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Hang in there! You're not dead yet!

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you aint seeing nothing yet buddy boy

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Soon. The court case is going to be settled on the 26th of this month and rumor has it that SWIFT is going offline on the 31st

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ch-checked..... I now have more hope, thank you anon!

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Just hold on tight. This is going to be the best Christmas you have ever dreamed about

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Big if true

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put all my xrp into omg last night just to watch it drop $2

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lesson learned
hoping omg goes back up so I can get back into the comfy stability of xrp

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>rumour is
This is all you faggots have. Rumours and what Ifs. I cannot wait until you all get btfo.

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I put all my xrp into robonomics. Doubled my money then got out. Now I’m accumulating in Swipe dips. A coin with actual utility as of right now. Will be sweet to buy shit with the card.
Meanwhile xrp fags will be here on /biz/ ranting about switch flipping and getting digits. All while at sub .30.

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Kek, cripple army

Pic related

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Am I gonna make it?

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never kys now

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Fitting considering Doofy was made to look retarded then drove off into the sunset with a MILF after getting away with murder.

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>He's losing hope

Domp et again.

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i just broke my arm earlier this year

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What does this mean anon?
Does it have to do with something that involves xrp being adopted by every financial institution in the world, following the complete collapse of the US dollar?
Then being backed by gold after the US Fed switches to gold standard?
That’s after the fed chooses XRP as the token to do all this..in under 3 months from now for xrp to moon.
Do I have that about right?

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Oh shit plane bro is that you?

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Yes sir.
Pic related is from this morning.

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Its me. Car bro. The one talking about putting an LS3 race engine in a plane.

Gotta say the view looks amazing from up there.

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you from wisconsin?

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pls flip the switch now $2kUSD XRP or im ruined noooo!!!

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Newfag here, can somebody explain to me why almost every coin is crashing? And what is going to happen after this, everything mooning?

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buy everything you can

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Come on, can we please get this back to 14.88 at least?

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Welcome to crypto. Shit like this just happens sometimes. And overall it's been quite a while since we've had a slump, not since BTC was at 9k and ETH a 230 stablecoin.

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>do all this in under 3 months
Yeah. they just started work on this today.
Fuck you got me.

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Great, I seem to have gotten into it at the worst moment then.

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You'll do fine, just hold. Look at the march crash for some perspective. If you sold you got rekt, if you held things were right back up in quick order. And that's an extreme example much more severe than right now. Chainlink's taking a shit, but only after a massive parabolic rally. BTC/ETH are only down a few percentage points. That's perfectly normal and things go up/down.

There's a fuckton of volatility in crypto, especially in a bull market (which we've just entered recently).

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This is a good time to get in. Right before the Golden Bull Run

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Well I mean I got in 2 weeks ago so technically I bought everything at the top compared to now. But Ill wait it out
Thanks, that keeps me hopeful at least.

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extremely low iq
why didnt you just buy at .30 cents when all the whales did

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>SWIFT is going offline on the 31st

Big fucking larp right here
how new are you

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Hey if its wrong then its wrong. Where is the hurt in that?
But if it is right? Then where do you go from there?

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if its right I continue to check the price and see some variation of this

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this, NEVER sell on a significant loss, it will always rebound quickly

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What if they dont. There seems to be plenty of coins that crashed and never recovered in the past.

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those are shitcoins, never buy shitcoins. alt coins seem to be the most resilient

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oi thats me commodore

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Fucking miss Holden so much

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it has become a blood-feud I see

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buy more Anon we got plenty left to dump

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