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okay fine ill entertain the idea, explain how.

no schizo screenshots either, I want (You) to explain to me how this coin will be adopted in the real world, keep in mind its NOWHERE NEAR its ATH...


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exactly what i thought haha without your schizo screenshots you guys have no fucking clue what XRP is......


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HAHA no one is replying? really? not even one? wow this really is a fucking scam imagine buying into this because of some schizo screenshot you didnt even fully read or understand


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xrp shills are just desperate redditors

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I think the biggest schizo here is you replying you your own thread three times in a row.

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This lmao.
Xrp chads will make it.

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ya because none of you can explain by this shitcoin is so amazing, all you did was half ass read a schizo screenshot

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I don’t see any other crypto’s getting mentioned in fed documents faggot.

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>dont post schizo screenshots
>posts schizo screenshots
wow.... just wow...

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You're asking to be spoon-fed on 4chan but you don't want the 4chan schitzos opinions. Just do some research, man.

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Here, I'll hold your hand and gently spoon feed you, one article and document at a time.



read this article and this document, then state your gripes.

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>thinks every board has the same traffic as /b/ or /pol/
>talks to self
Explain why you cant look up things foryourself?

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no im here to prove something, which is NONE of you even know what the fuck youre even talking about.... you didnt even fully read or understand these screenshots, which is why i asked you to explain without them, which you couldnt....


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>Fed document
>schizo screenshot
Kek this is why you’re ngmi
>pic related, soon to be adopters held back by regulatory clarity

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ummm sweaty, they just partnered with this consultancy in curacao, things are moving pretty fast.

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just keep proving my point haha, unreal...

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did you read the article? did you look at the document?

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read this, idiot > >>21039811

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You’re fucking retard kek you refuse to even be spoon fed. This is why you will die of malnutrition

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XRP has two properties that make it the most pleasant cryptocurrency to actually use as currency
1. Speed - making payments through bitgo or sending to another wallet is as fast as sending a text message.
2. Low volatility - there are heavy buy/sell walls due to ODL action

There is no special utility to XRP compared to a coin like LINK. It is simply a rapid payment system, like a faster Bitcoin whose network doesn't operate through mining but instead through unpaid nodes determining consensus. However, that simplicity is what makes it valuable. The more money that is being abstracted on the XRP ledger, the more value on the network, and therefore the token becomes more valuable.

Ripple as a corporation is built on XRP. The company is very clear that its goal is to make XRP the world reserve currency. There's a reason it's slowed down programmatic sales and been buying XRP off of the market. They are committed to building an global ecosystem that runs on XRP, and have developed ILP to enable interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain, which enables it to capture the value of various supply chains that will be running on Ethereum.


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read this, retard > >>21039811

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The technology is great, but of course the vast majority of capital is still running through legacy systems. Therefore, it is important that Ripple works to build institutional involvement, but of course there would need to be a profit incentive for institutions to decide to join Ripplenet. The major benefit of Ripplenet is that there is no need to have prefunded nostro/vostro accounts for cross-border transfer - the XRP ledger and ODL can handle many USD corridors. Eliminating nostro/vostro accounts would free up $27 trillion in capital - institutions would love to redirect that frozen capital.

And there is evidence that they have these institutional connections in place, such as with Bank of America, Santander Bank, Bank of Brazil, Bank of Canada, to name just a few. Of course, these institutions would not adopt a new technology were it not fully regulated. We are seeing these regulations coming into place in this moment, now that banks can offer legal custody of cryptocurrencies. The pieces are falling into place.

By the way, XRP is already adopted in the real world. MoneyGram was failing before they adopted ODL for their remittance corridors. After about 6 months on ODL, Western Union decided it might want to buy MoneyGram out.

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Look, if you want me to spoon feed you, you need to at least open your mouth to receive.

You need to be able to communicate for me to share information. I need you to first read the article and document, then respond back with what you think is wrong/right with it, and I can further communicate with you.

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Okay fine. There's a big opportunity for blockchain in the fintech world. It's called remittances. Remmitances are basically when an entity, like a company or rich person sends money across a border. Remittances suck now and are expensive because they use an outdated transfer system built in the 60's. It takes upwards of a week to actually transfer money and settle on the other side. Currently and American company called Swift handles most of the remittances in in the world for USD. Approximately 4 trillion USD are changed hands through Swift daily. But swift sucks. It is slow and expensive. Ripple has spent the last 6 years building a network with the banks around the globe to replace swift. They built XRP, the ILP and ODL to basically use XRP as the settling mechanism for global remittances. Theyre better than swift because the transaction is almost insant (instead of days) and they can also settle the transaction. They basically killed the middle men. If they captured Amy percentage of Swift's transaction volume the price of XRP would scale in order to provide the needed liquidty. For example, of you tried to move a billion dollars through XRP you'd exhaust the order book and skyrocket the price on one end of the transaction and then dump the price on the other. That is called sucky liquidity. But at a high enough price there is enough liquidity to do 4 trillion in remittances daily. Some math and forecasting have some believing that the XRP price would be in the 3 or 4 digits in order to provide that liquidity. Some reasons why peeps believe Ripple can pull this off is because they have partnered with the big bad wolves of the world. IMF, SBI, BOA, and hundreds of other banks and FI's. They are the bankers coin after all, and have a network established with the existing system that no other crypto has even begun to search the surface of.

