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How do I tell family members to invest in crypto?

I figure there will be resentment if I don't tell them and things moon.

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tell them casually if you arent rich or successful they wont listen but they cant say you didnt tell them

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Do they deserve it anon?
Do they really deserve it?

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You don't tell them about it retard, the resentment will be twice as bad when it tanks and they sell.

Remember not everyone holds through dips.

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>How do I tell family members to invest in crypto?
It's very simple. You ask them if they know what they're doing, why are they still poor?

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Nobody past the age of 30 will invest in crypto.

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Don't tell them now, don't tell them after you make it, and don't tell them if you lose everything. I'm serious.

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showing is always better than telling. When you pull into their driveway in a 2021 mid engine corvette they'll be very curious how you got it.

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>Do they deserve it anon?
>Do they really deserve it?
Considering he's wasting his life on 4chan, it's pretty clear his parents are very shitty and deserve nothing.

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>wasting money a car
>buying a boomer mobile at that

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Half of /biz/ seems to be over 30.

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This. Involving family with crypto is a BAD IDEA. You guys aren't doing anyone any favors by telling family about crypto, you're just annoying them and setting yourself up to ruin those relationships when the price falls.

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>Tell my brother back when BTC fell to 3500 that he should buy one.
> He makes over 100k a year and spends thousands on stupid bullshit like vacations and eating out.
>Fast forward to like a month ago
>Calls me up and is like "hey anon, I know how good you are with investing. I was thinking about buying some penny stocks. Know any good ones?"
>How much were you planning on investing?
>Oh idk like 5k.
>Wtf why didn't you just buy a Bitcoin?
Fuck them all. Can't say I didn't try.

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I estimate median age is probably 25 or 26. I am 28 personally

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My dad bought 100 Euros worth of ETH as an experiment after seeing my folio. So far he earned like 10 Euros and he's been pretty happy about it.
But he earns a lot more with safe boomer stocks, so I don't think he's gonna waste his time spending more on crypto, regardless of the output.

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Yeah.. my momma cried yesterday when she found out I made so much money off of crypto and didn’t tell her (neither about my gains nor suggested to her to also invest)......

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My university did a survey about who had/used cryptoassets before. The % was rather high but mostly because they tried to buy BTC/ETH or had BAT because of their brave spyware.
Personally I think the median is higher because people who actually invest are older.

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Do they invest in anything outside of tax advantaged accounts? If not they won't like crypto. A -5% feels way worse than the joy of a 500%. The normalfag mind is not very good at evaluating or understanding value. If it goes up its just luck/lol free money, if it goes down its their hard earned money they could have used for something really nice and way better. There's a reason poor people are stupid, that's because stupid people are poor. They won't hesitate to blame you instead of blaming themselves for fucking up and making a bad choice, or even the market for being volatile, irrational, or unlucky. No, it will be all your fault because you mentioned investing with disclaimers about dd and implementing strategies and that means buying the jeetest bullshit uniscam and going all in with a whole 500 freaking dollars. That's if they're lucky and don't send eth to a btc wallet or lose their keys because the lite wallet is slowing down their Netflix. Most people can't tell you the difference between a 401k and an IRA. Anything taxable is beyond their comprehension.
I shilled Betterment to my parents after a 500k windfall 6 years ago. It was too complicated because you pick a percentage of stocks:bonds and an algorithm buys ETFs in that amount while automatically reinvesting dividends. Now they are broke again with less than 20k total across checking/saving/taxable investing accounts.

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Don't , they ignore you, then if you fail they will mock you, and if you succeed then they will hate you for it.

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Also, if you tell them about it, they will be calling you up every 5 minutes asking dumb questions about how to buy it:
>Anon, how do I download a wallet?
>You go into the App Store and download a wallet.
>Ummmm, you mean this one? It says Electra? No wait, this one?
>Ohhh, it looks like I need to setup an account to download stuff. Do you know how to set that up? Maybe you can come over this weekend and do it for me? I'm an old man you know, can't really figure this stuff out. Also, can you stop on your way over this weekend and pickup your grandma's Plavix prescription?
Don't do it man
>How about a paper wallet? Is it like a credit card?

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Isn't it better to just not tell them and then one day tell them that you've made it. Thats the best way because you can play it off like you just got lucky on the lottery and there will be no hard feelings.

