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>tfw 4000 LINK

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200 link poorfag

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346 and happy i have them, not gonna make me richt but might def pay off half my stduent debt

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I know that feel.
>5000 link

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I sincerely pray you both make it

So close yet so far

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>8500 link
its fucking torture. i only make $14 an hour so i'm priced out of making it

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I know that feel too. Worst part is I used to have 30k.

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>only 20,000 link

a-am i going to make it?

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It doesn't get better at 9000link

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I have $13k In my account ready to buy shit. I have 100 LINK now only, do I buy BTC and wait for another $10k to transfer to my account and wait for LINK to dip back down to like $5?

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if everything goes as planned thats plenty. 2,5k is around top5% of all wallets. top 5% should be very big stack actually. and when time goes on more wallets are created with less link your % rankin onlly goes up.

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Relax. You're all going to make it.
Don't sell, we are living in hard times, every day you hold onto your investment is a win.
Live life the best way you can and do the best for yourself that you can.
Times will get harder. Hold on stronger to whatever stack you have.
The end goal may not be in sights, but remember it's there.

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How in the fuck do you people not "make it" off $200,000? I'm poor as shit. My life savings are something like $30,000. I only have $10,000 in LINK. That's life-changing money for anyone but a spoiled trust fund baby.

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u can never make it by asking what you should do. thats not how real man handle things. do what you think is the best option.

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>tfw 1500 link

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what the fuck u do with 200k? thats like 140k after tax. buy a house? then what? wage for rest of your life? idiot. why not 10-100x it and do what the fuck u want

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800 link
I could invest all of my cash into it right now and reach a 1k suicide stack but i'm too much of a bitch.

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140k would be a huge deal for most of us.
That’s enough to make a healthy down payment on a nice house without mortgage insurance.
Plus some leftover for paying off debts, buying a nicer car to replace the old Civic from college, and maybe even reinvesting.

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Wait for link to hit $4 bro

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You people complain too much

I only have 1.3k link

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I guess since I'm a freelancer I have different views of money. I like what I do, so I wouldn't actually stop.

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>He thinks he'll be "set for life" with 7-figure amount

Not if you live in a first-world country. Not even close.

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Tfw 1200

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Living paycheck to paycheck, bro.

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How the fuck do you make it off 200k? Thats not close enough money to buy a house. In the city 200k is roughly two years of white collar work. In my area and my comfort level 200k wouldn't last more then 3 years.
A nice down payment isn't making it. Making it means enough money to retire for the rest of your life or more.

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This anon is right >>21066059
200k is by no means making it heck even a million dollars means jack shit these days unless you plan to do that gay "dropping out of society/living innawoods" dumb neet type shit.

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lYou would never be able to get to 200k with that attitude. i would never settle for that little. its all or nothing.

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>Making it means enough money to retire for the rest of your life or more.
Oh, guess I never will make it. Just gonna fight so maybe my kids can make it some day. Figured something like this would happen.

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>i would never settle for that little. its all or nothing.
Same here

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>pay $60k in taxes
>$140k left over
>put $140k in stable investments
>average 7% returns per year
>live off of $9800 per year and buy your own health insurance

"making it" means retiring. $200k is not enough to retire on. $2MM is.

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better than having sold or swung or given up, lol

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I only have 500 LINK, I'm a NEET, fuck. Each time a bullrun happens I'm crying, crying because I will miss the opportunity to make it.

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I panic sold 46K LINK in March. I do not want to talk about it

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If you can't retire on 1MM you're a coomsumer

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Holy shit did you buy back at least?

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Please be a Larp

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200k isn’t that much. Maybe 10k a year in passive income, maybe not. I guess you could fuck off to a third world country to live cheaper but that makes no sense unless you have a big fat nut growing too - imagine coming back from spending 5 years in thailand with the same amount of money you left with and a good tan. So what?

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You’re stupid

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Even 500k is enough to never work again. Middle class lifestyle, single. You're a spoiled boomer.

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tfw 1.3 LINK

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$200K is nothing anon. You guys should be trying to get to $5M minimum.

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A few hundred thousand might change your life for a few years, but it won't allow you to make it. Shooting for $1mm and then reinvesting a good chunk of it to try and hit 8 figures would probably do the trick.

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2,2 links bought at ATH

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fk you demoralizer

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At 10% interests compounding you can double your money every 7 years. That's $200k every 7 years for life. Celsius returns 12% on dollars.

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2 link here

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I refuse to believe you somehow had 46k LINK but panicked because of babby's first flash crash. It's impossible.

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this but unironically

>> No.21068316

kek spotted the linklet

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this is cope like how people say that guys under 8 foot can't compete
Just losers trying to muddy the waters so nobody notices that they are losers

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>tfw only 2460

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Where are you getting 10% interest then.

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I already make 100k a year
200k aint shit you plebs
You need min 750,000 to “make it”
That gives you $20k-30k a month in dividends IF you invest it all equally in the top 100 aristocratic stocks

Aristocratic stock = 100 year old company that has never lowered a dividend payment.

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130 linkies knew about it since late 2017 but never bought like a moron until recently. gonna sell the next move up bc bull flag then put in my profits and additional 5k from my bank into LINK once it retraces

wish i could have bought sooner but i was a massive poorfag literally like £300 in savings just last year, put it into quant, did a 10x then used the profits to buy a new desk and bills

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When the fuck is it gonna go back down

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>Celsius returns 12% on dollars.