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Guys op is actually a braindead retard wanting us to spoon feed him, you can just tell by his responses. Calling fed documents schitzo kinda makes you a retard lmao.

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What's gotten the community moving recently is that two weeks ago Brian Banks, the OCC comp controller (boss dude of the US fed banking regulating arm) issued a formal statement that banks can legally custody crypto. That's big for crypto because maybe they'll buy BTC??? But it's actually huge for ripple because it means their hundreds of banking partners now have the greenlight to deploy XRP and love forward with whatever the hell plan they have with ripple.

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so basically ur telling me they are gonna be using bitcoin???

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You bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink.
I have a question for you though what is your price prediction for XRP?

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America won’t use btc I bet you trump thinks it’s a pure chink coin and he will ban it.

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as soon as one country adopts a cryptocurrency as their native currency, the IMF is required to offer/hold it

>XLM pursuing 3rd world countries EMEA
>XRP connects to big bank legacy tech
> XRP is ISO 20022 certified, SWIFT is delayed

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Ripple have connections with the global financial power that no other cryptocurrency has. They attend world economic forum meetings, IMF gatherings, engage with central banks and get facetime with powerful politicians.

The world is moving away from using the $ as a reserve currency, central banks intended to introduce Blockchain digital currencies (CBDCs).

These CBDCs need a trusted medium of exchange for interbank transfers and nostro-vostro operations and remittances.
XRP will be this medium as SWIFT is old tech and not as capable as XRP.
Further along other asset classes such as derivatives will move away from the $ and ripple will be used to monetise and move these.

XRP is not intended to be a currency, there will be a digital $, ¥, €, £, etc.

I have no long term price prediction, I can only say I bought some at €0.18 and I think I will make a good return in due course.

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1 XRP = 1 XRP, duh

you probably think diamonds are worth something - but they don't have any value to me

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so basically what I am hearing is that BitcoinSV is the future???

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Again why use BTC if its slow as fuck and takes up so much power to start with? Why not use something like XRP which is quick and takes up a fraction of the power that BTC uses

Its like comparing a Semi truck to a Sports car

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> Faggot replying to himself in own thread

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wait wait wait i got it

basically ur telling me that litecoin is the future? its like the silver of bitcoin

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Probably not. Like why does every body use windows instead of linux. With ripple you've got hundreds of employees and billions of dollars moving to push adoption, with BTC you're just hoping people pick it up and like...integrate it? You can't discount how ripple is a company that profits by providing software for banks. They are like sales man with a product and integrating themselves into the financial system. There are no BTC maxis doing that. They just talk on YouTube and assume they will be adopted and fixed for use.

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Buddy stop trolling your id stays the same >>21039790 you try to shill xrp here.

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all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.

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This entire thread seems a bit whack
Probably best to just by some XRP and not worry about this thread

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its a premined, centralised, bankers shitcoin get you head checked.

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You’re a nigger
Can’t even spell centralized.

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Only people who own XRP are Indians.

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XRP is not an investment. XRP is for poor people who want to feel in on crypto to delude themselves with because they can always afford a huge bag. XRP is also a running joke on biz by anons wanting to fuck with FOMO impulse buyers. XRP is also a scam by current and former Ripple employees to make themselves rich at the expense of idiots. But XRP is not an investment

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You literally ignored the three posts above that explained it in a non-schitzo way in their own words. You're going to die poor.

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Holy shit. Several people post actual paragraphs about the use case and utility of XRP and OP immediately disappears once proven completely wrong.

Fuck you, OP, you seething brainlet.

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How retarded can you be lmao

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my shilling is being paid in XRP, thats why I hoard it, and it has some fast transfers

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Hear from the beast himself

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God damn, I feel so disgusting holding 110k xrp when looking at these fucking jew owners.

Still these nasty kikes will make xrp explode in price.

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115k holder here i have a mancrush on schwartz

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Lol that’s because ops a cuck

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Idk when I saw him I got excited and bought more
Remember never bet against the financial jew

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>Present Evidence
>muh XRP shills
Why are XRP fudders such faggots?
They're ignoring the writings on the wall.

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OP must hate money.

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If you know, you know...
Why tell you when I could show screenshots much more efficiently

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The shilling of xrp recently here is coordinated effort to make normies who've recently started browsing /biz after seeing chainlink success and how/biz autists found so early and now skulk here hoping to find the next gem so /biz oldfags have decided to mislead the normies and redditors to the ultimate normie coin....xrp. Anyone with not retarded will see the shilling for what this actually is

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We are all just walking each other home! Enjoy your XRP today. Breathe in, breathe out. Pause. What a beautiful day /biz/.

