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>1inch gives better swap rates for LINK->BNT than V2
>Volume dropping
>Price dropping
>No new pools for days
>BNT now offering $100 for people to make shitty Dune dashboards because they can't do it themselves
>Mooniswap released today
>YFI with no impermanent loss already

Bancor is dead, isn't it?

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fak what do?

is V2 considered a failure now?

i know were still in beta, but is the beta a failure then..?

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it looks like it anon. fuck. i sold some of my LINK for this shit. i am beyond JUSTed

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be patient newfags. Its been 2 weeks and these things take time -- its brand new technology that needs to be tested and refined before full production. If you can handle a small dip (after a recent 2x btw) then you should sell -->>21263580 if you were a real marine you would know that these things take time

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this shit will never reach 10 bucks

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but is it true that 1inch gives better swap rates? cause if it is, then it doesn't matter how refined it is cause it's worse

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1inch uses bancor v2 to get it good price.

1inch is designed to reduce slippage across multiple swap exchanges. If you turn off V2 as a feed into 1inch you will see slippage sky rocket

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Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't see V2, just Bancor. Also Uniswap seems to be getting the best rates? Pic related

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learn how to use the internet faggot

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1inch: 172 LINK using uniswap
Bancor V2: 169.6 LINK

its fucking over bros. Bancor is going back to 10 cents. fuck.

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dawg does that not prove my point? You're getting less link using Bancor than using Uniswap on 1inch

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lmao exactly, that dudes calling me a fag when he's proving my point.
I also have a bag of BNT, but there's no point in holding if there's no future for V2

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bancor is a big boy exchange. no stacklets allowed.
and remeber this is with 500k capped liquidity (that filled up in minutes btw)

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same is true if you use link too, at higher volumes BNT wins out.

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so it only makes sense to use bancor if you are a large position trader?

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so is it reasonable to assume that once the cap is removed, then the volume at which Bancor wins out over Uniswap gets lower?

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except when you swap LINK to BNT with "big boy" value, BNT V2 gets mogged by 1inch

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lets see what happens when the cap is lifted. 1 inch has access to volume from all exchanges (1inch is awesome btw), but this comparison is moot when v2 pools aren't in full production stage. We can expect the pool volume to go up significantly and then we'll just have to see what happens.

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if defi is 2017 2.0 im gonna go all in after i make some more x with uniswap shitcoins. bancor would be an easy 10-20x still

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dont get me wrong, im a big BNT fan. in fact ive been staking BNT since July 31st in the very first V2 launch pool. im just impatient and want these kikes to make me filthy rich already

also, looks like 1inch got all set up with V2 again. i know they were having issues before but some absolutely monster trades just came through the LINK pool, 18.6k BNT, 10k BNT multiple few thousand BNTs.

it is habbening

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I know what you mean its tough seeing other projects pump when your portfolio is bleeding. Like you said just have to be patient, I'm going go to at least wait until a few more listings and caps are released before I decide to exit my position or not

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