we're about a few years away from $1/xrp

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study more. u have no idea what's happening in the world lol

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>I know for a fact, without a shadow of a doubt, XRP will be 2k eoy. 100% factual information from people in positions much higher than myself have confirmed it in my private life. It's why I buy so much.
Could you please tell us some information people in position higher than yours have told you?

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same as insiders have said, some say 2k eoy, some say 10k eoy, xrp will be used by the new financial system

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You better fucking pray xrp goes down and stays down, because if this shit moons like we expect it too, I will personally make sure that you can never browse biz without the shame of knowing you missed the greatest opportunity to accumulate wealth the likes of 10 lifetimes

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>tfw ive been holding since 2017 and i want nothing more than for you to be right

however anon, i've been on this ride so many times. Its all so tireless.

>> No.21929797

Is it going to dump lower, or is this as low as I can get it for?

>> No.21929824

And we'll be collecting fresh pink wojaks, it's a win-win.

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2020 is the year
not 2021, 2022 or 2023


HODL. ;)

the fact that XRP isnt moving up significantly is proof it will BURST to 2k instantly in one single green dildo.

it will go lower in 1-2 months, get the weakest hands out before it moons in November

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how did it change to november all of a sudden?

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read the latest threads my dude

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Don't listen to the schizos that try to time anything related to market.
It cannot be done. Not even people that are actually the architects of the system know when big things will happen. They only know the sequence of events that will occur and the actions that need to be taken. They cannot foresee how long those will actually take and they cannot factor in low probability events like Corona.

XRP is a gem hidden in the plain sight. There were so many breadcrumbs dropped that something big has to *eventually* happen. 75% of my Blockfolio is in XRP right now, but if the moon mission doesn't start in November then I will simply keep waiting.

>> No.21930504

invested in chainlink 3y ago, up over 5,000%. XRP holders seething

>> No.21930770

Good for you.
You still can cash out until your shitcoin crashes back to 3 dollars, because other, more respectable cryptos like Tezos already picked up your oracle gimmick.

>Hodling a literal ERC20 token in the year of the Lord 2020
L. O. L.

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>read the latest threads my dude
He said likely Sept, could be pushed to Oct but unlikely.

Where are you getting November from?

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Kys you are literally stealing money from people

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i truly hope you end your own life when xrp moons, pieces of cunt hair like you dont deserve to make it, accusing me of stealing your money lmao fucking loser

>> No.21931344

I traded my XRP for ETH. XRP might go back to .28, but ETH will go to $800.

>> No.21931396

Screencapped. Will post this in a year and call you out

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when it does moon, remember im on my yacht getting my pp sucked by a gorgeous girl while you're still trying to find shitcoins and you will forever be on /biz/ and i will never think of you again, i will just come on /biz/ every once in a while to mock faggots like you while i show pictures of my vacation time, the beaches, my watches, my cars etc.


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Get off the LINK board, Cripple faggots.

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make it stack?

>> No.21931530

You'll be lucky you can afford to get your dick sucked by a side street whore

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Where the fuck does your unwavering delusional confidence come from? This garbage is about to drop below 24c and hasn't budged for 3 fucking years. It was barely able to hit 3 dollars riding bitcoins coattails in the biggest bull run in history when the market share of crypto was almost 1 trillion. I feel like you're fucking retarded honestly.

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anything above 5k is make it stack.

we'll see.

read >>21925964

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indeed, I know for a fact XRP has been uttered by Trumps lips in a favorable fashion. :^) IYKYK

>> No.21931665

Your "research" is Q anon tier delusional, sorry to say but you're never going to make it.

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Interesting they would push it to Nov 20th, after the US election

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What do you know of my research??? Have you been watching me research this entire time?

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I bought 5000 ETH when it was below a dollar, I've already made it.

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> I know for a fact XRP has been uttered by Trumps lips in a favorable fashion
How do you know that? genuinely curious.
Also is it guaranteed the mooning will be in 2020?
It's just sounds too good to be true.

>> No.21931904

not the same anon, but he has said it during his speaches in a hidden manner. America is going to get ripply

>> No.21931920

I hold like half of a suicide stack and at this point I'm just enjoying the ride and the threads and the satisfaction ill have if this ever moons> Imagine how hard ill be able to flex on biz??

