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Trying to decide whether or not to buy XRP, what is it's predicted EOY?

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nobody gives a shit Gupresh

try plebbit or tumblr

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$2K eoy. Get in or stay poor, drinking pic related in the gutter.

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What are you holding right now? LINK? lol.

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2K eoy or else.
What's a suicide stack without a lil suicide, right lads? ;)

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Morons honestly believe it'll be $2k but they've been saying that for years.
What they don't realize is that even if it took off in terms of utilization it'll never actually increase in price that much because it's statistically impossible. Price is purposely kept this low and has been for a long time. Not for some big ultra pump but because it's a fucking stable coin. That's all it ever will be and that's a good thing

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$0.50 EOY
$2.00 EOD(ecade)

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These pajeet shills make me want to sell my xrps, but then these link retards make me decide against it. Can't you anons just stop your autism for a day?

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Don't you have Link to short?

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It's 500.

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$1 eoy. No larp. Wish it were higher but 3x isn't bad

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It is a stable coin but it has not yet been stabilized. It will have a spike and then they will stabilize it by backing it up with gold.

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This line of thinking will make you broke eventually. I hold 160k xrp, bought in when it absolutely crashed after $2.50. It's never going to go above $2 MAX and even that will be short term. If it takes off in use case it'll be $1 and stay that way for the rest of its lifetime.
Why would you so autistically rely on something that has hopes of being a stablecoin when you can make much much more money investing into low mcap shitcoins for a week and pulling out? It's actually a waste of time

>backing it up with gold
You have to be an actual retard to think anything is going to be backed by gold in the future. You're in a tech-heralding industry looking to revolutionize finance and instead you want a gold backed currency. Seriously think about what you're saying.

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How does one jillion sound?

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>mfw I put too much of my "portfolio" into xrp
>it dips 2 cents
>suddenly out several dollars.

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See you at 2K

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Brad Dumpinghouse does it again

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If it ever happens then I'm an actual god-worthy millionaire. I won't be mad. It's just not possible with XRP

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well, given that the price has remained the same for the last 2 years, and that no new news has been released in those 2 years except for santander pulling out, I suspect it won't change much

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$3 EOM

Just watch.

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you don't need to go crazy but just buy a small bag incase it explodes. TA suggests there will be some price increase next couple weeks but I wouldn't get your hopes up for anything over $5

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>You have to be an actual retard to think anything is going to be backed by gold in the future. You're in a tech-heralding industry looking to revolutionize finance and instead you want a gold backed currency. Seriously think about what you're saying.
Trump's advisor and fed nominee Judy Shelton has been talking about gold standard for years. At this point it's the only way to keep the dollar from collapsing. The volatility of crypto coins has also always been a problem for using them for anything official. By tying it up to gold this will also be solved.

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>You have to be an actual retard to think anything is going to be backed by gold in the future.
Damn bro, it's already gold backed. You didn't hear the news?

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Das rite whiteboi, sell your 160k xrp at $1

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Yeah and they have an outdated mindset on this that's somehow convincing unknowing retards like you to fall into the same thing. Gold is not good enough to back anything anymore. In 10 years a single asteroid anywhere near our same orbit has a massive chance of baring an absolute fuck ton of gold - something proven already - to the point of directly influencing an entire currency negatively.
The entire point of crypto from the start has been attempting to create something that doesn't need this shit and figuring out alternatives to absolutely every economic framework. Digitizing the outdated.

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I don't care about what *should* be done. I care only about what Trump and his staff are going to do now, which by all accounts points towards gold.

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This. Gold is going to be worthless when Musk starts space mining. Unironically

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I guess hindsight is supposed to be 2020 :)

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There aren't enough ounces of gold in the world to equal the number of XRP outstanding idiot

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They aren't going to do shit and if you can't see that then you're delusional. Hell all he talks about is how magnificent is right now - there isn't a single worry in his head about the inflation of the dollar. Trump shouldn't even be in this discussion because whether he wins your stupid fucking elections or not means nothing.
This is long term. Trumps 4 years or Bidens 4 years do not make a difference

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>sending ships to mine asteroids isn't a huge waste of money and resources
when they solve the problem of $ to lbs I will care about asteroid mining. Pipe dream

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>bro I read on I fucking love science that we can just mine asteroids bro
>gold is fucking uselessrino bro

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>Hi I'm K'bob
Don't watch too much Star trek.

