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Sometime soon, some of you are going to be contacted by this man in some form. Some of you know who he is. If you have a Chainlink account on Twitter, he has you on a list already.

He's going to ask if you'd like to participate in a piece for a major publication about Chainlink, and LINKmarine culture on 4chan. He might even confess to owning some LINK tokens himself to gain your trust. He will promise anonymity. He will definitely offer to pay you.

If you engage with this man in any way, he will completely ruin your life.

Be careful. And please don't write his name in this thread, just be subtle. But most of you should already be familiar with him.

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He looks like a Jew

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why would he give a shit about us, we're just humble meme farmers

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What's dangerous about this is that the normies coming in and plebbit faggots. /biz/pol/ knows not to trust (((Them)))

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Maybe the right Anon should do an interview and talk only about the lawsuit against Chainlink and how its crashing to zero. The time when Sergey assualted the reporter in Russia

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sounds like a self defense situation. op, how do you know this and why would you tip us off if you know this heeb and aren't larping?

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Just did a google image search and OP is 100% right. Biz, do NOT open up about went down here the last 3 years

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Maybe we should ruin him.

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I see nothing wrong with ruining him in Minecraft.

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Ignore, do not engage, treat media like they are police officers and say absolutely nothing

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what a blockhead

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Forgot who this was until image search, holy shit hahaha

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what's the big deal with saying "Joseph Bernnhhgggfxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxdxd

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>having a twatter account


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>He will definitely offer to pay you.
they always do:

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Holy shit I forgot about this interview

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Jason Parser

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>why would you tip us off if you know this heeb and aren't larping?
Because it makes the game a lot more fun for me, and I genuinely like you guys

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thx fren

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Suck my dick mystery bitch

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So this man stole Sergeys plaid shirt?

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I don't know who this Jason Parser is but he's very sexy and makes me a lot of money

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Shit, this probably is gonna happen, huh?

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yes. bad publicity is good publicity. trump 2016

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