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My ego is getting out of hand, bros. I have made so much money these past few months, i'm beginning to think I'm some kind of investing savant. I can literally not make a single wrong choice.

This last week alone I made over $50,000 with VIDT, AKRO, and BNT.
Somebody bring me back down to reality, tell me it's just a bull market and everybody is making 300% gains left and right, no matter what they buy

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You’re an autist like the rest of us. Even if you make it you’ll still be an autist

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Donate 10k to a charity to hurt your ego.

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what sites you trading it? binance, kraken, deribit, ftx .etc

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im not making shit i sold all my alts for eth when the rally to 400 started and only left lend and RSR fucking stablecoins dont move for shit while bnt and xsn and pnk are mooning hard

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i swear to god guys if DMG and BZRX moon i am going to become a complete narcissist
i moved half of my gains from VIDT/AKRO/BNT into these 2, and the rest into LINK for long term

but im not even joking. if i'm right again i am going to lose my grip on reality.

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how many girls did you kiss over the past few months?

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How are you getting early on these picks? How do you know which ones will moon? Are you spamming threads here shilling them too?

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yeap, give some of yar shit to the needy to feel better and stay humble... these constant moon shots are bearish for your karma.

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>and the rest into LINK for long term
>buying link at the top
oh you're going to get an ego check alright

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Sell signal Tbh

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Fuck Charity.
He should send me 10k and ill 10x it for him.

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300% gains is pathetic in a bull market.
Are you comparing yourself with those stinky linkies that spam this board when LINK goes up 2%?

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Spread the wealth. I will trade you a session of ancient Vedic knowledge on how to dissolve your false ego.

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Did you make 10x? 100x? Cool, now stash 90% away and try to repeat your success with remaining 10%. If it was skill, you will make 10x again. If you were just lucky, you still have 90% and can leave the casino as a winner.

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link doesnt have a top you colossal retard

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1, just my gf

>How are you getting early on these picks?
>How do you know which ones will moon
I do research and decide based on fundamentals. For AKRO, DeFi on Polkadot was an obvious play. For BNT, V2 will revolutionize DEXes. For VIDT, they already have 25+ real world paying customers.
>Are you spamming threads shilling them?
no, I never make shill threads, though I do participate in discussion in existing ones

god i hope so. LINK is the one im the most worried about.
if it goes to $100, I will be a millionaire.
And you want to know the worst part? I still wouldn't sell. I don't have any pressing bills, I have no reason to pull out at $100
If it goes to $1000, I will change my bloodline for centuries. I fear I will have a god complex.

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That’s nothing. Made 220 k in link in 1 week.

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literal niggers on twitter who talk in nigger speak are buying LINK
LINK is the new XRP
have fun

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Man I wish there was a guide on how to gamble shitcoins or something. The few times I tried to in the past I got burnt badly. What was your initial?

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I started with $3500 in 2017
I now have $175,000 spread over 4 coins

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>no, I never make shill threads, though I do participate in discussion in existing ones
I often make a thread disguised as a shill/fud thread but my intention is really getting a sentiment on the shitcoin and various critical bits of data I'm probably missing
you can get some really good info that way

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You got lucky, Im still holding my coins that aren't doing anything

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That's awesome man. I'm all in LINK atm and have more money to DCA. I need more to put into LINK so seeing these shitcoins mooning look like another opportunity for me but I really suck at this shit. Maybe I'll take the plunge some day or not.

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show us your bags so we can laugh at your picks

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instantly the first thing I thought when i read your post is "this guy is an idiot, he picked terrible investments"
fuck i didnt use to be this way. I used to be humble. I used to have self-doubt.
please share your coins, maybe I considered buying them and it will help bring me back down to earth

