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soulless as fuck. i will never buy this.

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>official scamcoin of the jewnigger

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stay poor

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trying to play the lotto with stocks/crypto is a poor person thing to do

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what the fuck is wrong with you?
Don't you like charts that go straight down?
Do you have a problem with the IMF or something?
You'd have to be crazy not to lose 90% of your income on this normie scam.

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good. don't buy it.

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Why so anti-semetic anon?

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No a poor person thing is thinking that crypto/stocks are "the lotto", you're a slave. What are you doing here? Get back to work

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the fuck? lol you XRP zombies have the worst reading comprehension.

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He is calling you poor, anon. His reading comprehension is on point while yours is lacking. Now get back to your cubicle.

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......yes i know he's calling me poor. he also thinks i said crpyto and stocks are "the lotto", when i originally criticized people like him that go all in on some bullshit coin to get rich quick. you two will never be anything more than suckers, and both your reading comprehension skills are fucked (common trait among XRP holders?)

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Preaching to the choir

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Wants to buy coins based on "soul"
and also very retarded

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I dont know why its called ripple and not hyperbola

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every successful business/start up has to have soul. i can't think of a single successful company that didn't have a soulful beginning.

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>w-why isnt my XRP at $100USD?
>Circulating Supply 44,994,863,318 XRP
>Total Supply 99,990,896,435 XRP

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>Doubles down on the retard
Forget finances, are you even functioning in life? Fucking hell

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XRP holders are braindead, they just dont get it

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The fact that you think xrp is any gamble shows how much of a brainlet you are and you will indeed stay poor.

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Jew bags have promised so much and dumped so much.

Idk why these schizoids love this coin. Jed NiggerJew Caleb dumps 7 million a day and Brad NiggerAnusLickerHouse unlocks a billion every month to potentially dump. He also paid Moneygram out of sheer desperation to say they were using xrp when they were already billions in debt. That retarded nigger also bought MGI stock for 4x the market price too. XRP bagholders funded all of that shit

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i never said that. i'm criticizing people trying to use investment to get rich quick by going all in on one little coin. not specifically XRP.

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>not specifically XRP
>made a thread specifically about XRP

Are you a jew? Stop playing semantical word games and acting like a fucking weasel and just speak straight.

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okay you braindead zombie. i will try to spell it out for you.

gambling 10k on what's essentially penny stocks is gambling. if you do that, you're a dumb fuck poor person of low class. maybe you make a huge return on your investment. congratulations, you're a dumb poor person that won the lottery. this goes for any coin/stock.

XRP is crap. it's fucking junk, and the people that own it are unintelligent (based on all my interactions with XRP holders)

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>HHeerrr,r udamm fPPFffft,t XRP is Like, CRAP guyz, like, fppdafppstfltt,t trust me. okay, I'm like, mega big-brain over here. Mommy calls me smart, and seh doesn't even call my stepdad smart, just so ya know

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see, when i criticize PNK, i get intelligent responses from PNK holders, and actually have a conversation with them.

when i criticize XRP, i get nothing but this nonsense.

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bought this shitcoin at $.23 and sold at $.32. I'm never buying this piece of shit again.

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> See when I [Insert coin I'm pajeet shilling] my pussy tingles
>When I do shitty attempts at FUDing a coin and people refuse to play into my baby-play fetish and spoon feed me info I get angry and poop my diaper

Ok faggot

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Lol I feel sorry for you dude, xrp is going to be massive. In fact the more I think on it the more I realize that xrp will keep me alive in the future.

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it fucking doesn't do anything. it's pegged to 28 cents.

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oh okay, i'm shilling PNK lol.
fuck PNK, it's an autistic larp for people that want to be cyber police. not actually practical. i own $0 of it, and i never will buy any, just like XRP.

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You haven’t set the bar too high in this thread. You get out what you put in

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AMPL will overtake XRP doon.

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Buying more. Why you so mad other people may lose money?
Op is nice guy

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Unironically I do value my fellow mans lives. Stop focusing on the immediate, and short term profitability to usd. This is bigger than that, ripple is changing the way the world of money is moved around. Big players are involved. You need to realize how huge ripple is, they're one of the most valued private companies ever. And they're the leading American crypto company. Do I really need to say more? Honestly if that doesn't convince you to start on this then nothing will. The immediate price action doesn't really matter, it will be making moves soon though.

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Yea, given the way things are going I am looking at this as more of a LTI

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we seriously need flags on /biz

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what have you posted in this thread that is actually worthy of discussion? All I see is some incoherent anger towards a digital asset which you don't even possess.

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