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FUCK. Even if i have 20k, deposit 1k/month with 1% interest rate, It would still take fucking 20 years to be millionaire.

Any god daytraders can PLEASE HELP me? Unfortunately i can only trade in bovespa(brazilian stock market) and I dont want to have a wage cuck boss anymore. So PLEASE if anyone can help me sucessfully daytrade and levarage hmu

Discord: RandomOne#2873
KIK: RandomTheorist

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Please, someone

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put it all on TOB

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If you want fast gains unless you're a true visionary the stock market isn't for you. It's a game of patience where nerves of steel are required. Gambling on shitcoins might be more your speed

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Time travel back to 2017 and buy link. Or you can buy pnk now.

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I know this is usually an inflammatory board but i hope some anon takes you under his wing and helps to show you the ropes

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Put it all in on link. Will reach 100 eoy

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I tried to be the visionary but failed miserably, now im searching for one that is willing to teach me.

Thank you

Even fi reach 100 eoy i'd have 100k and would need to gamble with another shitcoin, too much of a high risk

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Buy Kleros, Link and Ethereum. Wait a year. God speed anon.

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1. Put your cash in a broker with access to US markets
2. Buy NVDA and BABA 50/50
3. Sell everything in 4 days

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Having 100k in the bank if you're a poor fag is life changing. It litetally alters your perspective completely alters your risk/reward process in a very lucrative way. Getting to 100k is a bigger paradigm shift than 1m. Trust me.

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This the financial freedom paradigm

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I'll be there, and off neetbux soon enough anons (i hope)

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Yeah, i know but im thinking higher and faster

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redpill on the logic

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4 days till the Q2 earnings call for the defacto monopoly of gaming GPUs, deep learning development kits (CUDA, cudnn) & cloud computing GPU accelerators.
Covid quarter was generous to gamers & wfh software engineers. Do the math.

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Day Trading = Dumb Money

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Dont u think there is atleast 1 person successful with daytrading? Im almost sure there is

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True anon

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Of course, but thats the trap.

Good luck if you want to day trade with zero edge from your room. With 150 IQ+ maybe, and luck.

Still, crypto better idea with such a small amount of capital. Then move the earnings into solid stock investments if anon risk is that way in his mind ect

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god fucking damn it I wish one person would tell me what 10x+ pump is coming next so I can be free
literally just drive away and be free

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I tried to be the visionary/genius but failed miserably, now im searching for one that is willing to teach me.

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I turned 200 into 300 without much thought. From now on I'll be dumping half my cheques into shitcoins and actually studying the market. I missed out on Orchid yesterday and I'm beating myself up over it.

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Thats the whole point of this post.
Its just my stupid hope
I feel you

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put it into the ycrv vault on yearn.finance.

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Buy litecoin and hope for a 2x

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Probably no one capable would share their strategy, if they shared with me i shared with someone else (which i wouldnt) the strategy might get busted bcs there are lot of people using it. And he gains nothing from helping me, perhaps just some kind of momentary satisfaction

But a man can dream

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Thats the catch, there is no strategy, only hope and luck.

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More demand raises the price
And if you're using options to short, the more demand for those options you are holding the better

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Just buy 100k PNK and hold till 2025. Should be worth around 1.5million by then.

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Probably no one capable would share their strategy, IF they shared with me and i shared with someone else (which i wouldnt) the strategy might get busted bcs there are lot of people using it. And he gains nothing from helping me, perhaps just some kind of momentary satisfaction

But a man can dream

I think there are actual strategies, even if the strategy is getting inside info

Depends on the strategy. If someone knew your strategy and traded based on it, you MIGHT get fucked

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You think if it was that easy, we'd tell some random dude on the internet?

As a wagie myself, I've come to a conclusion that only escape is "slow and steady wins the race"

That is, be a wagie, but save and invest as much as possible every paycheck into 401k / ira / brokerage account. Put the shit into diversified market ETF. Long term compounding of dividends is the only thing that will save us wagies. only thing tho is that we have to wage slave years before we;d have enough saved up to escape the life of a wagie. good luck fren

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That would average 7% of gains per month, if you can ride almost all bumps and dumps in the market you could make that way faster

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I mean sure, day trading can make you rich much faster but more likely it will make you poor. 90% of traders lose money, proven fact.

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Average dividend payout for Bovespa is 4.4%. Thats pretty good. Why not take all from your 1% savings account and put it into Embraer or EDP or Petrobras?

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thanks for the advice

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Why do people about life like their situation is unique? Man has done this for literally ever. And before that, man just died way younger.
There's also literally always a way out and thats suicide. The philosophers ultimate question.
Regardless, either do it or don't, life that is. That's it.

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>1% interest rate
A basic bitch ETF like SPY or QQQ will get you more like 7%, even averaging in the bad times. Redo your calculations taking that into account. You're going to make it, fren.

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would throwing say 7-8k at SPY be a good idea for someone thats in their early 20s?

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Most of the traders are youtube are paid sponsors of TD ameritrade, Shwab, Intereactive broker ect or their trading with a large account where even if they make 1% per day they are making thousands of dollars. The most successful traders are people who swing trade when a sector/stock are cheap while working a 9-5...


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imagine thinking someone will help a guy from brazil.. just go to the forest and burn some trees you fucking piece of shit

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How about an 8x like link?

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There are times when I would ignore both this thread and your questions, but you both caught me at a time when I'm feeling a bit more giving, so here you go streamable.com/xomcmu
don't let other anons see it.

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That boomer bullshit is why you're poor and we're not. You still have some time to turn your failed ways around though.

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Or just buy Chainlink and hold. I'm so close to fucking making it now, it's driving me mad.

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This thread is cancer.
>OP: I don't want to wage cuck
>Redditfags: JuSt wAgeCucK fOr 50 YeARs & InVeSt in SPY

OP, just buy cryptos like the rest of /biz/. I put in $1k (all I had at the time), I now have $120k from Link & a few other things. That took like a year. Now I'm able to buy much better positions and hope to reach $5 million by 2022 & retire. Other anons have already been through that process & escaped entirely. The world is falling to bits, everything is shit & being a wagie is fucking slavery. You need to take a big risk or 2 to break free.

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