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There are people posting on biz at this very moment holding 0 XRP. Great idiots or the greatest idiots of out time

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Nice tits, shit coin

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please tell me that's a man

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I'll buy when it breaks 0.40, then I know its actually going somewhere. I don't like this whole crypto "thing" very much.

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lol, imagine not having at least 1k XRP

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Couldn't be me.

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U had your bullrun already, buy more link or miss out

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3rd most help crypto in the entire market
sub 30 cents

do you just think the third most held crypto on the market is going to make everyone with a bag rich? OP, i'm serious, are you fucking retarded? Are you so sad and distraught that you missed the boat on BTC, ETH, and LINK that you delude yourself into thinking this coin is going anywhere? OP you are a fucking retard with the business and financial sense of a wet carrot. I'm not joking, kill yourself. Kill yourself and let your next of kin take the money because as of rn you are a waste of space and i hope the worst for you. Go fuck yourself you retarded faggot

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When moon? Or back to 20 cents again.

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kek mocks you

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I'm from 2016, I genuinely thought XRP was a stablecoin MEANT TO BE A STABLECOIN. :))

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What makes you think every XRP holder has only ever bought XRP and missed out on everything else? This thinking is more deluded than schizos by a mile.

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Its not centralized

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any faggot wasting time shilling XRP on 4chan missed all 3 you fucking stupid fuck.

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By buying XRP you're actually giving the banks your money to buy more real crypto with. Why do you think it dumped for 3 years? from 3$ to 19 cents. They cashed out and got a better position in BTC and ETH because of you dumb fucks. Now you're stuck hodling bags of the most useless shitcoin in top 100

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Fucking stupid cunt. You'll never make a buck in your life go read some books and stay in school

XRP uses its own RPCA (Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm) and has roughly 1000 nodes.

33 nodes must finalize the transactions (the code refers to it as UNL, Unique Node List)

Ripple, the company, hand selects the Unique Node List! Surprise surprise! They pick and choose who can oversee transactions.

It is therefore centralized.

Bitcoin has over 100 forks because it’s Decentralized.

XRP has had 0 forks. Gee, I wonder why?

Ripple executives constantly lie and say XRP is more decentralized than Bitcoin. This is a great scam to run in order to get people to keep buying their weekly XRP dumpings so Ripple can generate more profit.

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Who do you think holds the most XRP? Regular fucking people like you and me? Or is it banks and institutional investors who are bag holding?

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dont waste your breath on him

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Reddit spacing.....

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CEO of centralized scam coin tells you it isn't a centralized scam... WOAHHHH u got me there bro. You're fucking retarded. Please, dump all your money into XRP so i can keel over and laugh when you lose all your money and end up a bum on the street.

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You know what's the problem with ripple it's obsolete. The only reason why it will pump ever again is that boomers be like "muh ripple in 2017 was 3$, wooow it's now 0.30$". It has no tech behind it that can solve anything. Good luck holding literally shit

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enjoy your gas fees faggot

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enjoy being, doing, and accomplishing nothing your entire sad, sorry, pathetic life you fucking cockroach

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How can it be this obvious?
There are 10 schizo youtubers pumping videos out everyday. There are 4-5 /biz/ threads on XRP everyday.

There's way no the NWO would make it this publicly known right?

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Strong projection there. You should try having sex.

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lmao look he wont stop yelling
somebody should let him know hes in an xrp thread

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yeah give me your mother's number ill call her up and get the job done

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It's down for the hour, crabbing for the day after dipping, and down for the week, up for the month, crabbing for the year. Why would there be an expectation that it's going to moon?

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My mother is dead. How dare you.

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Its called leakage and it happens. Do you really think that the NWO would give a flying fuck if they helped create a few new millionaires? Or possibly a few billionaires? Most of these people are going to be flat fucking broke if they don't know how to keep their money. All it takes is 3-5 years of not investing and making smart moves with your money to be back where you started again.

The NWO knows this and really doesn't give a fuck if you become a overnight millionaire because they know you are not going to know what to do with it and how to keep it.

