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Ever notice how every poorfag holds XRP?

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Level playing field

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Sometimes when I'm board I go over to their /reddit/ and get a few good laughs. The delusion is unreal.

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no, actually a lot of rich boomers hold xrp...

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Only brainlets don't hold XRP because they don't understand how money works on a fundamental level.
Keep jacking off to charts and dousing rods though

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you mean baghold it with an 1usd entry price

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regardless of when they bought in i'm responding to OP's original statement which just isn't true

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true story:
the only xrp I have ever held is the ~800 I got from "mining" it.
Back in 2013 they were rewarding you with xrp for running protein folding simulations for some science charity

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Xrp is an IQ test. Low IQ poorfags deserve to be poor

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Do they hold XRP because they are poor or are they poor because they hold XRP? A true chicken or the egg scenario, bros. Either way I fucking hate XRPfags as much as Qfags. They are so very similar.

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Correct. IYKYK.

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that is not nice sir. please do not notice that correlation.

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Ripple bagholders are the most delusional losers on this board

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Yes im poor. Yeah I hodl 1000 XRP. Holding to the bitter end. 50 years if necessary.

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Why though? What makes you think it’s going to do anything other than be a steaming bag of dog shit? If you sold that shit you could easily make more money with than $280 than XRPeePee will ever earn you?

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some people are stupid and buy based on the price per coin instead of understanding market caps

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They are literally Q Anon tier of schizo

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because while your shitty coins are volitile and drop constantly, xrp has held stable for a longggg time. got a lot of profit you don't want to lose? put it in XRP, you'll keeps your gains along with the high chance of going to the moon with those profits

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You are legitimately fucking retarded. Why not put your money in DAI is you are looking for stability?

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It's low risk and all about timing. And I think it can make money.

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Hold on for dear life friend, we'll make it. You can see the big picture, many of these fools won't until its too late. Then they'll be buying rope.

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jeez i don't know, the fact Brad is partnering with a bank per week? The fact that Brad has already been in contact with high profile people?

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Based and checked. Wake up fools before its too late. Xrp welcomes everyone, just remember to use your new found wealth for good.

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The meek shall inherit the earth.

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What made it go from $0.02 to $0.40 in a month before?

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one day when ripple moons, it will be the biggest FUCK YOU to all these tards. the only useful coin getting so much hate from curry smelling faggots

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show a picture of brad with anyone working at the FED and I buy 1000$ of xrp

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XRPjeets' understanding of finance is some shadowy evil cabal pulling the strings of all facets of life, that financial knowledge is occult schizophrenic magic.

And wouldn't you know it, that's also how a lot of poor and stupid people think about finance.

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The poor shall inheret the bags.

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also it works as a meak price. obviously held down price and volume, the price is meak because of it. xrp shall inherit the earth

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