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Checking in from a fellow Christian.

You have constantly affirmed that XRP will moon in 2020. Why can't it happen in 2021?

September moon date is looking less and less likely as you said the global economy has to collapse first, then the world leaders led by Trump will save it with the new XRP backed economy. Will the G20 Summit be when it happens?

For example you state that it will happen in September because it has to precede Trump's reelection by two months. But I already know through my sources that Trump will win the reelection. I don't think it will depend on him saving the economy with XRP and the new gold backed US dollar (but I could be wrong).

Finally, your doctrine of eternal security is not correct. You have posted Pastor Steven Anderson videos here before. I know he is a strong believer in eternal security. I have debated eternal security in the flesh with his protege, Pastor Bruce Mejia. Here is a good explanation of eternal security:


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blah blah blah

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Stop with the autistic bullshit , everyone on biz knows by now to have a small stack of xrp just Incase the schitzos are right.

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Interested if true

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XRP is the derivative of the value of the global economy and the herd just hasn't caught on yet

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Based and schizopilled

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Regardless if it’s this year or next I’m still holding on until I see the news. I know what XRP is and I have a good position, I plan on getting to 60k hopefully by next month and that’s it, I’ll look into short term investments. XRP is the comfiest long term I’ve ever held

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You XRP guys are mental, both LINK and DOT have mooned while you idiots are listening to the snake oil salesman the Bearable Bull

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You menrally ill bearable bull shill

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>September moon date is looking less and less likely

>Entire world affected by pandemic, real or not
>Fed printing to kingdom come
>Powell to come on TV tomorrow and announce the printing of more money
>Democrats and progressives rioting in the streets
>China underwater
>But somehow the global economy isnt going to collapse at this rate
Screenshot this thread for when the fireworks go off in September

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It's almost like it was a LARP the whole time

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woah now bessie its ok, just keep your head down and chew yer cud.

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XRP hodlers are typically mentally ill monorities who are homeless

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US economy has been moving point for point as it did before COVID hit. It’s going to happen in September. From September 11th to November 11. 66 days of darkness then to light

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he's not coming back bro.

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What is this based on?

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1. UHNWI is never coming back again, he has already confirmed this.

2. As a Christian it is you who is wrong. Salvation is eternal.

No one is saying Sanctification, Obedience, perseverance and surrendering to Jesus are unimportant. They are important. They are just NOT a requirement of Salvation.

To be saved, you must be humble enough to admit that because you are a sinner and fall short of God's standard, there is nothing you could do on your own to earn salvation. Salvation is a free gift of God, paid in full by Christ's death on the cross.

Believing on Jesus - meaning believing that he is the ONLY reason why you are justified - is what gets you to heaven. People call that "easy believism" and scoff at those who think that. But really, it takes humility to accept that there is nothing in your power to be saved. And that is why most people reject the simplicity of the Gospel.

But if you say that you need to persevere, do good, turn away from sin etc. in order to be saved, that is works-based salvation. And if you want to follow that path, then you will be judged according to your works. And no one can live up to the standard of the law.

"Grace" is grace because you don't deserve it. Period.

Just a quick note - when the Bible uses the word "repent" in the context of salvation, it means a 'change of mind'. Every other religion says you need to be good to be saved (or get to nirvana or attain a higher caste etc). Only the Bible teaches Grace. To believe in Jesus IS repentance from your pride - thinking that you are a good person - to understanding that you need God and God alone to be made worthy.

Obedience to Jesus comes as a requirement of fellowship. Perseverance, is a requirement of fellowship. As a Christian, it is in your desire to please God. So yes, turn away from sin by all means. But that is what you do because you are saved - not to get saved or to prove your saved etc.

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I seem to fit that bill completely. Most xrp holders are cis white males tho.

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3. UHNWI said delays can happen, he said it can happen in OCT, NOV, DEC but it must happen in 2020.

Read your bible kiddo or you will drop into hell.

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Here's my story:
>got into crypto a month ago because of thread on /x/ about xrp
>bought only xrp about 7k
>watched it do nothing for weeks
>started fomoing into pumps
>started trading xrp for other currencies
>all of them dumped on me
>now I have 500xrp and about $800 worth of random shitcoins
>dad's friend swears cardano will be the coin that survives
>dad thinks I'm dumb for not listening to his friend
>so I'm holding cardano now
>fuck why didn't I just hold my 7k xrp, I wouldn't have lost much

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It must occur this year because the timing is important, you make a problem and wait until it reaches its peak and then propose a solution, the problem will be at its peak in late 2020, and the solution is the quantum financial system based on XRP.

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Flare is going to be DeFi, everything is going to migrate. Ethereum is simply an inferior network.

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exactly this.

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>But I already know through my sources that Trump will win the reelection.
Do you have some insider info, if you do can you share some of it?

