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Realistically is 193 ETH enough to make it? And in how many years?

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Probably Dec 21 if you don't behave like a total retard afterwards

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it's going to be worth between $2M-$3M during this decade.
More requires a crash of the dollar system and eth to function as a safe haven (something btc can't because it has no yield).

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you have more crypto than about 98% of retail investors
in the advent of a full fomo golden bull run like 2018 that includes ethereum as one of the primary movers, then you will make an enormous amount of money provided you have a plan on what to do with your eth
you are thinking that maybe right now you will sell it "at the top", but if staking is lucrative it might actually be enough to retire on in a third world country
you will own 1 millionth of the supply

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I'm just looking for $1MM. Atleast I work in a field I like and not be a wagie

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193 * 2000 = 386k in 2020. so no, unless you're ultra frugal and live in the country.

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oops meant to write "in 2021", im a fucking retard laugh at my typos

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doubt you could get $1mil in one swoop with 193 eth

$5k eth would be pretty insane

what you'd hope happens is a pump to $1k, sell your $193k and use that to buy an eventual dip in 1-2 years, then repeat cycle in 3-4 years for your $1mil

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ETH will be a dead chain, it doesn't scale, it's cloggy, it's complete shit.

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It's hard for me to imagine ETH beyond $1200 or so personally. It still has a completely uncapped supply.

t. 130 ETH, second highest hold

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Supply cap is meaningless, inflation rate is what matters

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how do you hold 130 ETH and not know about EIP1559 and its affect on the total supply

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you're in for a shock then when eth starts having deflation after switch to PoS and eip 1559. It's going to continue until price rises enough to get ~0 inflation.
There has never been so much information asymmetry between insiders and the general public - and not because the information is hidden, people just don't care to look

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Timing the market is hard man. Maybe wait longer, like 2025?

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IF staking is successful, then bubble of $5k-$10k in 2-3 years.. probably correct back to $1k-$2k. Beyond that, if EIP1559 goes well, eventually will have low inflation to deflating supply (either way deflating due to demand) - you'll be good in the long, long run - hell, probably 1/2 of what you have would be enough in the long long run IF IF IF, that happens. still highly speculative, obviously. ir4 world could/should/may be built on eth though.

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Please explain this to a brainlet that hold 200 ETH as an investment only. I know it's valuable but I'm actually retarded.

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yeah, i can unironically see a huge bubble come if staking is good roi

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if/when implemented, eth issuance will be so low that inflation of supply (if any) will likely be far less than demand - and could even go negative (deflating supply) based on usage

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Why’d you sell some of your stack?

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eip1559 starts burning the trailing average of fees
PoS slashes base inflation rate to 1.57% if literally every eth is staked (impossible).
If 10% of eth is staked the inflation rate is 0.497%.
It's very likely daily fees are going to be large than that until eth is really high like $5k+, resulting in deflation

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You living under a rock?
Read about eth 2.0 and deflation measures.
Eth will be the most rarest shit imaginable which has actual usage.
I’m unironically putting it at 5k+ in the next bull cycle.

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yeah, i think defi and yielding will always be more atm, but also risky. if the blockchain world continues to be built on eth, then by the time phase 1.5/2.0 are here, eth staking might look like a pretty nice and safe 4-6% - especially when put against inevitably inflating fiat.. could see a paradigm shift and exodus of cash into better and "harder" asset class that is blockchain - and specifically those pillar assets that are eth and unironically btc (esp when it's wrapped by ren/etc for defi purposes)

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I got 505 ETH, my goal is to gain $4M.
I'd give it somewhere of 5 - 10 % probability of it happening. 20x from here doesn't seem too unreasonable.
If I make it, then you have done pretty good too.

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>tfw only 6 eth

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