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if youre in ampl you need to get out now. the team is making a donation to the ecosystem fund but really they are giving the money to Brian Armstrong who is very angry about not being able to sell all of his tokens last month during the monthly dump party. so the AMPL team got together and to appease Mr Armstrong, they decided to "gift" the "ecosystem" $10M, which is really going straight into Armstrong's pocket.

please, be smart with your investments next time and don't pick scams. AMPL will ruin many fresh newbies here and i dont want to see that happen. you guys were good to me with LINK.

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thank god you posted. I was about to buy more, now at least I know to sell. What do you think I should buy instead sir?

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I just bought... shall I sell now sir

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>out of the kindness of our good hearts

kill yourselves for real

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Thanks, just bought more.

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Check out Ethverse

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thank you for your advice OP

i just sold my stack

buying some LINK now

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Are you just making shit up now

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sell now and look into bitbean
it solves the layer2 web3 traffic transaction clog artillery problem
it is the sleeper token

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I'm so underwater right now that I couldn't give a shit if it somehow goes to 0 which is impossible but you get what I mean. Just let them get it over with, I don't give a fuck, not selling

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holy shit why isnt /biz/ talking about this tech

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You are blowing the lid on this thing. Retards on biz just cant keep quiet

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I was waiting for LINK style FUD that we saw in the early days in order to confirm that this is indeed the next big thing. Thank you, OP. I feel comfy now. I didn't hold my LINK because of all of bullshit here, but this time I won't make the same mistake.

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sounds like a "chainlink" style FUD post

which actually means

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Next big thing confirmed by Link style FUD.

Thank you OP!

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whales wallet addresses are higher than ever now, they are literally stealing AMPL from weak PAJEETS

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The fudometer is off the scale something must be happening soon...buying more.

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Ample in top 100 not listed on major xchanges or cuckbase

in top 100.

it'll 10x by new year

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This was this most elaborate scam I've seen on biz.

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The first test pump without major exchanges was already 4$.

10x would be 6$ only at current price.

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We're going to make it. We are the next LINK.

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Smart people buy the blood on the streets.

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Sir thank you for posting this information I have just sold every AMPL. Now what should I purchase instead?

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Nice FUD, always do the opposite of biz.

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AMPL is like the VIX

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Wtf thanks OP I just sold all of my ampl and bought XRP

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shitcoin i bought yam.

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You two are so fucking lost. Especially yam? Are you tapped in the head?

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You've sold the next big thing, for a dead shitcoin, I hope you know that? Please remember this moment for the rest of your life, never forget.

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thanks just bought 100k

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Holy shit biz is full of disabled retards wtf happened to this place wow, I'm serious

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oh nonononono just wait till you see the



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I have 32 AMPL worth $20. Is it worth selling or should I just let it rot in my wallet?

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how does $2000 eoy sound?

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What an absolute mong of an individual you are baka

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Just bought 5000 more ampl thanks

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Wtf thanks anon I just sold all my XRP and bought ampl again

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Armstrong thought he could get string some Ivy League NPC onions boys together to shit out something like looked like crypto but was just garbage.

What an asshole.

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My mom just came into my room and told me to sell my 20 ampl but gas fees cost more than they are worth, what do I do OP?

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yeah expect there's fags saying buy and fags saying sell. so???

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AMPL is going to crash to zero because of countercyclical pressure. If you read the white paper you would understand? As the price goes lower you get to buy less of a share of the market cap so it's in your interest to sell below $1 and buy above $1. The lower it goes the less ampl you can buy because if negative rebase. Brilliant scam.

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I can't believe I sold all of my link for this shitcoin

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Ampl is never coming back, just swallow your pride and sell

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It's just another premined ERC20 shitcoin that any asshole could make. Yam copied it perfectly in like 10 days.

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on yam: consider that the ampl geyser reached about 57 million in liquidity at the peak, yes? yam reached 42 million in one day.

it failed, yes, but the above fact should signal something to you. the real big dick chads and degens in defi care about distribution and you should, too. ampl is 90% owned by vc. 90. and they have proven they will relentlessly dump on you.

yams were "free" to farm. it was what ampleforth should/could have been but never will because they kept 90 fucking percent for themselves. obvs not saying to buy yam, but consider its implications.

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>The lower it goes the less ampl you can buy because if negative rebase.
>The lower it goes the less ampl you can buy
Never change /biz/

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And now what AMPL was supposed to me is being released from a fork of YAM but with actual competent devs and an audit , it's HAM

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This fud gives me the hope I needed not to sell. Thank you

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based. golden rule - always do the opposite of what the biz says

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Same here, I feel much better after reading this thread. Good going

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Actually this is interesting

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Same bro, same

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its under 60 cents COME ON DUDE

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I made 60k off of 5k
sorry niggers>>21498816

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What most anons don't understand about AMPL is that the money you lose from negative rebase go into the dev wallets. They take money from the treasury to pay out positive rebases but when it goes into negative rebase all those ampl go to a bunch of slush fund addresses, just like Hex. Ampl exists only to enrich the devs.

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If this is true can we report them to the SEC? Do you have proof?

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Who in their right mind would be selling right now at 59 cents, Jesus .

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sold this POS at a 16k loss

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1 cent EOY

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People who are watching other coins moon and realize the opportunity cost of holding this scamcoin

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You think they'll sell now LOL
Guy's going to HODL, push for new listing, pump the F out of it and then mb dump after another >1000% pump.
>almost reached the 120-140M mcap target
>FUD on /biz/
>expect new listing and HUGE PUMP soon

Price always goes back to 1, even if it would require Mcap to drop 98%.
Understanding this you can see that performance if you buy/sell @ 1$ = increase in supply
>Supply chart is BULLISH AF
>RIP idiots who bought @ 4$
>Pls post more FUD thx

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At least you didn't lose it all like the retards in this thread who are holding all the way to zero

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probably the only time worth buying a suicide bag is when it's at a few cents. i know some anons made bank on it but only because they were smart enough to trick other low iq anons to buy their bags above the $1 (((peg)))

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desperate cope, good luck anon fren, i hope you don't KYS when it hits 1-2 cents, im sure it can recover after that just HODL

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Then ppl are retarded because you’re not supposed to throw money at coins that are already mooning , the idea is to throw money into a coin that has been dumping and is due for a pump

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weeeeew lad
theres plenty real fud, you dont have to pull ridiculous dumb shit out of your mongoloid ass.

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Me, I just sold all of mine and bought link

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LMAO, this thread is full of low IQ indians that got YAMMED and are now butthurt.
See you at 1B marketcap.

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gotta shake out them paper handed faggots somehow.

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Nearing the bottom price support. Only way is up now.

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How do you get your money out from the geyser?

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Links to these wallets?

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i think you can contact Ampleforth customer service, they have a hotline, and they can help you. but i did hear that once your tokens are in the geyser they cannot be taken out without fear of the whole system collapsing (like a bank run). so i dont know anon.

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>Has inside information about one of the more innovative inventions in an emerging tech space.

>Is unable to properly capitalize words.

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https://cryptokek.com/ampl-ampleforth-daily-stats/ (whales tab)


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>Yam copied it perfectly
Is this bait?

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