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Fuck you faggots. My mom borrowed my iPad (2nd gen so don’t say I’m a retard fanboi) and I forgot to close my blockfolio account. She saw that I had >300k currently and was so confused as to how that could be. She ears <1/10th of that per year so she felt betrayed that I never told her about it. What broke the camel’s back however is that she saw that I was down >100k in the past 2 weeks. She broke doing crying, telling me I should have sold. She is in debt as are my sisters, yet I an “hoarding” all that cash leaving them in the dust. She hasn’t talked to me since and I can’t really blame her. I feel terrible. How do I move on fromthis? Anyone experienced something similar?

Being down 25% in a week already felt bad, and now I feel terrible. Almost wish I never owned those stupid coins.

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That's a pretty cool demoralization post you've got there but it isn't exactly making me jump to open my wallet. You'll have to do better than that.

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Assuming you are not bullshiting, you should have just told her it was fake simulation money on a training/educational app.

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Your money, sorry but it's not your mom's business what you have
Stupid how do you have $300k and no device of your own
Dumb faggot

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Should have said it was a demo account anon. Don't feel bad, you don't owe anyone anything,

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thx, just bought 100k

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I have also experienced relatives who were useless sponges, yes.

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Maybe you should sit the bitch down and tell her to mind her own business and trust you know what you're doing. All women know how to do is spend money that's given to them by men. They have no concept of wealth management.

This is generally speaking, of course.

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Average larp OP, surely she asked you to pay for you sisters tuition?

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why do you live with your mother you dumb nigger

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So your family is a bunch of financially illiterate simpletons like 99% of the population.
They should be happy for you that YOU were smart and made money, not that THEY were dumb and didn’t

If one of my family members ever asked my for a cent I’d tell them to go fuck themselves since I told them all to buy Link for 3 years at .20c and none of them listened


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Say its a larp account and you're not ballsy enough to make those trades with real money on the line

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Probably LARP but anyways, success is only going to breed jealousy and contempt form everyone around you. Notice your mom already assumes that money is hers too? Never talk about it and yeah shoulda said it was funny money.

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>She ears <1/10th of that per year
Maybe she should get a job.

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It’s my ipad retard. She borrowed it cause I’m not a selfish fuck like you.

Didn’t occur to me that I should lie. Still don’t think I should have. I just wanna make it right.

She’s all but a bitch. She single-handedly raised all 3 of us alone. She’s the reason I’m in the situation I’m in a she enabled me to go into computer science (still studying) where I met people that got me into crypto)

We value family and help each other.

No. She didn’t ask for nothing and never would/will. She’s hurt that I could hide something so big from her as we usually wouldn’t. She seemed to think that I didn’t trust her. Didn’t mean to hurt her. I’m lost here.

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Well, if you did trust her, you would have told her. Don't kid yourself kid, you got a big ego and you dont care about your family. You just wanted to make it and leave them in the shitter blindsided if link hit more than 20. You are a shitty person. Go kys

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you not having a father is the biggest issue in this entire story. You should be doing what you can to create a stable family of your own not stabilizing something that is deep deep in despair. If you sold then you would be missing out, you know what chainlink is and she is a dumb woman. Just ignore her, no reason to talk. When you have a few million just pay off her little debts $50k to her is obviously massive despite the fact that $50k isn't even a life changing amount of money.

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She's working on you, don't blame you for not seeing it. we all have a blind spot when it comes to our loved ones. G/L anon.

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I've told my mom about crypto and she thinks it's fake and risky. My conscience is 100% clear forever.

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Tell her to mind her own fucking business and stop being a nosy cunt. The money is yours and if you ever make it I assume you're going to help them out. She should fucking wait. I'm angry that you're even entertaining her fucking kvetching. What a greedy, entitled whore.

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short answer. people who dig themselves into holes have to get themselves out. it is a lesson learned. doesnt mean you cant help from time to time but remember, when you putting away every penny in to investment and living off of oatmeal, they may well have been going out to eat and enjoy life for the moment. you just dont go broke, you become it over time.

if it clears your mind on it, sell your original investment and give that to your mom to help out. explain where it came from and what you had to do to earn it. tell her it all could disappear in a moment, it also could all go to millions in a moment as well. tell her that is why you dont want to sell because it could become something far better than paying a few bills off.

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Tell her to fuck off. Dump all shitcoins into Suterusu, and move to Asia.

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Tell her it’s not real just something you imagine you had.


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You don't have cash.

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Damn she is working good mindgames on you, women are evil incarnate.

