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On the internet I act like a bigot racist sexist asshole and I troll people, yet in real life I treat everyone with respect. In interpersonal interactions I try to be kind and see everyone’s perspective.

Yet with normalfags, they preach all those values but don’t practice all of them. I don’t like going into work because all the normalfags like to have group gossip discussions about their latest target, but often I can see why the target acts the way they do. The normalfags love gossip and bullying and being absurdly mean to others, they love to complain about mundane things.

Why? Why do normalfags seem so evil? I can never figure this out, it’s really incredible to me that they will often lack any respect or humility towards those around them.

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You aren't doing your fucking job, wagie. Lay down the moral law, make them respect the 10 demandments.

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Normalfags for the most part aren't governed by any moral standards aside from the ethics of the modern world.

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Because they are animals. Filthy animals that beg to be told what to do and how to feel. They relinquish all possessions of identity, long term ambition, needs and wants in exchange for a feeling of safety.
Anon. 85% of people are literal NPCs. You think this is a joke. Most people are born without a soul. Be happy you MIGHT have a soul.

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Normies are high serotonin emotionless zombies. We are shut in computer addicts because of our dysfunctional reward system (dopamine personality), however being high dopamine means we are more empathhetic/less evil.

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I have somewhat of a secret to tell you. Who do you think will be the new world elite in like 5years or so? By that time i dont think you will need to worry about normalfags, because we the "NEET" new world order elite group will be owning like 90% of all worlds wealth, and normalfags will be gassed

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Thats interesting comparision, can you elaborate?

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Because you operate as an individual and they see themselves as a part of a larger group. I know how you feel though. I feel like all the trolling and LARPing I've done has given me the ability to see from many different perspectives.

Its probably a similar phenomena for authors who write 12 characters in a book all with unique ideas and personalities. Juggling all those alter egos turns you into an emotionally and intellectually versatile person.

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You are no where near my level. I’m 100% pol on FB. I have a bunch of random conservative friends I’ve never met who have like 5,000 friends and I blast the jews incessantly to them.

Telling them how we stopped Hitler from destroying communism and now we are paying the price for it here.

How the Jews at the fed are confiscating all our wealth through inflation.

How the deep state is Israel and Jews. They’ll call me ignorant and I’ll be like oh yeah? It’s right in front of your face stupid. (((Schumer))) (((schiff))) (((Feinstein))) and dozens more Israeli citizens in power in congress who all hate trump BTW.

I then tell them you claim to hate Marxism, yet don’t even realize you buy into the “diversity” and “equality” Marxist propaganda that leads you to think everyone is the same which means you can’t see what is right in front of your cafe in that it’s the jews who are the deep state. You’ve been brainwashed by holohoax propaganda since birth and think they are eternal victims that can’t be criticized.

I go fucking hard at them

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i don't engage in gossip and i keep my mouth shut. people fear you and respect you and your status as neutral party allows you to be privy to everything anyone says. your average normal fag is a intolerant and frustrated megalomaniac sack of shit, liberalism has always been a larp

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But I am the same as you. Troll people but totally nice and respectful. Although in person I’m losing my patience. Yesterday I walked into a convenience store without a mask and there was a white boomer paying and a pajeet behind the desk who said no you can’t come in here without a mask.... and as I’m walking out I’m like I can’t believe this faggot shit just loud enough so the boomer could hear it too.

Also, I was picking up a pizza few weeks ago and not wearing a mask towards the side and a dude tried to get the Mexicans (who like me) to call the police on me. I started laughing at him, and he called me an idiot, and I simply said “I’m not an idiot, because I don’t give a shit if you catch it.”

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Dude i think youve hit the spot, im practically socialy retarted, but i can read people really quick, about their intentions, if they are full of bullshit and such. Irl im a nice guy, and people always trust me, sometimes i think i should pull some pyramid scheme irl just to fuck up normalfag lifes. How would you materialize the ability to read people superquick and having trustworthyface?(my overall social skills are lacking)

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>your average normal fag is a intolerant and frustrated megalomaniac sack of shit, liberalism has always been a larp

Well said. Capped.

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Are you me OP? I shitpost about FUCK NIGGERS AND KIKES! all day long but two of the people I liked the most at work were two black guys, one of them acted like a normal white person and the other actually moved over here from Africa and was a comp sci major that mined BTC back in 2014. And sure, niggers are disgusting but I'm more than happy to make friends with exceptions to the rule.

Meanwhile disgusting normalfags don't even think about their actions. They hate things just for the sake of hating them without any actual justification behind it. "FUCK NAZIS!" well nazis were wiped out over half a century ago. What they really mean is "fuck anyone that disagrees with me". And this is just politics let alone things like the "can i speak to your manager?!" roasties, or women that openly use men as personal wallets, etc etc. They also have 0 interest in looking out for their family, they claim they do but when push comes to shove the average normal person wouldn't give up even $10 if it meant helping out even someone in their immediate family.

I really don't get normal people at all

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Edgy and immature. All you’re doing is alienating yourself. There’s no point.

You can’t wake anyone up, they see you as noise, static. They have to see for themselves. Maybe your trash posts will trigger someone’s interest but to be adversarial about it elicits a flight or fight response.

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god shut the fuck up you moron. Autocracy is the same whether justified by race or class

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We have had to enter like a different plane in the galaxy or something. Growing up my dad used to be such a hard ass no nonsense racist republican. He would drop N bombs semi regularly. Even before I got really redpilled I’d be like dad Michael Vick is a pretty good QB. He’d be like he’s just another nigger.

