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Let's HODL our bags! Avalanche will be launched in a few days:


Which price do you expect?

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hows -50% for the next 8 months sound?

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You talk about centralized XRP?

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Overpriced at ICO and tokenomics that'll make sure it'll sink to at least -70% ICO price at the nearest bearish BTC movement. Suicide tier investment.

I don't understand how a baby project with absolute zero use cases and nothing but a whitepaper and buggy private testnet was able to value itself at 360M at ICO price, This and NEAR are the biggest scams of the year. I don't care about "muh new consensus" i've heard the same since 2016 and all of those projects literally died. Also Tezos foundation absolutely rekted Avax by calling them frauds money grabbers with proofs.

For your question i think it'll make a good x2-5 for the flippers and then die for months to come as supply coming in. I'm not sure if i can call in Wanchain 2.0 because it has much less hype and valued much higher at the start (40M VS 360M), Algorand/Kadena are good comparisons.

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Actually I was surprised about the very low ICO price. With DeFi, Avalanche will get so much FOMO, could be a new Link.
ETH is suffering from high tx fees and that will result in much more FOMO for alternatives like AVAX.

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I can make that argument to literally any existing L1 project, Fact is that AVAX has zero market share currently, like literally zero, Even trash in the top 300 have better use cases than it and proof of concept. ICO price was *ridiculously* high, Nearing record breaking high of the year but i give Near that title.

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I'm so sorry for you that you'll miss out :/

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What are some 'can't go biz buy on uniswap today' up and coming projects that are solid?

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Not an argument- if biz cooperated on good projects, we would all succeed. Instead, people shill shit vehicles.

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AVAX is a good project, did you read the article from decrypt.co?

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is this the project Flare is using?

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If you don't buy, you'll stay poor for the rest of your life

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Seems so, Avalanche consensus:

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wr to buy ?

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after mainnet launch end of august, exchanges tba. Most likely first week of september

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it's really funny because they just admitted that xrp is a complete failure and they have to pivot to the extremely crowded ethereum killer scene, but cripples are going to see it as bullish instead

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Link literally "partnered" with every shitcoin in existence. Defi? What defi? I don't see avax taking any market share atm, Again, It's something that almost every shitcoin can claim, avax isn't "special", it's just using the regular shitcoin miserable hype.

Most overpriced ICO of the year, Seriously this is a shame and i thought we already passed 2017.

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>that xrp is a complete failure
Flare uses XRP like an ERC20 uses ETH as gas, you fucking moron

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This is about Avalanche the consensus not the project, It's nice and all that emin and his team made the paper back in 2017 but the actual product isn't exclusive to them, Projects already implemented it themselves or on the verge.

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Because the mainnet is not even out yet?
Look up their testnet stat, it's gonna pump like Ethereum in the old days

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Seriously wtf is you guys arguments? Is this 2018 tps meme again? Almost all projects in the top 100 already have decent use cases, ava is late even if their tech is good (Which we CAN'T be sure of as of now).

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Thoughts on anything small cap and similar to Synthetix that looks promising?

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>high tps
>low latency
>decentralized node
>highly secure
I hope you're FUDing to get in. When projects like XRP and Bitcoin Cash inevitably migrated to AVAX for network effect it'll be too late.

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case in point
>they implicitly admit xrp is a total failure, no bank adoption at all, only moneygram they had to buy to force it to use xrp
>they completely rebrand to yet another ethereum killer
>"this is bullish"

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>implicitly admit xrp is a total failure
thats a nigger way of saying
>im really grasping for straws here to go with my tinfoil hat theory

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there has never been a true ETH killer till XRP.
all of these need to use Chainlink. Chainlink is ERC 20. Therefore, these are not ETH killers. If ETH died, both of these would die too because they are dependent on chainlink.

Flare is the only ETH killer in existence.

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