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no go, but ive got your mother's number here if you're still interested

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literally just "no u"

EPIC comeback bro. Neck yourself pussy

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>Do you really think that the NWO would give a flying fuck if they helped create a few new millionaires? Or possibly a few billionaires?
Yeah but a bunch of schizos who are rich?
I just don't believe the masterminds who control society would allow such obvious leaks (like Judy Shelton liking the XRP post, the mellon breads)
If something like XLM exploded...ok sure, but XRP? It's getting shilled by thousands daily

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This. The ego you must have to think that the powers that be give a flying fuck that you might become a millionaire LMAO. Do you know how few people, relatively speaking, are even in crypto? Then a fraction of those people hold XRP. And a fraction of those people hold enough to become wealthy. This is like arguing that BTC will never make people rich back when it first came out, because the NWO won't let people be rich.

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>Yeah but a bunch of schizos who are rich?
And so what if its a bunch of schizos who are rich? What difference does that make from one person to the next?

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>Its not centralized

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4chan autists are the hardest subclass of people to control.
Making them rich while at the same time confirming NWO is dangerous.

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Would the NWO really care? Like you said how many people are really in the crypto space and how many people are holding enough XRP to become wealthy?

Nice dubs BTW

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>The ego you must have to think that the powers that be give a flying fuck that you might become a millionaire LMAO
It seems too easy.
I hold a comfy amount of XRP. If it hits 2K EOY I can retire before I turn 30 and create generational wealth, doesn't it all seem too good to be true?

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no u

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Yes, that is exactly what the post you're quoting said.

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Nobody forces anybody to use Ripple's UNL you faggot. UNL is a list of recommended validators but they are not mandated, only defaulted.
Overlap in UNL is recommended for Sybil resistance, but overlap will suffice as long as 80% consensus is achieved.

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XRP is trash, but who is this slut

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People saying 10k per XRP seems too good to be true. But again, how many people are really in the crypto space to know about XRP and how many people really hold XRP?

Do your neighbors on your street hold XRP? Do the neighbors down the road hold XRP?

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stick to your day job buddy cuz ur going to be a wagie your entire fuckin life lol

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Show has really gone in the shitter.

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No. They would not. They would not give a singular fuck. Why would they? A relatively small number of people gaining some wealth is absolutely meaningless to them because they are gaining even more wealth. We are like guppies swimming in their wake.
Does it? You have to invest money and hold it. You have to put your capital at risk. Is it any more "too good to be true" than investing in TSLA early? Or APPL? It's the same concept. I don't believe th 2k EOY though. I think it can, eventually, hit that. But it will be profitable this year and will continue to gain. And if the stars do align and it does hit 2k EOY, then congratulations, you took some risk, were patient, and it paid off. Never forget that the market exists to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.

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yup. 1-10K autistic neets with 1-50 million dollars a piece is really a drop in the bucket. these guys play around with ten times that on a daily basis.

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Ehh Howard Stern is okay nowadays. Just gone really down hill

>No. They would not. They would not give a singular fuck. Why would they?

NWO wouldn't care at all, they would be making quite possible trillions or quadrillions while we play with a few million or if your lucky billion.

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This. We are into crypto so we know about it. We interact with people that are into crypto. It is easy to forget that crypto is a small market still. Most people don't know about it and those that do don't understand it or know about anything besides BTC. You are talking a few hundred thousand (at most) people becoming millionaires for investing in a long term project. That is a drop in the bucket.

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Anyone that holds XRP and thinks it will go to double digits (let alone 4 digits) is either delusional or a brainlet with no understanding of crypto, blockchain tech or how the markets fundamentally work

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>defi hype or how buzzwords work
you forgot to add tokenomics

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They're buying your loyalty/cooperation. A few million dollars to these people is like nothing.

>> No.21802599


yup. these millions will just be skimmed from the trillions being made elsewhere.

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I have a wallet with 27xrp from $0.97 in 2017 and couldn't remove it because of the minimum amount in a wallet which I still think is stupid

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Imagine owning the only coin that is still at pre-2017 levels when pretty much every other relevant project has retraced back up. BTC at 50% ATH, ETH at 25% ATH, and then LINK at x10 2017 highs. The truth is that XRP's mcap has rallied significantly since its 2018 lows. However the supply is so fucking inflated with the billions Ripple dumps every month, you wouldn't notice the mcap growth and the token price will stay the same forever.