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Ok fine ill bite
My dad works at one of the largest hedgefunds and they are looking into xrp to transfer funds
Something really big is happening

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anyone can larp anything. proof or gtfo fag

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Is op a gay faggot who eats semen

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I'm starting to think all the XRP haters are actually just whales that hold Bitcoin/Ethereum and have realized that both BTC and ETH are useless fucking trash coins with no real world value.

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>anyone with not retarded

Uh huh, checks out

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damn OP is doomed, ngmi 100% hahaha

>> No.21044483

When XRP reaches 2k the salt and suicidal urges of these niggers is going to be a sight to behold.
>Pink wojack 100%

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You realize BTC and maybe ETH are the normie coins, right? Anytime I have brought up crypto with normies they go "oh, you mean bitcoin?" Not to mention that only 2 million people in the world hold XRP.

>> No.21044570

This dumb goy bought XRP at ATH.

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This right here. BTC has no real world value. Who want's to be charged money just to buy something. So people have to pay taxes and pay a bitcoin fee. fuck that. Then ETH...it's still just too slow for it to be practical.

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That’s where you’re wrong. He was offered information the abandoned thread. It was b8.


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Right now holding both link and XRP (about equal shares in both). Should I lean more towards XRP or Link? Or keep a yingyang balance?

>> No.21044795

This is actually in the white paper!

>> No.21044906

Difference between being most well known or best and then normie tier...fucking Ellen, Madonna, bill Clinton etc shilling for xrp...kek yeah it's not aimed at dumb normies..right anon. It's a fucking magnet for the dumb normfags who enter crypto looking to get rich hoping to find next eth/btv anyone with half a brain looks in to it and walks far far away

>> No.21044996

Sorry retard some folk dont use autocorrect, its only for dipsos like yourself

>> No.21045097

So? A bunch of fucking celebs talk about BTC and ETH as well. Also, how exactly do you expect crypto to have any value without normies being onboarded? Are you really applying muh sekret club shit to crypto?

>> No.21045110

Stay poor and dumb

>> No.21045202

I like to imagine that XRP finally claws its way back up to previous ATH, and then immediately dumps back down to a few cents after all the bag holders from 2017-2018 unload all their shit after all this time

>> No.21045215

you'd think it would be obvious, but people still fall for it B)

>> No.21045455

You are literally going crazy and hitting the acceptance phase.

>> No.21045515

silence roast-beef possessor

>> No.21045627

You nailed it, sad part is they are not even whales. Mostly dudes that wasted their savings on 2-3 coins.

>> No.21045668

that's the dream

>> No.21045681

Okay real talk. Did you really invest based on these two documents? I work in a big firm similar to Accenture. So understand this - In 2016-2017, Ripple "paid" Accenture to produce this document. Accenture is saying ripple can do all those things. It is not saying ripple "will" do those things or that it will surely become a global digital payment currency. Accenture MDs put their names on the document because they get paid. They are the original paid shills. Be absolutely certain of this.

BOE hiring Accenture has nothing to do with Ripple. Accenture is not going to hand over business to Ripple just like that. I am saying this hoping to be wrong.

I am an XRP investor but this is not good. Did I fall for the shill? Do you have something better?

>> No.21045767

>Ripple paid accenture
Do you have a single source to back this claim up? As far as I know, its the opposite, where Accenture gave Ripple millions in initial funding rounds.

>> No.21045962

okay. this is very interesting. thanks for this.

Accenture is an investor in Ripple. Makes sense for them to create reports praising the technology. So Ripple didnt have to pay Accenture. I concede.

Given that, BOE news is now huge imho. Accenture is an investor in Ripple, and Accenture is hired by BOE to set up a digital payments network. Unless Accenture has other investments in play, their obvious choice will be Ripple. Final decision will still be BOE's but I expect Accenture to shill their heart out.

Good news and god speed.

>> No.21046009

Yea, its not guaranteed, but I hope Accenture is eyeing up XRP right now. It would make sense too, since BoE already has a favorable opinion of it.

>> No.21046041

XRP is going nowhere. You are a faggot.

>> No.21046060

cripple sucks cock. go buy ETH if you want to be stupid and not buy BTC or LINK

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Anon.... thank you that article is god tier

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I know better than to feed truffles to swine.

>> No.21046263

XRP fags really think that the kikes will abandon their precious fiat for some internet monopoly money.

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>"Accenture has been very close to the company for several years now. Their investment is a major endorsement of what we do."
The plan is that banks are going to make their own CBDCs, which will use XRP as a bridge currency.

>> No.21046474

Just the simple fact that man's hairline is receding that badly and he's smiling so big should terrify BTC and ETH holders.

