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Okay /biz/ I know you like to act dramatic and whine like entitled little faggots when shit doesn't go your way, but listen very closely. Like it or not, but the high ETH gas price is a by product of it's extreme success. ETH 2.0 is somewhere between 2 and 4 months away, and there is layer 2 solutions ready right now which can be implemented by individual platforms like uniswap or aave (and I'm expecting news about this any day). So look past your frustration and please realize that if you are not accumulating ETH as much as you can in the next months you are being really, really foolish

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Big Boss!

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nice copy paste bro

I agree with the fact that ETH will not have value in the same way that BTC has value. But it's a different kind of value. ETH is used A LOT. With 2.0 being months away and layer 2 solutions ready, you know that any serious business will either wait for 2.0 or implement a layer 2 solutions sooner than migrate their whole shit to another chain (which when millions of dollars are at stake will probably take longer than ETH2.0 with the levels of testing and security needed). The amount of ETH being used in cobination with tons of it being locked in staking when 2.0 comes out will make price skyrocket

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