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First for another daily 10% from the unstoppable overstock dot com

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Who else /AAPL calls/?

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sell AAPL when?

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I'm sorry for the small image anons. In a rush since I'm at work.

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Who's getting in on the DPHC train? Lordstowne is going public thru them

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What the fuck is this pattern called.

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You might wanna sell. Looks like we are running out of gas.

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*makes clacking noise*

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isn't there a massive sell wall keeping dphc down? Thats probably why it hasnt blown up yet like some of you expect it to. I guess we'll see though

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Sold my ones from Friday earlier and rolled them over to next week, I feel like I should have waited though

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Anyone holding $MARA?

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Market is pretty violent today.

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already on
get in and buckle up

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Here for DPHC moon mission $25 eow

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Market crash IMMINENT!!!

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> Fastly's earnings are being priced in RIGHT NOW and I missed it

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tiktok deal this week?

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horsebros how comfy are we today?

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The hump back dick sucker. It'll leave you with aids when you finish.

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When is the next TSM pump? I've already secured my profit, but I still have too many bags sitting there that could be used elsewhere.

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D-DPHC ch-chads??

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Wish I had known last night but oh well, seems like a good one

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I bought some, trying to get cash for more. I told a few trader friends about it a couple hours ago

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horse going back to sleep again

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there have been competing buy/sell walls holding it relatively in place for the moment
volume is significantly raised today, but RH has not hit it yet

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Monthly GNUS poomp

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Kim possible
>kunny possible
Kim possible
>kunny possible
Kim possible
>kunny possible

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thread theme


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Denny’s at $8.60 right now. Great buy if you want to make a quick profit.

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FSLY is pooomping lets goooooooo

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Where you at?

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Hold steady son. This is their war cry, hold your fire until they charge. Wait until the very last moment to pull the rug.

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>i will not fomo aapl
>i will not fomo aapl
>i will not fomo aapl
>i will not fomo aapl

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In @ 1k

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NVDA gang report in

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Anyone NRGU?

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If you looked at the daily throughout the past few weeks it always SOARED in the morning hours then plummeted then crabbed and repeat. A few times it has changed but thats the general formula I've seen??

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I was up 60 but Robinhood just had to shit the bed. Now I'm down 20

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Got in on HORSE and lost $13. Fuck me so much.

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wait for the zoomers to wake up and pump

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This is just my chance to average down, r-right?

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Got in on KODK at $25... it's now down to $18. Do I cut my losses and GTFO?

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>heard about the TikTok news on Friday
>could have bought MSFT calls but I already got fucked on puts last week
NGMI bros

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Getting into DPHC now is still very early. Zoomers have yet to catch wind of this acquisition. I might shill it some on wsb and stocktwits but once the zoomers are on board, it’s hitting $15 at least by Wednesday

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I'm financially ruined

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Sold my XLE, this gon be a volatile week, havent had good experiences with earnings

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Denny's is a worthless fucking company with garbage food garbage buildings and only serve garbage people

It's being kept alive by retarded boomers who crave the diner experience but also for some reason won't go to regular diners

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kodak was so last week brah. DPHC is this weeks moon

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Wtf is happening to TNXP? They are dropped like crazy.

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>getting into a pump and dump after it mooned and crashed

The state of this board

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What kind of jew sorcery is this?

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Who's the anon that recommend MC

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You should be all in split between MSFT and AAPL right now.

MSFT is going to $250 once tik tok buy is approved. Which it will be.

AAPL will go to $500 before the split and then climb a bit more after that.

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Imagine your pension fund being run by an Intcel

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Still too many taking profits above 17 dollaridoos. I am tempted as well this shit needs to break free by now.

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Not interested in playing the swings?

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why is it high volume theres barely any volume today anywhere

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I got a position in 8 stocks and 5 of them are pharmaceuticals and 1 of them is tech. The other 2 are meme chinese stocks. Am I gonna make it? Green ID = yes / Red ID = no

>> No.20953264

Yeah, I realized I chased a PnD... just how far do you think it will dump? And does it have a chance at turning around?

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why TCDA is dropping?

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We are immense and contain multitudes

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That's hilarious. Sucks for those who signed up.

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JMIA bros..

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do I need to drop my REFR and EVRI bags before earnings?