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> got into the statera hack, mega rekt (lost $20k there; now it has recovered for some reason and i could take $45k out; might have even made huge profit there without the hack)
> DMG "exchange soon! okex wasn't the exchange! wait, it was the exchange! enjoy selling at $1.05 lol." bit fucked me over hard and made me lose out on trustswap (about $150k and maybe even extra decentrl gains. plus i lost at least $50k for selling DMG extremely low. and flip-flopping because the huobi tweet.)
> MTA VC fund unlock happened; i lost at least $100k there
> this >$100k loss made me flip-flop on YFI, increasing my DCA value from ~$1000 to $1700
> lost an amazing 100k DMG long with 80 cent liquidation point because i temporarily closed it for the plutusdefi sale. i can no longer reopen it.
> plutusdefi sale was first postponed and then completely fucked up
> horrible timing luck with XOR and aleph (usually had 6k XOR. even more at some point because i parked extra money there. then I only had 3k. idk why. maybe because of the MTA bit, coupled with...)
> me having 3000 XOR stuck on MXC. the withdrawal of which they still haven't unlocked
> bought into this XAMPL shit and it immediatley dropped 40% or so, which it hasn't done before, but had to do so when I bought in. of course i sold because wtf I don't want to bleed more money. I am sure i would have made at least a x5 profit by now.
> wanted to open a kava long at $1.20 and an ocean protocol long at 12 cent. but didn't because "i am waiting for my other plays to work out and free up some money..." (none of them worked out; i got fucked over massively instead. now ocean protocol has been removed from margin trading.)
> and more

Am I cursed? I wanted to buy into BNT at $1.40, too. But I never really got the chance due to all these justings. I feel as if I should have made hundreds of thousands last month. Instead I barely broke even with Link/ETH (the moving market average, so to speak).

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I get a feeling you're just too late to everything, but you know that, that's why you're trying to get early into things now (PLT) and it doesn't work out, because everyone thinks the same way. You're a man trading without a niche, without style. In a sense, you're late to the idea of being early.

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Humble yourself and give God the glory. Invest also in the next life.

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I wasn't too late. I got into everything early but got justed by shit like hacks/the MTA VC unlocks/the plutusdefi sale fuckover, etc. In turn making me be too late for other shit.

I was in aleph at 8 cent, it's now at 35 cent. MTA at $2.8, then it mooned to $4 before dumping because of the VC shit. Got into XOR at 2 bucks, which is now worth 30 bucks but stuck on MXC. Got rekt by the Statera hack. I got into the public DMG sale at 38 cent. But lost my long because of the plutusdefi sale shit. Now I can't reopen it and the funds I had to spend on my DMG position I can't put into BNT.

And because of all this shit, which is mostly due to incompetence of others (the DMG, MTA, Plutusdefi team, etc), I missed out on ocean protocol and Kava. This is 0% on me. This is entirely out of my hands. At least I got into akro at 1 cent and other shit. Hence why I didn't make any losses relative to the moving market average. But I should have made hundreds of thousands.

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I'm also not buying PLT now. I tried getting into the sale the same way I got into the decentrl sale and made an easy 2x. This means I was early and would have been early. But dolomite completely fucked that sale over.

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make it the ADL

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>This is 0% on me. This is entirely out of my hands.

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How did you make that much on shitcoins?

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I have long accepted that I will need some luck to cruise my way to making it. Clearly it is out of my hands. I am just hoping for it to be over soon. Fuck crypto.

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Okay reading all that I just have one sentence for you.
Remember you haven’t made a loss until you close your positions.
I see you get into good projects and just sell it off on the first dip, why is that? Do you think it always goes up?

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Yea wtf is up with rsr. Where is the binance listing. This piece of shit isn't doing anything

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Multipliers is all it takes, pick good projects be early and have at least some sense of what coin you're going to invest to does.

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Every normie and their dog is making money hand over fist. Look at every asset class, EVERYTHING is mooning. You’ll drown along with most others once we hit choppy waters

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The thing is I bought the dip when the MTA funds were moved. And it bounced from $2 to $2.80. But then it actually dipped below on balancer and it didn't seem like a double bottom. So I believed the "the VC are dumping" FUD and sold, because I got justed before and didn't want to bleed more money. And then it was back at $3.5 shortly thereafter. I put the money into YFI instead and have recovered my loss there. But this shouldn't have been the case. If this crass incompetence doesn't transpire, I should have made ~$100k profit instead of just recovering my loss.