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UHNWI already made it clear trump would be reelected, all know this by now. according to insider trump is part of the nwo.

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Surely you don't actually hold XRP, right?

Get some NEC if you know what's good for you. Nectar is the future.

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I think flare networks just lets coins like xrp have smart contracts on ethereum. In other words ethereum is needed and the more it scales the better it is for xrp smart contracts.

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OP here. If you aren’t debating the Part A and Part B salvation it leads me to believe you haven’t read the link therefore I will refrain from debating you until you can debate what I’ve put forth

Remote viewers viewed the DNC after the election and detected emotions of despair

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Okay but isn’t this circular reasoning? You don’t really say why it can’t happen in 2021

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I don't need to debate it.
Jesus said He gives us eternal life. How long is eternal? Forever. Good luck, your blood isnt on my hands.

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I'm honestly more concerned about the arrival of the antichrist Mellon mentioned.
Wasn't he sealed until a time comes?
Did he break free?
What should we do after we make it with XRP?
How do we survive the persecution?

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Jesus: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. - John 10:28

You: Nah I don't believe that senpai, i dont think it is eternal sorry bro.

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>Okay but isn’t this circular reasoning
It's not the economic depression will be at its peak late 2020.
They need to provide a solution so that:
A: the economy recovers and is saved and
B: so that alternative solutions don't see the light of the day they need it to be XRP and not something else.
By 2021 other solutions will have been developed by then.

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I remember he mentioned going into the country and becoming self sufficient. Have your own animals and garden for food. Get away from the big cities theyll get very bad. That's my plan, build an off grid homestead out in the countryside.

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Yes I’m familiar with all the verses thrown out by themselves that are supposed to prove salvation by faith alone. You can review the first few paragraphs of the linked item to see that handled

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I've been a Christian a long time and I used to believe in the trash you believe in. It's wrong and it always has been wrong and it always will be wrong. You are simply not a lamb, you are a goat it is why you do not hear the Masters voice.

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With all the XRP money you are about to get, move away from the big cities and get a nice house on the country side somewhere. UHNWI also said to have animals and water wells growing food and stuff like that

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Checked and based. What about the mention of the USA being nuked? Would moving internationally be a better idea do you think?

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i watched all of UHNWI videos and posts several times and the USA will be nuked after God's wrath on this earth, so its not something you need to worry about right now. you do need to worry about it if you are not saved by Jesus but if you are you have no worries on that.

I would move away from the USA personally but in the end the antichrist will rule all countries in the world so the escape would be to the countryside for people like us

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Thanks for using logic, scripture, and brotherly love to disprove my doctrine

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Checked again oh boy. Ive been looking into potential places. I think Wyoming is one of the best options in the states, and Uruguay outside. Of course id rather stay and go down with the country. I grew up in the church but fell away for a long time. Recently found my way back and rededicated my life to Christ. I am nervous about what the future will bring but also feel more at peace than I ever have. We seem to be near the end of this clown world thank God.

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So these people getting money would be perfect in the destruction of the nation. They know these people cannot handle money like the standard bluepill normie

Plus what real threat is a mere schizo where they have managed to automatically control any opposition that tries to defy them?

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Where did you move to if I may ask

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You've rejected Jesus' clear words and teachings, stop making these weird "you didn't try hard enough" posts. You deny the salvific power of the blood of Jesus that is on you, nobody else.

1. Did Jesus pay for all sins? (yes)
2. Then how can you go to hell by sinning? (you can't)
3. Eternal salvation proved with pure logic.

Your blood isnt on my hands.


Amen bro! I am grateful this whole world is going to go down too, let the people face the wrath of God and let the 1000 year reign of Jesus come quickly. Going to be so good. God bless.

I didn't move anywhere yet but I'm looking at some warm country, tired of the cold.

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I think some of the islands around Asia and Australia could be a good option, although you've got the threat of hurricanes and weather. I will probably try to setup a home base here in the states, and a home-base somewhere in South America. Went on many missions trips there as a kid with my church and its a beautiful place and the people are very kind. Also mostly religious so I'd hope that will keep the people defiant against the evils that are coming. Either way, God will win in the end and that gives me comfort. God bless friend.

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Amen brother, I heard those countries have very friendly people and not degenerates like western countries... I will look into it for sure. I think having a second or third passport is also a great idea.

nomadcapitalist.com (if you ever want to look into it)

In the end there is nothing to fear from the world, Jesus has conquered death and satan. We simply let him play out the last bit now. May Jesus Bless you!

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Yes I've seen some of his videos actually. You should check out the book Strategic Relocation, goldmine of helpful info. The thought that occurred to me a few weeks ago is that God will use for good what Satan means for evil. I take great comfort in that. I never thought I would live in times like these, but I am glad now. I want to use my wealth for His glory and do the most good for him that I can. God bless friend.

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