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is it dumb to hold my money in ETH. i finally made a profit and now ive got all my money in ETH back in one place, I've just watched it drop $10 in value sitting there for 10 minutes. makes me think i shouldnt have pulled out of shitcoins and kept gambling if im just gonna steadily lose money instead.

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no. eth still has fluctuations but it should be your goal to stack right now. take profit to eth in a bull market, into btc during bear.

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yes its dumb. eth could go to 120 in a bear market.

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is BTC really any better or should I just take my ETH and convert it to fiat until i want to make any more trades. Im only holding it for the convenience of not having to buy some if i think i see an opportunity. but i also know most people dont make ANY money doing this shit so should i just call myself lucky and cash out. so gay seeing $20 gone just sitting there i could have bought fall guys skins

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Because you're a retarded trader. Just buy and hold link.

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listen to this anon. ETH is bull market, BTC in bear market

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how am i supposed to know what market im in right now im retarded

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If everything is crashing all the time bear if everything is mainly green 90% of the tim>>21653569
e bull

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Keep in ETH if you have investigated and decided you want the risk/benefit of the investment. Stablecoin anything you dont have an investment for. Make sure the stable coin is one you trust, could go bust and be just as much risk as ETH

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BTC and ETH are the most stablecoins out there

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or you can double your eth like a real chad by getting into DeFi gold


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