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I have specifically been shilling XRP since december 2019. The next few months are the big ones.
I urge you all to make sure your wallets are secure and strapped in. I dont know if you chose to use and exchange, ledger, or paper wallet. But for the love of god, make sure your XRP is 10000x secure.
This is it
This is going to be your only chance to escape poverty.
The job market is completely fucked.
If you miss out on XRP the next few months, might as well noose right now.

Hold your XRP securely. Do not worry about the linkers and shitcoiners, they will burn in hell. Theres nothing more to say that will save them

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So we need to buy in for September?
I though it was happening November?

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>tfw poorfag who only has 500 XRP

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Is toast wallet good enough?

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Nope. Check their Twitter. I use xumm. From ripple labs themselves. Also picture for op. If you know...

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I have been FUDing every fucking XRP post I've seen and I've secretly been bag holding the whole time.
Forget the meme dates, stop looking for some sort of "trigger event" that'll change things. This is a platform that needs "developers developers developers" It'll come around but give the project time. Everyone is really impatient. No one really trusts the state of the world right now, but that is fine.
For the past 30 years we've been rehashing the same fucking technology over and over. We've gotten used to the same old things. THAT is what is about to change. The industry models of the future will change. Most can't imagine what that'll look like and they mistake that as some sort of "doom and gloom void", and miss out on seeing that they're problems that will be solved with new ideas, new thought, and new technology. THAT is what you faggots are investing in, even if you're too stoned to realize it.
Now fuck off I hate you all, XRP will never go anywhere bla-bla-bla

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will coinbase work?

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i also use coinbase and pay retarded fees

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I'll protect them with my life. Hope we get at least one month more so I can buy more.

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Coinbase secure enough? Figure they are too big to fall and if coinbase goes down crypto is fucked anyway

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I'm pumped. I don't really trust the meme dates but the technology and the adoption is exciting. I expect there will be plenty of time to accumulate still. I highly doubt that it will be a switch flipped one night, and we all become millionaires. It seems like a silly fantasy.

What's real though is how governments and central banks are going to use XRP and CBDCs as a way to break into crypto and it will be the gateway to a legitimized and decentralized financial system over time. It seems that a lot of the crypto community is butt-hurt about regulation happening but the reality is that it was going to happen eventually. Its actually good news that decentralized platforms are being considered for wide adoption. The slow ramp up of the liquidity that the crypto market will see will drive more value across the board and those still crying about regulation will be left behind.

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>make sure your tokens are secure so nobody takes them and sells before Ripple dumps on everyone

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>XRP chads

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dude coinbase isn't supporting the drop, they already stated that. move your stuff to bitrue, that's what i use

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except it will literally moon over night. The reason banks are not using xrp already is because they are waiting for Ripple to partner with as many as possible before deploying the implementation. These things take time. No bank will just start using something so drastically different from the technology they already have. After the initial pump hopefully more banks will adopt it.

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guys i have 500k VET and 13k XRP

do i need more xrp or do i trade some vet over? i really believe in both projects, but the 500k makes me feel comfy. I do fear missing out on the xrp train though, since I can't buy in any more.

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I sold at .0195, should’ve sold when it reached .02 to go into XRP, it was dumping. Hopefully VET moves up sooner than XRP so you can put 100k VET into it

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yeah, that extra 3k would've been nice to dump into XRP, but i just don't really trade. It's always been bad luck for me, which is why I'm not even really sure if I should touch either of the holdings..

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It's a nice idea and I'd love it if I'm wrong. But market shock is a thing and can cause instability itself, something that is not attractive to institutions. If XRP mooned over-night to the mythical $2000/XRP, imagine the shock to the value of the token and whatever underpinning value to the resources that support it as everyone who has a fat stack cashes out. We're all told to HODL by the swinging dicks of the XRP army but understand that the dream to end wage slaving or to pay off massive debt will be too strong if the coin rockets to Andromeda. Markets function off of human behavior and it doesn't take much to imagine what a herd of people devaluing a token while they sell like mad would look like. If it does moon over-night there will be several market corrections almost instantaneously and if it's backed by gold like the XRP prophets seem to think, gold will dive too. It's much more likely that to maintain the stability of the market, it will be a slow ramp up to a high value token. How slow? Who knows. 2-3 years is a conservative estimate in my opinion.

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So few people actually hold any/life changing amounts of XRP, that any cash-out would be a drop in the bucket. If the volume really were to spike to outer space, then the 40 of us on /biz/ would drop dem bags and never be seen again.

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Don't forget about the twitter and youtube normies. I don't doubt that the presence of large XRP bags on /biz/ is probably pretty small. However, just looking at the volume of trades that are going on at any given moment on the order book for XRP/USD indicates to me that there are a good number of big bag holders out there.

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Unironically this

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Yeah but they're poor. Even having 1k puts you into a top 5% of wallets or something

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for real? damn

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am newfag what does this mean

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flare drop

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I hope you're right. I can't help that I've have gotten too high off of hopium before to not be suspicious of the dream.

Just checked XRP stats, it's even more in favor of your position: 1000 zerpies is in the top 18%.

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>tfw 330k

God please don't fuck this up money goblin

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Will I get the flare drop if my coins are just sitting in my atomic wallet?

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CB wallet is fine.

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i think so, yes.

looks good, 4%er here

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new rumor of amazon partnership

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Can I get some recommendations for wallets that will support the drop that are NOT cuckbase? I want to know what the majority of you kings are using.

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I'm buying 2.5k xrp each paycheck, the conspiracy goes that it will moon right after the election? Ill have 15k xrp by November 1st

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According to this anon >>21869972 atomic wallet might work.

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Wasnt amazon being a holder in the UHN1 thread?

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Checking it out, looks good. I have Trust already, anyone know if they support flare?
I don't wanna lose my precious stacky, apprently I'm a top 5%-er

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not sure, i use trust as well. i think we need more time to see exactly who is supporting the fork. Should be fine.

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when is flare airdrop?

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i use atomic wallet, decent decentralized exchange built in as well, im waiting for more announcements before i send all my xrp to a staking wallet. Hopefully atomic wallet will support the airdrop though

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Is flare drop even worth it? i know nothing desu and have xrp on coinbase, what is the financial gain of the flare drop?

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the fact that you dont own your own private key is reason enough to gtfo of coinbase

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So, what's the benefit of not cashing out all at once?

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Yeah thanks for checking the math for me. I was definitely off by a bit but the fact of the matter is that when XRP hits single digits it will

A) price a shit ton of people out
B) shake a shit ton of people out

The hardest thing to do when this happens is hold, but you have to actually expend MORE effort selling than just not touching your fuckin wallet for a couple months. Good things come to those who wait. In the big scheme of things, use 4chan retards are a LOT richer than twitter/Instagram normies, but still laughably poor in comparison to the target market of XRP. Keep this in mind, because we're going to see some serious shit.

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Oh yeah, it's going to be a very interesting regardless of what happens. I personally look forward to just quitting IT forever and living off of invested interest. I can't really give a shit about yachts and cars. Quite frankly, the whole fucking industry of IT can die in a fire for all I care. This company will probably implode when I leave. I will hold for as long as I have to in order to see that meltdown.

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If only there was a low volatility low fee bridge currency to solve that...

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