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>Ibis adds Ripple connectivity to SWISSRoute

>Ripple Price Forecast: XRP/USD building gains above $0.30

>XRP Is Just Getting Started...

>Swiss banking giant unites Ripple and SWIFT on one platform

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How much XRP are you sitting on, anons?

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Just 20k...

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finally an xrp general. hopefully we can keep this thing going

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Pretty good

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Just sold my 370 XRP for ETH

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EOY that would be $740k. You will regret this...

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Scam garbage, forever stuck at 30c fuck you

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It's intentionally kept at 30c before the big announcement in september. Just wait until it breaks through, anon.

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Bought back 188 just in case. I trust you bros

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Jamie, pull up that ripple chart.
Yea that’s it, down 5% in a fucking year
Imagine, putting money in a savings account with a negative 5% APR
And this trend has continued for YEARS
How stupid are these holders, jamming money into an account so other people can get rich?
Not only that, but paying a fee every time you put money into this account, and THEN paying ANOTHER FEE to cash it out.
*inhales joint*
These fucking idiots hahahahaha
There’s literally 50 billion ripple in circulation.
That’s 50 China’s worth of people just sitting in a bag waiting to be bought and stuffed into another bag, and each bag handler nets an average 5% loss as a whole.
Fucking nuts.
You ever see a gorilla throw it’s poop at a grandma sitting in a wheelchair?
Jamie pull that up

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Nice rich piana. All xrp holders will leave humanity behind

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HODL strong brothers

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i havent actually purchased crypto with fiat for years.

xrp is making me change this. locked literally 2/3rds on my ledger. now just really itching to make those two number even..... heres hoping its still .30 cents tomorrow when I cash my paycheck.

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Hell yeah brother

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can we get david on JRE?!

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only 1k i sold a 5k stack like 3 months ago and bragged about how great it felt, not feeliing so great anymore lads

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This ride is just starting

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Jed McCaleb is one of the Ripple XRP founders. He left and took XRP, 10% of the supply with him.

Currently, due to an agreement between Ripple and Jed McCaleb, he is allowed to sell 1.5% of the XRP volume every day. With current numbers that would grant him roughly $500.000 every day without having to do anything.

Literally. He earns 500K every day without even moving. This adds up to 180 MILLION DOLLARS every year for the next decade.

Jed McCaleb earns more than Christiano Ronaldo.
Jed McCaleb earns 191x more than Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse
Jed McCaleb earns more than Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Jed McCaleb earns about halve of Elon Musk.

For doing absolutely nothing

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kek, yea ur not gonna regret that even more soon

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The official ranking god speed anons

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What does that make me

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This guy is the perfect xrp mascot. Dead from abuse of steroids in exchange for easy short term muscle gains. Xrp will soon be dead from the extremely inflated supply due to jed and the founders dumping for easy gains.

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Why are you so intent on shutting this down to the point of copy and pasting whole paragraphs in multiple threads?

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Private First Class

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So is going to be kept at .30 for a whole month how is that possible?

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No, it will go up to a dollar or two. Maybe even 100 dollars before the jump to 2k.

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Around 17k

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To let these iq filtered cRipple muthafuckas know

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Anyone who gives specifics is lying just watch this vid and yes Imma xrpmarine

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I have about 1.3k will i make it or should I accumulate more?

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>jewish scamcoin shilled by knockoff fabio
Yeah, try harder. I'm not buying your bags.

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:( i miss rich so much man. the pints of ice cream at night.... fuck man

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If I getting rich from xrp can I buy roman reigns ass? He's hot af.

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How does $32 sound?

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I just got in

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Wow $32 a token or my whole investment is worth $32?

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32k reporting in
Hope I can get to at least 45k before this shit moons

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Its the fucking truth

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you've obviously never worked in a multicorp...

everything is in place
>works seamlessly with both fiat and crypto
>biggest partnerships established
>biggest customer relationships established
>blueprints with the biggest players, ready to go
>helped the biggest player regulators define the regulations
>rolled out in real world now (philippines)
>saves fees and improves service for customers
and their customers

stay poor.