>> No.21931953

sounds like youre pretty desperate, bagholder

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>How do you know that? genuinely curious.

have "friends" in high places, including people insider the white house house, my company does a lot of things in the US

yes 2020 is guaranteed

>It's just sounds too good to be true.

1 year ago you wouldn't have believed if someone told you that the whole world was going to be locked down and yet here we are. if you said gold would be over 2k in 2020 people would laugh in your face. if you said oil would go MINUS 37 dollars people would spit on your face for lying to them yet it all came true.

this isnt some random shitcoin that's going to pump because faggots on /biz/ and pajeets pump it. this is much bigger.

>> No.21932061

As a self proclaimed retard, my amateur guess as to why this has not mooned is simple: It isnt time yet. XRP mooning would mean big changes in our society and that will happen when the time is right. Maybe corona is getting in the way. That or the big reveal is set for 2022 or 2023

>> No.21932114

How much XRP do you personally own?
Any other coins like XDC?

>> No.21932150

So this is one-shot at wealth, it's amazing how good life-changing investments like XRP are never taught at business schools.
Also, why must it be 2020, and not later?
Don't get me wrong, the sooner the better, I'm curious as to why the 2020 timing is incredibly important.

>> No.21932173

im all in xrp
around 5 million

>> No.21932181

something something trump something something trust the plan, basically unfounded shilling

>> No.21932219

shill detected, post portfolio

>> No.21932300

Literally nothing.
Random posts on /biz/. That’s it

>> No.21932322

>So this is one-shot at wealth

yes, true wealth. this will never happen again in the history of mankind and has never happened before.

>Also, why must it be 2020, and not later?
why must you shoot a basketball at a certain angle to put the ball in? or why must you pull the trigger at a certain moment in time to hit the deer's heart? it's all about the optimal timing of things. this whole year has been to setup the world to go from the SWIFT system to a blockchain system.

dont have all my coins in one basket retard.

>> No.21932338

Yes because XRP is the only coin I put money into...

>> No.21932349

>dont have all my coins in one basket retard.
Post folio with the most XRP
Gotta have one with atleast 50k right?

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>> No.21932430

>corona is in the way
they just use the crisis, corona is just the flu there have been more deaths with the mexican flu, they're nosediving the economy atm

>> No.21932527

How low will XRP go before it moons?
I'd like to buy at the lowest price point possible.

>> No.21932537

Congrats anon

t. 40 k XRP

>> No.21932571

Also, is Nov the deadline we have?
Is the talk about the switch flip accurate?
Is what Mellon said about Trump and Q being NWO true?

>> No.21932586

I have no ‘insider’ knowledge however just look at the world around you.
>When has oil (the current backer of USD) EVER gone negative until 2020?
>2020 brought a shut down of the ENTIRE world economy over essentially nothing.
>Now for the first time in most of our lifetime we are finally getting the race wars/possible civil war taking place.

Yes XRP schizos have been saying the same stuff since 2018, but surely you see that 2020 is different? Things are ACTUALLY happening, things are lining up, fuck even some of that kendraHill shit has started taking place.

If the surface stuff we can see is happening wtf do you think is happening that we CANT see?
Stop being the worlds ultimate normie and join the fucking dots. You do NOT have autism and shouldn’t be here.

>> No.21932602

bro, this is not the thing to try to time. Do not get burned.

>> No.21932643

Is there ANY kind of proof you can give? I want to believe you so bad but I choose to only half believe so I will never go ‘all in’ but enough to make me a multi millionaire if you’re correct!

>> No.21932666

.20, maybe a bit lower than that, sept / oct will be low months for XRP, dollar cost average or you risk getting fucked.

good man, 40k is 100 million dollar range at 2k.

as far as i can tell yes Nov is the deadline.
I believe Mellon is right about Q and trump, im not religious but ive seen and heard weird as fuck shit about demons and all sorts of crap from very famous people my company deals with

you have no clue what some of these fucks do in private

>> No.21932685

I appreciate the concern friend, I already have a 2k stack I would never touch.
I'm asking the insider if he has some info to optimize accumulation.

