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To all the LINKers that experience gains for the first time in 2017.

Get out. This is exactly the same as Verge, Ripple and Tron. You'll regret holding it back down to 10 cents.

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no, fuck you buddy

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>link at 6 dollars
>p-please sell now
>link at 7 dollars
>p-please sell now
>link at 8 dollars
>p-please sell now
>link at 9 dollars
>p-please sell now
>link at 10 dollars
>p-please sell now
>link at 11 dollars
>p-please sell now

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Shut up retard

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I will hold it up to $1000 you mean.

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Nice fud just bought 1000 more

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Itll probably reach 1000$. Meme magic is real. Just sell along the way.

Link like every other alt ever will crash.

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fuck off Bandfag!

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Those pumped for a day. We are pumping for months

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It might go down, but LINK is way better than any of those.

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Ok Simeon

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>money go up
you are here
>money go down
>money go even more up
>money go down
>money go even more up up
>money go down
>money go up up up up up up
>money go way way way down

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I havent held a single link to this day, but I see these same posts every day. Why? It clearly keeps mooning month after month which is fucking annoying, but I don't understand why anyone would sell this at the moment

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Read thoroughly, did not sell

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Xvg did not have even a fraction of this hype.

You could have said exactly the same thing about Eth on it's rise.

t. anon burned by xvg

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If you want us to sell try something new, you have been saying this since Link reached 4 dollars.

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Chainlink literally only goes up. 2013 was BTC’s year to shine, 2017 was ETH’s year, now it’s Stink’s turn

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>I havent held a single link to this day

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yes because tron, ripple and verge are the central platform on which the defi revolution were built...

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You know you're lying.

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You think this is a pump ? we are not even in a bull market btc is still down %45 of its ath 1000$ is actually unironically possible in 2 years

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When a man wears the same outfit everytime he's in public to let his people know he's there for them, I trust that man

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Anyone with a brain knows that it will crash hard and there is a very simple reason.

90% of all LINK holders are losers. Not ONCE in the history of mandkind has such a big amount of low IQ users become rich at the same time and neither will it ever happen. It is against the laws ot evolution. It simply won't happen. It's very similar to Dogecoin. When Dogecoin got released, we had tons of idiots on /g/ thinking they would retire in a couple of months because it was pumping like hell lmao. It won't happen.

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Wtf is that?

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Verge, ripple and fucking tron? Are you seriously trying to compare these shitcoins to the god protocol? They pumped because btc pumped. Link pumps independent of btc.

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>I havent held a single link to this day

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>get out now
>itll probably reach 1k
um pick one?

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Thing is that it really will not find adoption in the real world.

Thing is also that the chainlink token is not necessary, any coin can work ....

I have sold @10,30. Made way too much money on internet meme coins by holding 2 years. Feels like a lot of weight is off my chest.

And yes, I remember all the coins that couldn't fail and could only go up up up. That went down.

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>NOOOOOO you can't just make money without me

Just wait until the hype reaches the normies. That's when the real gains begin

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Defi, bitcoin halvening and link being absolutely necessary for crypto to become more useful.
No thank you, I will hold this for at least another year.

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terrible logic. Dogecoin failed because it's a shit project. LINK is an actual good company. Just because thousands of tech companies failed in the dot com bubble, didn't stop the people who invested into apple and amazon early from getting rich. LINK is a no brainer.

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>a JSON parser
>not a shit project
kek.. also how is it terrible logic?
>didn't stop the people who invested into apple and amazon early from getting rich.
They weren't idiots. Most of them bought because they actually understood that there's a future in it. Most LINK holders don't even understand link and you're one of them.

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Imma let you finish Dogg, but I ain't selling

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im an OG 2013 crypto grandpa, this isnt 2017 vibes, not even close, this is early early 2015-2016 ETH vibes.

when my local 3rd world country bitcoin exchange adds direct LINK purchases to the btc/eth it currently has and they are talking about LINK on the nightly business news, THEN ill consider selling a few.

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This is a bull run delayed

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Imagine being this salty

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Tons of neets became rich with bitcoin tho

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No. Most of them were nerds, not neets. There's a difference.

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Your post actually gave me hopium. The $LINK use-case is infinitely more viable than any of the alts you mention...

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You had two years

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The cat's out of the bag anon.
Sergey can (and will) pay governments to support the oracle network.

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Nice I can buy so much link at 50 cents

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If it pumps anything like those coins we still have a 10 times before it comes crashing

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newfag here, started accumulating around january of this year. Bought into LINK at $2.30, sold half yesterday at $10. Took some nice profits, plan on averaging out up to $50. If you don't know how markets work or you expect an asset to go to $1000 in a week you have no buisness trading anything, even something as volitile as crypto.

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We've been trading crypto since you were in middle school. Link is going to 63 dollars in the next few weeks.

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>10 cent LINK
okay we're due for a correction but you're delusional

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>these worthless, scammy shitcoins i stupidly bought and held crashed, so therefore link will also crash.

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>This is exactly the same as shitcoin, ultra shitcoin and literal who shitcoin
Uh huh

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>This is exactly the same as Verge, Ripple and Tron.
Those projects have no where near the same use cases as link.. of course there will be a correction though.

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This. This is the timeline I’ve been following since 2017.

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LINK has been going up for years.

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Bro we aren't even in a bull market yet.

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It's only x3 since 2019 ATH. Not much impressed.

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me neither because they keep saying its a scam coin. yet it keeps going up. ffs

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at ~$16 LINK becomes #5 by marketcap and then bumps into Tether and it's 10 billion dollar marketcap. $16 is the top for LINK for now.

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Lol people didnt understand shit when they bought amazon or google early days just lucky Forrest gumps or good broker.

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Not selling. When I buy crypto, I buy and hold until I make it. When I first make those transactions, I come to terms with the fact that this money is effectively gone and will remain gone possibly forever.

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chain link BELOW $100 is EXTREMELY CHEAP
in 2024 it will hit $2k or even $2500

BUT it requires buying and holding for 4 years
while almost everyone here want to buy some shitcoin and cash out fortune next day

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>that experience gains for the first time in 2017
What the fuck are you trying to say, you esl subhuman

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