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How do you bagholders cope:


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Worth a 23 min listen from about a year ago. Listen specific to the adoption methodologies and the ability to scale.
Blackrock via Mnuchin in Treasury = FED RES = Julie Shelton = global adoption of bimetallic or SDR backed fiat with a global digital system for remittance = XRP

XRP is not the curreny it is simply the "utility" that is utilized to remit cross border payments. As adoption increases value of XRP increases.

Imagine owning shares of Edison Illuminating Company before he fucked over Tesla. Thats what Hodling XRP is the equivelant to.


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Got it in graphic form too sempai

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Dude you are so fucking gay pls continue to post this in every thread u cringe motherfucker

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you don't see why that is a good thing?

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Thank you

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Almost brings a tear to my eye.........the beauty

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He thinks the coin is shit and wants to get rid of everything before it's back at 20 cents or lower.

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do you think xrp will moon in the next 6-9 months? I live in 3rd world cunt so I could only buy a little amount of crypto from my wagecucking. I'd be happy even if it only get past 10$

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look at the chart right now. like. go look at it.

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this anon caught me trying to get into the next moon investment. i need moar steak, bro!!

(pic related)

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$10 a lot desu

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Just 1.5k anon. We are all gonna make it.

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You're welcome

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how much do you think it'll go EOY? I've seen people memeing 2k EOY but that's a BS in a dream within a dream. If it could pass 2-3$ and stays at that range for a few months I'd gladly invest more.

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Almost woke up my house asaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

May shwarts protect

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An onsite Private just informed we are a "GO"
First Lieutenant reporting for duty

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Please, please tell me, realistically how much is this going to end up EOY? you guys made me FOMO'd

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we tried to tell them...

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1$ eom

>> No.21061981

1k, should be enough.

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Really depends on what’s going on.
If another golden bullrun, $2-4 is quite reasonable. It may even surpass it a little bit.
If it becomes a reserve currency, utilized by swift, etc. the $2000 is actually quite realistic.

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im bettin we see $32 before september ends

>> No.21062040

we sure did...

Scotty doesn't know
Scotty doesn't know
Scotty doesn't know
Scotty's gotta go

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Just dropped $2,200 for a whopping 7k stack. Are we just going to go up from here?

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I'm completely newbie when it comes to things like this, what indicates a golden bullrun, what factors are behind it and how can you predict it coming?

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Gonna buy one of those German houses in Thailand anon?

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We're gonna make it

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25k suicide stack

>> No.21062398

Nothing, just drop money and pray to Allah that the charts just moves up.

>> No.21062417

>what indicates a golden bullrun, what factors are behind it and how can you predict it coming?
You are the indicator.

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>his ID is literally KPop Poo Lmao
Extremely based, and dare I say, rather bullish

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General of the army here,
j/k just a sergeant but we will make it frens.

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Everything $32. This is going to 0 eventually. It's dogshit, it does virtually nothing but prop up a legacy system that is going to be replaced by ETH/XLM or something else. I sold my 75k stacklet back in '18 at like 90c - if i were smart I would've sold at $3 on the way up. Don't care. I have a tonne of ETH and a bit of XLM for a hedge. XRP is fucking useless mongs.

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You don't have to act out for negative attention. All kinds of anons would have been happy to have a civil conversation with (You).

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Holy shit how much did they pay you to post that you fucking shill

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Rolling for $1EOM

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There are lots of biz anons that hate xrp but can't give a real reason, but pure hate. I own a lot of different coins, but love buying xrp b/c they hate it and i've got cash to burn

it's like xrp is living in their heads rent free. sound familiar frens?

Once Judy is confirmed "Go", Zero Fucks will be Given.