David schwartz reassured nervous xrp schizos that it didn't MAKE SENSE for the token to have low value because when banks scooped up huge amounts of it to make money transfers, it would upset the price, there would be liquidity issues, and significant slippage. Therefore it made sense for the token value to rise to meet the increasing use of the network so that fewer xrp were needed for large transfers, affecting a smaller splash when banks would buy and sell. However, it also works the other way: you could just inflate the token supply to oblivion with monthly sales amounting to tens of billions of tokens, and then even though the mcap grows with increasing use/interest in the network, the token remains the same price and never rallies. The supply grows hugely and banks can scoop of tons of xrp for their transfers without upsetting the price. That solves the liquidity and slippage problems for the banks, who don't care about token price because they're not holding the token speculatively, and it allows Ripple to keep dumping their loads in the open mouths of eager xrp army shills cheering them on in their twitter echo chamber. The same way inflation is a "tax on the elderly," Ripple sales of XRP are a tax on cucked xrp holders who are just trying to get back what they lost in 2017

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you can tell how mad these guys are by the massive walls of text they vomit into our threads

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>link hits rank 5 and reddit fags upset they have been priced out
>hundreds of XRP shill threads start popping up
The link cope will never end

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i bought 3300 xrp because of you schizos and I hope we're right

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we've been here the whole time
the plan is just finally realizing
you will buy rope

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Anon, I'm literally trying to help you realize that you're being scammed. If you're so confident in holding xrp then just read the damn thing. Seriously, I challenge you to think critically about your investment and answer why xrp has not budged meaningfully in years

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I have been into crypto since BTC was 0.20. why would I need your help? If I'm really a schizo, then leave me alone and fuck off.

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coordinated kike drones ITT

/biz/ never cared for xrp, not even in 2017, now there are 15 xrp threads on the main at any time out of nowhere

IKYK? more like IKIKE

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Daily reminder that xrp was at one time 0,0029 euro. People all ready have x100 their money. Imagine the people who sold at ATH of 3,25. They have more then x1000 their initial investment.

99,9% of the people don't own crypto.
How many of them hold xrp? Please sirs can I have some chainlink so I can buy more xrp please.

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I've "been into" crypto for just as long. I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, I'm just pointing out something really obvious about XRP. There's been no recovery, no meaningful rallying, and there's no reason for there to be as long as there are planned monthly dumps of billions. Not only does it create downward pressure on price by blowing up the supply but the dumps being public and scheduled would make any new, sane speculative investor say no thanks. Plus closer scrutiny on the banks "using" XRP reveals that they're tiny literal whos often moving miniscule amounts to demo the network, or they're just using other Ripple products.

I'm sure this will also piss you off, but LINK would make any API-connected banks be able to transfer fiat with the same speed and trustlessness as xrp or any blockchain crypto. Fiat gets sent, oracle network verifies, then informs recipient bank to credit funds to recipient account , all within minutes. Plus every other function with smart contracts that LINK can perform. So far LINK is the clear winner

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XRP is the standard isn't it

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t. shlomo instructed in some conference room on how to shill on '4channel business board'

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So with the XRP I hold and the Spark Im supposed to gain I can become a bank that makes money off of FXRP loans? Is there any chance this could be profitable?

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People like you fail to understand XRP isn’t going to moon because “crypto bull run” it’s going to moon because XRP will become the token of the global derivatives market. That is based on fundamentals shifting massively

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>reeee you're wrong but I can't dispute a single thing said in pic related
I don't even own xrpoopoo and you just embarrassed yourself, fag

>> No.21803922

>All within minutes
Why wait minutes when you can do the same thing instantly with XRP?

>> No.21803928

> LINK would make any API-connected banks be able to transfer fiat with the same speed and trustlessness as xrp or any blockchain crypto
This is fake as fuck you brainlet. LINK is SHIT when it comes to speed and feed and everyone knows it.

>> No.21804259


Actually I understand XRP won't moon precisely because of fundamentals. As I've said several times now, Ripple is inflating it to oblivion. Any wild increases in marketcap are balanced out by the ballooning supply. At full supply circulating and XRP hitting 200 billion dollar mcap, price would still only be ~2.50, falling almost a dollar short of its 2017 high. And 200B mcap is insanely optimistic, around x20. Plus as mentioned, as long as Ripple keeps selling billions and increasing the supply so massively, the argument for the xrp token rising to capture more value is useless. There is no case for xrp to rise in token price, PARTICULARLY because banks are buying to only sell a matter of minutes later, not to hold and speculate. There's no reason the xrp token would become scarce with greater use. Furthermore there's no incentive to stake besides "guaranteeing the security of the network out of altruism", so little supply will be locked up in validator nodes.

