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ETH broke $20 for good 8 days after it originally bounced off of $20 resistance. LINK bounced of $20 resistance on August 16th

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>X shitcoin I happen to hold is literally Ethereum!

Said every shitcoin holder.

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Except everything about link's price action sets it apart from every other basic crypto, and is more reminiscent of ethereum. I can tell you hold xrp

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link is one of many eth bi-products.
it just so happens to be the most over valued one.

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I think link might take off because of all the people who are pissed they missed bitcoin and eth etc thinking this is this their chance and people are going to buy it talking about it and go crazy with it

Makes me wonder if you were a celebrity with 10 million followers could you buy 30k of a coin and post it on your ig and make it take off?

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wow that's incredible, well considering that we know with 100% certainty it's going to follow Ethereum's chart perfectly, how is it that everyone in the world isn't just going all in RIGHT NOW? What a bunch of dummies. Like hello, read the chart? You can literally see the future if you look at the chart.

Our current economic environment is 100% identical to 2017's economic environment and Chainlink is exactly the same as Ethereum.


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Do you realize how esoteric Chainlink still is?

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Except link at $20 is not Eth at $20.

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You cando this even with a few thousand followers if you work with small cap coins, people were posting bitboy cryptos video here yesterday and within like 3 hours of that going up the shitcoins he shilled were up 50%+.

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LINK was green in the crypto bear market, now its going to be red in the bull market

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what if this dip was just wave 2 and we're about to have a wave 3 impulse to fucking $30? fuck you i can believe in elliot wave theory when it's convenient

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