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XRP info thread. XRP will hit 50 cents within a couple days. Dump what you got. Fudders welcome, but make sure you don't post anything already btfo by fudbingo. It makes you look really dumb.

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why don't you guys ever post info related to ripple? this is some crypto investment scheme using surprise, surprise, the top 3 held coins, btc, eth and you guessed it. fake news, like always.

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$1 stablecoin, if it’s really successful than POSSIBLY $10, nothing more.

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You forgot this, very important information
there can only be 1 standard coin, guess which one has best numbers
>pro tip - you dont have to guess

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first off, that would be just fine with me but nah g. .125toz AU:2toz AG: 1 XRP keep up mate

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This..fuck xrp and jed and banks..

However i bought 10k just to dump after it pumps to $1.

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that's not even supported by evidence. fuck you it's already backed by gold.

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good, we don't need you

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What the fuck does that mean?

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Nigger the dollar isn’t even backed by gold.
Show a link proving anything you say has at least a semblance of truth or shut the fuck up and stop spamming delusion.

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>125toz AU:2toz AG: 1 XRP
literally just writing a bunch of random shit....

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What part of that is random to you? Are you confused?

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This means nothing. As it’s not real.
>Keep Up, m8
To what, exactly?
The incessant delusional schizophrenic shilling? It’s honestly pretty hard.
I’m not 200iq like you guys who invest money into a coin that is said to replace the US dollar and world financial system within this year. Excuse my ignorance.

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>50 cents within a couple days
Fuck off

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KEK. seriously... are we the smart money anon?

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You obviously dont know what oz and Au stand for no?

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Please explain it to us brainlets anon.

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periodic table, look it up

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>FedNow using ISO20022

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You are referring to the price of gold.
In relation to xrp.
Again, please explain the correlation to us who are less intellectually endowed as yourself.

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>doesn’t know that XRP stands for eXchange Rate Peg

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>he thinks his poorfag 10k stash will dump the price

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muh spaceing

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Just typing that 1 xrp = au ag doesnt make it true lool

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Aside from this completely random post on a basket weaving forum, what are you going on?
More importantly..why?
Please explain to me the rationality and nuance behind investing in something based solely (evidently) On random statements that have 0 credibility or basis in reality.

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>can’t explain position without sarcasm or proof of claims.

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X-ripple actually.. like XSN=X-stakenet.. XLM = X-lumens..

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Hopefully it stays low until i get paid tomorrow.

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I'm a bit of a newbie, I understand toz, but what does the (.125 toz AU : 2 toz AU) part of the equation mean?

am i correct in assuming .125 of 2 troy ounces, or .25 of 1 toz value : 1 xrp?

i mean, even if that is correct, by my math XRP would only shoot to $16, which is still a lot.

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This is essentially the belief that xrp holders have. They actually think this will happen. And in 3 months.
This guys dreams are xrpers reality.
Literal delusion and insanity.
Keep filling those bags guys.

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imagine being this fucking dense. look at Brian Brooks, our new comptroller of the currency. where did he work? who is Judy Shelton? Who is this guy shaking hands with the fifth person in line for the presidency underneath a Hamilton painting in the White House?


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Hes saying 125oz silver 1oz gold is 1 xrp.. schizo nonsense

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You dont have to worry about this, Anon. It will.

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ah i am also retarded and read both as AU

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Anon you’ve just done more work and research that any of these fuckwits have done in months.
They come here, read posts. Selectively save and the ones that fits their hopium narrative and adhere to it. Without question.
They are of subhuman intelligence.

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See you haters at 2k. Maybe if you scrape the hull of my sailing yacht I'll toss you a few coins.

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I’ll answer for the checks.

.125 Tory ounces of gold is currently $250 dollars. I expect gold to hit 4K by EOY. that would be $500. the thing to notice here is if we are 16:1 silver will immediately 5x before appreciating along side gold. buy xrp and physical silver. good luck anon.

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Then why not just short it and make millions? Why create this thread and let all us pleebs in on your insider information?