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Literally everything is dropping right now. It's the morning sell off and it happens every single morning. People wake up, sell and then reinvest. How low is your IQ that you can't recognize a pattern that happens literally every single day?

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Jesus Christ

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>he doesn't use dark theme all the time
Ew, gross.

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>Buffett saved by the investment he didn't even want to do a couple of years back

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This is just a massive number of shorts right?

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Made a $265 profit on my sells, boiz. Thanks for the random ticker shills over the last 2 week anons. These biopharm-memes are stupid easy sometimes. But fuck these miners are hard to hold. I'm contemplating just giving into NAK until later, these techs are riding hard and fast, and I'm afraid I'll miss the pre-bubble.

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Im holding EVRI bags. Was thinking prob need to dump before earnings, but easier said than done -_-

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AAPL calls at $450 8/7/20. How dumb am I?

>> No.20953428

Anyone buy CRSP on the dip. Its the one thing green today..

>> No.20953435

TQQQ rugpull now

>> No.20953437

Will dfen ever come back.....

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I gambled my life savings on EVRI mooning

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can you explain? I'm a stock newfag

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You should have done the strike date as close as possible to the split date.

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I smell fomo
Who knows, might work out for ya

>> No.20953482

I'm not surprised it's such a green day for the ftse 100. With all this government subsidized spending halfving food prices iv'e seen hundreds of people out today pulling out debit cards.

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> another day of watching LRCX, NVDA, and AVGO go up while I sit on the sidelines like an asshole

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Are you really acting like Intel isn't a guaranteed +10% in 6 months or less? Use your brain before disparaging others.

>> No.20953497

I am financially. AMA.

>> No.20953503

Anyone buying sqqq

>> No.20953511

Looks like DPHC is done, I mean it pnd'd as soon as the news broke. I really need to start trading pre-market...

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How did you financially?

>> No.20953528

so you need it to go up 3.5% in 5 days just to break even?

sell now

hi financially, why did your mom give you such a gay name

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I wonder if those IVR bagholders properly hedged with pink wojacks

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If I had a ton of money in it I would definitely not sell. I only put in $1000 and I'd rather use the remaining 800 to make other quick trades. This will definitely come back but it will either be a surprise during earnings due to their online component, or you will have to wait until casinos reopen, maybe next year. Either way, this isnt like KODK or GNUS or something where there is uncertainty or doubt it will get back to that price. stay calm

>> No.20953551

>it pnd'd as soon as the news broke
how do you even breathe being this retarded

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Most people should if they can handle losses. But if you're trading, you should always have a cash cushion to be laying on when shit tanks and the depression starts to hit, then realize you still have enough money and wait out the market apocalypse.

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GNUS TO THREEVE! A lot of people are saying.

>> No.20953576

no room on this moon ride for paper hands

>> No.20953577

Looks like HORSE is bucking the morning dump trend

>> No.20953579

>Only $1000
Why are you all so rich? I have $1000 in my entire portfolio.

>> No.20953592

Are you that much of a weak handed faggot? Holy shit go outside and stop looking at the minute candles

>> No.20953595

You did baghold NIO right?

>> No.20953596

Why is MC going up? Where's that anon that mentioned it?

>> No.20953603

Gonna be a big week for NIO bros hail Jinping our glorious leader

>> No.20953605

there's nothing more stupid than trying to trade something after the news came out

>> No.20953607

Brb, gonna go hang myself with these crabbin ass bags i got at the literal top

>> No.20953610

AAPL and MSFT were guaranteed 10% in 1 month

>> No.20953612

Why are people so aggressive?

>> No.20953616

Yes and I’m the nio put guy

>> No.20953617

Why are CLX and AMZN shitting the bed after the amazing Q2 results? Doesn't make any sense..

>> No.20953626

Imagine being a paper handed 1 hour panic babby

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on the one hand im bagholding and -11,000 so i want it to go up. on the other hand i want it to go to $1 so I can DCA and cut my average in half
i have a good job. sorry bro

>> No.20953642

How come when I buy gold it goes down and when I sell gold is goes up?

>> No.20953658

What's with the FB dip? Mark being cucked by AOC?

>> No.20953659

Yeah i was shilling it all week trying to help people out but everyone was calling me a chink or bugman it was funny, hopefully those guys did at least learn that the US is not the only profitable country

>> No.20953661

AAPL is dumping guys...

