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New XRP thread

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We will win.

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$20 by eoy, worst case scenario.

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Just hold and top up on the dumps and you will be rewarded.

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XRP Ranks:

500 - Private
1000 - Corporal
2000 - Sergeant
5000 - Staff Sergeant
10000 - Master Sergeant
25000 - Sergeant Major
35000 - 2nd Lieutenant
50000 - 1st Lieutenant
75000 - Captain
100000 - Major
250000 - Colonel
500000 - Brigadier General
1000000 - General

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I just want to buy my college books

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1st Lieutenant checking in.

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Reminder: the BTC bubble only created less than 50k millionaires.

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What site is that?

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DYOR, don't fall for the schtizos. Remember how many threads were made by schitzos shilling literally who projects by "connecting dots"

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Man I feel fucking poor now with only 20k

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Sure thing buddy.

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Holding this coin feels dirty.
How can I live with myself contributing to the downfall of decentralization?

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Buy more

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Still a Jewish scam, no matter how many threads

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Cool I'm in the top 3.15% with my 21k.

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There never really was any to begin with

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The metrics to look at are how many XRP are in the wallets above/below you and what # you are. Less than 50k will make it

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XRP is once in a lifetime to make it, you won't even need to work in your entire life, if you play your cards right.

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stay poor, goy.

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What do you "make it". If XRP hits $10-$20 bucks I'll have $200-$400k, that for me is "making it"

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Anything less than 1M USD is not making it.

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So I need another 9500. I was planning on it anyway.

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XRP doesn't work at $10-20 bucks. It's either $0 (no adoption) or min $10K (full adoption). All the signs point to the latter happening.

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I sold some of my linkies at $10.34 to get a 10k suicide stack.
Y'all owe me a few link if xrp is gonna keep being the same 20c stablecoinn it has been since inception and initial bullrun from insiders (chink analyst I used to work with tried shilling xrp to me before bull, didn't buy it, he made millions.

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I have 6.6k xrp
do I make it?

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And if that happens the USD will be worth only a 100th of its current value. You don’t own nothing goyim.

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>I have 6.6k xrp do I make it?
As long as you don't sell at anything less than 2000 USD then yes, very easily.

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Ok im buying more. I believe the shilling. Clown world will see it comes true.

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Right on...
what about all these fuds saying that xrp exists to take btc and eth out of our hands and that once xrp hits around $3 it will drop to 0?
makes me scared but I will hold. It's 2k or 0 for me and even at 2k I will barely sell any, just enough to live in belarus or slovakia comfortably

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>cash out $1M
>exchange takes $1K
>gov. takes $200K
>left with whatever 1 million minus 201K is

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False. It's not the world currency, it's a tool for settlement of digital assets. The value of assets that aren't digitized yet is in the quadrillions, but it's clear there is a plan in place to enter a tokenized economy. XRP will be that valuable, and USd will be say strong.

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The more a coin get fudded, the more potential it's got.
See pic related.

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So, buy EOS?

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If you like weiner
Chads only hold XRP

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Even 100B supply isn't enough to tokenize everything of value on Earth, and keep in mind the actual available supply is lot less.

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I have a good feeling about xrp
just traded the rest of my link for xrp
to the moooon!

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New and improved
Together we will fight the Gookcoin
Praise shwartz!!

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BOA should do wonders

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That's why it will be a high USD value. And don't forget that drops can be transacted just as quickly as integers.

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Good decision, the hardest part is hodling, you'll be tempted to cash out/panic sell, don't.
It's going to 2k, it has to, everything has been setup we need only wait for the switch to be flipped.