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>spend your time hoping for an entirely new standard of currency
>don't think about the long term
>especially when asteroid mining will eventually be a very real and standard thing
You realize you're just the optimistic-sided version of people telling BTC buyers that crypto is never going to be a thing anybody ever puts money into and won't change anything. Here we are.
Think long term you moron

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It shouldn't necessarily be 1 XRP per ounce. I'm sure they'll figure out a way for this.
You're underestimating Trump. I'm by no means a fan, but he will use this as a talking point on how he saved the economy and defeated china and how great he is. He definitely is going to take some action in the near future, and I'm willing to bet this is it.

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dubs mark EOY price of XRP check em

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If you honestly believe his administration or any of the current candidates for a new admin actually understand absolutely anything about XRP or crypto in general you're on hopium bro. There's people working on this stuff in government for the FUTURE as in next 10-15 years.
Doing some kind of switch to a gold backed digital currency now when the industry barely functions as a whole would be the biggest fucking disaster economically we've ever seen. It's not going to happen. Trump does not matter in this discussion

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I should point out again that I'd be happy to be wrong. I'll be fucking rich and buy this site out from Hiro to ban coomers while getting augmented by prostitutes wearing pepe undies.
I do not however like shills coercing people into hopium they don't understand. Back XRP if you want. Hope for 2k if you really want but know its limitations and the reality of the situation. It's a safe bet for a stable coin but the moonshot you're being promised is for another day with another project. If you're destitute hoping to god it happens to make any money there's much better ways to spend your time.
If you believe in the tech and want to stick with it long term then based.

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I mean, they opened up an office in Washington DC for a reason. Pic related is a former counselor to the secretary of the treasury department, and he is one of the many of this kind on Ripple's board.

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>In 10 years a single asteroid anywhere near our same orbit has a massive chance of baring an absolute fuck ton of gold

Asteroid mining won't be viable for at least 20-30 years

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>7 posts by this ID
If you don't like XRP then don't buy. Easy as that.

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>how dare you have a discussion and talk about something you're invested in
>didn't even read the posts
You're a part of the problem you illiterate pajeet

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lol were going to the moon Bois

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Having a discussion with someone who is getting paid to shill and doesn't even consider your arguments . Yeah I rather spend my time on shitposting ma dude.

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Yeah, I won't be losing much either even if it sinks to zero. But even so, XRP looks very promising to me. Also:
>buy this site out from Hiro to ban coomers
Based. I hope it moons even if just because of this.

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how can I get paid to shill?
I want to invest in the shill market.

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And no I stopped reading when you started talking about astroid mining. Brainwashed goy.

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Don't know fren, I applied but they didn't accept me. So now I'm going to expose them. Writing my thread on /pol/ atm.

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>And no I stopped reading when you started talking about astroid mining. Brainwashed goy.
Can you explain to me the implications of this? I read about it before but I don't really get how it wouldn't be a problem we'd eventually overcome considering. 20-30 years time everything will be unrecognizable tech wise if we keep following the same trend so I kinda see what he was saying

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holy shit

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You are probably the most level headed guy posting here about xrp. 2k is retarded, it's just a dumb meme similar to Chainlink 1k eoy.

It's tough being a bag holder of xrp. I bought a huge bag at 32 cents in 2019 but others bought in at the top like you did and they are patiently waiting to get their money back. Many have given up and dropped their bags to make money on other mooning crpytos.

The good news for you is that I'm pretty certain xrp will go to $2.50 and higher. If btc goes to 80-100k xrp is going to $10-20, hated or not. I'll be selling half my bags as it hits $3.00 and more as it climbs towards $8-10.

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u can buy this ripple thing and get dumped on by some jew. or u can buy rsr sxp and link, at least 10x ur money

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Also try this if you live in the US.
Remember the Black Swan events?

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3 and a half

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I should clarify I bought in -after- the crash around 40c or so. Not really too bothered just holding due to mentality. Same strategy as you though

Fucking great point I just get angry at shills tricking people. In regards to the radiation belt thing I understand where you're coming from. I just don't believe it'll be an issue in the future. I hold the same mentality I've always had with crypto. I'm investing in a future 30-40 years down the line because of the tech. I hold bags of certain coins for what they represent and the eventual gains to be had. Making money is easy with low cap shit like I said. That part is done. If this thread doesn't die before you post that exposure piece link it here by the way.

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big if true

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Perhaps you are right and they will do find a way to pass the Van Allen Radiation belt. But then you just confessed that they never went to the moon.. Or did the Van Allen Radiation belt came into existence after the 70's?

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how does 30c sound

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Anon it really offends me if you think I'm just a shill who isn't arguing in good faith, considering I was the only one doing that with you. That said, I'm a newfag from /lit/. Can you elaborate on this?
> Making money is easy with low cap

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Longtime hold is also my strategy. They will always win (temporarily). It's all been planned.
>To save Apple, then known as Apple Computer from bankruptcy, Bill Gates bought $150 million of non-voting shares in Apple Computer and offered Apple free-access to use Microsoft Office, which at the time was the primary software computer users demanded, on Mac PCs. This historic move saved Apple from bankruptcy.