>> No.21932708

and before that it was August

>> No.21932716


Nothing is different. What happened with all the partnerships? What happened with the lawsuit? There's more legit news for XRP than any other project and it never does anything. XRP is a bad investment - it will never, I repeat never moon no matter what.

>> No.21932720 [DELETED] 

Private here reporting for duty, General. How are you doing sir? What are your orders sir. I'd like to become a corporal sir.

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not really other than connecting all the dots from hours of research. i dont know how one would go about proving certain prominent people said something about XRP being used.

i guess pic related is as much proof as you can get >>21929839

it has never been august. the mellon threads are right here, read them:


At ease private, live life frugally for the coming months, put everything you have in XRP and you shall be rewarded greatly.

>> No.21932770 [DELETED] 
File: 328 KB, 480x900, EeTSHjeXoAAK87b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Private here reporting for duty, General. How are you doing sir? What are your orders sir. I'd like to become a corporal, General.

>> No.21932777

Is XRP going to be used globally?
Are China and Russia along side third-world shitholes going to be forced to use it?
Is 2k stack enough?
Or should I accumulate more, fuck me for being a poorfag.

>> No.21932788

Will do sir. Thank you for your advice.

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how many times you going to get scammed faggot?

>> No.21932811

Should I buy the dip or buy a different token? My portfolio so far is XLM, XRP, and PNK. each.

>> No.21932831

god and satan, xrp is confirmed

>> No.21932881

Buy every dip

>> No.21932884

>777 checked

>Is XRP going to be used globally?
100% yeah

>Are China and Russia along side third-world shitholes going to be forced to use it?

Forced? no.
Will use it? yes.
All it takes is for ONE single bank to use xrp, they will cut their prices by 99% they will cut their transaction times by 99% literally no other bank in the world could compete with them, so everyone else would join in using XRP

Ripple will not hold XRP reserves, I believe IMF will do that.

checked, good man

always buy the dips.

>> No.21932899

>there’s more legit news for xrp than any other project and it never does anything.

STOP BEING OBSESSED WITH PRICE FFS!! You will NEVER make it by being price obsessed and never looking at actual fundamentals of the company. If anything the price not moving after all the news is even more fucking bullish. Just take an amount of money you can forget about, buy some and leave it. Even if you buy 100 xrp which costs peanuts and the schizo stuff is correct you have $400k.

Either way if you buy or choose to ignore my advice you will remember this exact post for the rest of your life.

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digits checked

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just accept the dip, its an oppertunity, watch it
>Buy now, dips to 10 cents during next month
>january 2nd after IRS indexes your equity value
>40000x overnight

>> No.21932950

Why was the XRP mooning delayed?
It was originally Sep, was it not?
What caused it to delay further?

>> No.21932961
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so this insider is saying its going to dip during all of next month?
i bought at 32 cents
i thought sept was the happening.

>> No.21932989

>complains about buying a coin at .32 that will be worth 2k eoy.

what are you smoking my dude

>> No.21932994

Third world shitholes are the places that will mostly benefit from the XRP token, western countries sending big bank to big bank can do that with just Ripplenet

>> No.21933019


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Don't laugh im wagekek

>> No.21933036

>it will go lower in 1-2 months, get the weakest hands out before it moons in November
I don't understand this as an investor, if XRP drops to 20 cents why would people sell?
Wouldn't it make more sense for it to spike to $2 and have a major sell off, then plummet to 20 cents til a major spike?

>> No.21933069

Xrp the coin of the decade. Low iq pajeets...

>> No.21933085

I'VE unironically been in xrp longer than the both of you. everyone was saying sept.
and i was told scotty didnt know last year at august. so eXcuuUuUuuSe ME for just hearing about NOV as the actual date.
my hands are diamonds, behave or you're going to get a slap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N7NTHSdquw

>> No.21933120

didn't it say that it will crash to like 0.01 cent then explode to 3-4$ people will sell at 3-4$ and then afterwards instant moon to 2000$ those who sold at 3$ will mega G Floyrd police NECk

>> No.21933125


Sure buddy. And I dont have to pray when they unlock 1 billion a month that can be dumped at any time while Jed and friends dump on you DAILY.

