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>hundreds of billions of dollars if not trillions rely on this autistic furry faggot communist fixing an unfixable problem
how absolutely FUCKED are we?

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not at all, because FTM runs Solidity smart contracts.

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Down with the whole Ethereum Gas price scam. Imagine paying for gas on the fucking internet.

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Checked and keked

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We must do something frens. This can’t go on. Money skelly must fix. Money skelly must pay.

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my investments are up 233%, I do not give a shit. Long term vision makes me immune for any dips. I know I will make at least 600%. You guys are fucking pussy, you do not understand fundamentals. You never fucking read whitepapers. You have no vision of the future, go ahead sell. You do not deserve to have a vision. Follow the pack and sentiment. I will see you in hell, but at least I will have my private tittie bar with bangkok prostitutes and enough cocaine for eternity. Be damned all that is us.

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Some of us actually use Ethereum dipshit.

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XSN will fix this

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Fucked until you realize everything written for Ethereum can port to Fantom.

And it's literally what Andre Cronje spent most of last year putting together for this very fucking purpose.

Ignoring this valuable information is fine though. Because you'll still be getting a great deal after the 10x occurring over the next 3 weeks.

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checked. why the fuck does gas even exist it makes no sense

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Never sold. Never will.

Link Marines, HODL!!!!!!!

$30 By Friday. Screencap this.

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Holy based

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>Long term vision
eth doesn't have it, sorry anon.

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I gave up on uniswap after it ate my fees 3 times in a row. Vitalik you owe me $30

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On one hand it doesn't really matter longterm if you just intend to buy and hold random shitcoins hoping for a 10-100x. But on the other hand it is absolute peak jewery. The fees are probably 10x higher than they should be.

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