First Lieutenant
NoVA Division

>> No.21064323

Xtremely Red Pilled vs XlaRP

Choose your side

>> No.21064487

We're going to make it guys. There's this energy going on you see, this mystical hype, it's palpable and mildly frenetic, if you catch my drift, it's going to tear a hole in the neetosphere and discombobulate the mid-tier echelon. Our bags are going to become airborne and carry us to the pleasure domes in the sky.
You made the right move anon.
Play it by ear, play it cool. Play ball.
Love you dog.

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i sometimes eat a pint at night after a workout while watching rich vids, not very much any longer but its a very comfy feeling doing so

>> No.21064555

unlike most anons here i'll give you the real answer : it's going down soon and will be back to 20c by eoy

>> No.21064611

Is that you TheBearableBull?

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>> No.21064718

I love you

>> No.21064780

No. I am just a nobody.

>> No.21064810

I hope so, Link so far has a better chance to break $10 than XRP being $1 by eom.

>> No.21064817

Were going to make it lads. Just HODL and you will make it. Love you guys

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that was some aggressively average bullish bullish bullish bullish bullish content

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whats the significance of using the anime girl? is it xrp meme?
- newfag

>> No.21065213

She's the goddess of debt.

>> No.21065239

This is your last chance to make easy gains wtf are you waiting for, the break 0,31 ?

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No idea honestly. See pic related. I used her as a remembrance to Melon.

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fits the water theme for Ripple

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Also fits the theme of poor financial decisions.

>> No.21065513

3k here, all play money too. And it's comfy. So comfy in fact that I can't wait to stack more

>> No.21065636

11888.77, not intentionally, just ended up that way. I took it as a sign though and don't want to ruin my digits by getting more.

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I think Chainlink is shallow and pedantic

>> No.21066175

You know what really grinds my gears? Bad FUDsters, you know those low IQ ones that just yell MARKETCAP. Yeah.

>> No.21066221

U can tap the buy button to xrp to see how many you're getting for the money. I add the xrp amount so I get digits. Feelsgoodman

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It insists on itself.

>> No.21066433

That is one smart and based lad, god speed to him

>> No.21066494

nah, thats nancy

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>> No.21066536

Okay but for him to be selling 1.5% of the volume every day seem a little sus to anyone else?
Why would you keep the prices low? Wouldn't you want the prices to keep going up and up? Unless there is something else at play here.

Something much bigger.

What would these numbers look like if the price of XRP was $10 or $100? What would Jed be making?

>> No.21066544

I finally took the xrp pill I'm in $100

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>fits the water theme for Ripple
Water flows in currents,
the rivers banks guide the flow,
the currency is between the banks,
the water makes ripples.

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>that is going to be replaced by ETH/XLM
kek, nope.

>> No.21066687

good man, you'll have a nice surprise on August 13th ;)

>> No.21066738

Anyone else see the post from that anon who claimed to have grown up near Brad Garlinghouse's wife's family? Supposedly we can expect $4-6 XRP before Tuesday and a Ripple, Inc. IPO. Almost certainly a larp, but a man can dream.

>> No.21066839

August 13 = Price goes up a lot.

>> No.21067033

I hope it's real

>> No.21067075

digits confirm
you have 1 week before xrp changes the world

>> No.21067082

Many reasons.
2k happens later this year though, so don't sell anything. ;)

>> No.21067162

I pray to Jesus this is what happens guys
let it be

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HOLY SHIT!! Two scoops of fudge ripple ice cream just flew over my house. $1.00 EOY!!

>> No.21067260

My dad works at Nintendo and I can confirm this larp as being a larp.

>> No.21067392

both of these have me kekin

>> No.21067765

No dumbfuck, there is the extreme majority of blockchain developers and computer scientist that hate it is because it is a fucking scam you dumb fucktardian moron. The only reason the shit coin is still alive is because it pairs against eth and btc and is so shitty it acts like a slightly negative based semi stable coin on centralized exchanges for asian dope dealers and crooked fucks. We don't hate XRP, we fucking hate Ripple because they own 60 damn % of the network and constantly talk shit about BTC or ETH. Hell, they even talk shit about shitty scammer Justin Sun who really did work for them but they are so fucking jaded and arrogant they wouldn't even admit that he did. We fucking hate Ripple, not because we are afraid of them but because they cater to dumb fucktards who we have to spend years educating about real crypto and not that dumb shit.