Or I closed my DMG long because I needed the funds for the plutusdefi sale, which would have been an easy x3-x5. The sale was a complete fuck-up and I wanted to reopen my DMG long position instantly. But I can't do it anymore. Nor did I get anything from the sale.


How can you blame this on me? Fuck you all.

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I'm I'm bzrx, xrp, shuf, and link

give it to me straight

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>I am just hoping for it to be over soon. Fuck crypto.

>Clearly it is out of my hands.
I disagree, you should've anticipated that those teams are incompetent (the PLT team is literally 100% indian, come on dude)
You can keep blaming others but it's only hurting you in the end, you don't acknowledge your mistakes.

>> No.21057158

I know it's not 100% out of my hands. But I am not really made for improvising on the spot like that. In retrospect, looking at it one week later, I had fucking perfect positions one day only for it to be in shambles one day later. FFS. I wish I was better at improvising on the spot and readjusting my situation. But I literally can't.

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I wish it was as easy as riding chainlink through the bear market. Really makes me appreciate how professional Sergey is.

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>BZRX up 14% today
oh god oh fuck its happening, isn't it
i am never going to be humbled. I am going to get unimaginably wealthy and become an absolute egotistical prick along the way.

fuck you biz. this isnt how it was supposed to be.

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BZRX is going to be a total moon this month. It belongs in the SNX/LEND market cap range.

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bro we selling or riding it out for longer, do you just take that gain or what

>> No.21057333


It is totally happening. Biz has been fudding BZRX for ages now as it was in sideways accoom mode, but with the platform relaunch 1-2 months at the latest from now, it's going to start the march from 50mill mc to 300mill mc at least to join the likes of LEND and SNX.

The fud on biz is good actually, it means big players and iron hands are the only ones left holding, and the staking income generation means whales will not dump. That's why lend and snx went on the runs they did. We're going to see the same with BZRX. A slow steady ascent. LEND rarely popped up in the biggest gainers for the day, but it mooned for like 6months. The key though is that it never ended up in the biggest losers either.

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IMO, you'd be retarded to sell BZRX now because of: >>21057269

Also, even from a charting point of view, it just broke out of an accumulation pattern hard. People who bought in that range and didn't sell were big players who have staking on their mind, not dumping for a quick buck.

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my brain is telling me to not sell until the platform re-launches this month, or if it hits $2 before then.
you do what you want anon, but this is what my instinct is

if BZRX hits $2 i will have made another $40,000. I am a god among men.

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Is it worth taking profit from akro to put into bzrx? So you think it'll outperform akro?or are you doing it only to hedge your bets?

>> No.21057451 [DELETED] 

Help poorfags.
$50 worth of ETH would do wonders


>> No.21057454

i'm completely out of AKRO. Could be a dumb move, but it's went up plenty for me to be happy with my profits.
if BZRX saw an AKRO style run, id sell it too. for me, it's ultimately about increasing my LINK stack while staying exposed to possible moonshots for even more LINK

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>I do research and decide based on fundamentals.

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you have a poor mindset. you will lose it all within a year

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can u pls guide me on wat to buy... ive lost so much money in crypto

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I don't know how much capital you have, but as you gain funds, your time horizon should be greater and more diversified.

If you're playing with 10,000's, in crypto you should really be looking to minimise losses, and ride ascending wedges on promising projects which are undervalued based on a proved market fit. Your time horizon should be 1-6 weeks per trade, try and front run fomo.

As I've said earlier in this thread, BZRX is an SNX/LEND like product, and looks like it has just broken an accumulation pattern hard. platform relaunch gives you your defined 1-6week trade, and the market fit MC range has already been proven by SNX and LEND.

I don't know what else to tell you.

You might be worried about whales dumping, but as a dolphin with 100,000usd+ in BZRX I can tell you that it's only a portion of my stack, and I'm looking to earn passive income from it, NOT to blow my load and dump it weeks before launch.

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Buy Aleph or XSN it will blow up through the year. If you want to play it safe Link or Eth is your sure bet.