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There's a BIG opportunity for you, being a big opportunity for blockchain, that lies in the fintech world. It's called remittances. Remmitances are basically when an entity, like a company or rich person sends money across a border. Remittances suck now and are expensive because they use an outdated transfer system built in the 60's. It takes upwards of a week to actually transfer money and settle on the other side. Currently and American company called Swift handles most of the remittances in in the world for USD. Approximately 4 trillion USD are changed hands through Swift daily. But swift sucks. It is slow and expensive. Ripple has spent the last 6 years building a network with the banks around the globe to replace swift. They built XRP, the ILP and ODL to basically use XRP as the settling mechanism for global remittances. Theyre better than swift because the transaction is almost insant (instead of days) and they can also settle the transaction. They basically killed the middle men. If they captured Amy percentage of Swift's transaction volume the price of XRP would scale in order to provide the needed liquidty. For example, of you tried to move a billion dollars through XRP you'd exhaust the order book and skyrocket the price on one end of the transaction and then dump the price on the other. That is called sucky liquidity. But at a high enough price there is enough liquidity to do 4 trillion in remittances daily. Some math and forecasting have some believing that the XRP price would be in the 3 or 4 digits in order to provide that liquidity. Some reasons why peeps believe Ripple can pull this off is because they have partnered with the big bad wolves of the world. IMF, SBI, BOA, and hundreds of other banks and FI's. They are the bankers coin after all, and have a network established with the existing system that no other crypto has even begun to search the surface of.

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Fuck. That’s a nice port..
How long have you been in crypto?

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The next XRP bullrun dwarfs the previous one it's not even funny.

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DESU, you're probably a little bit lower than what's posted. Many of us larger holders have our holdings split in multiple wallets. I personally have 3 different wallets.

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In that case, hardly anyone will actually make it.

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Sarg reporting for duty

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Even if you hold a few thousand XRP you will make it. This is the ONLY EXCEPTION. One time. Cause XRP is going to be sky high in price. Even the poorest normie can make it.

>> No.21112974

That's spooky there's regards that hokd XRP still. I figured you guys were all in Twitter

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XRP at its current price wouldnt even be able to move 100 billion dollars (which is a drop in the hat for daily money movement) at $1 with all the XRP tokens. it has to be really high valued to provide liquidity.

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buying XRP now is like starting a shovel company before the gold rush

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I’m not shitting on you guys with this question but how is it possible and why will xrp moon, exactly?
I see a lot of linkie tier posts in these threads. Just general Shilling with no rationale or fact based evidence that is linked to reality at the current moment.
I have seen many say what has to happen for xrp to even get to $20..and it’s not inconsequential. Yet how many times a day do we see people here with muh $2000 eoy.
It’s Hopium. Basically saying that the international Financial standard would have to wholly switch to XRP in 5 months. That is next to impossible. Especially from its current standpoint. Ripple is right now barely being used anywhere.
There’s potential for sure, but we need to be realistic.
Caveat: I’m all in xrp. And am recommending it to a few choice friends and family.
It would be disingenuous for me to suggest to them it’s going to $2000. And I would look like a fucktard, if I don’t already.

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We binance coin now

>> No.21113306

It's a meme like $81k Link eoy. Who knows what the coming months may bring but I'm hopeful for some good gains

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i feel poor now :/

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How much do I need to HODL to make it? 796 here.

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Check the uhnwi or mellon threads. Basicaly, dyor. Im tired of spoonfeeding it to people. Better yet, don't come to /biz/ at all and forget about your wallet entirely for 3 months. Come back at the end of the year and be very happy when you see your wallet again.

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Priceless advice, you'd be wise to follow it anon.

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Hold strong fellow private I just hit 800.

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Wanna know how these threads get buried?

Just post this and jannies will make sure


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Since SR1 when I was getting MDMA for 30btc/g

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XRP is too expensive for these "ranks"

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Man I was buying RC's off this friend of a friend who is getting them off silk road and vaguely explained how he used untraceable "internet gold" I thought it was a cool concept but didn't even think of buying any. Fuck. That was January 2011.

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Yep. I thought it was magic digital drugs too.
As I noticed price rising I read SN whitepaper, I'm far from a smoothbrain but certainly not a bigbrain - i understood enough of it to realise the potential.
Bought less drugs, bought more BTC
Lost ALOT in mtgox...that's another story...

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can be scaled to 6 decimals

>> No.21113871

staff sergeant, master sergeant next week

>> No.21113881

>Jed MCcaleb
hm interesting connection there

>> No.21113893

That’s like saying the army is to hard to advance

>> No.21114167

I have dmor.
And yes. Agreed.
Coming to biz is like going on pol, only with less cortisol. Makes a person feel like a schizo

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you gotta be mad if you wanna win big

>> No.21114243

>$540,000 for a gram of M.