XRP couldnt even break $0.32 and thats with the Ripple team returning the shit coin back to escrow. Just imagine your face when they do decide to start selling it again.

>> No.21933131

I feel you fren, if that makes you feel better it's going to be worth 400k USD EOY.

>> No.21933159

those who do not use XRP will be destroyed by those who do, doesn't matter if it's a third world shithole or not. XRP must be used for max efficiency or your business will die.

I will always respect someone who has done their research and is buying something with fundamentals instead of gambling. You are a better than the 200k LINK holder imo.

Price in 2 months isnt gospel, it could pump to whatever, im just saying the TA shows it will dump because BTC will dump.

that's one of my favorite movies, I will not bash you.

>> No.21933198

What did he mean by our strategy can't wait that long? 10K bag holder but still learning...

>> No.21933254
File: 666 KB, 1351x644, XRP 2K EOY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21933280
File: 123 KB, 750x1024, 1597283863750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the archie slap will be our code word once we're the future elite. I look forward to sharing a giggle with you about the old biz days. cheers.

>> No.21933311
File: 3.55 MB, 636x354, hellomynameismethos.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic related

deal ;)

>> No.21933404
File: 412 KB, 805x639, checks out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thats some next level checkery

>> No.21933428
File: 95 KB, 1000x1000, pepe sticky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buy XRP, or stay forever poor.
Or miss your only chance at wealth and lament forever, the choice is yours for the making.

>> No.21933475
File: 165 KB, 1429x1417, 1597515698802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am going to buy ad-time on TV, Radio and Internet. I will show the XRP-FUD
then just a shot of me laughing directly at the camera, whiping tears with a 1000 dollar bill and holding a noose with
>Fudsters beware

>> No.21933503

kek, based if you go through with it

>> No.21933505
File: 8 KB, 228x221, 19EEB8B8-5CA8-4CC7-B601-090632007117.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based XRP thread

>> No.21933678

30k checking in, we're all going to make it brothers. Hoping to scoop up some more when it dips and the weak hands crumble.

>> No.21933749

I sure will
while its just wasted money as 99.9% of the people will be like
>"thafuck is that bellend doin'?"

>> No.21933791

FUQ I are retarded
see > >>21933749

>> No.21933820

What drove XRP to $3 in 2017?
As far as I'm aware XRP derives its value from use.
Also will there be shakeouts to watch out for?

>> No.21933828

I can't wait for my spark airdrop bros. I can't believe how much we're going to make it.

>> No.21933849

pure speculation

>> No.21933867

So what happens when volume goes up and all of Jebs coins are gone in 2 months?

>> No.21933874
File: 93 KB, 750x669, 1598146023377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Frens, make sure you fud XRP in Plebbit and Twatter, normies and niggers don't deserve to make it.
Only /biz/realies deserve to make it.

>> No.21933911

Absolutely based.

>> No.21934019

Hype for tech that had not yet been implemented or used.

>> No.21934056

thats the way it should go, equally spread the XRP, except for a lucky few....
>no more dumping by scared eearly crypto niggers
it just matures the market

>> No.21934072
File: 856 KB, 884x1404, zerpie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21934112


Volume is 95% tether/wash trading. The price will crash massively because Jed will sell 10x the normal amount and there is no real buying pressure to offset it. Bots will simply adjust to the selling pressure

>> No.21934158
File: 42 KB, 933x631, xrp-rich-list.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh really? Looks like accumulation to me.

>> No.21934170

>barely in the 4%

>> No.21934176

Based what kind of wallet do you use?

XRP chads, drop your throwaway emails here for when we are throwing yacht parties. Cheers

>> No.21934193

except I am never selling
I may sell a thousand when it moons but I will never sell no matter how low it goes
it is not that much money anyway
these anti-xrpers are weird, trying to 'save' my small stack

>> No.21934269

You'll make dividends off your XRP when flare is released anyways. The liquidity pools are going to be fucking nuts

>> No.21934305









>> No.21934365

>You'll make dividends off your XRP when flare is released anyways
I understand how dividends work on normal stocks, what kind of % return do you expect?

Hypothetically, 5k XRP = 10M USD, 5% dividends? so 500k annually

>> No.21934506

SO FUCKING GAY!!!!! But any press is good press. "Hey Beiber is that a pen in your pocket?"


