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Should I sell all my BTC and XRP and go full LINKtard or stay diverse?

>> No.21020778

All in motherfucker, this is not rocket science its gambling.

>> No.21020857

hold btc, sell xrp, hold link

>> No.21020909

best way to buy linkies?

>> No.21020921

Link is dying ironically find your 1000x don't buy someone's bags

>> No.21020971

This. XRP is garbage, have some BTC incase of citadel scenario, rising dominance in bull runs and also to lower risk.

>> No.21021042

Link is as close to a sure thing as you can get in crypto.
You can either back a project or you can back the technology of blockchain\smart contracts.
No matter who is the next amazon, they will need link

>> No.21021078

i like coinbase

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