>> No.21046495

Also, all big players have announced CDBCs, at least exploring the possibility. But we all know that announcements like that usually mean development is much further along than they let on
>Digital Dollar
>Digital Euro
>Digital Pound
>Digital Yen
>Digital Yuan
And here is Ripple, who has been talking to them for years, doing everything they can to meet compliance and regulation for all these parties

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I’ve only been on /biz/ for a couple months. Before that I was on /k/ for quite awhile (still am). Never been on reddit for anything. Don’t have social media, either.
You’re fucking right I’m salty about being priced out of link. From the weeks of dmor and the general vibe I get from /biz/ I am now all in on xrp. Even if it only goes to $1, I’d be happy. Can’t see it going lower than it has. Can’t see the harm in holding to at least eoy, either.
Also really having a hard time understanding people in these threads.
Why must someone who invests in something be shit on with no mercy? Why must their intelligence be brought into play?
We are all just trying to make it.
Are the people in here so insecure about their own decisions they must subvert and belittle what others are doing?

Seems like kike behaviour to me.
Hold your own godamn bags and shut the fuck up in the process.

>> No.21046693

>Are the people in here so insecure about their own decisions they must subvert and belittle what others are doing?
More money into xrp = less money into pajeet shitcoins
Even if XRP doesn't amount to anything how will the shitskins make their rupees?

>> No.21046716

>and then all the millenials with robinhood see a coin thats been out for so long worth 2 cents and drive it right back up to doubleath and most of them hodl

interesting thought anon

>> No.21046752

investing is a psychological battleground, anon. there are probably people here who believe in the rumours more than the schizos, and they vehemently FUD others because they want to be the ones to post in "make it" threads.

>> No.21046766

Yea I suspect a lot of that going on, too.
I’ve noticed a lot of the shilling has quieted down since some of the more competent and informed anons chimed in.
Perhaps these threads truly are to scare off true investors. Honestly, each one of them I read just makes me want to accumulate XRP. Each one is a learning opportunity that I do not take lightly.

>> No.21046786

Based Ram Dass walking us all home. Except won't enlightenment be a greater challenge once we're rolling in dough? Probably not. just need enough ketamine.

>> No.21046831

they attack you because they doubt their own decisions
they refuse to believe the xrp dream is real
they hate it and they hate you for having the balls to believe
you are their enemy becuse you are greater than them

>> No.21046839
File: 53 KB, 499x480, e7a4fe40e9c4290c62411726d27b2f8a492cb62fbbfd044f2b52c73d721a3300_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just sell your XRP bags goyim
>It's a dead normie coin
>You're not seriously holding that trash are you?
>Don't screen cap major banking announcements and definitely don't use them as any kind of proof goy
>This is a Link community ger toshav

>> No.21046842

Being on /biz/ a lot actually makes me feel like a schizo. Kind of like /pol/ but with less cortisol.
Takes a lot of mental energy to be able to make discernments through all the shit and shilling.

>> No.21046904

This fud seriously gives me ETH and BTC vibes.

>> No.21046949

Yes. I believe that is exactly what it comes down to.
That’s all XRP is to me. A dream.
A dream for a different life. One with security and a new chance for growth. A dream that if fulfilled would allow me more easily to be the person that I am capable of being.
It’s a dream of realized potential, of being unshackled.
It’s a dream that shilling will not derail or dissuade.

>> No.21046954

How could they ignore BLATANT AS FUCK signs and indicators? how can some people be so blind?

>> No.21046980


>> No.21046991

Where are you Anons storing your XRP? Paper wallet?

>> No.21047018

personally i'm using my prison purse

>> No.21047019

>I'm getting antshares vibes

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I am thinking of making a paper wallet while also keeping a small stack on Xumm. Does Electrum work for XRP? If not, what are some good paper wallet setups for it?

>> No.21047040

What's a make it stack?

>> No.21047055

nervously storing on a ledger. but they are making it harder each day

>> No.21047073

Serious question. I own some XRP on coinbase. Is that a bad idea and if yes, why?

>> No.21047092

All these bank announcements etc. and the coin is still not moving beyond $0.30.

>> No.21047119

Yep I'm throwing brown $150 when I get paid tomorrow

>> No.21047131

Man I like how you worded that. That's exactly what this is. Potential to express ourselves and implement our will upon this world as we should.

>> No.21047143

I'm just holding it on Exodus wallet
probably not the most secure way but I don't feel at risk while it's at .30
once it starts to go up I might get a ledger or something

>> No.21047152

Suicide stack in 1000 xrp. That should be worth around $20.000.000 in a year.

But you shouldn't be in XRP to be a millionaire. You are in XRP to be a billionaire.

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this. i've got it on a trezor lodged deep in my shit hole. come and get it. going mining tomorrow, wink wink.

>> No.21047173

Or you could put it on Link which has been showing actual progress day by day this year

>> No.21047197

obviously not gonna 2k eoy, but certainly will break ath

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because every other crypto costs a shit ton of power to run. The difference on a global scale is billions of extra dollars.