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Dense? I’ll take ‘dense’ over being a delusional schizo fuckwit 10/10 times. I can not wait until Jan 1. The seething of xrp holders will be amazing.
Only you guys will have a new schizo theory by then for the next pump.
Literal fucking morons.
I don’t care about xrp. Mostly because it’s a joke when broken down.
What interests me is people like you. How someone can follow something so blindly without thinking critically. I’m almost jealous.

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>XRP will hit 50 cents within a couple days
>price has not moved from .30
If I see .34 I am going all in. Until then its just a meme

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>actual retard

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>no actual arguments

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>waits for price to go higher before buying

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Aside from that one post, what evidence is there for it even having a semblance of a base of truth in reality?
Give me an article, a study..anything..explaining how it’s even possible. Better yet, how it’s realistic.

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>implying xrp will ever go over 30c

kek nope

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What is reading comprehension?
Why would I short XRP if it's going up.

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ain’t schizo ya dumb dick. I’ve done lots of research.
>what is PayID ?
>what is Codius ?

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Trump wants to put US back on gold standard. Gold standard was written into the constitution with silver being 1:16 to gold. It's a stretch, butnone I'm willing to bet on. Worst case I just pay fees to move it into an actual cash coin.

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So XRP about 250$?

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ah thanks anon. I just googled and was doing math off of the given price for gold in troy ounces to grams. at least i've learned so I know in the future.

I bought into XRP july 18th when I first saw the federal document about the potential end of swift and beginning of XRP. Between that and Judy Shelton's nomination to the federal advisory board, I have a good feeling about where it's going.

People want to call it schizo because they want to trade based on graphs and memes, not information and logic. Their loss.

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Does Ripplnet even use XRP yet?

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end of year I’d say just around $500, assuming gold breaks 4K. maybe like... $589 or something kekek.

>did buffet just throw 1.8 bil at Bank of America and also a huge stack of gold mining stocks? hmmmm

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The reckoning will come in November. You will all be left behind. We will stand tall and proud in the halls of the new world order. Halls that stand on a foundation of XRP.
Never bet against the Jews.

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This kills the anti-schizo fudder.

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>hmmm Bank of America hmmm

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>he didnt even read the FAQ on website
cmon bruh, some basic stuff you need to know to engage in convos

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that’s my screenshot. and I wrote out the post above with the new standard rules. not my fault I’m illuminated. smooches y’all.

also y’all should be stacking bitcoin too. and fuck eth.

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So buy Bank of America stonks as well?

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wait. checked. nice 4 digit dubs bro

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Last I read RippleNet wasn't using XRP and it doesn't specifically say they do on the website

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thank you for noticing!

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Idk anon, what are they?
Users of ripple, I assume? Two of their hundreds of ‘partners’. Please explain to me the correlation between these two companies and how it will help usher in the complete dismantling of the current financial system and replace it with xrp.
You’ve done the research, should be easy.

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think fastest horse.
xrp and physical silver then mining stocks then bitcoin then I suppose BoA stock but I can’t say how the stock will play out

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you jebaited me, last reply, easy dyor but im horny at you wanting my big spoon
Ripple owns about 60% of all the XRP in existence. Ripple is utilising XRP as a settlement asset for international payments to go with its payment platform, RippleNet.
XRP can be used as a settlement asset within RippleNet, but doesn’t have to be. RippleNet cannot exist without Ripple the company’s software. The XRP Ledger and native XRP asset are independent of Ripple and RippleNet and would continue to exist with or without Ripple and RippleNet.

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Trump wants to do a lot of things. He says a lot of things. At the end of the day he does nothing.
Imagine what would happen if he actually tried to switch.
He would be killed.
If any of you think that the kikes are going to switch their fiat system back to gold (also tying the value of trillions of dollars of unpaid debt to said gold) you are fucking delusional.
Also, even though what you said may be vaguely true and a stretch.. you missed the part on explaining how/why they would choose XRP to be the ‘new standard’. It’s kind of an important issue, no?

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okay mr “I’d rather have someone else feed me than do any research even though said anon has literally already dropped generational wealth advice in said thread” guy...