Today though? He says he likes mayor lightfoot. I’m like wtf??? Not only is she a socialist but she’s a nigger. And he’s a republican and my moms boyfriend is a left liberal. And I tell them both about redpilled shit and they are both totally against what I say despite being politically on the opposite side of each other

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I know I can’t wake them up. But it pisses some off and I enjoy that. I used to care what people think about me and I don’t give a fuck anymore

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You fulfill your shadows demand on the internet and you are probably aware of needs like this, therefore the shadow is less demanding in real life. They repress their shadow site and probably lie to themselves about needs for cruelty, cover it up by preaching loudly, and it comes out in really ugly passive-agressive behavior. Their behavior is a lot more common in modern society therefore there is an underlying group understanding which acts as a bridge for such behavior to come out and multiplies it.

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Don't kid yourself anon, you are not remotely nice and respectful

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Normal people don't care if you "go hard at them". They tune you out, you don't exist the second you disagree. There is no thought, no rationale. What you see as an "argument" no matter how well reasoned or based in reality they will only ever see it as something to wait to get passed. Like >>21283128 this anon says, they just tune you out. The second you disagree with a normal person and refuse to suck their metaphorical ego cock they stop listening.

Ironically enough, the only way to get normal people to pay attention to something is with instant gratification, usually money but entertainment can be used too. They really are like animals, and often the reward isn't much more technical than what you would use to tempt animals.

Thats because anything outside of "normal" regardless of whether it's left or right (on an extreme) is seen as a third party or trying too hard. The first rule of power is "never outshine the master". People WILL go out of their way to make your life harder if they feel inferior in any way to you. Don't forget that anon, it's the first rule for a reason

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This is an astute observation anon. Anyone you see publicly spouting moral grandstanding is almost certainly a terrible shit person. They do it to relieve their guilt they know deep down. Normals are really shit.

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itt a lot of bitterness and blissful ignorance of how patterned by propaganda you have become

if your whole life is about regurgitating things you’ve read on 4chan and patting yourself on the back over how woke you are, you’ve taken a wrong turn

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yeah we're being patterned by propaganda by discussing ideas with individuals on 4chan

the people who just watch the news and sports and regurgitate everything social media advertisers tell them? enlightened.

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You have a point.
Guys when you are intelligent and woken up from browsing chans 24/7 , never ever show your power level, always play dumb around normies, play them against eachother, be the silent spectator, always make friends with the meanest motherfucker around, never shittalk women irl or get into drama with women, learn to adapt to situation, play and look nice while in your head laughing and having images in your head murdering them with a big hammer, never pick on other loosers or outcast as you may not know what secret powers they hide too, if they ask you what you did on weekend just lie, if a topic about sex comes, lie.

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based god bless anon

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>Normies are high serotonin emotionless zombies. We are shut in computer addicts because of our dysfunctional reward system (dopamine personality), however being high dopamine means we are more empathhetic/less evil.
does this actually make sense

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and yes iFUC


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>play and look nice while in your head laughing and having images in your head murdering them with a big hammer

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You seem like the evil one anon.

Kindly fuck off.

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This is true. When I first took the redpill, it was bad. Don't drink to much if you aren't used to hiding your power level. Normal fags are literally the most pathetic lifeform on earth.

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>You fulfill your shadows demand on the internet and you are probably aware of needs like this, therefore the shadow is less demanding in real life. They repress their shadow site and probably lie to themselves about needs for cruelty, cover it up by preaching loudly, and it comes out in really ugly passive-agressive behavior.


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holy, from time to time i'm astonished by the level of basedness some people here demonstrate
also, food for thought: the average score of the people in my country on a machiavellian scale (0-100) is if i remember correctly on average 60 or somewhere around that, which means the random person i turn to on the street will be in 60 cases from a hundred a slight sociopath, which also means expert at projecting own issues with self on others, talented at blame shifting and feel no guilt at all for doing it. projecting self perceived "faults" in their personality causes a temporary relief in their self hatred, as in "that retard is even worse than us". this bellicose tendency is also the number one target of politicians because this is the easiest blind spot to manipulate (populists do this)

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keep at it mate. Ignore those traitors

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it hurts so bad bros. how do you compensate? how do you keep them from taking advantage of your level headedness? i struggle to fight back, they always act so wounded when you point out that they are unfair toward you. i know it's pathetic but i can't bring myself to stoop to their level of agression

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Marijuana and the knowledge that my magic internet money will make me richer than them one day.

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Isolate. Accumulate.

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This is the most retarded thing I've seen posted in a while. Serotonin based drugs like MDMA are LSD are correlated with happiness and empathy. Dopaminergic drugs like cocaine and meth will give you so much pleasure that you will be willing to rob or kill for more of that pleasure.

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fucking god i hate what the trump election did to this site
this was a nice place before poltards found it

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just imagine toasting pepe

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>Why do normalfags seem so evil?
Because they went through the school system which teaches then to behave this way

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i've been working from home since april. i leave my autism chamber apartment 3 times a week. once to go to the grocery store, two times to take out the trash. my gf visits me on the weekend.

at first it was making me go insane, even as an asocial spergatron. now i've come to realize i absolutely fucking hate people and i want nothing more than to move to a small town and work from home forever -- but that's not an option given my industry.

i'm now dedicating my life to real estate investing. my goal is to """"house hack"""" my first property to learn the ropes and branch out form there until i have enough cash flow to never wagecuck again, to never willingly deal with normalniggers more than i absolutely have to.

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Buy kleros and you won’t have to work

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>Anyone you see publicly spouting moral grandstanding is almost certainly a terrible shit person

They're psychos and should be avoided at all costs, they will destroy you any moment they can a whiff of power.

