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Flare is delighted to announce that
will be supporting Flare’s utility fork of XRP by claiming and distributing Spark tokens to their XRP customers when the fork takes place. https://flare.xyz/supporting-exchanges $XRP $Flare $Spark

Bitrue are the first exchange to announce support for
distribution of $Spark tokens to $XRP holders

All you need to do is keep your XRP on Bitrue - that's it. The exact time of the distribution will be shared later.

UPHOLD joins the train of exchanges supporting the free XRP airdrop fork. https://twitter.com/UpholdInc/status/1297303542932180992

I give it a few days maximum. This news will be common knowledge as CZ binance and all other top tier exchanges spam this across their social channels.

Expect nothing less than $.40c

buy now or buy rope. nonbuyers will COPE hard. stinky link faggots will be left in disbelief.

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Keeping it on self custody ledgers will earn spark as well

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binance better fucking give me my airdrops

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SO holding metamask wallet won't support it?

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Green ids make it 589 EOY

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>exposing my ancient XRP to modern prices

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do you get 1 spark token for each xrp or what?

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XRP is my biggest stack but its on Coinbase. What can I expect?

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Will soft wallets like BRD wallet or Coinbase wallet support it or should I buy a hardware ledger? Currently in an exchange doing nothing

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wow that sounds like it could be good, ive only been trading for 4 months and this is my first time fork

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My body and wallets are ready for the airdrop bros

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frens how long do I have? when is the airdrop supposed to happen?

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Based and standardpilled

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you'll have 6 months to claim it, after 6 months the rest will be burned.

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will binance accept the drop?

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What wallet is this mate?

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Droplet wallet for iOS currently supports it

Just install it, sign the AccountSet flag for your wallet, remove it and you're good to go.

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Looks like I need to get a better/newer phone

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1:1 is the word

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But what will the token be worth to start with and ongoing. Looking at some sites with examples of how it will be used show xrp being exchanged in their platform at 1xrp-12fxrp

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does Exodus support this?

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Who knows, who cares. The initial drop will be ultra low value until it’s traded at volume... it’ll hockey stick in no time. The big value will come from people jumping into Xrp as the snapshot comes closer. Personally, I’ll be likely buying Xrp just to snapshot and then exchange for even more fxrp.

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I'm not sure they will desu, soft wallets need to updated to support the accountset property
so you can import the seed, sign the thing and then remove it. as long as you leave your coins on said wallet address (no matter the app) you will receive the spark tokens

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>AccountSet flag
not sure what or where this is

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could you explain (for a dummy) how to sign the accountset once I have installed droplet?

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super easy mate, once you install the app and import your wallet, just tap the account and in the details screen tap the button "Spark (Flare Networks) tokens". this will bring an screen where you only need to tap "prepare wallet" or something like that and you're done

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Just checked Ledger and they don’t have spark. Should I update? I haven’t updated in at least 3 months and have been hesitant especially since a lot of update issues are being reported recently

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No one has sparks yet. You can only "prepare" your account.

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So I made a new wallet, sent 100 xrp and the only options I have are send and receive. then at the bottom of the app there is Home and Account
thanks for helping btw

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are you using the ios or the android app?
android will be updated soon, ios was today

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I'm using it on Android and the template is definitely different than yours, but it is a wallet for xrp called Droplet.

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How? I haven’t found a way to set this up yet.

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lol imagine if the flair airdrop only applied to people who were using droplet on iOS
how hilarious would that be

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I just set it up on XUMM using the guide for xumm. Only transferred 24 across to set up the account for now and complete the flare request. Do I need to do more when I dump my whole bag in from the exchange or is it sorted now.

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are u using version 1.1 of droplet ios?
lol apple fags will get even more richer

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I thought it would reward everyone with xrp in their wallet
would be weird to make it so damn esoteric

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yeah in principle that's how it works but it requires the extra step of setting up the account set thing. soon enough will be updated the android app to offer the same feature

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how do I get my free coins if my xrp is on coinbase

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Honest question here. Is Coinbase safe? What attacks is it vulnerable to? Would the move to Ledger Nano X be a good move?

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Fucking hell is this only for non-US?

I can't convert my XRP to monero on coinbase either wtf.

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transfer them to an participating app and claim them, after the airdrop transfer them back to coinbase

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which would be the easiest to set up

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Is coinbase a safe place to store? There were talks of there being blackouts for long periods of time. Would that affect Coinbase at all if it hits their servers?

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for the moment i absolutely recommend droplet wallet for ios, it's really easy to setup and android version is coming soon
yeah, i think they have a vault service that's very reliable

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will i get $Spark if i just hold it on my ledger?

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>Expect nothing less than $.40c
wow. a fucking 30% increase while everything else already 2-4x'd. you're coping hard.

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b-b-but droplet wallet is absolutely a shit tier wallet?

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Does anyone know if Coinbase is going to support the supply drop? If so do I just keep my coins on the Coinbase XRP exchange? No idea how this works first time investor.