XRP with shit like PayID and Polysign solves everything

>> No.21047257

Link too expensive it will go down

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File: 70 KB, 533x440, Enron-vs-Bitcoin-War-of-the-Bubbles-–-Hacker-Noon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

link is thgte next Enron. the chart is identicle. All this scummy stuff theyre doing with the ass load of fake partnerships and being an unregistered security is going to collapse it quickly one day

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Okay guys but seriously, who THE FUCK is Arthur Britto?

>> No.21047302

holy FUCK!

the main conduct would be Drops and not XRP itself.

>> No.21047307
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wouldn't you like to know

>> No.21047311
File: 7 KB, 250x250, 1594258270398.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21047355

>replying to yourself in your own thread
>no one will hold your hand and explain it
>People explain it in detail about how it will work
>Bails and cucks out of his own thread

Very good thread OP. Really showed them, have fun being a massive faggot.

>> No.21047363

Besides the graphic, where are the original numbers on this mein freund.

>> No.21047370

Actually convinced me to buy more kek. Inadvertently shilled, maybe it was his plan all along.

>> No.21047373

>ger toshav
Nigga what the fuck does that even mean? Gtfo Schlomo.

>> No.21047395

Tis fuxxing uge

>> No.21047406

>Perhaps these threads truly are to scare off true investors. Honestly, each one of them I read just makes me want to accumulate XRP.
XRP is marketable because a suicide stack is $500 USD
That's not very much for the average western /biz/ user but that's a lot of money for indian shills.
Honestly even if someone loses $500 USD, does it really matter? Trump's stim checks/trudeaubux covers that.

>> No.21047464

Use Atomic Wallet.

>> No.21047507
File: 87 KB, 518x587, 1596277897548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You must be new.
ETH and BTC were fudded hard in the beginning and many missed the moon.
Refer to pic related.

>> No.21047509
File: 83 KB, 809x379, 97AEE03F-E865-47E3-AFD5-87E3AFCFCAE9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Praise shwartz!!

>> No.21047522

This I am a poorfag and just decided to build up my suicide stack in XRP since Link is way too expensive and it's probably too late now. It's unlikely that XRP will fall below what it is rn and very likely it will go up in value. At the end of the day $300 to $500 is not the end of the world for most people.

>> No.21047545

We’ll make it, fren:)
I too would like to know this..asking for a friend..

>> No.21047547

He looks autistic enough to make me believe him

>> No.21047595

Rollin'. Are all the schitzos right about XRP? Is my paltry 3k bag seriously going let me retire by year's end?

>> No.21047611

If gold hits 3k before eoy the larps real

>> No.21047689

I am. And see what you mean now.
I really think that way about link. Objectively, from the outside the whole project stinks.
Has horrible optics and an even worse cult following.
Maybe my low iq is showing but the lack of real utility in the real world and lack of adaption by ANY big players is all one needs to know. Couple the fact it was developed again by some Slavic slob who only seems to do PowerPoint presentations to rooms half filled with disinterested ‘investors’ and imo you have a true shitcoin.
Just couldn’t get excited about it.
Would I be feeling like this if I had bought in at .20? No.
But the facts still remain, regardless.
But going ahead my gut is telling me that accumulating XRP now will yield more of a return for my family and myself, all things considered.

>> No.21047708
File: 14 KB, 320x280, 2a884aaa5e95aa9e1c68a841d77c8595c3611cc68fa13f770b8dc2b90f825324_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is Arthur Britto Satoshi?

>> No.21047712

Worst case scenario you lose $200
Best case scenario you're a millionaire.
If the jews are taking the bet why wouldn't you?

>> No.21047750

This was also a major factor in the conversion of my links to xrp.
Made by Jews, backed by Jews, endorsed by Jews and used by Jews.
This should be enough for anyone.

>> No.21047765

Yeah you are not risking much and stand to gain a lot. Linkniggers who bought it 3 years ago are cashing out now. Realistically if XRP goes to $10 ,and it does have the potential to go much higher considering their connections, you would already be making quite a bit of money.

>> No.21047791

Nobody is going to spoonfeed you information, we do not care about your financial wellbeing. Now go fuck yourself.

>> No.21047816

There no way anything be be world adopted unless the Rothschild bank network gets to issue the tokens from the get go

>> No.21047836

Based /k/ommando. I occasionally go there when I need help purchasing the right gun.

But anyway, I do vehemently believe most crypto that has at least some history will moon someday, and especially one like this that managed to stay alive during all the lawsuit shit. Now that it's behind them, they're free to pursue literally everything they've been trying to set up for all these years and jump ahead. And yea, I think it can top out at around what LINK is sitting at right now, given its intended purpose. Time will tell, but we're all just wanting to make some money.

