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>6 different boards for video games
>still no dedicated crypto board
>"Welcome to /biz/ - Business & Finance
This board is for the discussion of topics related to business, economics, financial markets, securities, currencies (including cryptocurrencies)."
>This board is just crypto now

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yes, i agree

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and /b/ is just porn now, so go complain about /b/

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stop fucking complaining and make a thread about the bus & fin topics you want to discuss. dont expect to be spoonfed. also crypto is unironically the future if bus & fin - wake tf up & stop living in the past

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/b/tards have always been about porn and shit ever since I first visited the board back in 2007, they don't count.

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>implying I am not heavily invested in crypto

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/biz/ always has been and always will be a crypto board
back to r/wallstreetbets little zoom zoom

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Who the fuck cares about /b/? Business and finance are actual topics that can inspire intelligent discussion but having to sift through 100 "buy faggotcoin" threads ruins that.

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Stop deluding yourself and acting like you have been here long

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Agreed, LINKies need to fuck off to their own containment zone.

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This is the dedicated crypto board
It was made to contain the bitcoin spam on /g/

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I've been here longer than you
le eternal newfag

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Which is the perfect reason to contain the crypto spam once again
Sure if /vidya can have 6 different board, /biz/ can have another one
I know there are many great anons here, who made it big or want to make it big, including with crypto

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biz is all crypto. at most you have 3 non crypto threads: smg, pmg and something abt hating women or current events or something. the rest is faggots like you shilling shitcoins. and none of the threads get over 20 replys. a crypto board is completely unnecessary.

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2 boards about sport (sp, asp)
2 board about politics (news, pol)
2 boards about international banters )(int, bant)
7 boards about video games
6 board about weebshit
3 boards for faggots (cm, lgbt, fa)
There is even a board about origami

Why does Hiro hates us?

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Fair point, guess once again, it's all about jannis not doing their job

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They literally made /biz/ because of chainlink

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Where is iHaz

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it's better to have everything in one place retards - biz is richer & more vibrant when crypto threads are mixed in with more general threads about life & money, loneliness and hope, love and hate etc. trying to split it up into separate boards wouldnt make it any better. people moaning about there being too much shitcoin spam are obviously new - biz has always been like this, and it's for the best as it keep normies out! oh wait, it must be them complaining. either start your own thread on business & finance topics you want to discuss or GTFO. if no one finds your threads interesting, that's your problem

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>This board is just crypto now

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The only additional board that would make sense to me would be adding an internet celeb board aka /incel/
Biz should be split, but we do desperately need flags.

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