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My hands are weak biz. I could pay off my house with link right now. Help me hold.

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Why not hodl and buy a mansion in a year or two?

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I can quit my job if my house is paid off...

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Do whatever you want, it’s your money

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This is literally my plan with crypto. Get rid of the fucking mortgage.

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You should of sold already, it's overvalued.

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>selling before smartcon, Oracle Q3 integration, staking, threshold signatures, and mixicles


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>pay off my house
do normies really?

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Anon one of the most important things to learn is greed. A big reason why so many people missed the stock market dip is because they thought it would keep plummeting. They were greedy. They didn't want to take a huge profit in a few years. They wanted to wait for more profit. They lost big.

Rather than circle jerk with your fellow linkies, can you explain why you think Link will continue to rise, based specifically on the product itself?

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I would’ve sold in a heart beat. Fucking sell you retard.

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The stock market is rigged no one could’ve predicted shit with the amount printing.

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go back faggot

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you can always sell half

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"Yes goy, don't pay off your debt, keep believing meme coins will make you wealthy"

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No. The dip was in March, and I'm sorry you missed it.

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Anon that's not weak hands, that is just being smart. Get rid of the mortgage and turn that house into an asset if you feel this nervous about holding your bags

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Priced in.

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nigger i would have sold the moment it would have paid a fraction of my house off

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Seems like you werent meant to make it, you should sell

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If you look at market cap there's not too many great projects anyway, so Link has the ability to be a top 3 coin. It's all speculation though.

And here's the rub. Most linkies think they're smarter than everyone else but they're actually dumber. Chainlink is not useful and has never been useful. There is no need for various data feeds needing to be insured by some cryptocurrency.

Code doesn't give a fuck about trust. Take a gambling website for example. Countless networking transactions needing to be processed accurately. No problem. Security? That what encryption is for.

There are literally countless network transactions occurring right now throughout the invisible spectrum we inhabit. All of them happening without any Rube Goldberg. The problem of network transactions has already been solved. The Link dream has always been about finding a place for crypto, and it's forcing crypto in when it doesn't need to be. There will be a fucking reckoning, just like there was for XRP. Over the years people become jaded and disillusioned.

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Paying off your mortgage, retiring and living off passive income is making it. Let's see you do that.

Also, look up happiness and its correlation to wealth. Look up less wealthy European countries and where they rank in happiness. Studies have been done that show wealth has diminishing returns. At a certain modest point of financial comfort, it doesn't fucking matter anymore. If you think the more money you have the happier you are, you are the one who won't make it. Look up Dan Bilzerians interviews.

Happiness comes from here and here *pointing to head and heart*

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Wait until you can pay off your home twice over

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>believing in stock market speculative rise as an organic and therefore predictable gamble
I want to fly a plane into whatever hovel you call home.

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Anybody who lived through Jan 2018 will tell you that you could wake up one day this week and the Chinks will dump the price below twelve and you'll never see 20 ever again. I guarantee it'll happen after smart con because all the others were nothing but Truffle Cons ...oh wait, they all involve being 'Cons' lol...now you know why. Sell and don't regret because this will NEVER happen to you again and a loss from here will only make you suicidal for the rest of your life.

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The market is a tool which transfers money from the impatient to the patient.
How patient are you?
If you have waited 2 years for Link to pump you can surely wait 1 more year to see where it goes?

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If you were smart, you'd sell off now and buy back later fren. This is going to retrace

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>me purposely being fat due to lack of self control

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Do it. Don't let retards tell you to hodl the line for 81k memes. You can hold a trillion dollars, and if you never sell its worthless

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You are a dumbass. Pay off the fucking house and build a new portfolio over the next few months. Where is the downside?

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How can a fucking board about finance be so dumb regarding mortgages. I cant wrap my head around it.


Put your money into valuable assets that will appreciate faster than 2.5% a year and you win.

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Then put it into an etf, not a fucking memecoin whose speculative bubble is bursting

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Buy the news, dump the event
You must be new

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>having a fucking mortgage in the first place.
just take your money and give it to the bankers goy saves you lots of time

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Bend the knee child

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Organic? That's a semantic question. I'd have to know precisely what you mean by "organic".

To think that the stock market isn't predictable is selling the professionals that make countless millions off of it short. Most people don't have the patience or knowledge to succeed.

The problem is you're thinking about the stock market as a big roulette wheel. Only losers think that. That's not to say that anyone knows the future 100% of the time, but being right most of the time is all that's needed.

Most people think trading as romantic, but it's one of the most mundane paths you can take. The most successful day traders detach themselves from emotions and what they feel like the market is going to do, they simply look at price action and are able to capture values based on formulas and strategies they create.

As you know the stock market isn't the economy but a predictor of the future. If you have the patience and discipline to understand and master it, you can make money off it. It's like anything else, it takes a lot of time and effort.

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I'm referring to all the people in this thread talking about paying off their mortgage. Nothing to do with LINK.