Codius is a “physical” asset to digital asset value peg protocol. aka exactly why would be needed to make a gold crypto standard.

PayID is the Venmo PayPal killer. Bank account in your pocket that can send any currency and receive any currency. Brad likes to say “hey why don’t we need to know what phone network (Verizon, T-Mobile, etc) you are on when we call you, but I need to know your bank wire or account information?” it’s brilliant. you’ll have one soon enough. shooting bitcoin and xrp and usdc all around the world.

here’s a freebie.
Coil is their web monetization api already rolled out on conde naste publishers online.

gonna be fun. bruv. just snag a 1k xrp and walk away. it’s a cheap bag. don’t wanna have a fren sui on me

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Yea. They’ll definitely be using xrp. This article confirms it.
Of course they future involves something digital. Anyone with a brain can see that.
It will not be XRP. A bunch of shills and schizos saying it will doesn’t change this fact.

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they don’t have a choice, the dollar is dying at a rapid rate

>> No.21595103

that is a rare get my dude
bullish for xrp

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don’t go “postal” anon

>> No.21595167

I appreciate the sentiment.
I’ll look into coil..

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imagine reading this thread and not being bullish on xrp even a little bit kekek. gonna step away for a bit anons. leave questions if ya want.

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What's the xrp make it stack

>> No.21595258

Yet he’s still around, isn’t he..
They will make their own. The fed is doing it as we speak.
Maybe it will even be similar to xrp. As the code is easily copied and replicated.
There is no reason why they would choose it. None.
None that make ANY sense.

>> No.21595281

At least 1000 XRP

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okay another one since we have turned the thread to friendly vibes

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How is this related to anything at all

>> No.21595390

you’re a complete fool if you think they can just “replicate” the system that ripple has developed... it’s the standard for a reason

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16 posts

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>nothing to see with all this usps talk anon

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they have already come out and said they will not use FEDcoin

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>so.... sleeeeepy

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I have 5k already. I bought just because I liked the schizo larps. Should I buy more? I'm having trouble visualizing the switch flip and it being this easy. I see the potential of this coin as a way to combat what China intends to do. But what's the benefit of it being at such a high price per token, rather than a stable 1 dollar?

>> No.21595490

hold at least 1k XRP anon, you will never forgive yourself

>> No.21595534

I believe it was one of the new chairs of the fed put in by trump who is a large supporter of crypto namely XRP. I truly believe the price is still being suppressed. But even if it goes to $1 in a year or less that's still pretty good gains. Either way I'm in cryptos to more than I could in stocks and it's generally agreed that 7%/year is breddy gud for stocks

>> No.21595554

Where is October 2020?

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>what’s a garlichouse?

>> No.21595582

apollo 11 is the name of my main folio

>> No.21595585

I appreciate your hype, it's making my hands diamonds.

>> No.21595615

I had a dream last night XRP mooned.

>> No.21595620

It wouldn't be stable at $1, the order books would get eaten too rapidly with the amount of capital that will be flowing through XRP.

>> No.21595715

ETH is the biggest shit in my experience. I've had to pay from 4 to 20 euro in fees..

0.17 is so fake, never had that.

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what kind of mutt even is that?

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It’s literally our responsibility to spread this and take care of our loved ones.

bitcoin is 85% of my portfolio. but if you don’t own 4 digit stack of xrp you might have a rough time coming up. I also have some xlm for similar reasons. liquidity is a utility. deflation before inflation.

>> No.21595882

I feel you
get better with this happy video and not at all cringe inducing

>> No.21595941


sold all my eth for tezos. don’t bet against the saturnists/lilin my friends.

>> No.21595948

What are you fellas spending your xrpbux on when we reach lunar orbit?

>> No.21595971

>news article casually mentions XRP

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>> No.21596019

who ok'd this performance.

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Retiring and living off the dividends

>> No.21596058

What are the perks to holding xlm along with xrp? Why should I not put it all into xrp?

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Bullish af

>> No.21596173

>the best format always wins out in the end

True, I remember struggling to find a VHS player, Betamaxes were soooo common though.