>> No.21047843

Your nigger Ripple company is selling millons of coins a day you're retarded. Fuck the jews and kikes

>> No.21047850

spotted the summerfag

>> No.21047860

just buy ONE or none of u will make it

>> No.21047871

Exactly all the globohomo, including the IMF are on board and I don't think they would do it for some shitty poncy scheme shitcoin.

>> No.21047880

I’d be happy with even $5..
Another thing about XRP that isn’t quantifiable is the people who truly believe in it.
They aren’t shilling. They aren’t posting wojacks, they aren’t shitting up threads (for the most part).
They present the evidence. State the case and that’s it. I get much more of a calm and collected vibe from xrp holders.
I’m sure some will laugh out loud at this but it’s been my impression, so far.
It’s a different crowd altogether from link.
I could be wrong. But sure doesn’t seem like it.

>> No.21047921

If you are ACTUALLY holding this and not shilling for 50,000 IDR rupiah, I suggest you dump for Suterusu immediately.

>> No.21047925

Holy shit!
Reading this thread solidifies my stake in XRP. I plan to purchase as many as I am able. This fucker is going to rip upwards as it gets adoption

>> No.21047968

When is the adoption coming though? Haven't we been hearing about this for a long time now?

>> No.21047988
File: 86 KB, 750x601, A04F720A-0314-4771-9EA4-4E79C861463A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The truth always shines through praise Schwartz anon

>> No.21048000
File: 1.25 MB, 828x1363, E4BB8B9B-783D-47B0-8F89-A97210F33C62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admittedly I’ve being fomoing pretty hard watching the linkers. We will have our day. Patience will be the key.
No. Has link ever been mentioned once by that caliber of ‘investor’?

Also:post guns, faggots.

>> No.21048016
File: 57 KB, 696x433, Bravid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This generation's Wozniak and Jobs

>> No.21048057

What rank do I need to make it?

>> No.21048077

Can we be honest for a second here though. Xrp aside..
Have you ever seen a bigger kike in your life?
I literally can not look at this guys face and not laugh out loud.
Partly because this golem motherfucker is the one who is going to make me rich.
And it feels good.

>> No.21048089

Yeah I bought into the XRP fud at first too, but you can tell that they actually don't present any serious arguments or if their arguments get countered they just go adhominem and call it a day. I am guessing linkfags were the same way as XRPfags in its early days but now that it's "hype" and there is fomo, their fanbase has changed too.

>> No.21048117

and you think he must have a gravely voice from being such an ogre. NOPE. the jewiest voice of all time

>> No.21048118

>No. Has link ever been mentioned once by that caliber of ‘investor’?

Neither was Bitcoin in it's prime.

>> No.21048144

All jokes aside this vid actually lets you hear his perspective on it all and it’s pretty interesting

>> No.21048165


>> No.21048171

Checked. That's exactly why I am confident. He is the goblin phenotype and his receding hairline and autistic face are basically screaming "money" at you lol

>> No.21048179

The hype is fucking cringe. But I get it. Truly feel happy for the Anons making it as we speak.
Kek only adds to the sweetness
Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t bitcoin developed by some Nip who never intended it to be used by the international banking system? It’s still on the outside.
And even if it wasn’t, isn’t it essentially a useless dinosaur?

>> No.21048194

Checked. Thanks anon will check it out

>> No.21048226

yeah btc was developed by some lonely nip and I think he is still anonymous and noone knows who he actually is lol. I slept on BTC hype too but I remember that story vividly.

>> No.21048274

Hold a picture up. One of Sergey and one of Mr.Schwartz.
Ask a newfag like me which crypto he would back given each developers appearance.
Maybe add a small caveat “one is backed by the cabal. The other hopes to be. Which one do you choose?”
10/10 anons are going for king heeb.

>> No.21048282

I just want to make it so I can check out of society. I’ll keep buying into hype for cheap suicide stacks. I feel like I’ll eventually hit it big on one of them.

>> No.21048314

am i gonna make it fren?

>> No.21048330

>long time
Dude, we are talking the finance sector. These things dont happen overnight. Miles of regulatory red tape... we are getting there.

>> No.21048345

I remember the night it mooned listening to some boomer podcast while working out.
Remember thinking “huh..well shiieet. Ahwell, it won’t last. All crypto is a scam and not real anyways. What happens when the power goes out?”
Etc etc
Now here I am. Fomoing over link and dumping any/all extra income I have into something called XRP.
Life is a fuck.

>> No.21048348

Like with FEDNOW?
Where digital agreements are settled instantly using smart contracts?

>> No.21048364

I mean I can shill and say 100k but I’ll speak from my own example i personally have a lot of faith in this and it’s allowed me to be decisive with my stack so I’d suggest look at some of the articles on this thread and the rank will find you

>> No.21048365

Or do you mean The Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative.
That will connect data from the real world into smart contracts?

>> No.21048374

Oh, you mean that product that isn't even ready to launch until 2022?

