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Got cheated on.

I'm making more money than ever before, but it doesn't fill the void...

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Move on. Not worth the time. Plenty of qt's, bro

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thats literally based move, throw her 100$ bill and tell her you done with her service and wish her well with new career. if she ask what new career?
>career of being a whore
>leave the room, block number, block socials

it takes 6-12 months to recover after a bad breakup, but you will see so many fuckin flaws and redflags after it that you didnt saw when in relationship.

if someone cheats, that person is out of your life. no buts, no "what if i love her".

she doesnt love you. and never will.

once a cheater always a cheater.

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Based fren. I wish my friends in real life were this based

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it will once you’re a millionaire
hurts now but you’ll be better off. a better girl who respects you will come along

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this is real life, we are just connecting through internet. i dont like most of my irl friends desu and i cant connect on the level i can with anons. normies are fuckin awful.

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I needed that too, thanks anon.

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so here's more.

never check whats in her life when you are down, dont check her socials, dont ask mutual friends about her.

if she somehow calls you from different number, just hung up.

i would never ever cheat on someone, not a kiss, not even a flirt. relationship is based on trust. no trust no relationship.

you have X amount time in your life, stop wasting it on cheaters both in friendships and relationships.

its better to be alone than with some bitch that you will grow hate towards to. you will never trust her again, you will check her phone, you will ask yourself if shes cheating when she says she have plans with her bffs.

fuck that noise.

disregard females, accquire currency.

if you meet a real one for you, dont slip tho. looks are secondary, whats in the head is most important.

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the based anon in this thread has already given you great advice. don't worry anon, it only feels bad because you were accustomed to having her around and your body is slow to adapt. you'll be over it in a year no question

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Based fren

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hookers and cocaine, anon. hookers and cocaine

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very based dubs

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>its better to be alone than with some bitch that you will grow hate towards to. you will never trust her again, you will check her phone, you will ask yourself if shes cheating when she says she have plans with her bffs.

tfw lived this after my ex gf cheated on me after 4 years and broke down crying and told me.
told her we could move past it. after 3 months of trying, i just couldnt take it anymore. the paranoia. it never ends.

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a girl in work I love kept calling me the wrong name today. She's like 45 and I'm 26 but still.

We even had a 1 on 1 video call for about 10 minutes and se literally called me the wrong name about 3 times and didnt notice.

To be fair, there is another guy my age on the team who has a very similar name (which she kept saying half his name half mine)

Anyway, I assume this tiny detail means she'll never love me?

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You are me exactly a whole year ago. Give yourself a small window every day to grieve and get it all out, but remember to list out all the reasons the relationship suck and why you’re better off single now. Maximum 30 minutes. After that cut the shit and get out there. Shit sucks bad but I’ve never been happier. I’ve saved so much money and had more time to do whatever I want without having a bitch hold me back. Don’t ever check up on her or hit her up for ANYTHING. Don’t stalk her or find out how she’s doing. Focus solely on YOURSELF. Go exercise and lift harder than you’ve ever worked out in your life— your current feelings are incredible workout fuel. Go read some books, study, learn a new instrument, whatever the fuck is productive. Take on two personal projects simultaneously and whenever you don’t feel like working on one, work on the other. Now is about the best time to fully get your shit together and rebuild yourself better. Life is too short to wallow all day long about a skank that didn’t give a shit about you in the first place. Get the fuck out there and show the world how much you love yourself because you truly are a king. Pretend you’re Elon Musk. Do something ambitious for the hell of it. Treat life as a means of accumulating knowledge and seek out whole experiences.

Learn and become the best version of yourself.

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heh, guess you didn't have the confidence of a FUND holder

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Why are you going after an old ass woman you retard? You're supposed to go for someone younger since women age like shit.

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I don't know. I just really, really want to bone her. She's not even that attractive. But to me, she is.

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Brehs there will unironically be hordes of 18 year old qts waiting you for in the next decade
Just build your own life up and they will naturally flock to you

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This, also you'd be surprised how powerful your hindsight is.
You'll literally be lmao'ing over this bitch, and porbably even kicking yourself for thinking about her so much. you jut don't know it yet, brah.

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She wanted you to correct her: bitches do this sort of thing SUBCONSCIOUSLY so if you try to call it out on any level other than a directive stern tone her natural test worked.

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Listen to this anon. Cheaters get the rope.

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based and dubs? thats a DOUBLE BASED from my dawg.

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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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so you're saying I shouldn't say anything? Unless I sternly correct her?

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Whats wrong with cheating though, it would turn me on if my wife cheated on me.

