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I'm about to FOMO half of my life savings into one of the following cryptos:


Which one should i buy?

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>not xrp

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Are you some sort of "special" child?

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Money snake

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LTC for sure.

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where do u think the other half is in?

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XRP 5k eoy

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Checked and based do PNK next

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Anon, I don't wanna put you down but all those options are pretty bad desu. Have you thought about buying gold?

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BTC. because it will for sure make you wealthy.
XLM. because it will also for sure make you wealthy but also it’s ballsy.

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yes i've thought about gold and silver, but i need a shorter term investment, i want to cash out this year

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Life savings op? Please just place 70% into BTC and 30% into ETH. Wait 1 year and cash out. Don't fall for the XRP/XLM/LTC meme.

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All in LTC without a question
It's the only crypto that can actually change the world.

Comfy af..

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If you insist on one of the four you listed, just get boomercoin and don’t check the price for five years.

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Ltc but only until it has its annual pump above .01 which seems inevitable with mimblewimble test net coming in September. Prob dump it for btc sometime in December or January.

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But you could pick better alts to go half your life savings in on. Algo , link, tezos for example.

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It's centralized but who gives a shit, profit off of the jews running the system then use the dosh to do fun things and make a good life for yourself

We gonna make it boys

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Eth nigger

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10x by eom easy.

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Algo you brainlet

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Eth is the best bet out of the four you listed.

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Its an idiotic bitcoin clone taking up space in the top 10 because oldfags can't let go

Just put it in ETH

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ETH is here to stay no matter. There is a major case of sunk cost.
Might be worth it after the US government confiscated the "terrorists' crypto".

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Depends how soon you wanna make it. VXV.

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Owner post here, thank you all for your comments. Just want to make you guys know that after reviewing your replies, im a proud holder of 109ETH now. Wish me luck and please dont dump on me.
My boomer ass is literally shaking right now.

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You’d be wise to put some of that into PNK, friend.
Kek’s orders, not mine.

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