>> No.20953665

Not even I believe this. Anyone from /g/ that can confirm this?

>> No.20953667

Next question.

>> No.20953668

Because you use a tripcode.

>> No.20953671

long term hold.

>> No.20953678

Cause people want their profits..

>> No.20953679

Thanks, didn't know that was possible.

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>> No.20953695

Dividend chasing is a mental disease

>> No.20953698

Oh fuck guys. I accidentally activated margin buying last friday when all I wanted was to get approved for options. How do I disable this shit. I dont want to get the call

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Someone wanna wake up the zoomers? Wouldn't want them to miss this r-rocket...

>> No.20953701

Algorithms. Long-term holding is the only way to "beat" them.

>> No.20953703

You guys are in NET right?

>> No.20953704


>> No.20953706

>selling gold right now
dude just bag it and check back in a few years. why are you swing trading something that moves like a sloth?

>> No.20953719

>down .5%

>> No.20953726

Being cucked by MSFT. IF MSFT buys tik tok that gives them an edge to compete with FB with Instagram. Instagram just launched a tik tok clone.

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what we listening to bois?
because buy high sell low

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They're 10 year old schizophrenic jews.

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>tfw my nvidia entry is $347

>> No.20953736

This is scaring me desu

>> No.20953739

Only because of general market dynamics, which also means that the previous allocation (AAPL, MSFT, TSLA) was guaranteed +100%-200% in 6 months. Intel itself is doomed to a slow and painful downtrend for years.

>> No.20953748

it most likely is real looooooool

>> No.20953751

only boomers would invest in intel, literally look at the CEO and decide for yourself if this is even worth it

>> No.20953757

I took profits today

>> No.20953758

Yea i am with you there. I only put in 1000 as well, but i hate to bag hold for a year over $200 bucks when that money could be doing so much more. Im not short on cash though, so i think i will hold. Maybe even throw another 500 in if earnings takes it into the low 5s or worse

>> No.20953759

Hey anons keep an eye on $JMIA. This is having a lightning fast run like OSTK in the early days. $JMIA up ~11% this morning already

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Baggie is an american low level kaballah jew, hes trying to trick us into not buying gold

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bears are not allowed to masturbate and cum

>> No.20953777

lol. It was like this for WKHS around here when it was in the 4$ range

>> No.20953779

I considered going in $1000, ended up only putting $500 in. I'd be a lot more nervous if I went with the full grand

>> No.20953780

This is the flattest crabbing I’ve seen from QQQ in weeks. Which way is it gonna break out?

>> No.20953783

Will airlines and cruise ships crash again once earnings are released?

>> No.20953786

question about options that have become almost worthless: lets say an option is bouncing between 1 cent and 5 cent. this means it will see massive uptiks in value, like 700% over the course of a few minutes, only to go back to down 0% For example, $12.5 denn call expiring 8/21. is there some kind of liquidity problem preventing a speculator to make gains off these massive spikes? does no one buy them from you, is that the problem?

>> No.20953793

thank you anons who talked me out of buying AMD puts

saved me a few hundred dollarydoos

>> No.20953799

What do they do?

>> No.20953801

Up in my opinion.

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>he sold?

>> No.20953810

Until thursday. Then back in the cage they go.

>> No.20953811

let them sell
we'll see some brand new red wojaks

>> No.20953815

>put in 1000 as well, but i hate to bag hold for a year over $200 bucks
Yeah who would want a measly 20% a year to only double the index and statistically beat a majority of investors ooooooo

>> No.20953816

The problem is the Intel chips run too hot because they are not on 7nm yet, there is only so much power and heat you can dissipate in a laptop.

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>mfw each of the 3 stocks I bought last week has gone up (AAPL, MSFT, TGT)

It may not last but the satisfaction of knowing that at one point my account balance was worth X is nice.

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Still holding like a moron from last friday

>> No.20953825
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30$ at 11am

>> No.20953826

Guys some anon shilled MC yesterday and now it's rocketing up on lower volume

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>> No.20953832

so glad i only bought 1k lol

>> No.20953834

>what is ligma decay
dont fuck around with options yet dumbass

>> No.20953844

>write calls for WKHS
>bitch starts mooning the next day

Fuck, but also, finally.