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IMO investing in coins like ETH or BTC is basically a waste of time. They barely move and take a long time to. the volatility of the crypto market I think is the point you should have no shame in flipping alts

>> No.21057857

This is true.
As a normie, the only way you can 'make it' now is to learn the ropes trading shitcoins. Eth and Bitcoin are now for people will 100k+ of capital who can afford to have a time horizon of months or years. Eth and Btc also are more traded by bots etc, so you're playing against the big boys when you go in on those. That's why so many are getting rich off uniswap and other DEX's, in those environments it's still pvp, and the slowness of the chain is actually an advantage because it puts humans and bots on the same playing field.

IMO layer 2 instant transaction stuff will spell the death of PvP action on DEX's, so get rich while you can...

>> No.21057885

It's the bull market. I made more money than that and I'm 1/4th autist.

>> No.21057912

whats your estimation for when this layer 2 instant transaction stuff will arrive? I’m a brokefag but have seen 330% returns in the past week so I’m taking it a little more seriously now

>> No.21058034

I'm a Software Dev by day trade, but DESU I have not looked in to the technical details, but I know people are bullish on stuff like LRC in the short term.

I can tell you though, from a usability standpoint, layer two does not matter for Eth in the same way that it did for Btc in 2017. Btc was going after digital cash for the world, so having to pay 50$ for a tx which took 30mins to clear disproved that narrative.

The defi narrative is far more resilient to such issues, as it's more about investment and interest generating assets. When people are claiming BZRX interest for instance, nobody who's getting 2000$+ a month will care even if they have to spend 200$ on a TX and it takes 3 days to clear. And we both know it will never get to that cost.

>> No.21058071

For those who are curious about what YFT is:
Yield-Farming Token is an Aragon-based governance token that allows the community to participate in the evolution of the YFT DAO, a state-of-the art platform for issuing crypto-backed financial assets. It is built around the core philosophy of fair-distribution and open participation with the goal of democratising the modern financial industry.

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yes sirs aragon token is very good buy

>> No.21058202

He isn't trading at all. It's a larp

>> No.21058219

Thanks op. I would pay you to let me in on the trades. Use to be apart of a disco that did that shit but got banned for shilling fomo3d.

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>I fear I will have a god complex.
You sound like such an insufferable faggot.

>> No.21058272

you are inflating my ego more than you could ever imagine. the very thought that my actual life, to some, is considered unbelievable.... is, well.. mindblowing. I am so successful that you can't even believe my reality.

Not interested in taking money for my trades. That's bitconnect level shit.

Be honest, how jealous are you?

>> No.21058460

Oh btw OP, you probably won't listen, but... since you look overly optimistic...

As someone who was around for the last bubble, you need to realise that the day of the rug will come. Don't be like the dudes (including myself) who last time did not sell when we were very obviously parabolic and unsustainable upward trend.

It's unironically bullish that right now on biz and in the wider cryptosphere we are roughty split between Eth going back to 250 and moving up to test 600-700, it means most of the people in the space now are level headed.

I can't tell you when it will happen, only that you must be able to feel in the wind that something has changed and that the tone of the discussion has changed and that nay sayers are ostracised. When you feel that, you'll probably have 2-3 weeks to get out, and it will be hard to do because there will be crazy gains happening even in something a big as BTC. But when you must remember is that it's ok to miss that last 50% upleg so long as you miss the soon after -80% retrace.

>> No.21058538

You'll never get my LINKies.

>> No.21058709

Are you me? I just can’t seem to stand others after making their salary in a year. They all look like slaves to me. I’m getting so full of myself but part of me knows it’s just the bull market. I’m probably going crazy too not going to lie

>> No.21058772

No nkn, iexec, ocean protocol?

>> No.21058855

Put those gains into Link before the End of August, and don’t forget to humble yourself in the sight of the Lord.

>> No.21059012


Ripple ran up to 3 dollars and like a 150 billion dollar market cap before it tanked LOL.

LINK at 150b is like $500 you fucking retard. Wishing Ripple’s history on LINK already at minimum gets it halfway to $1KEOY.

>> No.21059045

Dude why fall for a FUD before verifying things yourself? You do realize there are coordinated FUD groups that shake out early hands so they can buy in cheap? I’m a part of one and we did it with EQUUS recently.
Verify shit for yourself, ask the dev questions. You can literally check on etherscan if dev is indeed dumping.