>> No.21934538

poorfag here.

Up to 1k xrp.... Will I make it?
Trying to buy more every week, ramen for dinner lol

>> No.21934542

theres something about someone making a satire site about you that is extremely bullish

>> No.21934802

How's $2 million sound?

>> No.21934904

5% is realistic but I think its going to be much higher than that. think about flash loaning your money for 0.09% people to use for arbitrage. Its a flash loan so its instant. You would only need your money to be flash loaned 55 times to get 5%. Once your money is available to all the pajeets to arbitrage with, you'll be getting your money flash loaned hundreds or thousands of times per day. That's just one of the new financial tools that are available to us. Its available on ethereum currently but ethereum is dogshit so its still limited.

>> No.21935409


>> No.21935627

So you have heard about this from sources other than the UHNWI threads?

>> No.21935653

Final shakeout is over. Huge flare pump coming.

>> No.21935671

Your kike image doesn’t even load

>> No.21935844
File: 168 KB, 735x844, 402F5A4E-FA85-4CEB-831D-BBB2767F8189.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21935971

Great. lol But I am trying to stack as much as possible. I am still unsure about inflation during the reset, so I am just worried that my 2,000,000 will not be enough to realistically set me up for life. I am talking to my parents now to invest, if I can get them to drop $1k or so, then once they make it I will have the 20% finders fee lol.
I seriously just want to make it so I can help those around me. I have thought long and hard about everything, like what if.... and I want a simple life, with a focus on my passions. I would still work, doing what I love.

>> No.21935972

Incredibly based, will do anon

>> No.21936143
File: 64 KB, 276x276, D7HBab6W0AAz0sK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based and Bearableguy123-pilled.

>> No.21936221


>> No.21936231

Insider here. XRP will moon to 34 cents after I get my dragon dildo in late september. IYKYK

>> No.21936537

I fucking hated this guys voice but it's grown on me and now I have his videos play in the background while working on other stuff. Something about schizo style videos is rather soothing.

>> No.21937341

So inclusive a literal creatura (dios mio...) runs the thing.

>> No.21937575

Bearableguy123 is not the same guy as The Bearable Bull.

Bearableguy123 was a supposed insider who posts on Reddit and Twitter, and even has his own subreddit r/rippled/. The Bearable Bull is just your average XRP Youtuber schizo who is inspired by BG123 and uses his bear drawing in his profile pic.

>> No.21937603
File: 181 KB, 864x828, 1506812387072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I want a simple life, with a focus on my passions. I would still work, doing what I love.

Based anon, but remember what you meant here. This amount of money can turn you away from what matters.

>> No.21937705

I just threw another 500 at it. I think I'm peak normie because it always moons after I buy any amount. Like that episode of KOTH where they invest in any stuff that Bill buys. I'm the Bill Dautreve of crypto.

>> No.21937780
File: 104 KB, 543x607, IYKYK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ssssshhhh I have to accumulate more.

>> No.21937909
File: 456 KB, 1362x1022, xrp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21938222

Can this drop more? Have around 31k xrp, want to add another 25-30k xrp or so.

>> No.21938268

No I just rebought. Itll be 35 cents in a few days. It always pumps after I buy more.

>> No.21938465

Daily price update
26 cents

>> No.21938803

When the world is evolving, upgrading and moving why not join in the trend don't wait until it's too late, with Bitcoin Games you are privileged to have one of the largest prize pools in the world of online casinos. And you should join now because Bitcoincomgames has overtaken the gaming community.

>> No.21938865

hmmm a real shill/bot
>kill it

>> No.21939128

why has the dot been down so long? 2 or 3 days now

>> No.21939439

that's right anon

thats your problem not mine works for me dawg

Gold standard will remove inflationary event. 2k = 2k as it is today.

>> No.21939471
File: 18 KB, 313x286, 1595762067584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

further proof that XRP will go from nothing to 2k instantly and it isn't a gradual price rise. this is a good thing and you think its bad? huh

>> No.21939614
File: 2.39 MB, 383x200, ODL-2mb.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hahah pretty soon normies wont even be able to afford the 20XRP reserve requirement to fund a wallet

>> No.21939665

Best of all the price will be stable

>> No.21939874

Kinda, yeah. Price will keep increasing, the higher the price the better for everyone using it.