>> No.20953850

Should've held til at least Wednesday, earnings are Thursday

>> No.20953855

It keeps dropping you sperg, obviously dipping

>> No.20953860

Finally gave up on my KODK bags. Fuck that was painful. Watch it skyrocket now.

>> No.20953885

Did you learn anything valuable from this predicament?

>> No.20953886

can someone write an algo so we can all get rich together

>> No.20953898

I almost bought intel until an anon saved my life by posting articles about how they reallocated 300million from RnD to diversity shit.

>> No.20953901


Were they at 20? You'll be fine.

>> No.20953909

I’m so sick of fucking losing in the stocks. I think I need to sell all my shit and start over. I thought bagholding UAL and NCHL because they were going to stay, but nope every fucking day it goes down more. Yes I realize I’m retarded for keeping them and not having a limit.

>> No.20953924
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I'm fucking doing it tomorrow bros. I will short BYND with 5x leverage before their earnings. 'Rona hasn't made anyone eat more plants and bugs, calling it now

>> No.20953930

I want to fomo into Nvidia for the hundredth time but i still haven't, what do i do it's so expensive

>> No.20953931

Online retailer in Africa- Mainly Nigeria and Kenya.
The thought is that with increasing internet access
their sales will explode. Even if not the case, this thing will run just solely on hype and momentum for a few weeks

>> No.20953933

they're crashing now

>> No.20953936

you gotta buy the dip

>> No.20953937

Befriend or bribe what ever government officials were responsible for the KODK loan
You have to be a fellow crony to make it in crony capitalism

>> No.20953942

That makes sense if you're gaming, it's an essential experience..
Why is any amount of profit a disease? As long as what you have put in increase by any amount, what does it matter? I'm happy when my profits for the day have gone up by 50c, long as it's green.

>> No.20953944

They really are fucked then. In the mobile department and in servers.

>> No.20953945

Fuck I forgot about that, was going to buy some really long calls, now I'm out of cash

>> No.20953963

I did that too for a while mate, don't worry. Just try a new strategy..

>> No.20953965


You shouldn't try to be smarter than the market. Just because stocks are down doesn't mean it's time to buy the dip. Think about the travel/leisure situation from a macro perspective right now. Nobody wants to fly or go on fucking cruise lines. That was just a terrible investment.

>> No.20953966

Not him but probably if it started mooning you are too late.

>> No.20953968


>> No.20953987

damn thinkorswim rapes my CPU (i'm using a core 2 duo from 2008)

probably time to upgrade

>> No.20953990

They're volatile. Probably dip quite a bit at times during the run up. Maybe you'll get an opportunity to hop on board

>> No.20953992

Holy fuck this is the most amazing crab from tqqq. It’s going to explode up or down.

>> No.20953993
File: 57 KB, 1122x900, 1595916540932.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pomp ET

>> No.20953994

t. circa 2050 bagholder

>> No.20953995

>but WKHS at 17.25
>sell because I think it’s dumping
>lose $13
>now it’s at $17.50
I really hate how dumb I am.

>> No.20954003
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>> No.20954013

More people are going bankrupt.

>> No.20954014

Is it time?

>> No.20954015

>tfw I was the second shill after the original MC shill
>didnt take his advice and didnt buy any
oh well, happy for the rest of you

>> No.20954021

Oh you mean to not chase PnD? Yeah probably should have learned that after
but here I am full-strength retard

>> No.20954024
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>sold my horses
>To buy DHCP

>> No.20954027


What do you expect after a $5 gap up?

>> No.20954033
File: 315 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200803_164140_com.brave.browser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Robinhoodies BTFO once again. Those retards never learn.

>> No.20954034

you are the reason elizabeth warren was able to fuck us all

>> No.20954037

At this point I don’t even know what to do. Just wait until any green and sell? I’m down like $400 on those.

>> No.20954039

Dude Intel is probably the worst tech stock in existence

>> No.20954046

Not crabbing lol

>> No.20954051

why would you do that!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH
thats the opposite of what you shuld have done!!!!!

