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Here's your pizza, sir! That'll be $19.99, plus tip.

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Ok, here's $23. Thanks.

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I dont get it.

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Fuck you greedy fucking twat

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drop it

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Shouldnt you be wearing a mask wagie?

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it's 2020 anon, there hasn't been a pizza delivery like this in 10 years....today you already paid online (tip included) pizza guy/girl literally says nothing hands me my order, i close the door. This meme outdated and retarded

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here is 20
fuck off

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Excuse me, but we're in the middle of a global pandemic. Leave the pizza at my doorstep and walk away.

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Why are people on 4chan so greedy? These people make a living off of their tips. Not everyone has the luxury of winning the bitcoin lottery like you people.

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I make my own pizza

dough (makes two pizzas):
450g flour = <50 cents
9g sugar = <1 cent
6g salt = <1 cent
2 Tbsp oil = 5 cents
yeast packet = 25 cents
total: 40 cents per medium pizza

1 cup sauce = 50cents
4oz cheese = $2
total: $2.5 + extra toppings you want (I put about 50 cents of mushrooms, garlic, spices, etc.)

Total is about $3-4 per medium pizza.

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get a real job, nigger. i waited tables for 3 months. worst job i've ever had and i've done back breaking labor.

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Dominos has online coupons where you only pay 5.99 for a large pizza if you do carry out. I have saved thousands of dollars doing this.

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>Why are people on 4chan so greedy? These people make a living off of their tips. Not everyone has the luxury of winning the bitcoin lottery like you people.

because 4chan users are worse then any boomer they supposedly hate so much for being "greedy". lowlife scum that got lucky in the crypto lottery

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It’s their fault they’re retarded

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>-1,5 hour of your time

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I worked at Dominos for 3 years, posted here while working it. Liked some of my coworkers, liked my shift hours, hated every single one of you. Imagine having someone drive 5 miles to your house, bring food to your doorstep like you’re fucking royalty and you can’t even toss a $5. I’m financially comfortable enough to take care of local restaurants when I even make a to-go order by throwing them a few extra bucks.
>inb4 eurocucks

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lmao you are retarded dude. Pizza is a heavily cash business. Yes there is grubhub/seamless but plenty of people order over the phone and pay cash

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Luckily nowadays I can pay online and I can pay 0 tip without looking them in the eye.

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Did you burn all those calories, fatty?

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Got some waging to do wagie??

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I haven't been able to find yeast anywhere since the pandemic began.

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The complete value of your labor is crystallized in the final product of the pizza and its quoted price. No tip will be necessary. Have a good night!

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For me its Little Caesars

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Do you accept 25000 internet money? It's called BTC it works like limewire basically

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Is a pizza $20 in the US? Damn that's expensive asf.

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...how much pizza do you eat to save thousands?

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I'll give you $100 if you eat it

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I'm very skinny. Also for me it's the thin crust, not the doughy regular crust

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Whenever I delivered and saw that (we had online pay and tipping already implemented) I would purposefully make sure your food was cold and unappetizing. Like taking the box out of the hotbag and holding it out the window in 30 degree weather kind of shit, or just taking as long as possible. I’m not gonna say if I ever spit in food because of legal retribution (despite this being a mongolian baskets weaving forum), but I’ve known it to happen to repeat offenders.

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I bought 3 jars of yeast lole

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>pays for it in 2013 Bitcoin

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Large plain pie is around $20 in NYC. Thats from a ln actual pizza place though. Pizza Hut/Dominos is way cheaper and nigger tier is Little Caeser's which is like $5

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Stay mad amerifat wagie

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>what the fuck is this worthless shit? I want fiat

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>fags think they got rich on biz
>still find it obscene to pay a $2 tip

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Also usually by the most hillbilly fuck with the grossest mouth, because again, it’s a shit job at Dominos, where we use our own cars without the company paying for gas or maintenance. You’ll get jaded after a while.

