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You know this is unsustainable, right?
You should sell now while you're in profit before you lose everything, every whale is taking this opportunity to sell.

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dr ns


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oh nooo i better sell my linkies :-(

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Thanks anon just sold $100,000 worth of linkies

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You're talking to a bunch of sheep, they were stupid enough to buy into it what makes you think they're smart enough to sell while they got lucky

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OP we are still very early. get comfy

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Haha, keep coping poorfag.
I chose the best coin because I am smart and now I am rich.
Your dumb and you only choose shitcoins so stay poor.

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I have a 75x leveraged short at 10.3, the only one whos getting poor right now is you, panjeet

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Pure voice of wisdom here right here boys, pay attention to what he's saying otherwise this is going to be late 2017 all over again for you

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You just won't give up huh Simeon?

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