>> No.21067878

It has been accumulating for way too long... Unles ripple Wanna pull the rug on this one, there should be a growth in the price of the coin.

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File: 87 KB, 518x587, 1596277897548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You fudders deserve the rope.

>> No.21067960

You’re just talking shit. You have no understanding of monetary policy or why the Fed exists. You’re a fucking schizo that doesn’t trust anyone. The reality is that the Fed is decentralized already. Ripple makes transactions overseas faster, cheaper, and fucking cooler.

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So much hate... i'm a individual that holds xrp and you can't handle that.

>> No.21068049

>>but that's a BS in a dream within a dream
>He doesn't know.

>> No.21068073

41000, I'm going to make it

>> No.21068086

it will not 2k eoy anon, stop spreading shit like that to fuck over newfags and their money

>> No.21068100

some anons ignored the fudposter and now have a garage full of lambos

xrp is going to wreck everyone. #1 incoming

>> No.21068110

Drawing conclusions either for or against a crypto in any extreme sense is utterly foolish

>> No.21068219

hey justin

>> No.21068230

I'm hesitant to buy because I see a lot of you saying you have however much but I see no proof, post pics please

>> No.21068298

I pity you, I truly do, anon.

>> No.21068336

Bearable bull got me into crypto but I can’t watch him anymore, too cringe and I feel like I’m getting scammed when he shills xrp lol.

>> No.21068356

At one point xrp and link were 30cents at the same time kek

>> No.21068357

watch blockchain backer if you want bullish xrp stuff

bearable bull is a retarded faggot. i cant make it 5 seconds into his talking

>> No.21068401

His fucking 2 minute intro, combined with him talking like every single scam artist puts me off

>> No.21068456

it would be smart to hold a small stack but you are right most people here are just larping

>> No.21068461

didnt xrp claw its way up the ranks? went from #5 to #3. If that isnt saying something idk what will.

>> No.21068471

dubs confirms
You can put $100 as a safe bet on it. You either receive lambos or lose $100 you would have spent on mcdonalds anyways. Choice is yours.
Hell XRP is a stablecoin, you'll at worst get most of your $100 back.

>> No.21068480

u know u can press 1 on your keyboard to skip to the first 10%, 2 for 20% etc. i usually hit 2 then speed up 1.75x

otherwise i wouldnt listen to anything on youtube

i swear these fags slow their videos down to get longer lengths

this little shit has good info on xrp too https://youtu.be/Y0e77Lq7S4U?t=411

once again, speed it the fuck up

>> No.21068732

It literally cant reach 1k.
Total xrp = 100b
At value = $1000, the total market cap is 100trillion.

The combined market cap of all the worlds stock exchanges is $85.7 trillion.

>> No.21068740

Insiders are trying to fud the types of people who visit this site out of XRP. Why else would there be so much disdain for a crypto that dropped to .30 and crab walked for two years?
>sick of seeing XRP threads
unless there is a happening there are typically no more than two XRP threads. Anymore than that and they get slid
>jew banker coin - crypto is anti-bank!
bullshit. there are a ton of tokens built to work with banks and existing infrastructure that get a lot of support here including the most popular coin on this board
>it's Linkfags they hate XRP
Would have believed that before the massive gains in link last month. Why the fuck would anyone holding link give a shit about someone investing in a .30 coin?

>> No.21068782

diamonds are shiny rocks, they debeers has warehouses full of them. they just flood the market with diamonds constantly. and for 1 karat you can easily spend $3,000

i dont get your "logic" in this clown world we live in. consequences have never been the same since 2012. this simulation is going full nightmare mode. get a bag of xrp if you want free cheat codes

>> No.21068807

cryptos aren't stocks

>> No.21068848

Crypto does not equal stocks. Cryptos are nothing alike stocks

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>> No.21069293


>> No.21069578

Dont get me wrong, i got a bag too>>21062368, but im not expecting the absurd levels of shit u potheads are.