XRP 7k+ in 2023

>> No.21939887

Do you have any other insider information about XRP to share, fren?

>> No.21939942

nah nothing related to XRP I just know it is the chosen coin of the elites, governments, banks and all those types.

>> No.21939992

I recommended XRP to a family member, I'm lowkey afraid it won't moon and be labeled as a shill lol.

>> No.21940090
File: 136 KB, 1073x1245, Eehwkj2WkAEHUFk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's normal, but you need to look at fundamentals and remove emotion from the equation.

Judy Shelton doesn't like XRP the standard post for no reason. (;

Simply decide you will hold XRP until Dec 31st no matter what happens to the price and you will win this game.

>> No.21940171


>> No.21940229

>Judy Shelton doesn't like XRP the standard post for no reason. (;
Speaking of which she seems to have un-liked it for some reason.
>That's normal, but you need to look at fundamentals and remove emotion from the equation.
I'm trying to but it's hard when most of /biz/ makes fun of me, still never selling before Dec, 31st.
Either I make it, or I don't there's no in-between.
For someone who lived most of his life in poverty it seems almost surreal that by end of year I'll be extremely wealthy.
Thanks for the answers bro, I appreciate them.

>> No.21940282

probably because the community went ape shit sharing the like. shes best to not have anything looking like insider trading attached to her fuggin twatter

>> No.21940320

>Speaking of which she seems to have un-liked it for some reason.

Nope, just checked it's there. April 19th.


>I'm trying to but it's hard when most of /biz/ makes fun of me, still never selling before Dec, 31st.

Then you'll be fine.
If you have lived in poverty all your life, then you have nothing to lose. You either make it or you are right in the same spot. There is nothing but upside from holding XRP for you.

>> No.21940553

Since debt will be abolished, does that also include third world countries?

>> No.21940556

>Yeah for broke bums it makes sense to invest 3 grand into speculative assets.

Or for people who can throw 25-30k into a bunch of speculative investments because my main 401k, roth, and tradinging accounts are for boomer investments

>> No.21940697

Yes, if first world countries have their debts paid then so will 3rd world countries.

>> No.21940937

I'm thinking about taking a debt to buy XRP, but I'm not sure it's a good idea.

>> No.21940989

I can't tell you what to do but I did.

If you want to be on the safe side, take out 30k but only buy XRP for 20k and then use the 10k to pay the debt off slowly each month until XRP moons.

Or you can be a madlad and go all in.

>> No.21941086

this has to just be a meme at this point, right? it's just people fucking with people in order to get low IQ mongs to buy XRP and those dumb enough to fall for it, right? nobody is this fucking stupid, are they?

>> No.21941124

Also, what fucking SHRED of evidence is there to back substantiate the idea this shit will rocket up?

>> No.21941179


>> No.21941489

The prices have certainly increased recently... Times are tough

>> No.21941519

Thinking about doing this. Taking out a loan to consolidate my debt/ pay off my truck/ credit cards into one monthy payment, using extra to buy xrp.... Just don't want the extra 5% interest rate so I will probably try and slowly accumulate while I have time instead

>> No.21941607

Will Atomic Wallet support the airdrop?

>> No.21941617

Can you please fill in .

I only have slight touch of the tism but would like to understand better what you are referencing with q and trump

>> No.21941642

Q and Trump = evil, they are just pretending to be good.

>> No.21941685

>please buy my 3.00 bags


>> No.21941742

Did your insider friends tell you about the price decline in Sep-Oct?

>> No.21941788

nah, that's just info i picked up from TA and all sorts of stuff, it's not 100% certain but it looks like it will dump.

>> No.21941864

If Q and Trump are evil, does that mean WW3 will happen after a great depression in 2023 as Mellon said?

>> No.21941905

i dont know if he said it will happen in 2023 but he did say after 2023 depression would come

>> No.21941925

Fill me in.
What is the bare minimum make it stack?
Long term bag hodler here, but have not been steadily accumulating.