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nice larp

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The place I worked at had a policy of adding on a discretionary $3 delivery fee whenever someone tried to pull that. Grubhub is fully aware of this, it was actually their proposed solution when the owner called them up about his drivers getting stiffed so often.

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DCA into crypto wagie, that's how I escaped the slavery.

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call the cops and alert them these restaurants are forcing employees to work for less than minimum wage at gunpoint.

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Shit glad I work at a more upscale pizza place.

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We were paid under $2 as a delivery fee for every order (the store confiscated more than half for themselves), but it was never balanced to account for stiffs like you guys, and we were making just a couple dollars on the road (server pay). So yeah, if you got stiffed, you got fucked. This board loves to pretend we never take out our frustration on you guys passive aggressively though kek

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why did you work there, then?

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People can't live on minimum wage. It needs to be raised to $15/hour, at least.

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>we spit in your food because we're poor
lmao the level of cope poor people have to do to convince themselves their lives have any meaning at all

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the establishment should pay more, rather than expecting to subsidize wages with tips.

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Look at all these stores going bankrupt recently, stores can't survive selling goods at current prices either, we need to increase minimum costs of products by 100% as well.

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delivery is laziness. if i can do it myself, i will

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white snow nigger detected

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Are you a gamer who loves to Game it but yet what seems to be the only hindrance most of the time is the honesty of game nodes, I bring to you a gaming network @Bitcoincomgames which doesn't only provide nodes but most importantly a trusted and honest nodes.

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I can't believe amerifats are forced to tip. What's even the point of tipping then?
In my country (Denmark) you tip if you really like the service and/ or the food and want to show your gratitude. I don't know the exact numbers, but I'm sure <50% leave a tip. And we never tip for things that require almost no effort such as delivering a pizza, making a basic sandwich to go etc.

Weighters here are grateful when tip and will usually thank you. But they won't think worse of you/ get offended if you don't tip.That's how it should be everywhere.

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It was years ago, was still pretty young. Fucked up my car but everything actually worked out in the end as far as my pay goes, I won’t say anything else about that
>Imagine having someone drive 5 miles to your house, bring food to your doorstep like you’re fucking royalty and you can’t even toss a $5.
You’d even toss money to a friend for doing you a favor like that, if you even had any friends. Fuck off.

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nope. It takes me ~5 minutes to make the dough in a stand mixer, then I let it sit for about 2 hours. But I'm not there while its sitting. Rolling the dough and prepping the toppings takes 15 minutes max. Then it cooks for <10 minutes and its done.

about the same time it takes to go out to a drive through. except it makes about 4 meals worth of pizza for me, so its <15min a meal in the end.


its starting to come back now

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everything about that kind of job is sketchy. It's already off the books, drivers are literally smoking weed, drinking and doing coke on the job, and many of them are collecting some kind of neetbux or disability pay while working there. theres not a whole lot of room for morals or sound labor policy.

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fuck now I want a pizza

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i already wanted a pizza, and then i opened the biz tab and saw this

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Im already cooking dinner

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it's their fault, they must live with their decisions.
their poor life choices are not my responsibility you faggot communist

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if you’re so high on life then you can tip too. and yes, as soon as you decide to make it a delivery instead of a carry-out, it is your responsibility, braindead mutt.

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>Imagine having someone drive 5 miles to your house, bring food to your doorstep like you’re fucking royalty and you can’t even toss a $5
I already pay you and your company $20+ for your service (delivery) and the product (pizza). That money is supposed to cover the cost of the pizza, your labor and a return on investment to the owners of the company. If your employer doesn't pay you a fair wage and you think you are worth more then find anew job. It's capitalism 101.

In my country minimum wageslaves usually get paid $18-$22/ hour + pension + paid vacation. On top of that, I pay shitload of taxes that pay fo their health care and their children's education. I MIGHT tip if I really like the service/ food but I'm not at all forced to do it.

In America you get paid like $12 with little/ no other employee benefits. Part of the reason for your shitty wages is tipping culture. Your greedy boss can get away with paying you $12/ hour because it's expected of the customer to throw you another $5 (even if the service/ food is garbage). You most likely won't pay taxes on those $5.

