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With all the chainlink excitement spam I'm not seeing any for my sweet sweet TayTay's.

May solid gains be in your future friends

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I'm here, anon. I've always been here.

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>he thinks a single settlement layer among thousands with little to no enterprise adoption can compete with the agnostic middleware that services every settlement layer

You chose the wrong project anon, I dont know what to tell you. Godspeed

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xtz is due for such a big run. love tezos.

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Ah I think more than tripling my investment is pretty good so far anon, not chainlink level gains but hey

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Like I said, a single settlement layer among thousands. Congrats on the gains, gains are gains. Make sure to realize them before this shitcoin is out of the top 20. You realize 85%+ of on chain transactions are purely baking related? Some would call this a ghostchain kek

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cool dude, most of your text is greek to me, you sure seem to like chainlink though lmao

I just like to see da numbah go up

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I love Chainlink. but get yourself 1000xtz before it’s the EUs and China’s settlement layer. Eth is over.

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opps my bad OP. got switched around. continue on my blessed xtz brother

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Cool, where are all the devs building on Tezos? There are none.

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