>> No.21048387
File: 108 KB, 1000x564, 1595669777590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same fren. I am dumping spare income from my canadian stimulus checks into this bitch and hoping it takes me to the moon. Let's hope we make it and if we don't it wasn't a big deal anyway

>> No.21048453

Oh, so what you’re saying is by making a product that the is government is going to use, that isn’t ripple, but is a crypto project doesn’t count.

Because it has an actual adoption date.

>> No.21048475
File: 354 KB, 828x1792, 84C9CE89-FF97-47CD-9906-2BC3759A872B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’ve already done the fed now fud, please don’t bother

>> No.21048488

I think launch in 2022 launch date is not the adoption date.

>> No.21048500
File: 20 KB, 600x600, 8FC8815D-9BF6-4EAF-8D6B-9C72813EC35F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fellow leaf,
Let’s also find a way to fuck the CRA in the meanwhile:)
God bless you anon.
Fuck Trudeau and fuck cerb. To me that’s the ultimate fuck you.
I’d be doing it myself if I wasn’t a business owner who is considered ‘essential’.

>> No.21048533

Oh shit, you're right. China will definitely wait for US to come around so it doesn't lose monetary supremacy. Also, the global financial markets should be able to hold steady for another 2 years, right?

>> No.21048535

I guess if this happens I’ll be switching to fednow. And I will do it immediately.
Follow the Jews, anon. That’s essentially my only modality at this point.

>> No.21048558

checked. Yeah I was in hospitality industry and that shit is over all hotels are closed and many of them are going under and won't reopen. I am back in school now so living off of governent gibbs while they last, since jobs are nowhere to be found (especially with normal pay).Hope your business survives through this.

>> No.21048563

Fed now won’t be launched until 2023-2024 XRP IS THE STANDARD

>> No.21048599

Who knows what the world economy is going to look like in 2023-2024.

>> No.21048649

Well all I know is the USA doesn’t have 3-4 years to dick off. Chyna can’t beat America.

>> No.21048655

True that. Whatever happens will happen waaay before 2023-2024.

>> No.21048699
File: 874 KB, 828x1085, 4A6F8981-0B91-4042-AB47-498C40E51B18.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry to hear that. But might as well. Maybe for you this will all be a blessing in disguise.
And Thankyou.
I should be ok. It’s in agriculture. We have a whole litany of problems but my ancestors have been through worse. With any luck and a lot of fight, I will do. As they did.
Be well.

>> No.21048749

The USA as it stands now doesn’t have the time or day to fuck around anymore. Time is of the essence and it would be wise to act on it right now. The longer they wait, the higher the chances of everything getting fucked

>> No.21048750
File: 32 KB, 333x499, 51zgow0r8tL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Over 300 financial systems in deployment right now

>> No.21048755
File: 450 KB, 220x220, 1595266455065.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He isn't apart of the chosen tribe

>> No.21048774

So you didn't read the post? He acknowledges that, you goyim.

>> No.21048805
File: 192 KB, 1242x1303, EeX4Ou7XsAA7Mp2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21048824

fuuuug and that was before chinkflu megafucked the world economy now we are on an even tighter schedule I imagine

>> No.21048839

Yes. 2k eoy. :)

>> No.21048857

What does that even mean?
>can’t wait that long
Like I said. I have zero loyalty to this kike or his product.
As of right now, his has the best chance of making it for me.
When the banks come out with theirs..I will switch if the move is appropriate. As for now, xrp accumulation is in progress.

>> No.21048884

It means what I said here: >>21048839

>> No.21048905

Do you think it will start mooning in September gradually or will it just 0 to 2000 in winter?

>> No.21048906

We all know it’s a meme.
But a fun one to think about none the less..

>> No.21048933
File: 136 KB, 1073x1245, Eehwkj2WkAEHUFk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One green candle.

Not a meme. You simply don't have all the information. Dyor.

>> No.21048973
File: 607 KB, 800x792, 1596002024005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and digits confirm. Green candle will be lit in honor of kek.

>> No.21048984

I have no idea what this graphic is or means. I’ve just seen it be shilled.

>> No.21049016

Sergeant major reporting in. Doing everything I can to hit major asap.

>> No.21049055

These candles show thhe prices of stocks or in this case crypto going up or down.The greener and higher candle indicates how fast a price is going up, the redder and more down it is the faster the price is falling . In that pic it basically shows the price hiking from $4 to $113 in one go.

>> No.21049061

>one green candle
What happens then? Does it stabilize or crash? Wondering when I should sell.

>> No.21049081

I'm going to sell all of it when I see it at 7200 USD.

It wont crash.

>> No.21049084

Also wondering this. Would it be a problem to cash out or no?

>> No.21049086

Why do these dogtier threads get replies lmfao?

>> No.21049098

started as a fud b8 thread evolved into sophisticated XRP chad dialogues.