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It is important that you autistic fucks understand that there’s a difference between picking yourself up and being beaten into the ground. Help your friends and family, it often repays itself.

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What you should do depends on how bad she needs the money, OP. Maybe start picking up little expenses here and there as you can afford to by leveraging a portion of your gains. I.e., you could take some of your hodlings out of cold storage have them earn interest on crypto.com or AAVE (I'm assuming a successful guy like you doesn't keep all of your shit on exchanges). Sell the interest to help with utilities, groceries, or subscription services

Godspeed OP. A lot of faggots on here don't understand the necessity of providing for family now, especially the NEETs. You clearly have a good conscience, just listen to it fren

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Why should you feel bad? Because ShEs YoUR MoM? Fuck off with that shit.

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Imagine having all that money and living at your parents house rent free no bills

You either cash out and pay rent or you cash out and rent a place to live you fucking leach.

I swear all the misers on here are just like the Jews you claim to hate.

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She had 3 years

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>b-but only 2nd Gen!
your just a fanboi who's too cheap to keep up. You should be down 100%, crapple cocksucker

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Get off your high horse and blow it out your ass, you nigger loving faggot

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Tell her to shut the fuck up, women shouldn't be in charge of financial matters thats why all of them are in debt

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Thanks for the responses. I’ll need to think about what my next steps are.

Think I’ll finish my degree and once I start waging I’ll use that money to help them. I think Link has a chance to be our golden ticket so I’ll leave that alone and she’ll need to understand and trust me.

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Mind you, years ago I was able to spend $5k on shitcoins due to her financially supporting me during my studies. Of course I won’t leave her in the dust. Be she needs to understand and trust that while I’m not going to pull her out if debt now, I’ll help her in a few years.

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Assuming this is true which it’s not

You could have told her it wasn’t for real money just practice trading

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if it's life changing money, then use it. what are you waiting for, life-changing-er money? dumbass

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Hello, 2nd gen asian crypto trader
>She saw that I had >300k currently and was so confused as to how that could be. She ears <1/10th of that per year so she felt betrayed that I never told her about it. What broke the camel’s back however is that she saw that I was down >100k in the past 2 weeks. She broke doing crying, telling me I should have sold.
Lol, you're working on a scale that her experience of living on $30000 a year can't fully grasp.
Explain to her that gains and losses aren't static and if it goes back up then you could be above what you were before the dip.
>She is in debt as are my sisters, yet I an “hoarding” all that cash leaving them in the dust.
I bet your 300k can't pay off all their debts and leave you with any sizable amount. Tell them that you'll help them when you get enough money for it to not sink you.

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>Why you never tell me about your $$$?
>We are in debt you should pay off our debt
>Why you lose all that $$$?
>I want you to feel guilty so that I can control you and make myself feel better about myself and my decisions.

You don't have to feel guilty about anything. You are being presented with an opportunity to change your relationship to money. Up until now, you have probably felt guilty about hiding your investments. Now, you have a choice: do you double down on that guilt, and let someone else (mom and family) project onto you their own misguided shame and inadequacies, or do you let that guilt go?

You have a lot of different options here. Offer to buy your mom's debt. Offer to buy your sisters' debt. Set terms and conditions for it. You can be confident that whatever underlying behaviors and attitudes that have resulted in them being in debt will continue in full force when they are "set free" by the power of your wallet. You can be a man and sit down with your mom and tell her in no uncertain terms your reasons for not sharing your $$$ with them, and be open to her reasons as to why you should liquidate your assets for them. I would suggest not doing so, as this will put them either financially or socially in your debt, and any future relationships that you have with your family will be defined by this debt, consciously or otherwise. You and your mom both have created this situation through your own nonsense, and now it's up to you, not her, what you're going to do with it.

Whatever you do, you must be clear and transparent with yourself about your motivations for doing so. Just as you shouldn't FOMO in to an investment, you should never make decisions from lack. in other words, don't do something because you feel guilty and in hopes of assuaging that guilt. Your family's psychological nonsense is their own. Their life choices that have led them to be in debt are their own.

your relationship is going to change and it will suck for awhile.

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Gift her half your link

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Cool story but I’m still buying PNK

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>hey you have something?
>i want something too, that's not fair, why don't i have that too :(
>you have to give it to me or you're mean :(

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my gf saw my 25k portfolio (alll in link) and i only invest like 4k a few months ago thanks link

and she immedialety dumped all her savign at link at 20. dollars she only got 950 links. she even bought on regular coinbase.

she is feeling realy bad now . i told her she bought the top. but she didnt even care she just market bought links.