Have you ever used XRP? It's a fully launched products and it actually takes minutes. Why adopt XRP--- which means using an exchange as a middle man and getting raped by fees when you convert to xrp from sender fiat and then getting raped on fees when you convert to recipient fiat--- when you can retain the legacy fiat system and only pay oracle fees? BTW XRP and xrapid has been available as a finished product for years and banks have known about it for years. If they wanted to adopt it they would have.

It's not fake, that's how it would work. Didn't you read about link?
>"SHIT when it comes to speed and feed"
this isn't a cnc machine

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>Maintain the legacy fiat system
Are you just completely unaware of what is going on right now?

>> No.21804361

literally buying anything else at this point is just a loss
you should be sucking up as much xrp as possible people

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You’ve actually continued to prove my point. You are blind to what is happening and that causes you to think within the current paradigm. In 2010 there was probably no argument for bitcoin to go to even a $10B market cap

>> No.21804460


>Fed prints trillions to rescue America
>Fed performs QE infinity adding trillions to ledger
>"The dollar is too unstable and it will inflate slightly more than 2% this year! We need to switch to BTC which can fluctuate 50% in a week!"

XRP isn't a store of value or currency, it's a tool to move funds in large amounts, marketed to banks to use on their back end. No one is going to horde this to hedge against the dollar. All it satisfies is a need to move funds quickly and cheaply and it can't even do that because IDK if you've traded on exchanges recently, but fees are fucking insanely high and as a bank using xrapid you're paying those fees on sender's fiat conversion and then on recipient's fiat conversion. LINK satisfies this exact same need while also providing any manner of other data feed

>> No.21804483

please give me the sauce

>> No.21804558


>"that causes you to think within the current paradigm"

Holy word soup. I petition you to optimize your parlance so as not to overinundate with datums.

Not believing BTC would hit current prices was a question of faith in its adoption, not a question of its fundamentals. The whole stock-to-flow / halving theory makes a good case for a high value BTC over time. I'm trying to show you that XRP's fundamentals are against a high-value token--- not only is there absent a case for a high value token, there a case affirmatively AGAINST a high value token

>> No.21804572

Seems to me like you haven't read about XRP and Flare. I'm not saying LINK wont appeal to another market, its just the XRP appeals to a much bigger market that is waiting to adopt it. Trillion dollar market cap WILL happen. You're wrong when you say they're buying to sell it, only Moneygram is doing that. The majority of the current market cap is being help and utilized.

>> No.21804601

Noone actually holds 0 XRP, they just larp and say they dont.. at the minimum i guarantee everyone has atleast 5k xrp

>> No.21804684


I get that it's upsetting for someone to make you doubt something you've gotten extremely personally invested in because you think it's the only thing that will make you wealthy, but you shouldn't marry your investment. I'm not doing it because I want to antagonize you, I'm just showing you that the Ripple bullshit would repel any speculator who does due diligence and thinks critically about the fundamentals. XRP is a corporatized scam and it's really not too late to shift that shit into LINK

>> No.21804732

>Pull all of your money out of something that is at worst a stablecoin
>And put it all into this project that I am invested in

>> No.21804762

LMAO how retarted can link faggits be?? Wow this is straight delusion at this point.

btw LINK will be trading at 5$ this month, screen cap this

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Exceptionally based and redpilled post.

>> No.21804771

freckles are fucking disgusting.

>> No.21804786


I held XRP from .23c to the top in 2017. I used to be fully on board and slowly soured on it as I realized their well-advertised adoption was specious and didn't hold up well to scrutiny. Actually you don't really understand XRP is you think banks aren't buying it just to sell it a minute later. That's literally what xrp and xrapid are for. Banks would theoretically use it to transfer money. When a transfer is initiated, a sender account's fiat is used to purchase xrp on a local exchange, the xrp is sent to an exchange local to the recipient bank, and then they sell it for their local fiat. Banks 100% do not hold xrp for longer than a few minutes at a time.

Also you have literally no way to prove how much of the market cap is holders or is being used as intended. If I were Ripple trying to make my product look healthy and active, I would be sending shitloads of xrp between puppet wallets like crazy or on exchanges wash trading.

>> No.21804814


Hahahhaa great points, faggot. Nice THOUGHTS

I have half a million dollars I made from LINK. Enjoy your xrupees

>> No.21804816

i think you meant at best a stablecoin

>> No.21804873


BTW I want you to know you're completely right about LINK going back to support, but it will be ~9. That's why I sold and am sitting in a fuckload of cash, so I can buy back in lower. Bye bye!