You tipping culture is messed up.

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Imagine applying for a job you know you get paid primarily on optional tips and getting mad when someone doesn't tip you

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You forgot the sausage on my pizza

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Heres your pizza wagey, dont forget to tip 30% !

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ordered it right after I posted that. dominos tracker says its in the oven.

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Guy, for pretty much any delivery job, you’re getting paid a smaller wage on the road. Like 1/4th of your wage smaller. And a lot of states still have federal minimum wage ($72.5/hr) and there’s no delivery job that will pay more than that. I don’t miss delivery, you get the shit end of the stick every day. For that reason I don’t make delivery calls for myself, I don’t want to be obligated to pay the extra 20%, and I’m perfectly able to drive a few miles to get my own food. It’s perfectly sound logic, if you can’t afford the delivery fee don’t get delivery, use your car.

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I wonder if the dude who paid 2 Pizzas with 10k Bitcoin already roped

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I can go pick up a Red Baron medium pizza from the store for like $3.50 and don’t spend nearly that kinda time on it lmao

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>got lucky
cope and seethe

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It started off the same way here, but eventually restaurants decided they could pay their workers less by making the customers foot the bill. Now there's this underlying moral entitlement, like it's my fault that some waitress isn't getting payed enough because I'm not subsidizing her wages by tipping. When I went to Japan, you would never tip anywhere since it was seen as rude. I don't know how America will ever be able to get rid of this shitty tipping culture, but it's embarrassing to explain when foreigners travel here.

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I simply think employers should pay employees a fair wage and tipping shouldn't be necessary.
We don't have government-enforced minimum wages in my country, but minimum wagies still make 2-2.5x what they make in America (especially when you factor in "free" health, 5-6 weeks of paid vacation, comfy pension etc.).

You probably should be paid a lot more than $7.5/ hour to deliver a pizza. If you didn't have forced tipping culture your employer would be forced to pay you a higher wage (maybe $12/ hour). Also, you have tons of third world immigrants competing for low tier jobs which is keeping wages down...

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It’s a dog eat dog world. This is the society that boomers asked for, we’d be nice if society wasn’t so shitty but that isn’t the case.

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here's 10 pesos maricon

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Wish I could make pizza with my kids someday and we could all watch a fun movie.
Also I'm a millionair with a hot wife

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I worked as a delivery driver during college. The only people who consistently did not tip were nignogs. Are you a nig /biz/?

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>Order a large pizza from pizza hut
>that'll 23 dollars
>Come pick it up
>get home and see pizza is very small
>order another pizza. Medium this time
>that'll be 15 box sir
>go pick it up, see the box on the counter no cashier, take a peek
>its the same size as the previous one.

You disgusting wagies are your own worst enemies. We are kind enough to give you nice patronage and you back stab and scam us any second or chance you get.

Do a flip when the weight of your kikery gets to you fuckers

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And super conservative whites. Pretty much the same thing desu.

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>then I let it sit for about 2 hours.
You’re still spending a lot more time on this than picking up a Red Baron pizza from the store. Keep making excuses and pretending you’re being thrifty but it’s just pizza dude you’re not gonna get rich by saving a dollar and spending 2 extra hours on it.

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you have to go back

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dude why wouldnt you want to make your own pizza from scratch?

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Heres $25. Keep the change

>> No.21758445

To be fair, it adds up. I'm not sure about the quality of taste though. Red Baron is okay and overall you do save a lot more money cooking in.

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Pizza boy here. People give $2 or $3 tip. Never more. With that money I put it in chainlink... :(

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>wagie receives online order without tip
>rages, deliberately takes ages to deliver, spits in the food and lets it go cold
>finally arrive at Anon's house
>"thanks bro, here's $10 cash. Wouldn't want you to get taxed on your tip!"