>> No.21114280

Also true.
I’m always seething. Over everything.

>> No.21114385

imagine the portfolio of your old highschool dealer "Will come nothing off"

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Tfw I have been telling my friends to buy XRP and cash out at 5$ , 100% investment and they dont listen to me. Why are they so dense. No hope for easy money? Why are humans programmed to believe that you can only earn money from your paycheck?

>> No.21115180

At the time it was a bargain

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In hindsight...most expensive M of my life

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Told my cousin about link a couple months ago. The retard just scoffed. Could have doubled his money by now.

>> No.21115368

Its like , it doesn't even register as a possibility to them. Oh well. Your fault , ai guess.

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Should I sell all my VET and promote myself from 1st Lieutenant to Captain?

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Think it’s gonna hit $5 in the next bull run?

>> No.21116438

Master Sergeant soon to be promoted to Master Sergeant soon reporting in

>> No.21116718

Personally idk , its what people here say - 4 to 5$ , but the most conservative predictions say 1$, which is three times what you invest , so...

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im xrp walking on these haters

>> No.21117428

Get some english lessons when it hits 2k ok?

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at 6k. hoping to reach 10k soon

>> No.21117763

yes. i honestly would. thats a lot of xrp

>> No.21117785

i feel really comfy at 10k anon. honestly. i would LIKE more, but i dont think I need more.

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Guys why do I feel like this is just a big meme? If it is not do you think it will see 5$ next year?

>> No.21118107

Maybe 5 cents if you're lucky.

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Sergeant Major checking in. Next week I will be 2nd Lieutenant.
Honestly guys, this is going to be the best ride we have ever been on. I really feel this deep inside my soul. I don’t really know how to explain it, it just feels right.
It might sound crazy but I don’t care.
It’s not that I’m poor and hope to one day get rich. I own a business and make a really good living. Hell, by median income charts, I’m already rich.
Not bragging in anyway, I just wanted to make a point that I’m not in it because I want to “make it”. I’ve already “made it”. I just want generational wealth for my kids and someday grandkids.
In short, this feels right.

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Are you guys newfags or what? biz has shit on this coin so much over the years.. so much schizo posting makes me think were gonna get rekt. Everyone is so euphoric over link so I can't imagine oldfags give a shit about this.

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I am an old fag and I give a shit. Take a nap junior.

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So I'm kind of new to crypto. For these types of penny shitcoins, am I supposed to leave it in for a long period of time, or am I supposed to keep withdrawing when the price is high and then buy back in when people are dumping?

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You know what?

It kinda seems like these past 3 years or whatever, were literally just so you could build your XRP stack, for right now.

>> No.21119490

I've been here since 2016. I've been keeping an eye on XRP, never bought LINK or XRP though.
Link could keep going up, but I don't trust the team and I don't daytrade.
XRP, on the other hand, like it or not is connected with the right people.

Fuck the tech, fuck centralization. PayPal didn't win back in the day because it was the technical best. It had the right people involved, best interface and good enough tech.

>> No.21119506

Buy and hold my man, buy and hold. You’re gonna make it but you need a little change of perspective. It’s not a shit coin. You can sell at 2k but I’m holding till it reaches 10k. I’m an “old fag” so take my advice for what it’s worth.

>> No.21119513

How long/what have you chosen in the past?

>> No.21119733

Honestly I’ve only ever held BTC. I got into that about 5 years ago. I have other investments, mostly mutual funds.
I read about XRP 2 weeks ago and it was like a light switch inside my head flipped on. I wasn’t even looking into crypto at the time, it was just circumstance.
I know it must seem crazy and if you have doubts, don’t do it. Me personally, I just know it will moon x1000 at least.
Only invest enough you are comfortable with and be willing to hold for no more than a year.

>> No.21119739

Why don't you trust the chainlink team?

>> No.21119763

He's absolutely right. Put what money you can afford to lose in and just forget about it for a while. You're no day trader, this is how you make money.

>> No.21119963

I’m all in bros. This is it for me. Either billionaire or caveman. I moved in with parents early this year and I’ve put 20% of my paycheck into XRP since it was .19. Sitting on 35k right now and watching shit moon while everyone makes fun is only making me stronger.