>> No.21596188

bullion, PC and stocks.

if the amount goes into millions, would call a professional to have 2 nationality and would put serious money into NVIDIA, ETFMG and and some minor projects like AD ASTRA ROCKETS

>> No.21596196

>article has breadcrumbs but no direct correlation to link

>> No.21596252

Soooooo, you're saying I should buy silver contracts too?

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File: 1.12 MB, 1125x1489, 97A7724C-5867-4BB0-93F1-D2B176E453D3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

physical silver and mining stocks. I’m not sure what will happen with paper metals honestly.

>> No.21596370

Physical silver is best. Preferably from a coin shop if you can get in with an employee. If you guy commodities like gold and silver they can be tracked, but if you can buy collectible coins that are mostly silver you're chilling. Also why buy a digital version if you can buy the real deal?

>> No.21596459

If it hits 0.34 the resistance is definitely broken ... I'm already heavy long XRP, but his strategy is a pretty standard for anyone that has actually read TA on the current XRP chart

>> No.21596531

Well from that pic you got there it can mean that real silver will skyrocket

>> No.21596542

Um, what does that have to do with XRP?

>> No.21596694

New aggressive average content

>> No.21596761

Swap SWIFT with Ripple on your chart

>> No.21596799

Xtremely Red Pilled actually, as all holders are.

>> No.21596840

>i mean, even if that is correct, by my math XRP would only shoot to $16, which is still a lot.

Gold's price is manipulated as well. It will spike, XRP will follow

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File: 260 KB, 605x451, B76A6420-844D-4ABD-AF92-C8A5C2A5160E.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what is elite coded communication?
>what did trump take all of Tusla talking about drinking water and also literally said “money itself will be worthless”?

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this thread is based kekek

>> No.21597070

That rap is so bad it gave me a stroke

>> No.21597240

literally not selling any under 100$.
snagged an extra 100toz under $12 in March kek.

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>> No.21597321

Nice good luck anon, i hope we all make it.

>> No.21597406


>> No.21597466

There’s still time fren

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same my brother. we will. love you!

>> No.21597702

>They will make their own
Why? Why would they spend so much time and so many resources to develop something that already exists that does exactly what they need it to?

>> No.21597722

Ok, memes aside what are the chances this shit hits 10 dollars, and when will it happen?

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>> No.21597812

It will be $10 for a couple minutes as it flies to $5k

>> No.21597859

lol thumbnail looks like some weird alt-teen-tries-mary-jane homer simpson

>> No.21597860

Betamax was an inferior format to VHS.

>> No.21597881

Might buy £200 to get me to over 1000 coins. Is now a good time at 23p? I last bought at 16p and at the time considered it gambling for rewards that might pay off in years. The problem is that it got small returns quickly and i've started trading on other coins. And now i'm hooked on trading and checking constantly which is unhealthy when my plan was always to buy once a month and not look again until the following month.

>> No.21597987

yes. definitely. xrp and btc are the epitome of set it and forget coins. it’s not them gaining value, it’s your crappy fiat hemmoraging value.

>> No.21598213

Yes. Worst case scenario is that it is a stable coin, anon. Take it as a low risk lottery ticket. This is why I don't understand all of the FUD against XRP. It's very very cheap to buy yourself a make it stack and if it never pans out then the coin is still stable and you didn't lose much or even anything at all.

>> No.21598226

Promised my self not to reply but here we are well let’s say hypothetically fednow was released well now then it would have nearly no impact on ripple/xrp in the long term due to fednow being domestic and ripple/xrp being more international like India to Mexico they focus on weird corridors

>> No.21598293

Silver and gold go to the moon in Sept, the delivery month. JPM will NOT deliver the physical metal, and terminate their short position. GLD and SLV will most likely be liquidated as they are fudging the numbers on the physical they have.

>> No.21598300
File: 579 KB, 1125x1476, E572D54E-B060-473D-A2EF-839A35862C73.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21598662

scamscamscam motherfuckers

>> No.21598796
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>> No.21598920

Yeah thats true. Only I need my crappy inflated fiat in order to buy food, pay rent, keep my car running. But £200 I can afford to spare.

