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>tfw 24
>net worth only 250k

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>tfw 22
>net worth only 104k

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fuck off with this humblebrag shit

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>tfw 17
>net worth only 750k

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>tfw <100k

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Not for long.

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tfw when 16, networth 2 m

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>only worth $25 mil

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>tfw net worth 4.5 million

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Average net worth at your age is $9000 anon. Quit being a humblebragging faggot.

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>only $320,000
>most is link

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>TFW 23
>Net worth only $250,000,000,000,000k

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gumjob time

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>TFW 102
>networth only 23057515010503285860148760919285612653478328910571458436571468981916761495694562657345347591649186945634756345734657436573465746574625329432842429104389124123480257125873426345653485637456347562568932740343110901235295395730535604506986079865097869076846187145561417236482375453987442392432020856050562849306785299fuck niggers29589713469345107703468234962360813891691256803600346396591571587257634985569849780890967756324`5654758657657574523454568086435 Thousand and 52 cents.

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>only 800k trust fund
fucking bullshit, how the hell am I supposed to make it with this?
anybody else here born screwed? lazy ass boomer parents weren't even trying

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Fuck all of you people who make these humblebrag threads

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>Net worth: whatever's left of this month's neetbucks

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>tfw you will get banned

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>tfw 21
>net worth only 11k link

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>tfw 28
>net worth only $102k

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>tfw 22
>net worth only 470k

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That moment when only 9inch cock, 6.3’ tall and 2 million dollars at age 20. Seriously I am going to blow my brains out. Fuck this Earth...

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>twf 12
>net worth only 2 billion

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>tfw 4 years old and only 10 billion networth
I never even had a chance

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>newfag here
>Tfw 21
>poor college student
>tfw less than 2k net worth
>tfw been sittin on co(v)id bucks(~410 freedom dollas weekly)
>made €70 reichmarks from chainlink in a few days
>IGMI eventually
>pic related is me with you big boys

Any genuine advice anons?
Thank in advance

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Decide if you can risk losing $70k, if no then sell

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Oh I misread lol. I guess learn how to invest for when you get real income, you will make it one day

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Fuck off OP.

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tfw when 14 only 7.5 mil net WORTH!

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>tfw 26 and -$260k net worth

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>27k net
im NGMI arnt i??
Ive neeted my youth away

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>21 only 42k
I’m not going to make it am I

just be truthful

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not with that attitude you won't

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>Only L5 at a FAANG company, couldn't get into a hedge fund
>Only making 210k a year with a 90k bonus per year
>Only 750k in stocks and 300k in crypto
>Only have a girlfriend with brown hair and brown eyes instead of blonde hair and blue eyes
i've wasted my life bros it is truly over for us

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23 worth 3k here. Watch out for me, I'm coming for the top.

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26 worth $500 + a nice guitar here

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Nigger my networth is my link holdings and my computer parts, kys

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>34k networth

If you count the house my dad built and gave me the deed to to it's 134k, but it's not really mine to sell and use.

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>tfw 1
>net worth only 9.75m

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i was worth 250k at 24 too
then i was worth 20k at 25

take profits anon

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>tfw 20
>still in college
>net worth only 40k

It's over bros

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proof or gtfo

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In 2017 I had to lend my GF £3500 that I was planning on spending on Link.
Could only buy 1000 Link at the time with the money I had left.

She still hasn't paid me back. Always one shitty excuse after another.

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24 and I feel like a fucking loser

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