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how does 1000 dollars sound? i'll pay you 1 chainlink

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if you don't tip at least 20% on every food or drink order you are the same as the african americans you claim to despise so much. if you can't afford to tip don't order

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I'll give you One point five (1.5) linkies

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>boomers create a broken system where the price listed isn't the price you have to pay because you've got to donate money to their staff so they can afford to live even though the cost ingredients to make the food is a fraction of what they're charging, and it's your fault.

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Do you tip your mechanic too?

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Reminder that literally only american's tip, what the fuck is wrong with americans?

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wtf why do us brits get fucked over by dominos so badly? £19.99 = $26.17 btw.

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The prices are normal if you just order, there's coupons you gotta add on there that reduce it by half or more. But the coupons are right on the site. Maybe you guys don't have that.
Its why I first started ordering online way back, you call up and they'll never understand that 4 things comes out to like $20 but the site will

>> No.21759072

bro that is the coupon...it says reduced from £39.98 ($52.33!!!!!)

>> No.21759082

“Take this 1 XRP as a tip by the end of the year it will be worth $2000”

>> No.21759140

>n-no, you dont understand its like internet gold. Its the currency of the future. Please accept it. A pizza place in florida accepts it as payment

>> No.21759444

Here is one link sir, spend it well

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lel my local dominos is large pizza for 11.99 delivery plus fee. i think a large speciality pizza is 19.99 delivery plus fee. britfags cucked yet again. “LOL AMERICA TIPPING CULTURE” while you fags are getting taxed by 100% on an order lmao

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In the belgian site there used to be a bug saving me 15€ on a delivery

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Mommy and Daddy didn't give them enough money to leave a tip. I used to deliver food, only poor people didn't tip.

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*tips fedora

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I usually pay online and always pay their tip in cash so they can actually get 100% of what I give them without the employer knowing about the tip.
Don't jump to conclusions just because someone pays with PayPal, may just be that the guy doesn't have cash lying around.

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thanks, I already paid for this online because it's 2020. have a good one

>> No.21760634

>imagine not getting a $7.99 Large 3 topping carry-out from Domino's

my sides

>> No.21760664

topkek, thats not pizza but something that resembles pizza

>> No.21760667

A standard tip is 15%. Twenty percent is reserved for the best service ever. So tired of people telling me that 20% is the starting point. And fuck off if you think I’m ever tipping anyone over 20%. I hate paying at a register and the auto tip options are 20, 25, 30%. Makes me want to leave you nothing for being greedy.

>> No.21760942 [DELETED] 


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thats crazy nigger, pizza hut in EU is more expensive than local chains

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domino's is literal trash. how can you look at this picture and think mmm delicious?

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I'd rather pay with 10k bitcoins sir

>> No.21761522

ofc they didn't they're suppressed by the system and it's our (white men's) fault they're all poor

>> No.21761598

>not cooking your own meals


>> No.21761701

Sorry you are 30 seconds late, here is exact change no tip and ill be leaving a complaint on google and calling your store manager.

>> No.21761884

>These people make a living off of their tips
imagine working full time in a system so kiked that that to barely earn enough to live you have to depend on goodwill of people who you serve?

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WAGIE! Where is your cone!

Dance for me. Or I'll speak to your manager and get you fired!

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Domino's is literally the best food I have ever eaten and it's cheap as shit.

Food autism is great

>> No.21762135

Whenever they have the 5.99 2 topping special or the 50% off special I end up eating there 2-5 nights in a row. It's great.

>> No.21762190

yeah they're called retards or simpletons

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It's perfect

>> No.21762542

> Food autism is great
Except eating that much American junkfood is extremely unhealthy... Take care of your health fren.

>> No.21762625

Why is pan pizza so much more money? I know it is the best, but still.

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ok here's two LINK tokens, keep the change

Wow, that pizza only cost 40 cents, what a deal!

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Agreed. Live like a wagie; get paid like a wagie.

That's how it goes and I've been on both sides.

That's why being rich is awesome. You're literally never in a situation hoping for a tip. You legally capture all of your value in writing.

That said, I usually tip 15% on table service, especially if it is a man doing the work. Women get enough free shit that it balances out for them.

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