>> No.21069795
File: 2.04 MB, 500x276, 1595015128983.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

XRP is dead imo. 30 cents and still not going up despite all the bullish as fuck news.

>> No.21069827

this is ironic because Ripple/XRP has always been rivals with ETH. Vitalik stole the idea of Smart Contracts when he tried to intern at Ripple. Also, what that anon says is 100% true. ETH is king shitcoin with no purpose. Its a fucking disaster trying to upgrade to 2.0. ETH and LINK are no different.

Only coin that deserves any value is XRP

>> No.21069860
File: 54 KB, 769x575, he is unaware.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he doesn't know

>> No.21070066

You think its dead? Good. Thats what we want you to think.

>> No.21070073

>it's Linkfags they hate XRP
>Would have believed that before the massive gains in link last month. Why the fuck would anyone holding link give a shit about someone investing in a .30 coin?
Why wouldn't you just invest in both?

>> No.21070153

alright you fucking nerds i just converted 1k in btc I had in a wallet I forgot about to a total of about 3k rippletits. Better at least get to $1 by years end or I am coming to each of your homes and murdering you

>> No.21070203

so when ur mega rich are you going to come to all our homes and suck all our dicks? because ill allow it

>> No.21070226

Why do people go on crusades against coins they don’t like?

Just throw a sum you feel comfortable losing into whatever coin you believe in and HODL. It’s not that hard, just don’t put in more than you’re willing to lose.

I swear it’s like people just throw all their money into whatever they think is going to moon and then freak out when it doesn’t because they put in more than they are willing to lose.

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File: 1.26 MB, 960x640, 1593670725236.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trips and it stays .30ish for the rest of the year

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>> No.21070419

10k eoy

>> No.21070583

BTC and ETH dont solve a single problem and already DOA

>> No.21070684
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i do not get why anyone would play hot potato with king shitcoin that is LINK
>years worth of fake partnerships
>unregistered security where the creators dumped millions to fund their operation
>evidence of paid shills on social media

I unironically think LINK is going to be the next Enron of our times. The graphs are identical

>> No.21071157

holy fucking shit. go to 21:30
XRP confirmed 2k EOY

>> No.21071344
File: 937 KB, 3036x1326, 1594320107380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that Bearableguy123 is not The Bearable Bull.

>> No.21071432

Absolu cringe interview

>> No.21071499

>This is your average crypto investor
Honestly, I'm just bewildered as to why a lot of people are choosing to ignoring blatant hints and clues.

>> No.21071606

Yeah, I find it ironic too, but I had two points I wanted to make:
Eth is a shitter version of XRP less efficient, is slower.
XRP is independent, fast and secure, ETH is spaghetti code at it's finest.
If its price is low, it's purposefully kept that way.

>> No.21072071

You didn't even watch it.

>> No.21072217
File: 528 KB, 1125x2436, F9F5EF0A-A1A6-4F68-9AC2-541AEABD5787.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know you’re gmi when NASDAQ publishes an article about how successful your investment is coming to be
>he doesn’t know nasdaq will be XRP enabled too


>> No.21072516

Will this break $0.5 any time soon?

>> No.21072569

3k xrplet stack

>> No.21072995


>> No.21073088


>> No.21073189

Anyone has a link to this post?

>> No.21073341
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>> No.21073778


>> No.21073974

don't buy reddit coins

>> No.21074268

Back to 29c again...

>> No.21074681
File: 99 KB, 1440x1378, Screenshot_20200806-190323~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>being an amerifat
Reminder that the true North, strong and free, will break 1$ far before you do.

>> No.21074870

It’s 31 cents wtf

>> No.21074985

Pretty neat.
But they didn’t talk about xrp much..

>> No.21075094

Fellow leaf,
That’s not a good thing..
Our currency is dogshit.

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