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Wouldn't you like to know? Why don't you go reed a book bout it or something lmao u nerd

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Low market cap coin is 0.0000001 cent. People buy in, Market cap raises coin becomes worth 0.5 cents.

Basically that. There are more variables tho but it's mostly that.

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I'm saving my reading time for more important things. :) Making money is done during breaks.

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Based off of the UHNWI, supposedly 2k by EOY

>> No.21585169

I see. Then the problem would be to figure out which low cap coin people would buy in. I'll have to take a look at these shitcoins.

>> No.21585321

>4000+ cryptos out there
>99% are complete scams
>j-j-just buy a low market cap gem anon, everyone's becoming millionaires that way!
>someone cashes out $100 from low cap, price tanks 80%

what could go wrong.

>> No.21585323

Most of them are literal pump and dump schemes to be fair. So watch out with that. I'd rather spend 80% of my portfolio in longtime holding and with the 20% you can take more risks like putting money in shitcoins. Easy come, easy go.

>> No.21585552

Yeah, I can't be very easy.
Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation anon.

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4k holder here, $.50-$1.00 eoy

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>All positive gains from yesterday is now gone
Every fucking time

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WHY would the elites let YOU have a giant piece of their new global currency

its very obvious how this is going to play out
these ripplekikes string everyone along with the idea that xrp is going to be the new global currency
meanwhile they are dumping their xrp in order to get the NETWORK in place which is the actually important aspect
meanwhile they are using this xrp as an asset to pay for adoption
meanwhile they are pumping this xrp asset to schizos to keep the price up so they can dump for more money and pay more for adoption into the network
once they've dumped their own xrp and established the network they release a new currency that the elites hold the vast majority of and say its necessary because its more secure and faster
the cRipples die and cry

>> No.21586005

Never bet against the jew in finance. It's bad business.

>> No.21586113

Banks in Australia are removing their ATMs and trying to stop the banking runs from happening

>> No.21586156

between $4 and $8, take profits before it bottoms around $1.5

>> No.21586183

because most crypto hiring happens on craigslist

>> No.21586193

Where does the liquidity for this new currency come from?

>> No.21586375

usage by the network
they can again keep 50% of the overall currency and then send out a reasonable amount to all of the banks and companies signed up for the new program to cut out all of the youtube and 4chan schizos
if its going to be used for remissions, which is what even the schizos say, the price is completely irrelevant

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You seem awfully hateful towards those holding xrp for someone under the guise of helping the ignorant.

The amount of people who hold any significant amount of xrp is miniscule in the grand scheme of things and the infastructure is designed around using a single currency: xrp. It makes no sense to shed time and money making an "elitist" currency, and how would that generate any value? If it's not tied to xrp as you state and the masses use xrp - there's nothing to be gained holding it. The gains would be generated from holding a currency that will see drastic change in price due to boom in trade volume / demand: xrp

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good take. Im still throwing 100$ in because of Flare.

>> No.21586561

But there aren't many of us schizos to make it worth to do that, you know. They could have already been holding vast amount of xrps even before it caught our attention. And if not, a few really bad dumps (like the one in 2018) would weed out most of the non-elite.

>> No.21586659

It doesn't matter, most people who would become wealthy from this don't have the knowledge, wisdom or skills to maintain the wealth. Would likely be where they are now after a few years.

>> No.21586661

I agree, anon. A few new millionaires are just too small in the grand scheme of things

>> No.21586668

what do you mean? they get to convert ALL OF THEIR CURRENT HOLDINGS INTO CASH
then create a new version that they again hold 50% of.
It's a gigantic net benefit to the elites in charge of this thing.
It makes no difference to the network folks who are not investing in this and are instead hoping to make exchange fees.
It cuts out schizos like you who they would do ANYTHING to keep down.
Why WOULDN'T they do it?

>> No.21586805

And show the world they will start the new system rigged against them from the start?