>> No.21941945
File: 8 KB, 235x214, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mfw it costs 40k USD to activate a wallet

>> No.21941991

Fuck, there is always something that fucks up things, can't I enjoy my new found wealth without having to worry about a world war?

>> No.21941998

absolutely based! Q and Trump is just the process of sacrificing the old order.

>> No.21942016

have the best 3 years of your life. also youll be fucking rich even in a depression. just diversify nigga. put it into assets/farm home/reliable transportation

>> No.21942023


>> No.21942039

5k minimum

>> No.21942057

Oh thank you anon
I am soooooooooo going to make it then

>> No.21942069

rich people dont really suffer in a depression anon, you wont notice anything. I think world war comes in 10 years or so based on what I read from mellon threads

>> No.21942091

poorfag here, only have 1k so far =(
Working towards 3k

>> No.21942129


>> No.21942138

Where do you guys think the best place to move to would be in relation to WW3? Ive been looking into some parts of South America.

>> No.21942149

I finally hit 1.5k soon ill be 2k

>> No.21942159


>> No.21942191

Because he hasn't had brush with the tism like you. He's going to make it. You will be cleaning his dick with a warm wet towel.

>> No.21942194

So I have 10 years to enjoy my new wealth?
That's much better than three at least.
I'm thinking about investing in Physical silver as it will give the best return out of PMs.
Btc too might be a good buy, as its value will continue to rise, having sevral btcs doesn't hurt.

>> No.21942215

Same here fren, 2.1k stacklet here.
You can grow your wealth if you invest wisely after XRP moons.

>> No.21942230

I'm thinking Morocco might be a good place as it's isolated a bit.

>> No.21942233

What's your plan? What are you moving it to?

>> No.21942237

i have no clue bro, your guess is as good as mine

3k is a good goal anon, buy as much as you can

BTC will die, dont invest in it. Silver is the best, better than gold because of the ratios and it's an industrial metal.

>> No.21942298

Silver as I said, it will shoot up to 4 digits, so it's a good investment for a high capital.
Real estate seems like a steal of a deal since its value will collapse come end of year.

>> No.21942303

I remember in a thread recently someone mentioned Paraguay would be left alone and relatively unaffected. Ill probably try to setup a home base in Wyoming or Idaho, and a home base outside the US if I need to bug out. Maybe an island around Asia or Australia.

>> No.21942336

>BTC will die, dont invest in it
Mellon said it might shoot up to 200k-300k in EOY 2022, so that might be greatly profitable.

>> No.21942376

You'd need to buy out way in advance if you wanted any hope of getting there at all. And who knows how fast the conflict may start? With your newfound wealth though, you could build one luxurious underground bomb shelter.

>> No.21942377

i dont remember reading that, u sure bro? cuz BTC will die lol

>> No.21942426

Yes, Mellon said it would die but not before it moons to 300k a coin.
2022 will be the end of the golden bullrun.

>> No.21942434

Yes thats true. I'm hoping ill have enough to be able to buy a small plane that would give me extra independence and ability to move out quickly. Always thought it would be fun to learn how to fly too.

>> No.21942467

Mellon said it "might". Its no guarantee. It's best to drop BTC as fast as you can. No point in investing in btc as its future is dead.

>> No.21942499

yea i think it is best to play it safe and just leave BTC, it will die for sure, idk when but it will and mellon said bullrun ends 2022-2023 somewhere there, cuz right after is the depression

>> No.21942507

Disregard I am a blind fool who didn't read prior post

>> No.21942544

Guys just to make it clear, XRP moon doesn't stop at 2k so don't get out of XRP until 2023.

>> No.21942561

Does it start to go down after that, or does it remain stable?

>> No.21942603

it keeps going up

>> No.21942642

And your reasoning for this?

>> No.21942652

When do you think they will bring out the Mark?

>> No.21942660

Why does every insider and XRP researcher emphasizes on selling XRP BEFORE 2023?

>> No.21942666

mellon said it many times
XRP price has to keep going up because use case will just keep increasing constantly

i dont know

>> No.21942703

because in 2024 it will be impossible for retail owners to sell their xrp based on new laws and regulations that will come into effect then. price will keep going up, but you wont be able to sell your xrp.

just like how they confiscated gold back in the old days, this is the same shit they will pull. So you sell before.