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lmao at the assmad faggots on biz hating on you. keep at it, brother.

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The thing that makes somebody a normie is that they NEVER question anything. Why am I poor? Why do I have an average job and an average life? Why do I spend all of my money following trends and caring about what strangers think about me like a 16 year old? And when they meet someone that does question things, it makes them feel angry and threatened because you're fucking with the bubble that they've created around themselves. They're assholes because they're too stupid to allow themselves to grow and learn new things. In their minds, they know everything, and everyone else is an idiot that they can't learn from. For normies, education stops the day after they finish college. It's a combination of laziness and fear. They're too stupid to realize that they're alive and this is probably it. There might not even be an afterlife. Life is very short, and there is no reason to not take an insane amount of risk.

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Holy shit based

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>i don't engage in gossip and i keep my mouth shut. people fear you and respect you and your status as neutral party allows you to be privy to everything anyone says.
Absolutely based.

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>For normies, education stops the day after they finish college
checked, and pretty much. A lot of really successful people have the "lifelong student" mentality where they're constantly learning new things.

I even consider shitposting on /biz/ to be a form of learning, frankly I'd be a bigger lose than I am currently without the autistics fucks telling me to buy LINK for over a year. Thankfully I listened a long time ago and did my research. Now I'm reaping the rewards. Every time I tell a normie though they just say some dumb shit like "crypto is dead xD" or "its a get rich quick scheme". Then they talk about how they wished they bought microsoft stocks 20 years ago

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drug use makes me more susceptible to manipulation. i have to stay clean to interact with them. glad you've found something that keeps you confident though.
that's all i do, but still i have to negotiate for money and to not be treated like a subhuman. my "friend" and his cunt wife who invited me for dinner literally yelled at me and said i had to sit on the ground when i went to sit on their couch because they said i'm dirty. all i could do was walk away, but i wish i had flipped their coffee table over.

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I wish you autists were my parents, being the only one not a normie in the family is just endless suffering.

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>For normies, education stops the day after they finish college
checked. I think I know what you want to say, but I do not agree completly with it.
Education for normies is just limited to whatever they got told in school and by the media and what is required from them.
I know a guy who is quite gifted in what he is doing. But he thinks he automatically knows the ultimate truth to everything, even if he didn't do a minute of research he still thinks another person can't be right, because they are all stupid in his eyes.
I fucking hate this guy so much.

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>my "friend" and his cunt wife who invited me for dinner literally yelled at me and said i had to sit on the ground when i went to sit on their couch because they said i'm dirty.
what the fuck
also mods please delete this topic

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The dunning-kruger effect

>> No.21285373

>my "friend" and his cunt wife who invited me for dinner literally yelled at me and said i had to sit on the ground when i went to sit on their couch
Were you all dirty? seems like there's something you aren't saying anon

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Absolutely based.

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Checked and very based.

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It tastes so good on Korean Air.

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You probably have non-normies in your family but they keep it to themselves.

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I had a turbo wagie old boss - typical utter cuck wagie, worked for 20 years in Big 4 firm, was then trying to get into a partner position at our firm. Pure narcissistic fuck, yet LARPed as a goodboi. When my crypto bags hit 6 figures I quit on the spot kek

>> No.21285462

thx i never got the white bald guy cartoons. it makes sense if he has cancer
>said i had to sit on the ground when i went to sit on their couch because they said i'm dirty
sorry about your cancer

>> No.21285472

Then why do I get bullied by the entire family? I just recently got my head bashed against the wall, my headphones slammed on the couch repeatedly and my TV punched the shit out for telling my younger brother to stop acting like a psycho

>> No.21285499

What the fuck? why are you friends with people like that? Do you enjoy being abused or some BDSM shit?

>> No.21285627

Yeah, like, the less I talk and just list, the more normies tell me things.

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If you have to argue with someone that is irrational just dominate the conversation. It seems retarded and doesn't really further the conversation, but most people really think that whoever speaks the most wins. Its not about the content of the conversation or the logic, but the tone and who had the most control.

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Normies are like The Last Man mentioned in Nietzche's "Thus Spoke Zarathrusta." You should read the book. If normies have an adversion to you and you don't know why, then it means you're special. It means that you aren't content with the happiness sought by The Last Man. It's why you're here in /biz/.

>> No.21285827

It's a whole lot of spouting catchphrases that they wish they could live up to, ie, "I don't care what other people think of me" and then doing everything they can to send the opposite message with their actions. Believe nothing that they say and only observe their actions. Either isolate, or dominate. Nothing in between

This is about as relevant as it gets here. We are talking about human relations

Unironically this. I remember someone made a post about this once, basically saying next time you're feeling down or frustrated or just fed up with normie shit, just visualize this smug motherfucker. And let it all melt away

we can defeat them

>> No.21285915

I’m starting to think that normie = narcissist

>> No.21285968

This. Unless they can demonstrate they have the ability to think for themselves, always argue in bad faith. It makes them seethe and probably think you won as well

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They only adhere to the standards we are all conditioned with since childhood.
Morals? Ask a ‘normal fag’ what they consider their moral code to be.
8/10 times it will be indistinguishable from the next. They will fall lock step into what we have all been indoctrinated to believe is ‘moral’ as preached by our socially responsible and equitable masters.
Doing otherwise would require free thought and a strong sense of self.
The masses are ruled by these modern codes and more so, by their emotions.
Be part of the ever shrinking pool of individuals who have a code that goes against what we are conditioned to think and act.