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that’s literally the question. I think coinbase will bend the knee. or cause a huge xrp bank run.

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I've already emailed coinbase
something along the lines of
"are you going to support the upcoming spark fork? I need to know if I'm going to continue using coinbase"
no reply yet. sent it 2 days ago.

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Is there any reason why coinbase will be agasint the Spark airdrop? It makes no sense to say no?

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good on you. would you post here when they respond? thanks anon. you are going to make it.

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they keep almost a point and a half on XTZ staking...

Coinbase has a big decision to make.

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I know this is going to sound annoying. But can you explain it like your talking to a 5 year old?

Sorry about that mate.

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yeah sure, I'm hoping a lot of people harass them into making a public statement.

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They did it for BCH - they will bend

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when you let someone else custody your keys, that someone gets the keys to your airdrop. they probably are one of the largest holders of xrp in the world. lots of gibs up for dibs.

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Its currently on my Coinbase exchange. When the airdrop comes and I try to transfer my xrp to another place that supports flare. Is there a chance that I wont get spark tokens because coinbase took them before I made the transfer?

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just move them before the screenshot of the network anon. I’ll spam that date like crazy here don’t worry. but it hasn’t been announced yet.

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As long as you have your assets on a non custodial wallet (like an app) before the snapshot, coinbase will get shit from you.

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Is a wallet like Exodus worth using? I dont want to invest in a ledger. To expensive for it.

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If you only need it to be eligible for the airdrop, anything will work. Droplet was easy to set up.

>> No.21774769

Is Exodus safe? I dont know where to store my XRP's. Fuck this is so complicated :D

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is okay
just wait and hope coinbase aren't jewy retards that's what I'm doing

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I dont want to risk it until its confirmed. 1:1 is quite big. Im going to send them all to my wallet

>> No.21774878

It will take decades

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Mine is on a nano ledger S. Will it get tokens?

>> No.21775990

Like a clockwork, Droplet for Android was just updated to support the airdrop

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>Get XUMM and XRPToolKit for this
>Coinbase won't let me send my XRP
It is literally the only coin I have there and I would very much like for them to let me move my shit out of there thanks.

>> No.21776111

Can you give a quick rundown for a dummy like me. I only use coinbase because xrp is all im really interested in acoomilating, for reference.

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So you dont actually trade your xrp for flare, you just get free flare?
I saw some thread saying it was an exchange.
I have no idea how true or false that is because i know nothing about it

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It's free real estate

>> No.21776224

if you are sending to exchanges you need to enter a destination tag, if you are sending to your own wallet you can use the destination tag of 0

>> No.21776241

Doesnt coinbase own your keys though? I thought that was their big drawback

>> No.21776252

I'm sending to XRPToolKit. The fucked up thing is, I sent a small amount as a test first, and it went through just fine. Then when I went to send the rest Coinbase told me that it's an invalid address.

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Dont you do that to me. Dont give me hope of making it

>> No.21776286

I see no option for airdrop anywhere, is there a guide online somewhere?

>> No.21776288

What is xumm and xrptoolkit and why wouldst you want it?

>> No.21776466

XUMM is a wallet and XRPtoolkit is literally a toolkit for using XRP. The twitter tutorial posted bt Flare had me set them up and then sign the AccountSet flag there for it. But now Coinbase won't let me send anymore XRP there for some unknown reason.

>> No.21776861

check your address.

>> No.21777050

Any professional reviews or is it just rando youtubers telling you how to use it?
And why not just use some other wallet?

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I use Atomic Wallet and I only tried this one because it was confirmed by FLARE to work with the airdrop. I'll just be patient and see what Coinbase and Binance do though and figure it out from there.

>> No.21777450

Gotcha. And will they tell us when they snapshot will happen?

>> No.21777538

Yeah, they will.

>> No.21777862

Cool, thanks big guy

>> No.21778012

its a 1:1 ratio of xrp to flare, but once the airdrop is complete you can exchange flare for xrp and vice versa

>> No.21778085

And why would I not want to just hold both?

>> No.21778165

isn't there a way I can edit the advanced logs on my nano x for accountset messagekey?
not a fan of moving xrp to another wallet or giving out signing rights

>> No.21778208

I don't know

>> No.21778273

Well, They will scale with each other, but flare has utility.

Remember forked currency is taxable.

If you aren’t using flare for its utility, you probably should just hold xrp.

Flare is kind of a scam to limit how many xrp are in circulation, Along with flares massively beautiful utility, this will allow them to start pumping the price, and letting their escrow do work, rather than just be used to bring in money

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So, once it happens, I should convert my spark tokens into XRP?

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It just seems kind of sketchy that the only wallets that will get this airdrop are some random, unheard of shit-looking wallets.

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We don't know all of the wallets that will get it or all of the exchanges. We are still waiting on the news. Also, everyone has heard of Ledger.

>> No.21778617

Oh I didn't know that Ledger was getting it. Just that Droplet and XUMM

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