I will sell my xrp on Dec 17th 2023.

>> No.21942720

its going to dump again. youll have your chance. take advantage of it while us bag holders feel the pain.

>> No.21942724

Well, there you have it folks. XRP holders talking about demons, 2k eoy and about how xrp will do everything. Completely not a waste of time. Even if garlinghouse himself said it could takes centuries for real adoption of cryptocurrency, nah nah november or september is when it happens.

>> No.21942728

Damn checked you sure about that Satan? I assumed he mentioned 2023 because it would be coming out around then. Guess we can just stay watchful of everything going on.

>> No.21942744

fuck check it. Jesus have mercy on our souls

>> No.21942782

>price will keep going up, but you wont be able to sell your xrp.
Why not? Can it still be used to purchase goods and services?

>> No.21942785

It could be sellable through the the black market, I'll keep a hundred just in case it goes up in value drastically after 2023.
Why would they make it unsellable past 2023?
What do they stand to gain?

>> No.21942853

How low do you think? You think I could scoop it <.15?

>> No.21942857

Checked. Trust in Christ friend. Things will get bad, but in the end He wins.

>> No.21943258
File: 36 KB, 800x450, dd0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.21943414

>bridge asset that connects all forms of value together
that makes zero sense

Demons are very real and IYKYK

>> No.21943737


>> No.21943868

Even if demons weren't real humans are worse at some point after watching gore videos from cartels lmao.

>> No.21943879

Hahahaha. He's actually buying XRP before it goes -90%.


>> No.21944121

Same! hell yeah bro

>> No.21944270
File: 524 KB, 843x724, EfzSMEgXoAUL2jj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets go

>> No.21944280

Will ww3 really happen that soon? Sounds unlikely to me

>> No.21944355
File: 1.50 MB, 2544x1124, Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 10.51.14 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine going against the goyim

>> No.21944358

What does IYKYK mean

>> No.21944400


>> No.21944409


>> No.21944437

Kek what did you say

>> No.21944461

If you know you know

>> No.21944679

What would you advise is the best way to cash out only $1million worth of XRP when it hits $2k? Which Exchange perhaps?

>> No.21944783
File: 62 KB, 672x215, Annotation 2020-08-04 212344.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what program/app is this?

>> No.21944803

I have no fucking idea but if the larp is true it should dip again to try and shake off the weak hands.

>> No.21945162

Well I think I convinced my parents to buy the dip. Given its stability over the last couple of years, I am pitching it- "Hey if it doesn't do anything, you can cash out in a few years or at worst, lose $1k. If it booms, you can retire early."

>> No.21945398


>> No.21945499
File: 591 KB, 1000x1056, Charles_Mingus_1976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks Fren <3

>> No.21945969

Can any one say anything more about this? What wallet?

>> No.21946100

have you been living under a rock?

>> No.21946111
File: 18 KB, 550x543, 8A652822-C244-4E40-945D-FA6907E0FEB2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems you fucking retards invested into xrp based off other retards saying it’ll reach x amount.

If you really fucking had a clue you’d know the wallet reserve is adjusted based on price.

Please don’t invest in xrp you fucking 4chan sped.

>> No.21946245

Kek mocks you. Clearly you haven't been following the news. Follow your own advice and dont invest in XRP.

>> No.21946331
File: 60 KB, 625x773, 07ABA845-D2BF-4B2D-8864-3C35E156ACAC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you fucking retarded anon? Im explaining to him how he’s investing in something he has no idea about and all you say is follow the news? This has nothing to do with bread crumbs youre just proving Most xrp holders are fucking low iq retards. I’m just telling anon he’s a fucking retard if he didn’t know the reserve is adjusted. And I’m a top 3% so fucking watch your mouth scum.

>> No.21946612

I didnt even read your post after the first line not gonna lie

>> No.21946800

Shill faggots get out from my board REEEEE

>> No.21947148

>mellon said bullrun ends 2022-2023
triple 6 on a dude asking about the Mark is a little too spooky

>> No.21947902

>how are Jews connected to banking

You might want to find a new website

>> No.21947902,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.21947902,2 [INTERNAL] 


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