Yeah I think thats the best way to look at it. My coworkers play the lottery. My mates gamble on sports. They routinely lose it all and hardly ever win and its over in an instant. Thats the reason I picked XRP for my first coin to invest in. Enough movement for excitement but not so much that i'd start tearing my hair out. A bet that can last for years.

>> No.21598964
File: 12 KB, 225x225, 19C0AA18-7B1D-4E3F-9F76-4C8C4B438820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean I’m not scamming you anon. anything can happen as is reality but this has been the plan for a very, very long time.

the “revolution” aspect is the psyop. the protocol is the truth.

>> No.21599014
File: 1.14 MB, 1125x1537, 0CCDCDAA-1B7B-440E-8912-98D0171D7139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

definitely anon. but if you are rihht you’ll never need to worry about any of those things ever again. worth the 200 imo.

and brother. bitcoin. don’t forget bitcoin. bitcoin. bitcoin.

>> No.21599045

You also have far better odds with crypto and stocks.

>> No.21599105

Bitcoin is too expensive for me to invest in currently. I need to make it before I can invest in BTC

>> No.21599139
File: 419 KB, 1128x1200, 1582398972595.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what dividends?
i would like to know more about this

>> No.21599140
File: 846 KB, 1125x1118, 5905B50B-3488-4D58-80E1-45444CE7F003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21599242

>chainlink is doing the data feed
looooool. anyone who actually thinks chainlink isnt about to be completely replaced by Flare/Codius is a moron

>> No.21599261

Nigga I legitimately do not have the money to buy a single BTC. It's not a situation of "I have the money but I don't want to spend it on such an expensive asset", I literally do not have the capital to invest. If I did, I would.

>> No.21599400

>he thinks the word "oracle" automatically means chainlink
do you even know what the definition of an oracle is? Its not something a flat russian scammer invented

>> No.21599405

>Sell asset
>Reinvest the money into stock dividends
>Retire and live off passive income
You only need about 3 million to do this, if you can live off of about $60k a year. You can also take the money you make off of the dividends and daytrade with it to keep making more money. Essentially, once you are able to get to passive income you can just keep growing your wealth.

>> No.21599407
File: 201 KB, 1125x715, 7D60E72F-DE96-41B4-88D1-51F6A90C89D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

checks and balances bruv. haven’t realized ChainLink is in the StarLink, NeuraLink family yet?! kek. what is the IMF? why is Winkelvossi talking about Elon Musk gold mining and then telling “#DTDD” to buy 45k of ChainLink?

only two reasons:
a) it is the one
b) it is hilarious

>> No.21599468
File: 970 KB, 1125x1296, 830D49B4-EF03-43F1-99C4-6D81CE3FFC32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what are satoshis?

get .1 by the end of the year. take your time bruv. fuck. making me wanna donate to your dumb ass

>> No.21599490

Dont just post a PAWG with out the sauce

>> No.21599516

>chainlink fags bandwaggoning with XRP
>algorand fags bandwaggoning with XRP
all rubbish. The only """"insider"""" who says chainlink will have anything to do with XRP is Yoyo, who says $100 EOM.
So, once when XRP obviously is nowhere near $100, it will show once again the only insider to trust is Baba, who is nothing but XRP.

>> No.21599551

>I remember struggling to find a VHS player
Holy shit how old are you? Lol

>> No.21599708

What kind of insider Babacug is exactly?
Is he a high ranking on?

>> No.21599867

Mellon says he was "contacted" by actual insiders, and thats why he is so confident in his predictions. Mellon says to refer to baba. And this recent very rich anon said to refer to baba too


>> No.21599870

I heard about bitcoin back in 2012 from Max Keiser on RT. Wish I had invested then but was a broke kid. Never really had an opportunity to invest over the years until 2017 when suddenly it was all over the news. Every normie around was discussing it as the new thing and it made me physically sick to discover what had happened and id been priced out. After the 2017 crash I was put off from bitcoin and broadly speaking all crypto. It was only during lockdown earlier this year that the conditions were right. I had time to research and money to play with. Bought XRP as a gamble. It's been fun and last month I bought a litecoin. Started building a small portfolio and so far i've not lost anything, although I can afford to lose it all, but have no inclination to sell even if they become worthless. I unceremoniously traded £1 worth of litecoin yesterday for bitcoin. 0.00011045 BTC. It's been a long road. I'll buy the XRP now and build my bitcoin portfolio a bit slower and with caution.

