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>Y-you just got lucky!!

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>owning FUN

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Fuck dude

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What I would do to have known about biz in 2018.

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I had faith in jez... I had 60k but more and more link breadcrumbs came out and I slowly switched to all in link

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Invest it all on fun coin retard

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Same and I was right next door in /pol/ too, but better late than never

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You did. You are not smart.

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You're bragging for 6.6k?

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Sleepin in on Sunday
Sleepin in on Monday

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fucking kill me

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You had 3 years and were here haha I bet you sold the ico

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literally lol, wtf is 6k

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Yeah yeah blah blah blah 3 years Sergei god. I'm not bitter, I'm just simply saying you're not smart.

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If it helps you cope to think it was all luck, fair enough

You had the breadcrumbs and plenty of information to speculate on. Never claimed to be a genius, but I’m not stupid enough to have ignored all the information spelled out for me

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Lmao I started 1 month ago with 1.6k and have 15.3k now ahhahaha. But yeah buddy, good job. You'll be rich in about 5 years or so when you finally hit 100k.

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It's just a larp who took the screenshot literally the 5 minutes everything in crypto was red just to filter out the boomers and plebbitors who're thinking about getting into crypto.

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His 6.6k is worth 210k now.

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And no other coin did had
> plenty of information to speculate on
right? Everyone here in 2016 happened to have go all in this random shilled coin in a sea of random shilled shit. The traffic here died down dramatically because so many got burned badly. I happened to get lucky and notice the writing on the wall and went into btc before anything was really lost. Congratulations on your success oldfag seriously.

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You newfags are incredibly retarded

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they certainly are
Does that mean that the top is in?
Also good job on having some patience and not being retarded.

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read the price retard

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Bro plenty of people made me feel like a poorfag at the time making stupid money off shitcoins and I lost 1k on qtum from the start, but yes, I chose FUN BAT AMB for the technology, then the more I read about link I slowly went all in on.

Never said it was a sure thing, but the point of the pic was to show an example of iron hands, I screencapped it that day cause it must have been a big loss to me at the time
I have a bunch of screen caps of me being excited over 5% gains

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That reminds me, im pretty sure bizonacci went all in amb and he supposedly killed himself to give an even better perspective. Rip my dude

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We all unironically agreed to keep pol out the same way we did Reddit. Apart from that one spaz that always posts the nazi link cube and talks about RWDS

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>Lmao I started 1 month ago with 1.6k and have 15.3k now ahhahaha
want to know how I know you're going to lose it all very fast ?

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I also would like to add significant reason I liked link was the fact it was blockchain agnostic.
I came to the conclusion eth would win the platform wars and there were so many platforms at the time, eos, qtum, etc that it’s not worth betting on

Overall my thoughts are you’re lucky to have an opportunity but it’s up to you to take it. But I refuse to let newfags to throw away all the hard work other anons did

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yes you were lucky

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>it was just luck you did your research and went all in on link!!!

Ico sellers seething is the greatest thing ever. I remember an ICO buyer I had on discord who sold and I kept trying to get him to buy back. Dude could’ve had like 100k links or more

Fuck ico sellers who seethe now. Accept what you did anon, it’s okay.

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When r u selling?

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I just arrived yesterday
can I still make it?

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No. All the money to be made in the world just ran out. Sorry.

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I don't think you understand

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Someone doesn’t get how 4chan works. Learn to parse, bub. Most valuable skill you’ll get here. Then the sea of shilled shit matters not as you see through it for true value.

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