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I only have 5.2k link and I started buying at .44 cents I will probably regret not going all in for the rest of my life.

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154 linklet here.

We dont have to many retards to sell in the market.

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thanks fren, same to you. The euphoria i;ve been having the past 6 years is an experience in itself, finally it seems like ive invested something early enough to go 10x, so i put a 1.5k euro in it.

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in the eyes of many you already have more then they ever can afford.

How would you feel now with 500 tesla shares? Imagine my friend

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>tfw I can live off by spending 2 linkies a week in my 3rd world country

except for rent ofc, I live with my parents

comfy as fuck with my 11k stack

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not going to make it
should have bought more
rsr is my hope now...

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>88 link
Kill me

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This is actually really good advice. Youd need $700,000 worth of investments though right?

>> No.21068899

>20k-30k a month
surely you meant to type year

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the LINK opportunity came exactly during the worst period of my life, studying at university + getting a chronic disease, so i had absolutely no money to invest.
this is why i only have 1.4k LINK
i will work a great government job starting september, exactly when its impossible to buy cheap LINK ever again,
fuck my persistent bad luck.

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Logically I know that my 3k stack is going to be insane in a few years but you guys are just mogging me all day on here I feel like I'm gonna be poor forever

>> No.21069044

If I make it I'm still gonna try and be a history teacher I think. Sounds comfy

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Same here. I just sold 2/3rds of my Roth IRA (I don't even give a fuck about the tax penalties at this point) and am putting half into silver and half into LINK (about 2k total).

I know LINK will skyrocket once they let it break past $10. Maybe not all the way to triple digits but certainly soon. If I get fucked and it dumps whatever, I will just keep stacking. ETH, LINK and XRP are all set to moon soon. A real golden bull run.

>> No.21069227

Student debt will most likely be erased in the reset to come. Don't fret anon.

>> No.21069308

>$200K is nothing anon
I can unironically find a house for 20k and live the rest of my life comfy as fuck. You faggots are just deluded because you're consoomers that literally NEED lambos and yachts.

>> No.21069336

You have almost 40k in a single investment asset. Do you not realize how rare that makes you? Quit crying and buy more.

>> No.21069365

>How the fuck do you make it off 200k? Thats not close enough money to buy a house.
Objectively wrong. you can buy a house for a ridiculously low amount. If you live in the (((city))) of course you won't be able to buy one with 200k.

>> No.21069388

That's not nearly enough to "make it". That's enough to live comfortably and have a decent sized nest egg for emergencies and car/housing down payments as well as paying off student loans.

"Making it" means having so much money that when you reinvest it, the dividends you get allow you to never have to work for the rest of your life. That's roughly around the 1mil mark if you want to live frugally without working. Otherwise it's around 5mil to never have to work again and lice comfortably.

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Something to cheer you up: There are only 5000 wallets with more link than you.

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God damn do I hate these normie fucking boomers with their
>dude $200k is a lot of money, you should put a down payment on a house, maybe buy a nice car, take a vacation, pay your taxes and reinvest some of the money
You fuckers don't understand that we don't want to fucking wage ever. In my case I have never waged even though I'm from Europoor from a middle class/poor family. I somehow lucked my way to getting 19k LINKs in 2018 as an 18yo through some initial money schemes and then some crypto shitcoins. You can't start "cashing out" because you need every single grand to maximise your profits so you can make to your goal faster. For me it's passive income of at least €50k a year after taxes which I intend on getting from staking LINK so I wouldn't actually have to sell any of my main stack LINKs. I'm not gonna get there by chipping off my stack at such early stages. Currently I'm in uni studying IT(for free) and live at my parents's apartment. Gonna start renting my own place when I have a €400k stack since with rent and food I can do €1k a month and that wouldn't even be living frugally.

Anyone listening to these old farts telling you to "diversify" your LINKs are fucking retarded. Make it and make it as fast as possible. L

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It wont. LINK Marines don't fucking sell. This coin is different from all the others. There is an actual cult that forms the floor, and every time you panic sell or swing, the LINK marines form a higher floor with rock solid stability. LINK might actually hold most of it's value in a recession because its holders are just that damn stubborn.

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Most based and linkpilled post today. Nufags can't grasp the idea of not working

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This, I'm not even in link but what the fuck is the point in making it and then stop making it? No matter how much money you have, it never hurts to have more.

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Which part of $1000eoy do you not understand

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Pretty based. I remember some bitcoiner came in here years ago and signed proof of his millions $ in btc and he just cashed out something like $10k/mo for living expenses paying rent and eating out everyday. Definitely the way to go as someone who wishes they didnt buy so much property.

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Not a chance.

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Well hurry up and fucking pump it then.

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>24 linkies

>> No.21071813

I used to think life was this cheap until I moved out of neetdom into reality.

>> No.21072238

50 linkies here
I'd rather watch link crash to zero than take a profit just to watch /biz seeth
I have a sizable stake in other coins and a few shitcoins so I could ride out the link dump

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Fuck off demoralization agent. Doubling your stack through staking is easily achievable considering that I'M NOT FUCKING SELLING.

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