Far better odds. Need another lockdown to research stocks though lol.

>> No.21599914

This doesn’t mean shit dumb duck it legit says aug 13 1987
David Schwartz had crypto patents around that time

>> No.21600015

I think you misread what I said

>> No.21600084

Hes a 42 wannabee pseudo insider autist.
ignore him

>> No.21600103

Where does this pic actually come from?
Why isn't IOTA circled?
Which if these would be expected to rise most in value and why?

>> No.21600189

It has no origin it’s a fake photo from the “insider”

>> No.21600254

Not the old force majeure bull shit again

>> No.21600314

Thank you, anon. I am still new to this and learning. I appreciate the advice!

>> No.21600557
File: 597 KB, 890x834, 1585381966156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21600597
File: 217 KB, 1080x1322, IMG_20200818_020858.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21600669
File: 138 KB, 1077x830, IMG_20200818_020921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21600748
File: 273 KB, 1080x1492, IMG_20200818_020936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21600762

oh mannnn...

that was actually painful

>> No.21601317

Checked, u tell me anon

>> No.21601682

Just because a few elon musk projects have 'link' in their names, doesnt mean you deluded stinkers get to say that they are using muh chainlinks. They may, for a very select purpose in the future, but presently they have no need, please research what they actually are as companies.

>> No.21601778

Does Baba Cug also claim that XRP will reach 2k by EOY or was it just Mellon?
Also, I heard a lot of talk about phases what are they exactly and what happens during them?

>> No.21601808

no numerical claims, but he is a proponent of the switch

>> No.21601851


"A higher price for #XRP would help @Ripple "

>> No.21602203

What else would a jew say?

>> No.21602323

if dubs, i will buy 10k xrp.

>> No.21602421

if dubs buy half of it for me instead

>> No.21602491

>23 23
Buy 20k

>> No.21602508

how she do that. damnnn

>> No.21602521

fuck it, why not?

>> No.21602566

Ty sirs, needfud

>> No.21602583
File: 33 KB, 750x685, 1596339064196.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you really dont know...

>> No.21602828

Time to make that purchase friend

>> No.21602874

arse implants id guess

>> No.21602953

Babacugs started XRP being $2000 in January 2020. people got disappointed when that obviously didnt happen, but then he clarified
>$2000 decided upon at Davos

>> No.21603150

Digits and we moon

>> No.21603423

So he misled people on purpose?
It's almost as if he's making people sell and filtering weak hands, it's like he doesn't want everyone to make it.
>>>$2000 decided upon at Davos
So they agreed on the value on the summit?
When does it go into effect? Is it guaranteed to this year?

>> No.21603435
File: 22 KB, 648x179, 1585999908273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21603492

Noooo put your money into pajeet scams

>> No.21603690

theres no date. the latest timeline i heard was from the insider here >>21599867 who said moon date might be as late as Jan 2021.
But Baba says it must happen in 2020.

I say after August 26th, every day could be a potential moon day to $10 XRP

>> No.21603983 [DELETED] 
File: 121 KB, 1274x739, 123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21604122

Both Mellon and BabaCugs said that XRP HAS to moon in 2020, the OP of the thread you mentioned is a whale that allegedly has millions of XRP and not an actual insider he seems to know something but not an insider as I said.

>> No.21604199

I’m literally dying laughing here. Mr. Micro 10k bag thinks he’s going to make it @ $1. Try not killing yourself once it goes past $10 brother, peace

>> No.21604250

Checked, moon incoming

>> No.21604300

I got 7k with the faith that I will be a multi-millionaire.

>> No.21604574

The gets in XRP threads over the past couple days have been wild. Too much to ignore. 2k stacklet, maybe I can work on one of your superyachts one day lmao.