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Normies are crabs in a bucket. They always follow the herd and lash out at people who don't think like them or challenge their worldview. It took me a long time but I understand now how people like Soros can use his money to conduct such evil in the world. If people are fickle, they were put on this earth to be used. It's almost as if they want to be used and told what to do. I never understood how anyone in their right mind could make good money (like $80k+) per year and still be in debt by trying to flex their leased BMW on other normies, or how anyone could look at the BLM situation and not see how it's all a scam to manipulate people's emotions and push Marxism in order to eventually consolidate power.

Vast majority of people are literal NPCs with no real thoughts or feelings beyond what they are programmed for.

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no, i had been at their house a few hours helping them move furniture for their remodel. they didn't change their clothes and were on the couch, i figured it would be okay for me to do the same. i groom daily for my job, not dirty in the slightest. they have done shit like this before so i think they just see me as trash.
i don't know how to stick up for myself, and they're the only contacts i have. my parents taught me that you shouldn't fight back, they dominated me like this but a little less overt than my "friends."
i'll try this

>> No.21286459

Sounds like common NPD behavior ”Do as we say, not as we do” They want others to adhere to their standards but they themselves won’t do it

>> No.21286485

based. normies are inverse irl larpers.

>> No.21286554

it's really painful
how are you supposed to handle narcissists?

>> No.21286618

those people aren't your friends m8. Fuck them. Even if you have no one else it's not worth it continuing this for the sake of your self esteem. Tell them to get fucked

>> No.21286693

You don’t. You break contact with them as soon as you’re able to and don’t look back no matter what. Narcissists want others to be as miserable as they are, they never allow others to be happy in their presence unless they are happy themselves.

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I find it utterly terrifying how I can recognize myself in most of the normalfag depictions you've gathered in this thread. I've been browsing '''''outcast'''''websites for 8 years, of which 4chan and other alternative imageboards have composed the last 5. I'm still what some retards would call a zoomer. I lack in life experience, social intelligence, in fact I feel overwhelmed by a clear lack of everything wherever I go or whatever I do. Despite all of the time I've spent frying my dopamine receptors thanks to imageboards, cheap porn, japanese entertainment and unnaturally processed food, I still feel like I'm a sheep, and a newfag unable to reason or formulate thoughts that are actually MINE. Despite? Perhaps 'due to' would have been more fitting.

The post about only being able to look forward to something only if it was tied to instant gratification especially resonated with me. That's all I've always been now that I think about it. And it genuinely scares me, because this way of thinking has been partially responsible for my crypto failures in the last 3 months since I "seriously" decided to get into it. I never did my own research, only followed trends. Never listened or took into account legitimate investing advice, thinking I was ahead of the pack because I got lucky with MRDN once. Because I never bothered to look at things beyond a surface level, I fell victim to my emotions. I thought I was an enlightened individual for browsing pol and reading the diagrams about /x/ tier conspiracies, I thought I was on the right side for hating LGBTQ people because of their meddling targeting my hobbies, never thinking of what may be the actual cause behind their screeching. Never putting into question things like traditions, worldviews, opinions, instead seeing things as black and white. Jews vs us.

All of that gay blogposting to say this thread made me painfully aware that I was a NPC who felt superior to normalfags because I browsed a mongolian trading forum.

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Glad you woke up for a second. Now return to normal goy. You always do.

>> No.21287110

That's called growing up little zoom-zoom. You learn from making mistakes. You're probably already more intelligent than 95%+ of this board just for realizing this. Keep going, we're all gonna make it.

>> No.21287122

They're NPCs and the easiest narrative for a group is self-grooming, therefore the constant gossiping and scapegoating

>> No.21287226

Hey faggot be honest with yourself you are a socially incompetent, abrasive, asshole who has no friends. Stop putting "normies" in a separate catagory from yourself. Now let's get back to making money scamming newfags with your fellow autistic breatherin.

>> No.21287247

They sound like trash. Better to be alone then surrounded by shit.

>> No.21287293

They care about appearing to be good people, not actually being good people. You are the opposite.

>> No.21287297

The jew controls hollywood and finance, ok
Is this jew actually semitic, or khazar?
Does this jew control the military sector? (Samson Option targets Edom and is suicide)

>> No.21287314

Cut em out of your life anon. Being alone is better than being associated with people like them

>> No.21287350

Ethics are more about consistency with agreed-upon behavior, like not lying directly to somebody's face or not cheating on your spouse. Following the law. Doing what's been commanded of you. Ethics aren't really "arbitrary" and have no deeper wellspring.

Morals have some deeper motivation based on good and evil (instead of "anything goes inside the bounds of the contract").

If you were a doctor and you saved the life of your 6 year old son instead of a 99 year old boomer, not for any systematic reason but just because he is your son, that would be closer to moral behavior, but quite unethical behavior.

>> No.21287392

good shit brøther

>> No.21287424

Incredibly based thread. Fuck normalfags, most people are unironically mindless cattle taught what to think by their authority figures.

>> No.21287436

thanks for the encouragement bros. i will stop returning their calls

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LSD antagonises serotonin. You have been misled by the pharma Jew. Just like most things in today's evil clown world, reality is the inverse of mainstream programming.


>> No.21287993


Welcome to the real world, vast majority of people are shit and they ruin it all for people like you and me.

>> No.21288420

This. They choose to be ignorant sheep.

>> No.21289241

If this post is any indication, you're more intelligent and self-aware than you realize.

Keep challenging and questioning everything. Godspeed.

>> No.21289277

Its called indirect or covert aggression and is the way adults and especially women channel their aggression once they are socialized.