>> No.21586809

Never said anything of the sort directed towards you anon.
>Can you elaborate on this?
Sure. Every single day there is a metric fuck ton of new crypto projects - majority scam - that are created. When you're playing this game the matter of whether it's a scam or not doesn't entirely matter - pnd or flat out lie. What you do is look up low market cap coins, read the whitepaper if there is one and based on your own judgement place a bet on where you think the price will be in a week or twos time. As you do it more often you get a lot better at it. I'm not talking big investment here. 100 squids can turn into a couple of grand and so on. I'm simplifying a shit ton but if you have the free time it's something you have to spend hours watching and estimating. Pulling out when the time is right etc. Think your long term crypto strategy massively condensed.
The best part about it however is that doing this you sometimes come across projects that stand out quite noticeably and you have an opportunity to buy extremely cheap. It's how I found out about Kleros before the token sale and was ready to pump money in for the big ass return it resulted in. Half my stack funded the other coins while still having a wallet in top 500 ready for its progression

>> No.21586814

that kike david schwartz said some dumb shit about his dumping "oh i made a deal with my wife that I have to"
eat my fucking ass david schwartz. you know xrp isnt the longterm currency.
if xrp was the longterm currency it would be fucking mooning. instead its flat. why? who are the sellers? I only see bulls. THE SELLER IS THE RIPPLE COMPANY, (OBVIOUSLY)

>> No.21586873

It's already fucking obvious isnt it?
How many people do you know that care?
I don't know a single one in fact I've lost all of my friends for pointing it out.

>> No.21587072

But here's the thing, this is basically digital gold, countries aren't going to just accept one token that gets magicked up overnight making the creator insanely wealthy. Unwhi I believe even mentioned that the escrow wallets would be donated. But please continue your fud.

>> No.21587428

What's the story behind it dropping to 11¢ in March?

>> No.21587663

this. Most XRP bags have moved to shitcoins.

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>what is it's predicted EOY?

>> No.21588214

what are some of your long term holds and is now a good time to buy in?

>> No.21588281

Damn, efocetrism, people activly buying/trading crypto is like 0.0015-0.00015% of the world (and it isnt even that liquid) I bet they see us als lice or maggots in their plan, a nuisance but at the end of the day, meh
>Were months/years ahead of the curve

>> No.21588293

realistically i see about 2 bucks. this based on BTC going to 25K eth going to about 1k, and ltc about 150. there looks to be a nice bullrun coming and the old school boys will rise but there will be some insane pops not related to them. chainlink reminds me highly of IOTA when it took 4th back in 2017. it will crash. hard. but it may run up to 3rd or second before that. meanwhile something stupild like BAT or AMPL will go +2k percent gain

>> No.21588593

I unirocally have no hope for my fellow goyim. I just wanna be /comfy/

>> No.21588631

why does xrp price stay the same?

>> No.21588659

getting a AMPL suicide stack just because it's dumping so hard rn.

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RYoOk and KIR9 in id, we're about to witness the coming of the new world

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Because they are accumulating?

>> No.21588747

Stable coin, it's a stablecoin.

>> No.21588770

Oh yeah forgot about Corona

>> No.21588981


Idiot. There are so many diamonds on earth that they are beyond worthless, but the output is controlled to keep the price high. Look it up.

>> No.21589067

>we will just mione asteroids
hahahahahahahahahaha yea ok buddy

>> No.21589112

If it transfers so quickly they could do all their accumulating in one day.

>> No.21589520

flabby-armed cope

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Hey frens,

I have a nice stack of XRP, but I'm also looking at building a stack of XLM.

Should I bother with Stellar, or put everything into XRP?

>> No.21590024

Thank you very much for the explanation anon (posting on phone so going to lose the ID).

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Algo, xlm, xrp, and xdce will cover all your bases.

>> No.21590675

>Algo, xlm, xrp, and xdce will cover all your bases.

>> No.21590782

Not too late at all fren, just in time. Also forgot to mention IOTA. Xdce is extremely cheap right now but I expect xrp will have the largest and fastest return.

>> No.21590858

>Space mining
Holy fuck, sign me up.

>> No.21590872

XLM is literally a shittier version of XRP.
Don't bother, accumulate XRP for bigger gains.

>> No.21590886


>> No.21590915

Im ready to buy and forget about it, for years if need be. have 2600 xrp @ .2 and 1500 of curio which I'm up on aswell.

would $300 of each be a good start? or shjould i double down on xrp?

>> No.21591001

this is the only realistic answer in this thread, though i'd say more like 25 cents

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Someone post the XRP ARMY RANKS PLS

>> No.21591316
File: 802 KB, 903x1692, xrp_army_ranks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here you go guys

>> No.21591340

>do want you want as long as you don’t hurt anybody
>beats his wife

>> No.21591371

lol at XRP doing 10x is FUD

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I remember when these XRP shills were laughing at chainlinks dump and they seem quiet now, must be that inevitable dump back to 30 cents that shut them up lol

>> No.21591459

This, XRP is doing x10000.

>> No.21591883

There is no update coming and this shit is going straight to zero

>> No.21591927

>There is no update coming and this shit is going straight to zero
sorry, wrong thread based frens

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