>> No.21119966

Honestly, I haven’t even looked into chainlink. I’m not a crypto guy, except for BTC. I didn’t even know there were so many different kinds up until 2 weeks ago. I bought BTC 5 years ago and just let it sit. I still have it sitting, haven’t touched it.
You are right, I am an “oldfag” I’m probably old enough to be your father.
All I can tell you is it just feels like the right thing to invest in. I know that’s not the mathematical way of thinking and may be viewed as irresponsible / unreasonable. You are free to invest in whatever you feel is right. I choose XRP for no other reason than divine intervention.

>> No.21120057

Good for you young man. I honestly believe you will make it.

>> No.21120116

Since 2016 and NEVER bought LINK?

Don't Trust the team? That's a fucking joke right? That team is brilliant

You're clueless..


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that's anger fren.
mad is psychosis. as in "mad as a hatter"

>> No.21120765

I pray we make it bro.

>> No.21120932

he's older, not that into it but likes it and is learning more. Feels good man

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Should I drop $500 in now or wait

>> No.21120960


>> No.21120972

I don't see it dropping more before it pumps to about .40

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File: 916 KB, 883x720, XtremelyRedPilled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21121017

Here how you make profit with xrp:

Sell it and dump into link before it get tooooo late

>> No.21121111

How many XRP do you have? I have 15, should I get more?

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Sergeant, where are my privates and corporals at.

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>> No.21121268

Bro I paid 800btc for 1/2oz of weed

>> No.21121289

>100 Billion Supply not scarce will last 100 years
Huur Duurr U.S. Debt Issued in 2020 is 4 trillion and counting.

>Chain is permissioned
Yep, it is. Otherwise it wouldn't have as fast of transactions. Which leads to the next point.

>No proven usage case
SWISSRoute has adopted Ripple to conduct transactions alongside Swift.

>They said they're issuing securities
IDGAF because I know the SEC isn't going to get after them for it. If they are bribing big players with their currency then that's fine by me because it will increase the value of the currency.

>JPMorgan moves trillions of dollars a day, 1500 transactions per second isn’t going to cut it.

Exactly why the value has to increase.

>They're paying people to use their infrastructure.
>The narrative that Ripple is sole-provider of ”blockchain” services for banking is false.

Exactly. They're not the only ones, but they're the only ones paying major banks to onboard, which in turn gives it a competitive advantage.

>> No.21121306

Get as much as you're willing to lose
So if xrp crashes and burn, you won't care too much
But if it gets going, then you've found yourself with quite the profit

>> No.21121311

man I don't know, that resistance point of .28 is tought, has been hit twice in less than a week and still very above that...

you could hold it, but I don't see it going down to .25 anymore.

>> No.21121371

It won't be increasing, or mooning, for awhile. If you see the US dollar collapse though, I'm thinking its value will hold against that. Once big banks start regularly using it to conduct transactions, its value will moon.

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File: 1.32 MB, 1022x1046, 1A16503C-D0B9-4350-8DE0-D086FB0EB68B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>imagine falling for a jew scam
the rides over anon. there’s no money to be made when the founder is dumping his coins every day

>> No.21121420

a couple of years, at least

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Sir yes Sir!

>> No.21121442

I'm just hoping that it's the next Chainlink.

>> No.21121444

Is shilling XRP the new elaborate chainlink FUD?

>> No.21121516

nah 30k is still a good amount of money
you can buy some cool stuff with that

>> No.21121536


> buying cool stuff

NGMI, shithead.

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File: 75 KB, 905x1024, 672A440A-C976-415B-9829-DED95CA39C39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay strong! Grip of iron and hodl!

>> No.21121563

I've got both :D

>> No.21121589

What else are you gonna do with 30k?

>> No.21121590

Staff Sergeant reporting in

>> No.21121756

$25 eoy and I'd be very happy

>> No.21121876

I had 16k until 6 hours ago and now have 25k. Just buy what you feel comfortable with. I firmly believe 15k is more than enough to make it. I firmly believe you are on the right track.

>> No.21122030

I’ve got 1.5k. Want to buy more but we’ll see.

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