>> No.20954056

BILI bros it's time to sing the ccp anthem

>> No.20954058

That's how I see the Wall Street mentality. Gaming for kids larping it's their job
>divy chasing
The stock rides a roller coaster parallel with the dividend it pays out. I wrote a whole software program designed to capture dividends as they paid out and sell when I was green again, pocketing the dividend.
It was a waste of time. You're better off looking at unusual movements.

>> No.20954062


What the hell is DHCP?

>> No.20954064

>sold my horses
that is the only stupid thing you did

>> No.20954067

Now THAT was fucking stupid

>> No.20954078

Bought at 200 few months later massive return sold 305. Now I'm the fool. What a crazy run up

>> No.20954080

I just want the NASDAQ to hit 2% today. Even Europe and Asia managed to do that.

>> No.20954086

Some anon yesterday said he had info it would pump soon

>> No.20954091

drink horse cum please

>> No.20954096

They're initiating a SPAC with LMT.

>> No.20954099
File: 244 KB, 500x500, smiling frontlines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20954102

Gold and silver are familiar manipulation. Whatever is going with the NASDAQ is something else and unfamiliar.

>> No.20954103
File: 56 KB, 1068x601, gigachad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ahh yes the 11AM dip, time to buy

>> No.20954106
File: 2.29 MB, 2285x1149, 2CA5CED2-B137-40C2-87C0-8AED522ABDAB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, shit. I’m only down $10, though. Should I hold?

>> No.20954108


>> No.20954109

Institutional investor just bought in to SOLO

>> No.20954115

>wait until morning sell off is over
>buy calls a week out
>sell once you're up 10%
Why doesn't everyone do this?

>> No.20954119
File: 460 KB, 1477x720, laughing_evil_masterminds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20954126


Based, this is how I scooped up more AAPL at 404.85 on Friday

>> No.20954139

I bagholded a bunch of it I got in at 7.8, but I doubled down too hard at 12.6 and fucked up my average, do you think NIO will get an upgrade after the good report and go higher?, I feel like doubling down again but it could dilute my gains again.

>> No.20954141

cut your damn loses

>> No.20954144

Nasdump happening now

>> No.20954147

Just because price goes down when you buy doesn't mean it's manipulation anon

>> No.20954150

Just went all in on KODK, let's fucking go

>> No.20954152
File: 817 KB, 808x805, 1511666545396.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AAPL about to break through IC second support

>> No.20954153

same for CNDT. Fuck I wish I had thrown more cash at these memes

>> No.20954156
File: 50 KB, 1000x470, HY_L001c-R-color-RGB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guess what global company has been sitting empty for the past 6 months, still needing to pay repairs and utilities.
Oh yea, the same company that has earnings tonight

>> No.20954160

10% of my account is buying OTM calls and rolling them up when they go ITM. It's been going extremely well this past month because I mostly trade tech stocks

>> No.20954169

>market up
>holiday in canada
>no gains

>> No.20954174

falling knife alert. do not do

>> No.20954179
File: 623 KB, 900x900, 1596435740915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Nasdaq under 11,000


>> No.20954184
File: 24 KB, 980x269, trades.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>TDA rejected my DPHC trade from earlier

uhh thank you TDA

>> No.20954191
File: 29 KB, 600x456, 1493509103665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AAPL and MSFT dropping fast.
Theyre gonna go red today arent they? The JUST will never end.

>> No.20954194

Roasties and gentlelads, behold: the public sector managing shit.

Can you imagine some fucking retarded out of touch boomer trading away all these good pumping stocks in order to buy Incel because some retarded boomer told him it dipped and he should buy it at the watercooler?

Can you imagine being this financially cucked out of your future? By a fucking boomer. A public sector boomer.

>> No.20954195

No nigger. Everybody wants to fly and go on cruises. The demand is there but the CDC keeps cucking them.

>> No.20954198

I had a dream last night that INUV went to $5 and it erased all my losses this year

>> No.20954204

He's on a static IP address.

>> No.20954210

It's a win either way. Tiktok wasn't hurting FB so theyl be fine. If tiktok is banned in u.s. then FB will jump. Now the way to play it is buy msft on the dip. Buy or hold your FB you already have. Either way it swings it's a win. If you just hold FB it will win regardless. The news is what's trading it but the actual results and earnings are in FB favor. Msft won't take dollars from FB it's a different thing. They won't hurt each other. It's a best case scenario if you already own both.

