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BNT has seen explosive price action over the past two weeks following the successful release of the Bancor v2 beta on Ethereum mainnet . After finding support @ $1.30 BNT made a major move up, increasing over 100% & hitting $2.80 last week. BNT has since retraced to the $2.25 range & looks to be recoiling before testing new yearly highs. The current price consolidation presents an immediate opportunity to scale in to BNT before a major run-up. Extremely bullish AAX technical analysis indicates BNT's current price target is $3.15 and from there $4.20 is the next target: https://blog.aax.com/en/2020/08/10/aax-intelligence-bitcoin-bancor-cardano/

Bancor's v2, which has been praised by major tech VCs Mike Novogratz & Tim Draper, has been on a winning streak since launching its first beta liquidity pool, LINK/BNT, at the end of July. The Chainlink pool hit its $500K liquidity cap within 25 minutes of launching & facilitated over $1 million in 24 hour trade volume in its 3rd day on main net, beating all DEX competitors including Uniswap for DeFi trades & generating massive APR for liquidity providers. These milestones were achieved with only $500K in liquidity using Bancor v2's 20x liquidity amplification mechanism. Bancor has since raised the liquidity cap on the Chainlink pool to $1 million & launched a 2nd liquidity pool, REN/BNT on its v2. It is anticipated that liquidity caps on Bancor v2 pools will soon be lifted & that additional pools including ETH, LEND, ENJ, SNX & YFI will be added to Bancor v2 within the coming weeks. This will trigger a surge of liquidity into Bancor's v2 pools & drive additional positive price action around BNT. According to TokenTerminal, Bancor is generating the highest revenue and volume multiples based on market cap, making BNT the most undervalued DeFi asset even after a massive 1,000% price increase over 90 days. BNT's fundamentals and value driving model are extremely strong and the token is being considered for listing on Coinbase.

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6k stacklet reporting in
got in at 2,05 $, hope its got some fuel left

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Can u stop this?
Im still accumulating BNT during the beta V2 release.

Once the caps are lifted this shit will go wild

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>Vlad awaits v2 pool entry.

BNT is poised to become the gold standard among DEXs. Bancor’s new liquidity mining program + reflexivity scheme will allow it to grow AUM very quickly - they’re taking a page out of the SNX playbook with this. The team is also extremely hard working and the main reason for their valuation discount is their large ICO ($153M war chest). Look past this and you have free alpha as ETH maxis continue to play them down. https://defiweekly.substack.com/p/aave-credit-lines-usdc-blacklist-79f

Saying BNT will be a top 20 token is no joke. We could see this surpass BNB & possibly even pave the transition from CEXs to DEXs for the ecosystem as a whole. $50 BNT is very reasonable in the next couple years. $10 EOY. $5 in short term.

BNT is relatively under the radar, but was the top performing DeFi token in Q2 & is still the most undervalued DeFi by price to earnings (PE) ratio. The key metric VCs use to evaluate investments. https://twitter.com/RyanSAdams/status/1283499638209814529?s=20

Tim Draper & Mike Novogratz know & are invested.

Sergey Nazarov gets it & blogged about Bancor V2. Wrote it's likely to attract investment funds wanting to provide low risk liquidity on an AMM. Basically this means the founder of Chainlink sees institutional finance making a big DeFi play with Bancor V2 (uses LINK oracles in every pool) https://blog.chain.link/challenges-in-defi-how-to-bring-more-capital-and-less-risk-to-automated-market-maker-dexs/

Coinbase exploring BNT listing https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-continues-to-explore-support-for-new-digital-assets-2c5b84813fcf

BNT staking rewards coming after Bancor V2 that will create extreme FOMO to buy up & lock up most of supply, building massive price pressure. Exactly what happened with SNX in late 2019: https://blog.bancor.network/bancor-staking-rewards-ad432e5d590d

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is 4500 BNT enough to make it

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ah sry fren. DELET!

DONT READ this article about why Bancor V2 is set to shake up the DEX landscape and drive value back to BNT!!! https://tokentuesdays.substack.com/p/the-case-for-bnt-in-bancor-v2

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When the actual bull run begins and caps get lifted, this thing could very well see 20 bucks. Patience

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You've already made it anon. That BNT stack will be $4.5 million in 2021.

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is this actually a coin where we hold it for years for passive income?
every other time i've gotten excited about the prospects of passive income through staking a crypto, i get BTFO by mega dumps and shitty APR

could i unironically see $6000 a year in passive income from my 4500 BNT by 2021

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You can stake BNT and generate multiple streams of passive income, but you can also just hold and still profit. Read this article: https://tokentuesdays.substack.com/p/the-case-for-bnt-in-bancor-v2 and look into the BNT black hole: https://twitter.com/short_cirkitz/status/1273156964328095746

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if they keep the V2 pools capped until the end of august i will have 5k BNT. for my own selfish reasons i hope this happens.

but also i realize if they finish beta testing and release the beast then BNT will have price action sooner

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As has been demonstrated in the table attached, BNT is extremely bullish. The amount of momentum which BNT is carrying is huge. The first price target is at $3.15 USD. This could prove a touch block for BNT to break due to it acting as resistance numerous times in 2018. The second price target is at $4.2 USD, a move here would be a huge 71% gain. To reach this level would see BNT hit almost ATHs.

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I know those feels anon, but there's already positive price action on BNT even with capped pools. Remember, BNT was the top performing DeFi token in Q2 and this was before Bancor V2 was released. So this token can rip on its own fundamentals. What's remarkable is that BNT, even after 1,000%+ gains over 90 days is STILL the most undervalued DeFi asset by price to earnings ratio: https://twitter.com/RyanSAdams/status/1283499639484944385?s=20

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is that a website you got that jpg from?

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It’s from the article in the OP.

Here’s a another beauty of a BNT chart from TokenTerminal showing Bancor Protocol is generating the highest revenue of all DeFi protocols.

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Once these caps come off, my pants come up

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Once these caps come off, my pants come OFF

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Capbased and BNT pilled.

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Comfy Too. My bags are full. This will be next binance for DEX. 27k stack :)

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Someone is EXCITED!

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Fixed it for you anon.

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