>> No.21804879

larp, u wouldnt b here if u did u fucking pajeet

>> No.21804894

>banks move funds in large amounts

Imagine having so little knowledge about how banks operate that you literally think banks have funds that they move around like it's a gold carriage in 1836 or some shit holy fuck reading xrp brainlets posts is like reading the minds of 7 year olds.

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>Fudder who uses Reddit-spacing
Reminds me of pic related.

>> No.21804983

>larp, u wouldnt b here if u did u fucking pajeet

nice nigger language, btw everybody here has mid 6 figure portfolios since we don't waste time with dumpy xrp bags and since we aren't from alabama it's not enough to make it so we stick around for next x10

>> No.21805022

>doesn't it all seem too good to be true?
Under normal circumstances, I would agree with you, but XRP isn't a normal coin and these happening are unprecedented.
We're lucky Mellon/UHNWI was nice enough to advise us.

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XRP, the standard!!

Edit: why all the downvotes?

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Is this real?

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Is there any way you can sell your coins to individuals via a bidding system? So if you thinking a xrp is, 5,000 dollar, you can sell that to an individual who values it like thatt, for 5,000 dollars.

>> No.21806380

please keep going

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>> No.21806730

XRP is lower than my shit. My shit is more valuable because it can fertilize soil. XRP is worthless and anyone who buys it should be sold into slavery and castrated.

>> No.21806743

King moment

>> No.21806790

god bless your soul anon

>> No.21806824

i have 25 trapped in a wallet that i cant liberate

>> No.21806855

happy to help fellow coomerchad

>> No.21806895

she was not as hot as i thought. the op pic is best pic imo

>> No.21806931

Caylee Cowan

>> No.21807045

>Ripple, the company, hand selects the Unique Node List! Surprise surprise! They pick and choose who can oversee transactions.
>It is therefore centralized.
Literally anyone can run a node. Validation of nodes in both LINK, XRP, etc. isn't that big of a deal. It's literally just a check to make sure you aren't trying to fuck with the network and if you do then you get kicked out.

>> No.21807109

IMGUR?! FUCKING IMGUR?! NOT ON MY 4... oh... hang on... alright anon just this once

>> No.21807315

Isn't that kind of like localbitcoins.com?

>> No.21807326

>anyone who buys it should be sold into slavery and castrated.
reported to FBI

>> No.21807561

Saved. I know XRP is against every single principle blockchain technology stands for. I still hold a bag of it, because guess what? It's the 3rd most held crypto, and who holds it? The same people with enough power to have it approved for common use. LINK will hit 1k and XRP will be the standard. Either way, smart people win.

>> No.21807608

We know ffs. And we don't care.

>> No.21807812

I agree. And once you make it (10M is not making) you will realize that it the NORMIE'S FAULT. They NWO is doing nothing wrong.
4chan autists (Not you, you fucking redditnewfag), have a lot more in common with the NWO than with anybody else in the world.
If you don't leave this place, you'll learn to love a tender 15 year old virgin pussy. Funny thing about /pol is that we are a lot like the elite we seem to hate around here. They hate roasties to the point where they literally had an island which sole existence was based on them wanting to fuck young beautiful girls. They clearly despise roasties, and so do we, because it is a basic law of human existence: That which is easy to obtain cannot therefore have value. They hate normies to the point where they are planning to make each and every single one of them their slaves. They play the normies much like a sheppard plays with sheep. And we do the exact same, with the memes and the cognitive dissonance we inflict on the ones daring enough to come here and debate us. They are also degenerates, who clearly don't mind waging war and death for the sake of achieving their objectives. And we hate them for that, while at the same time being one of the most degenerate websites on the clearnet. Take a look at /b or /gif or even /k and you'll see. Both sides of a war that have more similarities than both sides would like to admit.
They love promoting trannies and faggots, go to /soc and see what our fellow 4channers do with their free time. Ridden with cuckholdery, faggotry and degeneracy, much like that so called elite that we despise so much on here.
At the end of the day, this is not a war for freedom. It's a war for the control over the niggercattle. Normies don't suddenly latch themselves of mental chains, they just find new masters, because they are to afraid of freedom of thought, because in the beginning, it hurts. And you're gonna have to deal with it, because you are here forever.

>> No.21807850

It's pasta, but i think that is very relevant to the conversation.

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