>> No.20954212

What's gonna happen if the tiktop deal goes through? Will msft pump further because of the confirmation or has it been 100% priced-in already?

>> No.20954217
File: 7 KB, 290x174, 789444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

SIIIIP time to dump

>> No.20954228

WTF gonna happen with DPHC

>> No.20954233
File: 19 KB, 389x215, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, a whole $400 dollars

>> No.20954239

>Everybody wants to fly and go on cruises.

Everybody wants to go outside, but nobody wants to travel. Use your brain.

>> No.20954240

I threw some at it just cause it looked like it wouldn't go lower, I have no idea why it's up. Could just be a pnd

>> No.20954241

It rejected one of mine too. I think its because its a non-marginable security

>> No.20954244

8.46 now

>> No.20954250

It will have a fake pump and the get shorted to rob some retail investors.

>> No.20954252

>red today
we could only hope

>> No.20954266
File: 350 KB, 891x500, feucht wet kakegurui.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, my Snibbies
Snab them all!

>> No.20954276

People like this are why robinzoomers are going to be targeted repeatedly with small PnDs on cruises and airlines

>> No.20954279


>> No.20954291

>unusual movement
You're better off following shitcoin threads and crypto...

>> No.20954301

I still don't understand how WKHS is worth more then NIO

>> No.20954302

WRONG, FAGGOT. If anything this pandemic should have taught you what a baby brained imbeciles Americans are. Cruises will be fully booked when / if they ever sail again.

>> No.20954305

my index funds look okay, i'm going back to bed

>> No.20954311

D-didn’t say it wouldn’t take a little bit of resolve, though...

>> No.20954312

Noob question, who buys weekly otm options? I sold 6 mro puts @5 for .09
Who bought them? Who believes that mro will be below $4.91 on Friday?

>> No.20954315

is it too late to get in on JMIA?

>> No.20954316
File: 145 KB, 970x635, animals-beach-crabs-red-wallpaper-preview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wrap it up, I'm taking over for today

>> No.20954317

Probably the same thing that happened with Skype and all the other things MS has acquired and then killed over the years. They're going to buy Tiktok, make a bunch of stupid changes to it, then probably kill the brand off in three years. It's a complete waste of money on their end.

>> No.20954322
File: 233 KB, 959x137, buy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made my daily trades. Going to take a big ass poop and enjoy the daily tech dip in the next hour or so. Good luck lads

>> No.20954326

because it's a good company but you just can't accept that

>> No.20954327

And they still won't have the money. Go on puts for the week instead if you want a chance

>> No.20954332
File: 290 KB, 1611x903, aapl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>buying into this

>> No.20954333

I held VTIQ at the same values for 3 months!!!
Be patient. You caught this shit in the begining.
No hype. It doesn't even show in the penis stock scanners. Gap today was tiny compared to everything else.

Just wait.

Should have held FRO and trade the little 20cent swings.
Plus FRO gives the biggest dividend yield in whole NYSE. Easy bags to hold.

Double penetration hardcore!

>> No.20954344

>sell at open
>buy at close
do this
>buy at open
>sell at close
dont do this

>> No.20954347

nigger what happens every time they open the bars and restaurants back up? people flood them and they to close them back down again.

>> No.20954356

>Cruises will be fully booked when / if they ever sail again.

Read this sentence again slowly and then tell me cruise lines are a good investment right now.

>> No.20954368
File: 343 KB, 1000x1000, 1593470962838.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

clack clack clack you had last month

august and september are bear season

>> No.20954370

Hopefully I didn't buy $RIOT at the top.

>> No.20954373

It is when I’m on a budget, have debts that I’m trying to pay because of mistakes in my past

>> No.20954377

Nah dude just dumped 5k into it

>> No.20954381

It'll be ok long term... r-right?

>> No.20954383


Cruise lines are a good investment if you're shorting the shit out of them.

>> No.20954386
File: 191 KB, 549x335, thats a no no wife.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20954391
File: 445 B, 39x30, youDIDbuyright.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DPHC chads you ready?

>> No.20954396

Uhhh why is CLSK tanking?

>> No.20954397

Remember VTIQ?
It's that but for Lordstown instead of Nikola.

Or, look at SHLL, it's that but just started.