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You are a cuck, consider cleaning your ears out with a 12 gauge shotgun

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Making more money than ever too but she not texting back anymore. My emotions are so out of wack it hurts

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you should only correct her after fucking her and while you unleash your seed deep inside of her vaginal canal (no condom ofc) look her in the eyes and whisper it: "by the way, my name is anon"

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>once a cheater always a cheater

I cheated, anon, but now I'm married, successful and have a wonderful life. Guess I better go kill myself.

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> half his name half mine

Poo skin

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you married the person you cheated on ? good luck at the gate son

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yeah you probably should

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Almost looking forward to getting cheated on so I can pull this based move

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>not even a flirt.
Rest was based but this was kinda cringe. Women shouldn't flirt but guys should. View it as practice to keep sharp for your gf

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Give it time, I've been cheated on twice, you get over it

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Ask yourself what you like about her. The majority of the time it's something another girl can offer.

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Wow. Thank you. I needed to hear this. 4chan is the last place I'd expect for good, wholesome advice.

Thank you, anon.

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>0 Results

Please hit the gym and snort some creatine, you will feel better

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Hope you’re ok fren, better times are on their way

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i was talking about texting with another girl, giving too much attention to another girl etc. dunno how you flirt but im not talking to another bitches when im relationship. i want a best friend and a lover, no need to talk to other bitches at all.
Godspeed son, never let someone belittle You and treat you like shit. You are the fuckin man.

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Correct. When I'm feeling good, I feel incredible after a workout. When I'm depressed about stuff, I feel incredible after a workout and can think more rationally. Also don't get addicted to porn.
Might need to bang a fat chick on tinder to get it out of your system too

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Get fired up


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This nig fucks

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Unironically probably the whitest person in this thread.

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If you can record her reaction when you throw the money at her, do so.

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Since you didn't if you bring it up later it'll be passive aggressive instead of aggressive. Not saying you need to be "aggressive" but more like you're making your point known while not moving from your natural state.

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real shit

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i love u frens

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>guess I better go kms


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stay strong, jerk off, on to the next one. we love you too son

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move on, stop thinking about it.
remember that indulging a thought will just breed more of those thoughts. just forget about it and do other shit.

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>discover you were tied to a cheating untrustworthy whore BEFORE you made it

Congratulations, that dumb slut just saved you millions of dollars.

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This is actually the best advice I've seen on /biz/ yet


After a couple weeks, you will really really really want to see her again, or talk with her. You must resist that with every ounce of will you've got. A broken heart is like a broken leg, it takes time to heal but it will heal. However, literally ANY contact is just re-breaking, and now you're back at Day 1.

Rich people cannot afford to fuck untrustworthy people. That's how you end up buying a house for some slut.

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if i ever get back into the scene, how do you trust someone again

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new person, clean sheet, do your best and stay kind for other people. dont let this bitch steal your soul. going to bed, take care and be good.

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If you break your leg, how do you ever walk again?

It just takes time bro. It's horrible and you suffer and it takes weeks before you're 100% again, but you do get there. Just remember that just because that one whore abused your trust and fucked you up, doesn't mean that everyone will.

And honestly, better she did this to you now than five years from now when she can also take half of your shit.

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been dealing with a broken heart for over 2 years
when will it end?

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Similer situation anon, been with this girl for 8 months and few days ago she tells me shes pregnant for 2 months now and its not mine, i never felt this pain in my life such a weird feeling, like everything is fading away, it feels pointless to make it now...

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I don't understand how you guys get so hung up on long-term girlfriends. I dumped both of my girlfriends that I was together with for 2 years minimum each and rarely thought about them after a few days.

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How many times have you gotten laid since then?

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>I cheated, anon
>Guess I better go kill myself.
At least slap yourself in the face for me.

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based anon of mental fortitude

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Everyone here needs to stfu and listen to Patrice O Neal speak about women

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This guy gets it. Women offer absolutely nothing of value expect their pussy and you’ll gain freedom once you realize that

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im still bluepilled enough to want a relationship
but then again i've never met a girl that would want anything to do with me so i haven't experienced it yet

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Women skills are just skills. Everyone's born with varying degrees of talent, but anyone can become pretty good at anything with intelligently directed effort and thought

Go pirate up a copy of Double Your Dating.pdf and read it every night for a month, do the stuff in it and observe results, your life will change.

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You are a terrible worthless person

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She did you a favor, pussy is an altcoin that never pumps.

Trap bussy on the other hand..

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Block the whore and never speak to her again. Women like that, and 95% of them, are lying pieces of shit. They even lie to themselves to justify how they aren't cocksucking subhumans sluts. Most of them need the shit beaten out of them but that's "not allowed".

