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No one remembers this cause they’re all newfags

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HAHAHAHAHA right next to the bathroom

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ah yes...how the original 'stinky linkies' began...i'll never forget the run up from 25 cents to 62 cents...this entire board was spammed saying it would hit $1....then it crashed from 52 back all the way down to 30 cents in a matter of minutes and half of biz lost 50% of their funds that day.

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Anyone that was around when this was a prevalent meme knows that ChainLink is a scam.

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true. good thing i didnt fall for the sibos pump and dump. this shit has been a scam from the start

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uhh have u seen the price lately?

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>he doesnt know about the coordinated pump & dump
there's a reason Sergay has no transparency regarding his 65% premine

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cope and seethe

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19 dollar stable coin

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