>> No.21049120

>”XRP is a shitcoin”
>”I know”

>> No.21049167

Post folio
I don't believe you
t. Sgt Major who is deliberating on pushing to 35k

>> No.21049182

what rank do you need to be to make it? Sgt? Or is corporal good enough?

>> No.21049219
File: 94 KB, 820x429, 04-XRP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Checked and coin-supremacy heiled
Praise Schwartz, and may his blessings be ours, baest anon
Hey, I overheard Confucius in the park today. He say:
>first ripple then wave
>be whale

>> No.21049226

Master sergeant if 2k EOY means you can retire

>> No.21049239

25k Suicide stack. 100k to make it.

>> No.21049318

1 ripple suicide stack

>> No.21049331


Yeah I definitely won't have enough for 25k, But I can hopefully make it to Staff Sgt or Master, Honestly, even at sgt level I am going to have more money then I ever had lol. I will be content with that.

>> No.21049445

XRP (publicly known) use case has always been cross border payments. fednow is national not crossborder?

>> No.21049488

look up david's history

he literally patented some prototype of DLT before it was even known as blockchain

correct me if wrong

>> No.21049541

>Have you ever seen a bigger kike in your life?
He looks like he has Neanderthal genes
Like a museum piece they dressed up in a suit

>> No.21049628


>ex nsa
>patented early concept of blockchain
>crypto genius
>created XRPL with one anon 'Arthur Britto' who no one has a single clue who that is at all
>posts cryptic tweets

and yes zerpies fag here proof is in ID lol

>> No.21049639

If you have 1000 and it hits $10 then that’s 10k but I personally have faith on it reaching a lot higher so even a minimal buy would help the average person out

>> No.21049672

>and therefore the token becomes more valuable.
but why? just because you say so? links token has to rise due to how much is running thru the network. whats makes xrp HAVE to rise in value?

>> No.21049684

eye opening. after listening to what he had to say I honestly believe xrp will flip btc

>> No.21049703

the support of major banks, IMF and other globohomo connections they have.

>> No.21049721
File: 40 KB, 350x304, 31F2FF1A-CC8F-4E59-B3CD-D83943AA1C2C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Glad to know we are in this together anon and yes may Shwartz and his blessings rain down and turn our puddles into oceans

>> No.21049744
File: 232 KB, 1841x855, 9c02acbfd93b6dd250712c4d4eb986c5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21049768

My fuck.
I can’t handle the jewery. Can’t.

>> No.21049790

haha it's worth listening to him though. He talks about cryptosheckels very compellingly

>> No.21049812

I’ll give another try. My kraut brain won’t Be able to understand anyways.

>> No.21049900

Anon the flip from this being a xrp hate thread to a xrp disclosure thread shows the power of truth and is honestly fucking funny and amazing

>> No.21049995
File: 191 KB, 828x791, 1596162248640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

double checked

>> No.21050225
File: 121 KB, 1079x791, DE664E4F-807E-4899-AA7D-D8553AD8A3DA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Praise ripple and by god praise shwartz!!

>> No.21050471

yeah but that doesnt make the price go higher. what is the thing in xrp that literally makes the prices go higer? if wr are going your logic its better to invest in chainlink because it gets legacy company systems behind it and has tokenomica that HAS to make the price go up. i really wana believe xrp but you guys are hoping for speculation pumps, im not a gambler and invest in tokens where the price has to rise due to the tokenomics.

>> No.21050501

this is a good meme

>> No.21050524
File: 57 KB, 922x781, D2vAQEsWkAAHr-t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lets say XRP is adopted by the aforementioned institutions. In this scenario, the coin would be used to process trillions of dollars in transactions. XRP at its current price could not possibly handle so much volume, it would have to rise. This is really simple stuff, and I am left wondering if you have double digit IQ.

>> No.21050532

I buy on value not price thank you very much. Ain’t no gambling to it maybe a smidgen

>> No.21050611

Ripple's whole project hinges upon banks adopting a speculative cryptocurrency that is controlled completely by a tech company, when the banks can easily make their own that does the same thing.

>> No.21050685
File: 86 KB, 810x540, 1588908974541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hurr banks can just poof a developed blockchain infrastructure/network out of thin air
Try reading the thread next time.

>> No.21050888

And the Gates foundation? Seeing some Aus banks in there too (Nab.Westpac)

>> No.21050931

XRP is one of the biggest normie coins on Twitter, and simultaneously one of the biggest schizo coins on /biz/. How the fuck did that happen?

>> No.21051021

XRP cant go 2k eoy. Not even 5$.

>> No.21051077
File: 513 KB, 180x204, 1596165696723.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw nobody replies to your thread, so you reply twice, crying out to schizo's who aren't there three times in a row

>> No.21051293
File: 581 KB, 792x1262, 1596569049529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Jew brings us down and then raises us higher than ever before? Dare I say based?

>> No.21051803

Bro it's 30 cents. If it goes to $4.99 that's a great investment

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