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This is why you hold your important assets in secrecy

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you say you put $200 in for each of them around the $1 mark and they'll each get those profits but you are holding out for bigger gains. if they want it now they can have it.

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your a retard and soon she'll be guilt-tripping you for not bailing her out.

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honestly you're a moron if you are living at home, and at any point hit 400k USD. that's life changing money, invest that shit and you'll be a millionaire in your 40s.

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>They should be happy for you that YOU were smart and made money, not that THEY were dumb and didn’t
This. Don't let anyone blame you for their shitty choices. If you are going to pay off any debts, it should be because you want to do so, not because you were pressured to do so. It is a gift, and nothing more, and given with the understanding that you are beggaring your future opportunities by doing so.

>She seemed to think that I didn’t trust her.
Is that true? Think about it. If not, why didn't you tell them? As for me, I share my losses, but never tell anyone about my winnings.

this. you are operating on a completely different level it's not even funny.

Why do you want to make things better? What is bad, now? Why do you feel bad? What needs to be fixed? Why do you feel like you have to do anything at all other than continue living your life? These are the problems a man faces. Sounds like you need a good male presence in your life goddamn. She's not your mom. She's a woman who has had some children, and so she is sometimes a mother, but that is not who she is, just like you are not her son. You are who you are, not what other people define you as. Grow up.

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pay off your mom's debt retard

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You’re not going to make it

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You know you could take out a loan with your LINK as collateral right? 3% is going to be a lot lower than whatever debt she has now.

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Fuck your mom and your sisters. Post pics of sisters.

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Just buy a new mom, duh

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Yeah my gf has no idea either so I hope my mom doesnt bring it her...... i trust her but i’d like to be the one to tell her once we officially make it

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what do you have thats worth 300k?

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Read thread

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She had 3 years.

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>How do I move on fromthis?
She's not entitled to your wealth, neither are your sisters. If they don't understand and you're over 18, move out.

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you're never going to make it

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You can be up another 500% if You invest in travala (AVA). Look at their chart 500% in one month, 450k crypto Monthly revenue during a fucking pandemic. 12% stake. They are a travel company Making serious dough during a crisis, imagine when we get a vaccine and people start “revenge travel” due to being locked down for so long. Yes revenge travel is a word look it up. You fag plebs sleeping on a real project. Go buy some shit link instead and cry to your momma when it rivers down to 0.07.

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it will be okay tyler, just explain the tech and how you'll be a multimillionaire soon

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>You just wanted to make it and leave them in the shitter blindsided
That's based though

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>Just rip up your golden ticket at financial independence to pay a boomer rental income for free and for no personal gain
How about no you nigger faggot.

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Cringe. Just tell her that you're working on increasing it to more and more before you cash out, and that it takes money to make money.

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don't explain too much in detail, she won't be able to fully grasp how your situation works. since you feel that you owe your mom, sell some links needed to pay it off in full. as for your sister, they must learn from their own mistakes. you aren't obligated at all to pay them.

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>Give in to guilt tripping
Bad idea. That will condition people to make sad puppy eyes and cry every time they want money from you. Then if you say no they'll get angry.

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>We value family and help each other.
Ok so you want to help.
Tell her you want to help.
Tell her it all happened fast and you got carried away.
Say that you'll cash out 0.5 or 1% of your stack each month and contribute. Not more because you still believe this is the big ticket that will make you make it and that more than 12% per year would decimate your stack too fast. Explain that it is very stressful and you could do without emotional fights right now but also explain that you made what you made by doing what you do and you want no further interference i.e. no 'advice' when to sell or whatever because in the end it is your money and you made it by applying your skill (of internet shitposting).
Say that you want no shit if it goes back to zero and your payments go done with it and say that she should see it as an unreliable bonus that could stop at any time.

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Or he could just not do any of that shit since it's not her business in any way shape or form.

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Hell if you made it with chainlink show her how you went from 100k (link at 5) back to 30k (link at 1.5) and that that would only have caused her stress if she had known.
The real gentleman way is to carry the stress yourself and lightly share in the rewards with those you love. But they are only your burden to carry and if you feel they should mainly be your reward to reap that is more than fair.

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>telling me i should have sold
i never understand this, i will never tell my gf for this reason and she will never understand I WOULDNT HAVE THESE GAINS IN THE FIRST PLACE BECAUSE YOU WOULD HAVE HAD ME SELL MY ENTIRE STACK WHEN LINK WAS 0.80 GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

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