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How come /biz/ is always right

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Magic and high IQs

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>shills a thousand shitcoins everyday
>one of them eventually moons
>How come /biz/ is always right
really makes you think

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lol retard, go back

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everyone is a genius in a bull market

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Think of all the investment firms in the world.

Think about their structure.

Think about how many people are actually tasked with identifying emerging markets.

Think about the kind of people who hold those positions.

Think about how /biz/ is a literal autist army, hellbent on sniffing out the slightest of breadcrumbs.

You wonder why /biz/ is always right?

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go back to rebbit

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high iq autists pretending to be retarded while shilling scams to remove normies and fudding link back in 2018/2019 to accumulate
most of us have a 10k stack, some of us have 100k + stacks
all of u newfags are priced out

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Who the fuck do you think is buying the coins shilled here? Biz is always right, because biz is the buyer. The buyer pumps the coin. We are all satsgang anon....

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XRP is still a scam right? I sold me bags at 31. Was sick of holding them. too long.

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autism and meme magic

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lmao, yeah, don't sell link. Y'all gonna be link millionaires.

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I used to put ETH into one PoWHs after another just to see if I could get somewhere near the top of a pyramid.

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How come /pol/ is always right?

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Concentrated autism

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virgin schizoids say yo much shit that something has to be based, its just probability

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hes not wrong

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this lol

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chainlink had way more meme investment than any coin in existence. meme magic is real

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basically this, like literally right now there are people shilling shit coins like they shilled link back then. just buy vechain instead and HODL!

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because we're all extremely online and autistic

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the people who come here and shill shitcoin scams aren't part of /biz/, by definition, they are here to scam people who use /biz/

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LINK has been consistently shilled, memed and analyzed since its creation though. You might be right about the other scams and P&D's... But LINK has been a /biz/ pick for three years and even at the most pessimistic times.
So fuck you very much.

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No, a lot of the people who shill are basically jaded fucks who have no faith in crypto. For example, the most hateful of anti-link shills are the ones who bought early and sold and are now priced out. They don’t believe in link or in crypto in general, and the source of their ego is that they “know” that crypto is just a series of pump and dump scams, and investors like me are just marks to dump shitcoins on for a 3x. That’s what shills are. Just broken losers who aren’t as smart or as disciplined as the investors they look down on. And this bullrun is going to mindbreak them like a tentacle rape hentai.

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