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>all these retard buzzwords
fuck off LINKie, you lost. you had your chance over $19, you had it over $18, you had it over $17, and tomorrow you'll look back at this being your last chance over $16. But keep holding, all the way to single digits.

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Look into our queens eyes and see if you can still think about selling

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I see my bad and you're completely right. 2.5 is so easy I think even high yield accounts get close

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If you are smart you will buy a second house and rent out the most profitable of the two.

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But what about the taxes? They will fuck me over if I flaunt the cash

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Better yet, look at her tits

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Indeed, how can people be so dumb regarding mortgages. Like you.

I was just quoted the other day for mortgage rates for a refi on my home (I'll be retiring at 43 in no small way thanks to my mortgage btw).

I asked for rates on a 30 and a 10 year refi:

10 year division of principal and interest:
principal 1064
interest 302

30 year division of principal and interest:
principal 259
interest 332

Do the math. In most cases (of course there are always exceptions to the rule) you always want the shortest mortgage term possible. Or you can pay the banks all your money in interest.

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Broke and salty nolinker, many such cases

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Q4 2021 is when you sell don't be soft

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>The market is a tool which transfers money from the impatient to the patient.

it also transfers money from greedy niggers who can't be happy with their 20x gain and think they need to wait until they become a multimillionaire off of their $10k investment to people who aren't greedy niggers

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>The market is a tool which transfers money from the impatient to the patient.

Pretty sure Warren Buffet wouldn't have said that regarding crypto. Especially if you've seen the price history of cryptocurrency.


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checked and keked

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friend, if paying off the house is you making it, fucking make it and be happy.

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It’s over

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You’re missing his point, and he’s right. You can pay $1,000,000 in interest and it wouldn’t matter if you could invest and earn at least $1,000,001 in other assets. But the main point he was making is that the dollar is depreciating more than 2.5% per year. So you are benefitting having a mortgage because you will be paying off the principal (and the later interest) with dollars worth less than you borrowed them for... meaning you benefit. The cpi majorly understates inflation anyways, it’s probably closer to 8-9% annually

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im surprised the ponzi lasted this long

the people wstill holding are troglodytes

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When are you going to fuck off?

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Imagine not borrowing money at interest rates that make it literally free. After refinancing at 2.6% my payment is less than my old apartment used to cost in rent.

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I'm surprised you thought you'd fit in

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>lock in 1000 a month into an illiquid asset that generates mediocre returns
>lock in 259 a month into an illiquid asset that generates mediocre returns

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Two other anons already blew you out but I wanna smack you around a little myself
Try to understand the TIME VALUE of money. If you only look at interest versus principle then paying it off quicker will always look more appealing but you want to have as much wealth as quickly as possible. Boomer didnt get rich off real estate by paying down their mortgages, they leveraged home equity into more loans on properties.
Time value of money, anon.

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Except that in 10 years $250 is going to buy you a happy meal at McDonald’s. You could have put that $750 a month delta into chainlink and have it be worth a billion

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why stress your self out man youll have a house be happy with that

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you’re not as smart as you think

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Dude FUCKING SELL IT AND PAY OFF YOUR GOD DAMN HOUSE. Think about how much cunting interest you will save. Are you insane?

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Do it man. Owning your own house outright puts you in the 1%

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Based advice.

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Pay off your house bro

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Pay off your house, but keep $10,000 and try to make it again in crypto. It'll be kind of fun and also you won't have to worry because you've already "made it" more than almost anyone else.

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Pay off your fucking house. Go to the moon again with a few thousand and a new project.

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This is truth to the mob.

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that guy probably killed himself after eth went to 1000$

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I had an all-time high of 400k and lost about 98% of it in the market crash of 2018 and doing bad trades....I feel nothing. Maybe once I was depressed by it but ehhh not anymore.

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Sell it dumbass

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>If you have waited 2 years for Link to pump you can surely wait 1 more year to see where it goes?
The thing is anon, why will it go up?

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You are seriously comparing ethereum, a mined crypto with ecosystem, to an allocated token that the devs hold, effectively, the entire supply of?

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Yes. The network responsible for triggering the result of an automated contract cannot be of lesser value than the total worth of the contracts that it is serving

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Pay off the house to quit wageslaving.

Just pull enough to pay the mortgage by the month for the next year

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heard of reverse image search fuckhead

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pay off your house, there'll be others, much better.

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Ride the stink OP

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If you are unironically holding link at 5 bil market cap ...

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The saddest part is we actually thought fucking Sergay was satoshi holy shit. Satoshi would never let us free fall like this

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Pretty sure its a tool that transfers wealth from goyim to jews

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What the fuck are you doing? Sell and improve your life! You’ll hate yourself forever if you don’t!

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He cant, the fact he cant should be his sell signal

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Here it goes again we’ll be seeing $14 in like 2-3 hours now. FUCK SERGAY just come out and say something anything

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Because it provides a necessary service to the crypto market and full implementation and steaking haven't been rolled out yet. South Korean banks was a good sign.

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Sell some, keep some.

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