>> No.21289311

try working anywhere but retail

and yes, do your job, make the money, buy LINK

part of discarding the ego is accepting the mean individual has not

>> No.21289334

>On the internet I act like a bigot racist sexist asshole and I troll people, yet in real life I treat everyone with respect. In interpersonal interactions I try to be kind and see everyone’s perspective.
that's pretty based

>> No.21289387

Fuck normalfags. They deserve to be destroyed.

>> No.21289459

Most human beings are pieces of shit. What else is new? Normal people are just people who are only as good as the world let's them, which is not very much.

>> No.21289682

That's bullshit. They choose to be shitty because it's easier, it is not the world.

>> No.21289775

well to be fair places like 4chan are also littered with misinformation. Reality is only the rare few with based filters make it in the information game.

>> No.21289807

It’s nothing anyone can do anything about.
Information is wealth, keep your life a secret, be a mystery.
People brain produces dopamine whenever they get a hint, and then it will push for more neruon connection which affect by increasing their eagerness to knowing something.
If you don’t throw that first information nugget (be secretive) they won’t become interested to know more about you

>> No.21289989

Remind of how back in basic there was this ultra talented guy who I was friend with.
Ultra talented Becuase he was able to literally produce any diy stuff at his home.
Well he was a bit dumb (innocent though) so he talked about his things to other people.
And normies almost cost him his life.
You know how?
One of the females thought it be “funny” to go complain to our drill about him.
What was the complain? Sexual harassment
This shit is serious, yet she just thought it’s funny.
Good thing I was there when “he touched her”
So I went there and since they knew me to be a good Honest soldier , they accepted my testimony.
Nothing happens to my dude.
But you know what I am pissed at? That she didn’t learn her lesson.
She just started crying, drilled start yelling, but they let her go.
Nothing, literally nothing bad came to her. And it pissed me off, that I was not in charge, to show her real consequences.
This shit would have had jail time, or at least kicking out...
So that’s why women normies behave like this, normies, so extreme hatred of people that are better than them, plus being women , so consequences

>> No.21290083

only a malevolent person can understand how to be heroic. without the understanding of what malevolence is by experiencing it, one cannot form a true ideal of what being heroic would actually be.

>> No.21290332

I absolutely hate normies. Scum of the earth

>> No.21290631

This. Satan was once an angel.

>> No.21291275
File: 12 KB, 250x250, pcieya4kxui31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and based

>> No.21291302

Gave me a big think.

>> No.21291342

>They relinquish all possessions of identity, long term ambition, needs and wants in exchange for a feeling of safety.
This is actually a good thing from a Buddhist perspective.

>> No.21291444
File: 59 KB, 542x839, EHxfhljX0AE_dOp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21291495


>> No.21291563

Just wait until more Tik Tok people post about Verasity.

>> No.21291601

thank you based trips poster

>> No.21291639

HAHAHAHA Woah Jack has cancer??? HAHAHA WHAT???

>> No.21291680


>> No.21291773

Holy based

>> No.21291801

this may be the best post of all time

>> No.21291855

>part of discarding the ego is accepting the mean individual has not
good post

>> No.21291996
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>Because they are animals.

>> No.21292020

>Telling them how we stopped Hitler from destroying communism and now we are paying the price for it here.
you need to learn your history idiot

>> No.21292037

There is nothing wrong with the faustian spirit. Bugminded NPC cowardice is disgusting.

>> No.21292052

Thanks anon. I've been unable to really put it into words, but I'm glad to see that Nietzsche was able to predict the advent of the Soiboys

>> No.21292070
File: 171 KB, 1024x768, 006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21292086
File: 477 KB, 1024x768, 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21292125
File: 422 KB, 1280x800, Zachary K Hubbard-Letters and Numbers 1A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21292136

Assume that everyone is a psychopath. That's my mantra.

>> No.21292153
File: 870 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200812-020841.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of the greatest posts of all time.

>> No.21292156

You figured it out did you?
Everything is ass backwards anon
Drives me crazy too

>> No.21292166

These types of people have always existed.They just manifest in different ways during different times

>> No.21292205
File: 317 KB, 1920x1080, 096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21292209


>> No.21292235
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>> No.21292241

I notice people re-enact TV stuff a lot.
It's like Jimmy Kimmel - friendly conversation for a while, then there's the stupid pun.

They try putting people down for a false sense of power.

>> No.21292245

Go kys nigger

>> No.21292320

Satanic inversion yes

>> No.21292366
File: 157 KB, 1848x817, 1595255663075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related. It is why hardcore liberals will fake laugh at opinions they disagree with.

>> No.21292398
File: 510 KB, 1920x1080, 050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21292498

v nice, saved for further exploration

>> No.21292544

I just get sad about the fact I cant really laugh with any of them anymore. dont want to sound like a dick buy the shit they find funny is so dull compared to what I chuckle at here with you anons

>> No.21292549
File: 121 KB, 1024x768, 110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The D-H-R factor

>> No.21292603
File: 143 KB, 1024x768, 070.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21292609

numerology bullshit
The real reason is the disuse of letters thorn, wynn, and eth.

>> No.21292678
File: 157 KB, 555x708, Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 9.17.46 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>numerology bullshit
you have not seen the right information.
Im showing Gematria.

>> No.21292698

Saved. Thanks for posting this.

>> No.21292710
File: 47 KB, 650x650, 1122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21292714

Well were you dirty?

>> No.21292733
File: 134 KB, 514x693, Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 11.21.39 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

make sure you check out Zachs new book

>> No.21292734


>> No.21292753
File: 106 KB, 1024x768, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

its from this presentation
check it out

>> No.21292771
File: 94 KB, 1024x768, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.21292808
File: 185 KB, 736x920, iWILLeatYOURSOUL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Care to join me for lunch?