>> No.21604595

I have over 20k xrp, if nothing happens by feb, i'll sell and it will be no different than if my money was sitting in my bank account. If it moons huge, I can likely retire, seems like a good risk to me.

>> No.21604754

well depending on when you bought it could have been much better to have in xrp than in the bank
I bought in at .24 and have made some nice, modest gains

>> No.21604789

I'm kicking myself for buying in at .28.

>> No.21604908

Have patience, we're hitting some resistance right now but there's no reason why we can't smash through it. I believe we are all still very, very early.

>> No.21604933
File: 161 KB, 750x725, 1597548596152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ready boys
Get comfy

>> No.21604935

30k xrp here, only cost me 10k AUD to buy over a year or so. Cheap investment for holding. If I sold now I'm up, 10k is pennies for me so it's worth holding on to. I also have 20k more invested in heaps of other coins and I'm up 45k on my portfolio overall. This game is easy when you hold.

>> No.21604964

Also I bought the majority of my bag at .24 and the rest of it at .29

>> No.21604983

You!? Again!???
You are fucking everywhere!!!!!!

>> No.21605111

Investing is always easy when you play a long game.

>> No.21605508

bought small bag at 17 cents not selling a single coin till ath

>> No.21605796
File: 224 KB, 521x937, 1597211265192.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21605851
File: 187 KB, 1280x720, yacht.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21605908

the OP of the thread i linked claimed
>trump mentioned XRP several times in person

he is literally an insider

>> No.21606335
File: 367 KB, 700x600, 1590767769723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have over 1 million XRP and huge into the Mellon and Baba lore and even im starting to lose major hope. im selling this shit if it ever spikes to $8, then im out of crypto forever. I have to level with you guys, i have zero hope for anyone who has less than 1 million zerps. i can think of all the things wrong with this shit right now

>Mellon never ever had any type of proof besides vague broad statements "gold standard" "market collapse" "crimes"
it would be one thing if he said "oil will go negative on this exact date" and "maxwell and BLM will become relevant again at this date", but he didnt
>Baba gets shit wrong all the time
for a recent example, he tweeted how XRP "broke resistance past 31 when bearableguy updated his profile" but now he deleted that tweet from yesterday right when the market is crashing.
Baba also shilled Project ION a fuck ton in may for "I on the prize" and low and behold, its a huge nothing burger where no one is mentioning it several months in.
>conflicting narratives among all the insiders
Gesara anon says VET is going to be relevant. So did Yoyo. But Mellon and Baba and 33 mil anon mention nothing of VET. Yoyo and 33 mil anon say Algorand is going to be nwo, but i highly doubt this for the simple reason it just seems like a flash in the pan shitcoin. Yoyo says Chainlink will be nwo, but Mellon says its actually Codius. And Codius has very little updates and seems very crappy.
>33 mil anon is a fucking larp
think about it. He had 33 mil in a wallet, and he didnt give an address? He used the excuse "oh, i moved all the coins out into multiple", okay, but bithomp shows all transaction history. So if he did in fact have 33 mil at one point, he could of just showed the address, we look it up on bithomp, and see it spread out. but he didnt.
>bearbableguy123 has a convincing dox
this was 2018, but theres 90% chance his handle has been debunked, and hes just some bitcointalk forum troll.

its a fucking miracle if XRP will ever moon

>> No.21606510

The only insider with somewhat tangible credibility is Mellon.
If XRP doesn't moon to $2k EOY I'm selling, the signs are there but nothing is certain of course.

>> No.21606538

XRP is going to moon. The plan is to get the whole world on board with it then it will move from there.

Think the start of Amazon where they sold books. Once they did that really fucking well they expanded.

>> No.21606571

I think the OP there is a larper.
He barely said anything of value other than:
>Muh XRP the future YouTube videos tier shit
Mellon seem to have bigger credibility.

>> No.21606846


>> No.21606904

please see

and wait a bit for other anons to show up before getting agro my guy it's not health

>> No.21607054

You have enough ripple to buy a small home

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