If you tell them to invest they will either blame you for losing money or project resentment onto you for missing out.

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My mom laughed at me when she saw me looking at Bitcoin on my computer back when I was unemployed in 2013.
I have about 200k in crypto now, I'll tell her once I've cashed out 500k in the next bull run.

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you honestly cant just "tell them", you would have to coach them through it or else they will selll due to fear.

ive pretty much mentioned it to all my close friends and family. Those who decide to continue down the rabbit hole will be coached.

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You could have had millions.

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Tell them about how you heard about bitcoin when it was fractions of a penny and where it went and how you regret not buying it back then, then tell them you are thinking about messing around with some other projects but can’t figure out if anything is going to go big like bitcoin. Don’t bother telling them what you’ve bought, sold, or hold. For boomers, look up that clown Teeka Tiwari and his articles and discussions with Glenn Beck

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Don't. Then they can rat you out to your creditors if they are subpoenaed in court.

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35 here, I'd estimate same

Most of us originalfags who were kids when 4chan were new are cruising into our thirties now


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>2021 mid engine corvette

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tell them. they'll blow it off, won't ask specifics, and when you're rich they can't hold it against you- you told them

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Friends and family are responsible for making it themselves.

If getting into the space has to be explained to someone, will they really succeed?

You'll find that most are more than OK to wage slave for much longer than us, because they are way more content with life.

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What makes it easier for me is that my family is an absolute mess with very few, if any, good relationships among the web.

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>tells family
>in 1 ear, out the other

They don’t care anon.
You will be shamed for thinking internet coins hold value. Save face. Be low key rich. It’s much funnier fucking with people , seeing the faces of , WTF. This shitass rocks a Rolex and a Benz.

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So coach them through it. My friends, siblings, parents, grandparents almost all own crypto, some they picked on their own.

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yeah the only person who listened was my dad when I told him to buy ether dub 100.
Everyone else told me to fuck off.

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I told my parents, they were ópen minded and asked me to invest 10k for them which I did

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m'dividend stocks tho


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>500k to 20k

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Two of my more tech-savvy cousins actually bought crypto, they both have small stacks of ETH and FTM. I also got a few friends to buy a couple hundred dollars of crypto. I don’t want to be the only one of us who eats off of the easiest way to make a fortune that there has ever been

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>you will be here forever
also 34 here

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There's certainly an appeal to "making it" with your bros, your senpai, your blood.

I just don't see how to reconcile it with how futile/painful/risky that endeavor would be.

I'll see if any of their faces are on the moon with me. If not, I will smile back at them on the Earth

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Didn’t want to create a new thread, but I have a similar question.
I want to tell a cousin that he should invest in Bitcoin and Eth, his family’s financial situation isn’t great rn, but they aren’t poor.
If it will go down I will feel bad giving him that advice, and if it goes up there will be resentment because he has always been a bro to me (never had any actual siblings) should I do it?

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Don't tell anyone. Dead serious. If you ever end up getting taken to court (ex. your wife divorces you), you'll have a harder time hiding the money if people know about it and can testify against you.

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I don’t have to worry about the western bullshit of divorce. Here if a women divorces she is shamed for her live, divorce cases very very rare.

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Ask them about their savings, and casually mention that you'll probably put some in crypto yourself, if they react badly laugh it off with a "not much, just enough so that I wouldn't regret it if it works out". If they call you a moron, then you know who to not invite onto your big boy boat

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At most, talk the tech and end every conversation with "I never tell anyone to invest into it."

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The point is I’m balls deep into crypto and if he knows I didn’t push him to invest while secretly having a massive portfolio.
I’ll feel bad personally and he will also resent me. I plan on including him with me to all my travels though. Do you think it will make up for it?

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My mom bought 175,000 XLM around $0.05 each a couple months ago. Will this shitcoin ever moon?

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It's almost like you have a shitty mom who feels entitled to your personal decisions and benefits that come from them

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I talked to my dad about it and he's given me about 7k to invest. Im excited to see how my picks turn out, I'm feeling very confident.

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I would never tell a family member to invest, I would feel too guilty if they lost everything. None of them are online enough to make a good decision

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I can rate your picks anon, if you want to share.

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