>> No.21292866

I will make sure to. Ty bro.

>> No.21292870
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>> No.21292895
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>> No.21292966

>>21284695 I barely get anything from doing blow, however MDMA gave me a sense of what real happiness feels like for the first time in 25 years of living and half of that with crippling depression

>> No.21293028

ITT: delusion and projection

>> No.21293044

fucking based


>> No.21293249

check'd, bas'd, and redpill'd

>> No.21293307

You will never win a logical argument against an illogical opponent by using logic. There's not a lot of ways you can win, but you can play to the crowd or be manipulative enough that they'll come around to your line of thinking.

>> No.21293350

Jews, femoids, and niggers. Unironically.

>> No.21293457
File: 36 KB, 426x480, 1597104341563.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read these fren

>> No.21293483

you gotta move out soon brother

>> No.21293490

I agree but I don't think it's something intrinsic that most people are missing, like an NPC. One thing I notice the most is that the average normalfag seems to not think about their thoughts (sentience) very often. It's like words literally pop into their head and you ask them to explain how they got to what they just said, and you can literally hear the gears grinding because it's just something they are clearly not used to doing much. Critical thought is essentially just logic so more of a skill than an ability in my opinion but just something that needs to be taught from a young age, like math, or it never develops fully. The IQ part is just what limits the upper bound of someone's capability for logic imo, but I just think most normies don't even come close to that because they don't train that part of their brain.

>> No.21293648

Yeah, that's great and all, but
> mongolian trading forum
You have to go back.

By the by: not every conspiracy is a theory.

>> No.21293763

Humanity isn't shit. It's primarily certain subgroups of humanity that are shit.

>> No.21293915

To be truly good is to be willing to be evil. The opposite is also true.

>> No.21294038
File: 32 KB, 313x538, jai shri krishna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

normalfags ARE evil. when you live in delusion, you are always susceptible to cognitive dissonance (perceived difference between expectation and reality). CD can cause shock which can cause psychosis, which turns the normalfag into a complete golem who'd feel completely justified to ruin your life for saying the wrong thing.

people who live in reality are far less susceptible to cognitive dissonance and thus less likely to exhibit psychosis (although CD triggers exist for anyone not enlightened, they dont tend to lead to psychosis when you have healthy mind functioning).

that's the scary thing about it, there's basically a latent demon living inside all the normalfags that can come out at a moment's notice like a pavlovian trained dog.

and that's what they are: animals. their stupid retarded shit is partly our fault for expecting more of them than this beastly primitive chimpouts.

we need to grow up and accept they are npc automatons who can turn golem if you dont tow the party line.

>> No.21294077

what is that?
looks like something i saw when i blacked out on mushrooms and thought i almost died...

>> No.21294119

Zach who?
What book is this?

>> No.21294287

lol... well, at least you're an honest NPC... I think being a non-npc is a gradual process. you have to claw your way into independent cognition from sheer will force alone.

if its any consolation, there is really no such thing as a non-NPC until you reach enlightenment, and even that gives the realisation of the impossibility of "free" will (because we live in a causal universe, nothing is free from the forces that precipitated it).

blame yourself for neglecting your duty to submit these faggots to your will and letting the jews do it instead.

you've got it backwards. good is the positive, evil is the absence of good. only the supremely good person can understand what evil is. the evil doer has no awareness of what good is, bc if they did, they would do good not evil

some jew tier shit right there, literal 100% causality reversal.

passio is a retard

>> No.21294490
File: 480 KB, 674x667, 1591036226286.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked, my sense of humor is beyond clown world right now, can't really laugh at a lot of my old college buddies jokes, but I have found some based friends online who laugh at it all

>> No.21294538

Same here, but for arguing. I love to argue for fun, but normalfags aren't capable of doing it without genuine malice. What's the point of having a brain if you aren't going to have a logical conflict? I don't want to talk about bullshit like sports or the latest movie coming out.

I remember the last time I experienced true bliss. It was about a year ago. I was happy to be back in high school, and I was glad to talk to the guys on the bus - even if some of us didn't get along as well as we could. Afterwards I got to school and met my group of friends, and we talked and joked around for a while. Then I woke up.

It felt so real. I want to go back, but I know this life isn't worth living. I just want my second chance, lads...

>> No.21294597
File: 393 KB, 1242x2208, 27C75888-2FE6-4CB3-8FF1-608A027447BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Life IS the dream

>> No.21294783

> the evil doer has no awareness of what good is, bc if they did, they would do good not evil
Retarded. Truly evil people are fully capable of doing good.

Furthermore, if one is supposed to be the opposite of the other, then how can what you said make any sense if the opposite statement isn't also true?

> evil is the negative, good is the absence of evil. only the supremely evil person can understand what good is. the good doer has no awareness of what evil is, bc if they did, they would do evil not good
Doesn't make real sense to me from a dualistic point of view.

Wake me up.

>> No.21294814

Normal gags are nice and can do very kind things for you in the beginning. This is a ruse and they seem to use it to determine who they like/ dislike. Once they realise you are different, they stop being nice and ostracise you from the group. This can be confusing for (you) if you are genuinely nice.

>> No.21294817

The real red pill is that You can never wake up

>> No.21294859

why do you say passio is a retard? his content seems like a good primer

>> No.21294865

Also, normalfags don’t care about having deep meaningful friendships. What they care about is having a large number of friends and fun in groups as this meets the consensus of being popular. Most of the time the friendships are not deep at all, they may just be friends from work or people they see infrequently.