>> No.21059090


You haven’t made shit until you cash out and pay your taxes as well as secure your wealth.

Getting a big head is a good way to get rekt. Lot of people probably felt this way in the run up to the 17 bull and got absolutely annihilated.

Stay humble. Stay focused.

>> No.21059118

trade the link for rsr

>> No.21059218

The MTA admins didn't answer on TG at all. I expected the MTA stuff to be FUD. It's why I bought the dip. But when it crashed below $2 on balancer, I thought it's real. Especially because one of the VCs actually put money into the balancer IIRC. Maybe even causing it to sell off.

Shouldn't even have happened. Wish people would sue these faggots.

>> No.21059456

Understand how high the bar really is...

>> No.21059563

Those groups where admins and community are unresponsive are like the prime target for FUDposters.

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sir unironically the next 5-10x coin is $AST. do some research sir and the tendies are yours.

>> No.21059625

Imagine thinking everyone lives in a country where you have to pay taxes for crypto.

>> No.21059646

actually name the waifu in your image and I'll buy your airswap coin
you have 5 minutes so you better know who that is

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I'm gonna go all into BZRX. Thank you anon.

>> No.21059822

Bzrx is a good one has some good upside potential, I’ve personally sold 40% of my stack off as it was already up by a lot. But it’s still good investment for this month.

>> No.21059879

If you want an ego check, buy AMPL today.

>> No.21059974

i tried to swap eth for bzrx but transaction failed, what does it mean? complete noob here, where did my eth go then?

>> No.21060393

Just increase the slippage and try to up the gas speed to fast

>> No.21060467

yes, uniswap, trying with fast gas speed now

>> No.21060488

Put slippage to like 2-3%

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File: 908 KB, 1507x1221, 1584934463967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm up nearly 10x in bitcoin this year.

You gotta keep that shit in check op. Last time this happened to me it was 2018: carefully turned 0.20 btc into 3 whole coins over 6 months... only to watch myself blowing practically all of it in less than a week in an inglorious long sequence of emotional sleep deprived trades.

The whole thing feels surreal thinking about it.

>> No.21060628

Should i sell vidt or let it sit?

>> No.21060640

ok that worked, thanks king

>> No.21060768

you fears are justified, you aren't genetically capable of handling this success

>> No.21060829

Pride cometh before the fall
>t. made over a million after taxes in between 2015-2018 by betting on Brexit, betting on Trump, investing in ETH and investing in Antshares and am currently broke.

>> No.21061080

Unless you bought 100k link when it was under $1.00 you are just an insufferable faggot with no morality who is taking advantage of a once in a lifetime guaranteed bull run to retirement.

>> No.21061132

The rich with no will power will soon become poor.

>> No.21061144

This, these threads are pajeet vehicles to flog shitcoins. Sage & avoid.

>> No.21061230

There's plenty of people here that have done better.

like me for example, I started with 1.2k in 2017 and built my way up to 650k, I also added 25k three times over that duration though. still I am probably a better trader then you, I am richer, and probably more good looking also. Just read stoic books and realize all of this means nothing.

>> No.21061316


>> No.21061486

Buy Tellor and just hold it. The oracle hype is gonna keep pumping it. will at least 5x in the short term, longterm probably a 30-50x. You have a gambling problem, just pick a decent project and hold. Trading isn't for you

>> No.21061821

i made 50000 yesterday from Bancor and YFI lol

>> No.21061883

lol I'm just saying you sound like a faggot.

>> No.21061939

also realize that I am 6'5 aryan, jacked, and fuck college virgins on a regular basis. Realize all of this means nothing.

>> No.21061946

Most of you are poor and lying. Those of you who aren't and think they are surrounded by peers are going to lose your gains very soon.

>> No.21061983

>bring me back to reality

You're not a good trader or a savant. VIDT is a total shitcoin and everyone holding it for the last month is simply lucky that the team decided to have their market maker pump it after a year of crabbing

>> No.21062050

See you at $30

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