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Is it normal to argue with your gf every time you hang out? My girl is very generous and considerate of me but she also has massive trust issues and a volcanic temper when she feels wronged.

Example: She asked me if I gave my dad something that she gave to me to give to him. I misspoke and said, 'no I didn't meet my dad' and she took that to mean that I lied about having met him the previous thursday. She then asked to see texts proving that I went to see him. This was one of 3 arguments we had in one day and another argument the next day after.

She's helped me a lot in becoming more organized and focused, which I lack, but the explosive temper where she starts throwing around her own shit and screaming + trust issues are troubling.

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based fren. OP, listen to this anon.
i was there too, the other side of this is literally the best part of your life. you'll be ok and you're gonna make it brah

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Dr disrespect did nothing wrong

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Holy shit how can a man say something this based.

This legitamitly cured my depression. Thanks Anon.

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that's pretty gay

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It won’t go away, it is who she is. You can’t change her. You can only accept her for who she is.

You’ll have to leave her sooner or later. Ultimately it means she can never trust you, and worse, she will never have the maturity to understand. Maybe when she’s 40, but then she’d still have to go through a lot of pain to set herself straight. You’re on bought time anon. But best of luck to you

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ty bros

>> No.21083146

>but she also has massive trust issues and a volcanic temper when she feels wronged.

Er, she's a psycho and you can do better. Sorry bro, but that's not normal or healthy.

Also girls with massive "trust issues" like that, unfortunately, are almost always covering up the fact that they're being untrustworthy.

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EXTREMELY based. Might even send her 2 LINK

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>paying thousands for an amateur whore

Spend five hundred bucks for a blowjob from a high-dollar escort and you'll never want to deal with amateur hookers ever agsain

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got any nudes anon?

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Pretty based. Good advice.

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The way she's explained it to me is that she watched her dad cheat on her mom, her host mother cheat on her host father when she moved to a new country, and she herself got cheated on twice in high school. To be perfectly honest the sexual chemistry being on 10 has kept me around a lot longer than I anticipated. It's fucked up but sometimes I want her to cheat on me so I can make a cleaner break. we're 'anonymous' here so I can admit I'm a little afraid of her temper

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fucking dump her anon, you’re not going to come out of that relationship a better person. you should never be fucking afraid of your s/o wtf

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It’s a ticking time bomb. Listen to>>21083739

There won’t be any letting her down easy. You gotta fully understand why it’s going to hurt you so you can marshal the courage to break it off.

If you stick around you’re gonna find out the hard way. But maybe that’s what will get you to understand? Just something to think about. Shit like this never lasts. At least you’ll be a boyfriend who broke up with her for a good reason. Don’t wait for a bad reason to come up then justify your choice, its womanlogic

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>I'm making more money than ever before, but it doesn't fill the void...
>but it doesn't fill the void...
>fill the void...
Pic related

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>fixation on cheating

That is a gigantic, neon glowing red flag visible from low earth orbit.

The girls who say "trust is so important to me" are always the ones who are constantly breaking everyone's trust. The girls who are constantly paranoid and psycho about cheating -- guess what.

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You are with her because you want to be with her. If you didn't, you wouldn't be. If you're looking for an out, there's no need to force it. Understand that there is most likely some lesson inherent to your ongoing relationship that you are not picking up on. Usually in these kinds of things it's long-internalized beliefs about unworthiness or incapability, as in, "I deserve this," etc. It can help to ask yourself such questions as, "what must I believe in order to act/decide/behave/feel this way?" It can also help to see her as an external reflection of what you believe a partner is supposed to be. She wouldn't act this way if you didn't allow it, and you wouldn't be together if you didn't want to be. Learn the lesson, whatever it is, and genuinely accept her and yourself for where you are at right now, while understanding that if anything is going to change, it's up to you to first change yourself, and then allow that inner change to be reflected in your external environment.

Coming from a guy who was with an enormous temper girl who was pretty mean to me (according to a friend of mine the other day--I didn't really think so) for 6 years before I grew up, and another girl with massive trust issues for a couple years now.

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One time she found a condom that we had used in the trashcan and wrongfully assumed I used it with someone else. We were watching The Last Dance and she goes, 'didn't Jordan cheat on his wife?' and proceeds to look up his whole relationship history.

And I have seen her be deceitful with her mom, who wants her to lock down and never leave the house. we went on a vacation to a nearby city and she brought her bedding from home to make her mom think she was at home. to be honest it made me think if she lies to her mom what else might she be deceitful about.

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>>21073200dubs of truth anon. Make money forget the thots...

>> No.21085628

>to be honest it made me think if she lies to her mom what else might she be deceitful about.

Everyone has That Ex

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