>> No.21294899

Then the void is the only option. effervescent

>> No.21295164

evil is not the absence of good, it is the absence of good. you claim evil people can do good, but do they really understand why it's good? got any examples? seems extremely jewish desu.

its not a dualistic interpretation, its a monistic one. good is real and evil is the absence of good. if i subscribed to dualism, evil would be the opposite of good, which it isn't.

passio has claimed the USA is run by nazis.
he has also claimed the order follower is more culpable than the order giver when the order is evil. that's false.

passio is like all effective shills: 95% good stuff and 5% twisted poisonous shite to render the good stuff impotent.

>> No.21295235

You can, but only permanently after death. If you know how and if you practiced.

Until then the archons keep you in trapped in the material plane of existence, along with the normies whose quality of consciousness is too low to question what's really going on in this dream.

I spoke too much.

>> No.21295338

I eh. I can confirm this. And i work with fucking mental health professionals

>> No.21295611


Exactly this. Remember, appearance > reality.

>> No.21295667

>intolerant and frustrated megalomaniac sack of shit
the irony

>> No.21295707


Nazi Germany: a welfare-warfare state, just like modern-day America.

"Hitler suspended the gold standard, embarked on huge public-works programs like autobahns, protected industry from foreign competition, expanded credit, instituted jobs programs, bullied the private sector on prices and production decisions, vastly expanded the military, enforced capital controls, instituted family planning, penalized smoking, brought about national healthcare and unemployment insurance, imposed education standards, and eventually ran huge deficits. The Nazi interventionist program was essential to the regime's rejection of the market economy and its embrace of socialism in one country."


"Hitler’s rearmament program was military Keynesianism on a vast scale. Hermann Goering, Hitler’s economic administrator, poured every available resource into making planes, tanks, and guns. In 1933 German military spending was 750 million Reichsmarks. By 1938 it had risen to 17 billion with 21 percent of GDP taken up by military spending. Government spending all told was 35 percent of Germany’s GDP."


Hitler produced military wealth while private citizens starved. Employed on the largest scale ever seen, military Keynesianism created only ruin.


Agricultural output rarely surpassed 1913 levels, in spite of 20 years of technological advancement. Demand outstripped supply by 30 percent in basic foodstuffs like pork, fruit, and fats. That meant that for every ten German workers who stood in line to buy meat from the state-owned supply depots, three went home hungry. The same story was retold when it came to cars, clothing, and iron. New houses had to be built with wooden plumbing, because iron was so scarce. Nationalized iron depots couldn’t produce enough for the army, let alone civilians. Clothing was rationed.


>> No.21295730


G. K. Chesterton considered Nazis and Zionists to be two sides of the same coin (racial fanaticism, the "chosen people," etc.). Friedrich Nietzsche recommended that "the anti-Semitic screamers" be "expelled" from his country, and considered anti-Semitism to be a token of low intellect.

Virtually nobody so much as suggested that there was a Jewish conspiracy actively going on to harm or injure the white race until the advent of the 20th century, with the publication of the hoax known as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Before that time, persecution of Jews was strictly religious, and of exactly the same kind as that carried out against other "infidels."

Jews were not responsible for either World War. The first one was caused by the Austrian Ultimatum, the latter by Hitler's reckless invasions of Czechoslovakia and Poland. These instances of German aggression were simply echoes of Frederick the Great's commencing the Seven Years' War in the 18th century by his invasion of Silesia.

Europeans were fratricidal long before Jews had any power in Europe (The Peloponnesian War, Caesar's Gallic Wars, etc.).

The notion that the Jews "bought Britain after Waterloo" is a complete fabrication. It is known by historians as the "Rothschild Libel" and has its origin in an anonymous anti-semitic pamphlet first published in a year so late as 1846.

Jews were not responsible for creating feminism. That was owing to Astell, Bentham, Condorcet, Wollstonecraft, and has roots going back as far as Plato.

Jews were not responsible for creating socialism. That was invented by Saint-Simon, Fourier, Richard Owen, and has roots as far back as the Gracchi in antiquity.

All the decadence of modern society (mass immigration, sexual promiscuity, breakdown of the family, etc.) was seen just as patently in ancient Greece and Rome and in other declining civilizations in history without any influence from Jews. They are a result of our own moral decadence.

>> No.21295770

Since you are such a good person i will be asking you for help if my crypto investments don't work out

>> No.21295808
File: 19 KB, 100x100, 1596325501356.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I went for an hour walk at 3am and you schizos are still here.

>> No.21295851

I thought I was pretty clear. Most normalfags base their "good" and "bad" of society's current ethics and are completely devoid of an absolute more system of "good" and "evil" despite what society thinks.

>> No.21295863

>Hitler produced military wealth while private citizens starved.
LMFAO. Who believes this garbage. You actually think they were starving?

>> No.21295895
File: 37 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I know is Kikes lie, and Hitler was an extraordinary man.

>> No.21295897

Evil is the opposite of good. Good doesn't have meaning without evil. They are fundamentally opposed. If the concept of one is the absence of the other, then neither would exist.

There is no incentive to be good in a world where evil wins. I wager that evil people fully understand what it means to be good, and they see no true merit to it except for helping them commit evil. Hence, >>21295611

> do they really understand why it's good? got any examples?
Rob Schneider, Jimmy Savile, and Ted Bundy. Look at works and behavior. Otherwise, I don't understand what you mean.

For instance,
> good is real and evil is the absence of good
This doesn't make any sense. If evil is the absence of good, then what is good? If good is real, then what is real?

>> No.21295940
File: 32 KB, 441x345, 20 Years.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad your balls dropped and you finally learned to think for yourself.
It's still the jews, tho.