>> No.20954407

Trying to decide if i buy puts now or at close? Aug 21st 45 strike. How you playing it anon?

>> No.20954412


Nope. Apple is just going to go down forever now.

>> No.20954415

Because there's a totally untapped, uncompeted zero emissions market in C2/C3 trucks, which is the best possible market for EVs. And WKHS has a supermassive mote. USPS can dole out guaranteed income, more importantly they can do it piecemeal, the total value of which is a $6bn sum.

But also you're a retard, and WKHS has a $1.5bn market cap compared to NIO's $10bn.

>> No.20954417

one is a real company with a future and the other is a chink shit PnD

>> No.20954424

I bought a call for June21. If its not above $17 in a year they'll probably be out of business.

>> No.20954427


>> No.20954430


My point isn't if they're a good investment it’s that there's demand you fucking nigger

>> No.20954437
File: 158 KB, 630x354, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20954440

$500 in here. I hope we at least hit $15

>> No.20954445

trust the fucking plan

>> No.20954446
File: 1.86 MB, 438x360, crab be gone.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get out of here

>> No.20954453


You're essentially betting that we'll have a vaccine and a population with herd immunity by then. It's not out of the question, but it is a gamble.

>> No.20954454
File: 133 KB, 1422x1031, Bags.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I predicted the great IVR baghold of 2020 >>20953541
I am now telling you that you are going to be waiting at least 1 year for airlines and probably 2 summers (not including this one) for cruiselines to get near half of where they were
Don't make me screencap you.

>> No.20954456
File: 1.11 MB, 1234x1154, Screenshot 2020-08-03 10.54.39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly thought they had gone broke a decade ago. Why do these companies even bother?

>> No.20954457

Don't forget that MSFT is releasing Flight Simulator 2020 next week and it's already the #1 game on Steam. Just as much pump potential as the TikTok deal

Debating selling my stinkers (AMPY, KOS) to get some MSFT but they have earnings this week...

Also HOW the fuck is KOS so far down after beating earnings expectations?

>> No.20954459

Holy fuck CLSK is tanking so hard and my cash with it wtf

>> No.20954465


>> No.20954467

What’s the plan

>> No.20954468

Is TSM just going to crab between $78 and $82 now?

>> No.20954474

ready for what fuck head? More 0 volume, on a blank check acquisition asset. wasted my whole morning on this like a retard.

>> No.20954476

>can’t sell any of my bags because my broker is down for Canada day

>> No.20954481

>it’s that there's demand you fucking nigger

There will be demand "when/if" a vaccine is made publicly available. Otherwise, sorry, cruise lines aren't coming back.

>> No.20954489

Stock market be like

>> No.20954492

The bond market was flagging those turds back in March

>> No.20954494

Swap to questrade nigger

>> No.20954498

Okay boys I sold 3 of my NVAX stocks made a $70 profit and sold a BNTX to buy 1 share of AAPL and 20 Shares of DPHC, how fucked am I for trusting you all.

>> No.20954515

looking forward to your pink wojak by end of week

>> No.20954518

good time to make a ryzen build and buy AMD shares

>> No.20954530
File: 138 KB, 480x600, dhcp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20954531

Why are there two DPHCs

>> No.20954534

>another penis pump graph
>SEC still nowhere to be found
really makes you think

>> No.20954537

>KOS call starting now

>> No.20954539

WKHS just hit 17.76 or 1776 cents! DOG BLESS AMERICA

>> No.20954608


>> No.20954613

My calls are going to get executed this week, fake and gay pump.

>> No.20954634

i told everyone it was over on thursday, :^)
i was right.

>> No.20954678

It is worth more retard

Try looking at market cap sometime, they don't have the same number of issued shares

>> No.20954798

I stonked
She fucked by Mr. Market.

>> No.20954829

>tfw literally sold the top even though I thought it was going to go up another 20% at least

>> No.20954909

Jesus Christ have some fucking patience. Apple has always been a long term hold. This mentality is why you’re never gonna make it

>> No.20954943
File: 125 KB, 1024x682, saturn pepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cool man, i bought at the top.

>> No.20955023

>Flight Simulator
I'm going to get fired for lack of productivity

>> No.20955247

>rejected buy 5
Thank God they saved you 90 cents

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