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What does biz do for a living?

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based datamining thread
t. security engineer

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Suck on you're mommas titties

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Install flashing and cladding along the edge of the roofs of commercial buildings (usually office towers, condos, hotels, etc)

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Programmer, but I spent 50% of my hours trading shitcoins and posting here.

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Executive Chef at the Waffle House

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i suck a d for xrp

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I'm a polymer chemist

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currently a full time NEET, shitposter, youtube watcher, and world of warcraft player. but pre corona virus i used to do entry level low tier office jobs.

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Wow you sound like an all around failure. Keep up the good work Anon

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I'm a lower secundary school head master

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head fry chef at white castle

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I created an American company that makes the best electric cars in the world...

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Neet because corona literally fucked up my life and took away my one chance for a FTE job at a major tech company.

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Sell propane and propane accessories

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Chef at Wendy's

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Until spring i was working as a delivery driver for uber eats/just eat/deliveroo.
Bought a couple of coins in march-may that did very well (ghost, buidl, dxd and moar) and havent needed to work much at all since then. im still making more money from flipping uniswap shitcoins per week than i would by working 35 hours as a delivery driver.

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I work at the IRS

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Clinical research. Mainly wagie regulatory stuff.

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I'm a professional LINK holder.
No joke.

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I sell extremely expensive old shit to really rich people, celebrities and television/ movie productions.

Recently found something at a thrift store for $8 and sold it for $1600. Not a larp

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covid neet living off the gibs

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Data scientist.

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>t. salty wageslave

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If this is true post something about bitcoin on twitter. Also, shill me your shitcoins.

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How many BUIDL do you own?

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This but 75%

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I’m a social media and online store manager for a blanket company

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this but 100%

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Hey Elon

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teaching at a uni. already made 6 digits and i am waiting for singularity to get the fuck away from society.

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Sales manager at a couple electronic cigarette/hemp shops. Nets me about $55k annually counting commission, not counting volume bonuses. It’s comfy and I get to help people, can’t complain too much.

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Neck yoself

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Based, I always get the all American platter

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Post proof

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Call center agent for general motors.
Work is chill, but I hate waging so hard.

I have an electromechanical eng degree, but I didn't like it, I though I was going to the ISS as soon as I graduate.

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Who gives a fuck. Get out of here, kid.

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Is the engineering degree a meme

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low tier tech/gaming entrepreneur

kinda made it, biz pulls in high 6 figures profit for the past few years but i have to keep the funds in the biz or i get taxed 50%

now i gamble a portion of biz cash reserves on shitcoins while pajeets run the actual operations

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NetSec here too.

So pretty much sell fear and youtube.

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I buy LINK and eat mommy's tendies

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I am a callboy for milfs, OPs mom gives me tendies when I hit her with a stick on the head.

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Corporate Security Departement, middle management

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I arbitrate on commercial disputes. I hold PNK for bants.

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Hey I also do resale stuff but I've never been able to break into selling to mostly rich people. What platform do you use? Do you mostly source from thrifts and person to person sales?

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corporate accountant

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Advice on how to go from helpdesk tier to higher skill positions? Currently building a home lab with Ubuntu backend, KVM virtualization for VMs(mainly windows server atm, DC and group policy stuff), self hosted Bitwarden (using nginx reverse proxy and certbot SSL) and have a Bookstack documentation site (wiki). Bookstack, Bitwarden and Nginx/certbot are all running in docker containers and I've been getting more familiar with doxker compose. Next projects are setting up proper local backups and a PFsense firewall (and also local DNS). I'm hoping talking about that will be enough to land a sysadmin or network admin job but I'm not sure. Also dabbling in some python and SQL stuff for personal projects.

Trying to steer my gf with a useless biology degree towards this path, what are the general requirements?

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I make shitcoin scams and shill them to you idiots then dump my bags

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I shill tech within the Corp I work for .

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I'm a BuzzFeed journalist working on a big think piece about white supremacist ties to the crypto community.

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I fly this

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What do you do?

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I fuck prostitutes for money

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Yes. Do some sort of data/IT/programming thing instead. Do projects, be a minority, and you will make triple what us stupid engineer KEKS make. DONT GET A BSME OR BSEE

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I'm an electrical engineer, mostly DSP related stuff

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