>> No.21296035

/r/ing the bell curve pic with "fucking jews" on each side and "I'm not antisemitic" in the middle

>> No.21296161

>Until then the archons keep you in trapped in the material plane of existence, along with the normies whose quality of consciousness is too low to question what's really going on in this dream.
David Icke was right all along?

>> No.21296162
File: 301 KB, 488x432, 1570167777620.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think you need to cool it with the germanophobic remarks, bigot.

>> No.21296201
File: 120 KB, 1080x1504, xkcbkurylrq21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

works every time

>> No.21296253

because normalfags are npc who can't self-reflect

>> No.21296261

looking down on normies with reactionary contempt is not much better than being a normie, it's still basically a level of NPC

>> No.21296265

Oligarchs need to form public opinion and form a consensus on which public vote is then passed and the culture shifts. With this you control a democracy. With this you subvert a nation. So why do powerful govts want to spread democracy, even in prosperous countries like Libya once was? To be in control. In democracies, oligarchs have the biggest sway. It is not humanitarianism, as that is a farce. You can have a very happy and prosperous nation, with a leader that is peaceful, but if oligarchs will it, with the help of the govts they subverted, they can make you think the sky is made out of pineapples and that pants go on your head. Consensus is very important. If you have control over the "consensus makers" ie media, nonprofits, govt posions, entertainment, you will have no problems exerting your oligarch will.

>> No.21296339



Just don't be obnoxious. Speak calmly, don't argue with agressive people. Speak your mind when asked to. Not otherwise. Don't debate, ever. It leads to nothing. Ask for opinions. Pretend you're a journalist.
People tend to follow your beliefs when you act exemplary, instead of preaching morality and acting like a degenerate immature basedboy.

>> No.21296381

>I've been browsing '''''outcast'''''websites for 8 years
>I'm still what some retards would call a zoomer.
enjoy your ban

>> No.21296416

based and redpilled, but unironically for once

>> No.21296439

you faggots give me so much hope, you make me realize im not alone. i want to thank you all. never give up, we are all gonna make it.

>> No.21296451

basically just chill the fuck out and be a bit more humble
even if you're literally interacting with the dumbest caricature of an NPC, there's nothing at stake. even if they seem to be sneering or judging you, it's not really a big deal or personal--they won't remember you much or care unless you do something exceptionally bad or good, so just don't sweat it.
if you are able to perceive others as NPC, the burden is on you to not get weighed down by them. you don't have to buy into their heirachies of better or worse, just understand that you're different and don't obssess over that difference in a negative or hostile way.

>> No.21296477
File: 23 KB, 400x400, VceKEOx1_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>from a Buddhist perspective.

>> No.21296541

Yea bro, I can't stand not learning new things but being a lemming lil bitch in a group of other lemming lil bitches has really no appeal to me.

>Ex fraternity man who fucked and drank his way through an engineering degree

>> No.21296581

>western asia separated from asia
>northern africa not separated from africa
Into the trash it goes

>> No.21296647

this board truly sucks. you people will never make it.

>> No.21296814

>One thing I notice the most is that the average normalfag seems to not think about their thoughts (sentience) very often. It's like words literally pop into their head and you ask them to explain how they got to what they just said, and you can literally hear the gears grinding because it's just something they are clearly not used to doing much
Fuck, I've seen this too. Just notice how fast and for how long these people are able to talk. There's no way they bother with analyzing their thought process or even the feedback they receive from others. It's amazing

>> No.21296996

Dangerously based take. Being racist on the internet is fun, plain and simple. I don't really hate niggers except the niggery ones

>> No.21297058

You cant really blame them.
They did not spend more than 15min in their live with introspection. Too busy with working, school, friends, family sports.
They are living completely different lives - and were brought up differently.
Its a multitude of factors that decide if you end up like this but one day there is no point of return.

>> No.21297183
File: 38 KB, 720x576, 1575698316131.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thanks for the link fren
I appreciate you for sharing that content

>> No.21297222
File: 112 KB, 915x548, 1597210898678.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21297255

they lost their soul (or most of it anyways) and that means they are demons and OK to kill them

>> No.21297402

Too based by half

>> No.21297537

Because you’re actually a good person but you use the internet to exercise the shadow archetype of your personality.

By using the internet, you are not harming anyone directly, you get your rocks off, and it lets you be more open with the kinder sides of yourself in the real world.

Everyone has a dark side, it’s about where you and where you don’t exercise it. And trust me, you must exercise it. You won’t be a pleasant person if you don’t.

>> No.21297555

>Everyone has a dark side, it’s about where you and where you don’t exercise it. And trust me, you must exercise it. You won’t be a pleasant person if you don’t.
Explain pls

>> No.21297642

He's talking about Jungian psychology. There are tl;drs on youtube, just search Jung shadow or something.

>> No.21297760

You have to come to terms with knowing you’re a human, and humans can be nihilistic and mundane.

You have to stare into the void of evil and darkness and just watch. It’s how you come to terms with being good, whether you know it or not.

Every hero has stared into this void, from Vishnu to Jesus, to Spider-Man and Batman.

It’s a part of being a hero, and a part of being an intelligent human being is believing you’re the hero of a story.

That’s why we tell the story of hero’s going evil over and over again.
What OP is doing is going to 4chan and expressing his nihilistic, racist, collectivist self, practically as a meme, with others who do the same, because it throws evil back into the void. This gives him a sense of self reflection when he walks away from the internet, and he can continue his day in public without the natural psychological/archetypical themes of evil showing up when things become confusing, dangerous, or scary.

Remember, the letter D stands for Delta, which is change. Remove change from danger and you have anger.

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